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USGS Current Water Data for Kentucky

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Daily Streamflow Conditions

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Stream gage levels in Kentucky, relative to 30 year average. 03529500: Flow=146cfs,Stage=2.32ft,2014-10-25 10:15,High,POWELL RIVER AT BIG STONE GAP, VA03532000: Flow=671cfs,Stage=3.54ft,Floodstage=17ft,2014-10-25 10:15,>90,POWELL RIVER NEAR ARTHUR, TN03531500: Flow=299cfs,Stage=2.11ft,Floodstage=18ft,2014-10-25 09:45,>90,POWELL RIVER NEAR JONESVILLE, VA03416000: Flow=65cfs,Stage=1.91ft,2014-10-25 09:00,>90,WOLF RIVER NEAR BYRDSTOWN, TN03406500: Flow=350cfs,Stage=2.81ft,2014-10-25 10:30,>90,ROCKCASTLE RIVER AT BILLOWS, KY03404500: Flow=1270cfs,Stage=2.31ft,2014-10-25 10:30,>90,CUMBERLAND RIVER AT CUMBERLAND FALLS, KY03401000: Flow=406cfs,Stage=2.56ft,2014-10-25 10:30,>90,CUMBERLAND RIVER NEAR HARLAN, KY03400500: Flow=103cfs,Stage=3.93ft,Floodstage=12ft,2014-10-25 10:30,>90,POOR FORK AT CUMBERLAND, KY03284000: Flow=2600cfs,Stage=11.21ft,Floodstage=26ft,2014-10-25 09:30,>90,KENTUCKY RIVER AT LOCK 10 NEAR WINCHESTER, KY03283500: Flow=212cfs,Stage=3.08ft,Floodstage=17ft,2014-10-25 10:15,>90,RED RIVER AT CLAY CITY, KY03280000: Flow=847cfs,Stage=2.53ft,Floodstage=29ft,2014-10-25 10:00,>90,NORTH FORK KENTUCKY RIVER AT JACKSON, KY03214500: Flow=800cfs,Stage=4.10ft,Floodstage=38ft,2014-10-25 10:00,>90,TUG FORK AT KERMIT, WV03213700: Flow=542cfs,Stage=3.94ft,Floodstage=27ft,2014-10-25 10:00,>90,TUG FORK AT WILLIAMSON, WV03210000: Flow=29cfs,Stage=4.07ft,2014-10-25 10:30,>90,JOHNS CREEK NEAR META, KY03209000: Flow=1090cfs,Stage=4.56ft,2014-10-25 10:30,>90,POUND RIVER BELOW FLANNAGAN DAM, NEAR HAYSI, VA03208500: Flow=158cfs,Stage=2.61ft,Floodstage=19ft,2014-10-25 09:45,>90,RUSSELL FORK AT HAYSI, VA03611500: Flow=164000cfs,2014-10-25 09:00,Stage=22.02ft,2014-10-25 09:15:00,76-90,OHIO RIVER AT METROPOLIS, IL03410500: Flow=526cfs,Stage=3.18ft,2014-10-25 10:30,76-90,SOUTH FORK CUMBERLAND RIVER NEAR STEARNS, KY03407500: Flow=91cfs,Stage=2.30ft,2014-10-25 10:30,76-90,BUCK CREEK NEAR SHOPVILLE, KY03404000: Flow=1100cfs,Stage=4.35ft,Floodstage=21ft,2014-10-25 10:00,76-90,CUMBERLAND RIVER AT WILLIAMSBURG, KY03316500: Flow=7240cfs,Stage=4.67ft,Floodstage=380ft,2014-10-25 09:15,76-90,GREEN RIVER AT PARADISE, KY03314500: Flow=3340cfs,Stage=9.81ft,Floodstage=28ft,2014-10-25 08:45,76-90,BARREN RIVER AT BOWLING GREEN, KY03307000: Flow=77cfs,Stage=3.11ft,2014-10-25 09:30,76-90,RUSSELL CREEK NEAR COLUMBIA, KY03294000: Flow=58cfs,Stage=4.52ft,2014-10-25 09:30,76-90,SILVER CREEK NEAR SELLERSBURG, IN03290500: Flow=5280cfs,Stage=10.58ft,Floodstage=33ft,2014-10-25 09:30,76-90,KENTUCKY RIVER AT LOCK 2 AT LOCKPORT, KY03289500: Flow=217cfs,Stage=2.87ft,2014-10-25 10:15,76-90,ELKHORN CREEK NEAR FRANKFORT, KY03287500: Flow=4670cfs,Stage=8.48ft,Floodstage=31ft,2014-10-25 10:30,76-90,KENTUCKY RIVER AT LOCK 4 AT FRANKFORT, KY03287000: Flow=3720cfs,Stage=8.05ft,2014-10-25 09:30,76-90,KENTUCKY RIVER AT LOCK 6 NEAR SALVISA, KY03285000: Flow=91cfs,Stage=1.66ft,2014-10-25 10:30,76-90,DIX RIVER NEAR DANVILLE, KY03282500: Flow=24cfs,Stage=2.84ft,2014-10-25 09:30,76-90,RED RIVER NEAR HAZEL GREEN, KY03282000: Flow=1780cfs,Stage=10.45ft,Floodstage=20ft,2014-10-25 09:45,76-90,KENTUCKY RIVER AT LOCK 14 AT HEIDELBERG, KY03281500: Flow=391cfs,Stage=4.67ft,Floodstage=27ft,2014-10-25 10:00,76-90,SOUTH FORK KENTUCKY RIVER AT BOONEVILLE, KY03281100: Flow=55cfs,Stage=6.90ft,2014-10-25 09:45,76-90,GOOSE CREEK AT MANCHESTER, KY03281000: Flow=427cfs,Stage=6.08ft,2014-10-25 09:45,76-90,MIDDLE FORK KENTUCKY RIVER AT TALLEGA, KY03280700: Flow=22cfs,Stage=1.79ft,2014-10-25 09:30,76-90,CUTSHIN CREEK AT WOOTON, KY03212500: Flow=1220cfs,Stage=4.19ft,Floodstage=35ft,2014-10-25 09:30,76-90,LEVISA FORK AT PAINTSVILLE, KY03207800: Flow=154cfs,Stage=3.03ft,2014-10-25 10:30,76-90,LEVISA FORK AT BIG ROCK, VA07024000: Flow=26cfs,Stage=6.36ft,2014-10-25 09:15,25-75,BAYOU DE CHIEN NEAR CLINTON, KY03611260: Flow=1.3cfs,Stage=1.89ft,2014-10-25 08:45,25-75,MASSAC CREEK NEAR PADUCAH, KY03610200: Flow=14cfs,Stage=3.77ft,2014-10-25 09:15,25-75,CLARKS RIVER AT ALMO, KY03438000: Flow=41cfs,Stage=2.40ft,2014-10-25 09:00,25-75,LITTLE RIVER NEAR CADIZ, KY03404900: Flow=17cfs,Stage=2.97ft,2014-10-25 10:00,25-75,LYNN CAMP CREEK AT CORBIN, KY03403910: Flow=130cfs,Stage=6.13ft,2014-10-25 10:00,25-75,CLEAR FORK AT SAXTON, KY03383000: Flow=4.7cfs,Stage=2.08ft,2014-10-25 09:15,25-75,TRADEWATER RIVER AT OLNEY, KY03320500: Flow=9.9cfs,Stage=1.09ft,2014-10-25 09:15,25-75,POND RIVER NEAR APEX, KY03320000: Flow=8130cfs,Stage=12.30ft,Floodstage=23ft,2014-10-25 09:00,25-75,GREEN RIVER AT LOCK 2 AT CALHOUN, KY03313700: Flow=32cfs,Stage=7.17ft,2014-10-25 09:15,25-75,WEST FORK DRAKES CREEK NEAR FRANKLIN, KY03310300: Flow=97cfs,Stage=1.18ft,2014-10-25 10:15,25-75,NOLIN RIVER AT WHITE MILLS, KY03302000: Flow=12cfs,Stage=2.87ft,2014-10-25 10:15,25-75,POND CREEK NEAR LOUISVILLE, KY03301500: Flow=175cfs,Stage=4.21ft,Floodstage=35ft,2014-10-25 09:30,25-75,ROLLING FORK NEAR BOSTON, KY03301000: Flow=39cfs,Stage=3.21ft,2014-10-25 09:45,25-75,BEECH FORK AT BARDSTOWN, KY03300400: Flow=29cfs,Stage=8.98ft,2014-10-25 09:45,25-75,BEECH FORK AT MAUD, KY03298000: Flow=26cfs,Stage=1.06ft,2014-10-25 10:15,25-75,FLOYDS FORK AT FISHERVILLE, KY03295890: Flow=23cfs,Stage=6.44ft,2014-10-25 09:45,25-75,BRASHEARS CREEK AT TAYLORSVILLE, KY03293000: Flow=4.6cfs,Stage=0.64ft,2014-10-25 09:45,25-75,M FK BEARGRASS CR AT OLD CANNONS LN AT LOUISVILLE,03292500: Flow=1.0cfs,Stage=1.57ft,2014-10-25 09:45,25-75,SOUTH FORK BEARGRASS CREEK AT LOUISVILLE, KY03291500: Flow=32cfs,Stage=2.12ft,2014-10-25 10:15,25-75,EAGLE CREEK AT GLENCOE, KY03289300: Flow=67cfs,Stage=4.86ft,2014-10-25 09:55,25-75,SOUTH ELKHORN CREEK NEAR MIDWAY, KY03289000: Flow=9.3cfs,Stage=2.72ft,2014-10-25 10:25,25-75,SOUTH ELKHORN CREEK AT FORT SPRING, KY03253500: Flow=2210cfs,Stage=7.72ft,2014-10-25 10:00,25-75,LICKING RIVER AT CATAWBA, KY03251500: Flow=1520cfs,Stage=7.49ft,Floodstage=33ft,2014-10-25 09:45,25-75,LICKING RIVER AT MCKINNEYSBURG, KY03217000: Flow=26cfs,Stage=2.23ft,2014-10-25 09:45,25-75,TYGARTS CREEK NEAR GREENUP, KY03216500: Flow=63cfs,Stage=4.11ft,Floodstage=21ft,2014-10-25 10:00,25-75,LITTLE SANDY RIVER AT GRAYSON, KY03209500: Flow=551cfs,Stage=6.90ft,Floodstage=35ft,2014-10-25 10:00,25-75,LEVISA FORK AT PIKEVILLE, KY03613000: Flow=1.4cfs,Stage=4.79ft,2014-10-25 09:15,Not ranked,HUMPHREY CR AT LACENTER, KY03612600: Stage=17.87ft,2014-10-25 09:00,Not ranked,OHIO RIVER AT OLMSTED03612500: Stage=20.43ft,2014-10-25 09:00,Not ranked,OHIO RIVER AT DAM 53 NEAR GRAND CHAIN, IL03611900: Flow=0.97cfs,2010-09-30 23:45,Not ranked,LITTLE BAYOU CREEK NEAR GRAHAMVILLE, KY03611850: Flow=4.9cfs,2010-09-30 23:45,Not ranked,BAYOU CREEK NEAR GRAHAMVILLE, KY03611000: Stage=14.00ft,2014-10-25 09:00,Not ranked,OHIO RIVER AT PADUCAH, KY03610000: Flow=2.5cfs,Stage=4.50ft,2014-10-25 09:00,Not ranked,CLARKS RIVER AT MURRAY, KY03437500: Flow=5.1cfs,Stage=1.95ft,2014-10-25 09:30,Not ranked,SOUTH FORK LITTLE RIVER AT HOPKINSVILLE, KY03437495: Flow=3.1cfs,Stage=5.10ft,2014-10-25 08:30,Not ranked,S FK LITTLE R AT HWY 68 BY-PASS AT HOPKINSVILLE,KY03437480: Flow=2.3cfs,Stage=4.95ft,2014-10-25 08:30,Not ranked,S FK LITTLE RIVER AT HWY 68/80 NR HOPKINSVILLE, KY03437400: Flow=5.5cfs,Stage=5.84ft,2014-10-25 09:15,Not ranked,N FK LITTLE R AT GARY LN BRIDGE NR HOPKINSVILLE,KY03437370: Stage=6.75ft,2014-10-25 08:30,Not ranked,N FK LITTLE R AT WATER PLANT AT HOPKINSVILLE, KY03417500: Stage=15.62ft,Floodstage=40ft,2014-10-25 09:30,Not ranked,CUMBERLAND RIVER AT CELINA, TN03414100: Stage=33.29ft,2014-10-25 09:30,Not ranked,CUMBERLAND RIVER AT BURKESVILLE, KY03413200: Flow=11cfs,Stage=2.32ft,2014-10-25 10:00,Not ranked,BEAVER CREEK NEAR MONTICELLO, KY03404820: Stage=20.05ft,2014-10-25 09:30,Not ranked,LAUREL RIVER AT MUNICIPAL DAM NEAR CORBIN, KY03403500: Stage=2.88ft,2014-10-25 10:30,Not ranked,CUMBERLAND RIVER AT BARBOURVILLE, KY03402900: Stage=7.53ft,2014-10-25 10:30,Not ranked,CUMBERLAND R AT PINE ST BR AT PINEVILLE, KY03401385: Flow=20cfs,Stage=1.61ft,2014-10-25 10:00,Not ranked,DAVIS BRANCH AT HIGHWAY 988 NEAR MIDDLESBORO, KY03400986: Flow=158cfs,Stage=60.92ft,2014-10-25 09:30,Not ranked,MARTIN\'S FORK NEAR HARLAN, KY03399800: Stage=11.98ft,2014-10-25 09:00,Not ranked,OHIO RIVER AT SMITHLAND DAM, SMITHLAND, KY03384500: Stage=29.69ft,Floodstage=40ft,2014-10-25 09:00,Not ranked,OHIO RIVER AT DAM 51 AT GOLCONDA, IL03384100: Flow=34cfs,Stage=10.68ft,2014-10-25 08:45,Not ranked,TRADEWATER RIVER NEAR PROVIDENCE, KY03381700: Flow=101000cfs,Stage=16.11ft,Floodstage=33ft,2014-10-25 08:30,Not ranked,OHIO RIVER AT OLD SHAWNEETOWN, IL-KY03322420: Stage=15.83ft,2014-10-25 09:00,Not ranked,OHIO RIVER AT UNIONTOWN DAM, KY03322190: Stage=13.12ft,2014-10-25 08:45,Not ranked,OHIO RIVER AT HENDERSON, KY03322000: Stage=14.90ft,Floodstage=42ft,2014-10-25 09:00,Not ranked,OHIO RIVER AT EVANSVILLE, IN03321500: Stage=12.05ft,2014-10-25 09:15,Not ranked,GREEN RIVER AT LOCK 1 AT SPOTTSVILLE, KY03321350: Flow=0.11cfs,Stage=4.54ft,2014-10-25 09:00,Not ranked,SOUTH FORK PANTHER CREEK NEAR WHITESVILLE, KY03319885: Stage=6.21ft,2014-10-25 09:00,Not ranked,GREEN RIVER AT LIVERMORE, KY03319000: Stage=10.45ft,Floodstage=25ft,2014-10-25 08:45,Not ranked,ROUGH RIVER NEAR DUNDEE, KY03318800: Stage=2.26ft,2014-10-25 09:15,Not ranked,CANEY CREEK NEAR HORSE BRANCH, KY03318010: Stage=37.88ft,2014-10-25 09:00,Not ranked,ROUGH RIVER NEAR FALLS OF ROUGH AT DAM, KY03318005: Stage=92.59ft,2014-10-25 09:10,Not ranked,ROUGH RIVER LAKE NEAR FALLS OF ROUGH, KY03316645: Stage=4.18ft,2014-10-25 09:30,Not ranked,GREEN RIVER AT ROCKPORT, KY03315500: Stage=8.30ft,Floodstage=33ft,2014-10-25 09:00,Not ranked,GREEN RIVER AT LOCK 4 AT WOODBURY, KY03314000: Flow=196cfs,Stage=4.77ft,2014-10-25 08:45,Not ranked,DRAKES CREEK NEAR ALVATON, KY03313000: Stage=84.21ft,2014-10-25 09:00,Not ranked,BARREN RIVER NEAR FINNEY, KY03312900: Stage=49.53ft,2014-10-25 09:30,Not ranked,BARREN RIVER LAKE NEAR FINNEY, KY03312259: Flow=8.4cfs,Stage=2.93ft,2014-10-25 08:45,Not ranked,SALT LICK CREEK BELOW RED BOILING SPRINGS, TN03311500: Stage=10.31ft,Floodstage=18ft,2014-10-25 08:45,Not ranked,GREEN RIVER AT LOCK 6 AT BROWNSVILLE, KY03311000: Stage=26.24ft,2014-10-25 08:45,Not ranked,NOLIN RIVER AT KYROCK, KY03310900: Stage=110.93ft,2014-10-25 09:10,Not ranked,NOLIN LAKE NEAR KYROCK, KY03310400: Flow=16cfs,Stage=4.25ft,2014-10-25 09:15,Not ranked,BACON CREEK NEAR PRICEVILLE, KY03310000: Flow=1.2cfs,Stage=3.22ft,2014-10-25 10:15,Not ranked,NORTH FORK NOLIN RIVER AT HODGENVILLE, KY03308500: Flow=747cfs,Stage=3.61ft,Floodstage=28ft,2014-10-25 09:00,Not ranked,GREEN RIVER AT MUNFORDVILLE, KY03306500: Stage=1.79ft,2014-10-25 09:15,Not ranked,GREEN RIVER AT GREENSBURG, KY03306000: Stage=94.99ft,2014-10-25 10:15,Not ranked,GREEN RIVER NEAR CAMPBELLSVILLE, KY03305990: Stage=74.93ft,2014-10-25 10:10,Not ranked,GREEN RIVER LAKE NEAR CAMPBELLSVILLE, KY03305000: Flow=4.5cfs,Stage=1.18ft,2014-10-25 10:15,Not ranked,GREEN RIVER NEAR MCKINNEY, KY03304300: Stage=15.04ft,Floodstage=38ft,2014-10-25 09:00,Not ranked,OHIO RIVER AT NEWBURGH LOCK AND DAM, IN03303280: Stage=12.10ft,Floodstage=42ft,2014-10-25 09:00,Not ranked,OHIO RIVER AT CANNELTON DAM AT CANNELTON, IN03302050: Flow=0.20cfs,Stage=0.82ft,2014-10-25 10:15,Not ranked,BRIER CREEK AT PENDELTON ROAD NEAR LOUISVILLE, KY03302030: Flow=8.8cfs,Stage=4.38ft,2014-10-25 10:15,Not ranked,POND CREEK AT PENDLETON ROAD NEAR LOUISVILLE, KY03301940: Flow=2.0cfs,Stage=1.96ft,2014-10-25 10:15,Not ranked,NORTHERN DITCH AT OKOLONA, KY03301900: Flow=0.60cfs,Stage=1.33ft,2014-10-25 10:15,Not ranked,FERN CREEK AT OLD BARDSTOWN RD AT LOUISVILLE, KY03301630: Stage=22.36ft,2014-10-25 10:00,Not ranked,ROLLING FORK NEAR LEBANON JUNCTION, KY03298550: Flow=0.44cfs,Stage=1.36ft,2014-10-25 09:45,Not ranked,LONG LICK AT CLERMONT, KY03298500: Flow=292cfs,Stage=1.53ft,Floodstage=32ft,2014-10-25 09:30,Not ranked,SALT RIVER AT SHEPHERDSVILLE, KY03298470: Stage=2.79ft,2014-10-25 09:30,Not ranked,FLOYDS FORK NEAR SHEPHERDSVILLE, KY03298300: Flow=1.8cfs,Stage=1.21ft,2014-10-25 10:15,Not ranked,PENNSLYVANIA RUN AT MT WASHINGTON RD NR LOUISVILLE03298250: Flow=6.2cfs,Stage=0.47ft,2014-10-25 10:15,Not ranked,CEDAR CREEK AT THIXTON ROAD NEAR LOUISVILLE, KY03298200: Flow=69cfs,Stage=4.00ft,2014-10-25 10:15,Not ranked,FLOYDS FORK NEAR MT WASHINGTON, KY03298150: Flow=5.7cfs,Stage=2.92ft,2014-10-25 09:45,Not ranked,CHENOWETH RUN AT GELHAUS LANE NEAR FERN CREEK, KY03298135: Flow=3.1cfs,Stage=0.67ft,2014-10-25 09:45,Not ranked,CHENOWETH RUN AT RUCKRIEGAL PARKWAY, KY03297900: Flow=14cfs,Stage=3.57ft,2014-10-25 09:45,Not ranked,FLOYDS FORK NEAR PEWEE VALLEY, KY03297800: Flow=0.55cfs,Stage=2.15ft,2014-10-25 10:15,Not ranked,CEDAR CREEK AT HWY 1442 NEAR SHEPHERDSVILLE, KY03295597: Stage=46.67ft,2014-10-25 10:15,Not ranked,TAYLORSVILLE LAKE NEAR TAYLORSVILLE, KY03295400: Flow=14cfs,Stage=3.25ft,2014-10-25 10:00,Not ranked,SALT RIVER AT GLENSBORO, KY03294600: Stage=12.54ft,2014-10-25 10:00,Not ranked,OHIO RIVER AT KOSMOSDALE, KY03294570: Flow=0.01cfs,Stage=1.04ft,2014-10-25 10:15,Not ranked,MILL CREEK AT ORELL ROAD NEAR LOUISVILLE, KY03294550: Flow=0.48cfs,Stage=2.41ft,2014-10-25 10:15,Not ranked,MILL CREEK CUTOFF NEAR LOUISVILLE, KY03294500: Stage=14.54ft,Floodstage=55ft,2014-10-25 10:00,Not ranked,OHIO RIVER AT LOUISVILLE, KY03293530: Flow=2.0cfs,Stage=0.86ft,2014-10-25 09:45,Not ranked,MUDDY FK AT MOCKINGBIRD VALLEY RD AT LOUISVILLE,KY03293510: Flow=11cfs,Stage=8.21ft,2014-10-25 09:50,Not ranked,BEARGRASS CREEK AT RIVER ROAD AT LOUISVILLE, KY03293500: Flow=5.7cfs,Stage=2.11ft,2014-10-25 10:15,Not ranked,M FK BEARGRASS CR AT LEXINGTON RD AT LOUISVILLE,KY03292550: Flow=2.7cfs,Stage=3.19ft,2014-10-25 10:15,Not ranked,S FK BEARGRASS CR AT WINTER AVE AT LOUISVILLE, KY03292494: Stage=12.87ft,2014-10-25 10:00,Not ranked,OHIO RIVER AT WATER TOWER AT LOUISVILLE, KY03292480: Flow=4.8cfs,Stage=3.29ft,2014-10-25 10:15,Not ranked,LITTLE GOOSE CREEK NEAR HARRODS CREEK, KY03292475: Flow=4.7cfs,Stage=2.27ft,2014-10-25 09:30,Not ranked,GOOSE CREEK AT US HWY 42 NEAR GLENVIEW ACRES, KY03292474: Flow=2.8cfs,Stage=0.88ft,2014-10-25 09:30,Not ranked,GOOSE CREEK AT OLD WESTPORT RD NR ST MATTHEWS, KY03292470: Flow=20cfs,Stage=1.83ft,2014-10-25 10:15,Not ranked,HARRODS CREEK AT HIGHWAY 329 NR GOSHEN, KY.03291000: Flow=3.3cfs,Stage=0.97ft,2014-10-25 10:15,Not ranked,EAGLE CREEK AT SADIEVILLE, KY03290080: Stage=12.23ft,2014-10-25 09:30,Not ranked,KENTUCKY RIVER AT LOCK 3 AT GEST, KY03289200: Flow=35cfs,Stage=1.32ft,2014-10-25 10:05,Not ranked,TOWN BRANCH AT YARNALLTON ROAD AT YARNALLTON, KY03289193: Flow=3.8cfs,Stage=1.33ft,2014-10-25 10:05,Not ranked,WOLF RUN AT OLD FRANKFORT PIKE AT LEXINGTON, KY03288190: Flow=2.5cfs,Stage=1.44ft,2014-10-25 10:05,Not ranked,TRIB TO CANE RUN CR AT NEWTOWN PK NR LEXINGTON, KY03288180: Flow=0.23cfs,Stage=0.73ft,2014-10-25 10:05,Not ranked,CANE RUN CREEK AT CITATION BLVD NR LEXINGTON, KY03288110: Flow=9.2cfs,Stage=4.55ft,2014-10-25 09:45,Not ranked,ROYAL SPRINGS AT GEORGETOWN, KY03288100: Flow=96cfs,Stage=4.33ft,2014-10-25 09:45,Not ranked,NORTH ELKHORN CREEK AT GEORGETOWN, KY03287600: Flow=24cfs,Stage=1.63ft,2014-10-25 10:25,Not ranked,N ELKHORN CR AT BRYAN STATION RD AT MONTROSE, KY03287590: Flow=1.8cfs,Stage=2.24ft,2014-10-25 10:05,Not ranked,N ELKHORN CR AT WINCHESTER RD NR LEXINGTON, KY03287580: Flow=0.01cfs,2012-06-10 23:55,Not ranked,N ELKHORN CR AT MAN O WAR BLVD NR CADENTOWN, KY03287250: Flow=4060cfs,Stage=10.62ft,2014-10-25 09:30,Not ranked,KENTUCKY RIVER AT LOCK 5 NEAR TYRONE, KY03286500: Flow=3540cfs,2014-10-25 09:15,Stage=10.85ft,2014-10-25 10:15:00,Floodstage=30ft,Not ranked,KENTUCKY RIVER AT LOCK 7 AT HIGHBRIDGE, KY03286200: Flow=48cfs,Stage=4.05ft,2014-10-25 10:15,Not ranked,DIX RIVER AT DIX DAM NEAR BURGIN, KY03286000: Stage=728.03ft,2014-10-25 09:45,Not ranked,HERRINGTON LAKE NEAR BURGIN, KY03284580: Flow=49cfs,Stage=3.54ft,2014-10-25 09:45,Not ranked,HICKMAN CREEK AT HWY 1268 NEAR CAMP NELSON, KY03284552: Flow=8.4cfs,Stage=1.25ft,2014-10-25 10:00,Not ranked,WEST HICKMAN CR AT VETERANS PARK NR LEXINGTON, KY03284533: Flow=5.5cfs,Stage=1.48ft,2014-10-25 10:05,Not ranked,EAST HICKMAN CR AT TATES CR RD NR EAST HICKMAN, KY03284525: Flow=0.59cfs,Stage=1.61ft,2014-10-25 10:05,Not ranked,E HICKMAN CR TRIB AT CHILESBURG RD NR LEXINGTON,KY03284500: Stage=12.96ft,2014-10-25 10:15:00,Not ranked,Temporarily unavailable,KENTUCKY RIVER AT LOCK 8 NEAR CAMP NELSON, KY03284230: Flow=2730cfs,Stage=12.66ft,2014-10-25 09:45,Not ranked,KENTUCKY RIVER AT LOCK 9 AT VALLEY VIEW, KY03282290: Flow=2260cfs,Stage=12.60ft,2014-10-25 10:15,Not ranked,KENTUCKY RIVER AT LOCK 11 NEAR COLLEGE HILL, KY03282120: Flow=2060cfs,Stage=11.74ft,Floodstage=21ft,2014-10-25 10:15,Not ranked,KENTUCKY RIVER AT LOCK 12 NEAR IRVINE, KY03282060: Flow=1910cfs,Stage=11.75ft,2014-10-25 10:15,Not ranked,KENTUCKY RIVER AT LOCK 13 NEAR WILLOW, KY03282040: Flow=49cfs,Stage=2.34ft,2014-10-25 09:30,Not ranked,STURGEON CREEK AT CRESSMONT, KY03280800: Stage=76.66ft,2014-10-25 10:15,Not ranked,BUCKHORN LAKE AT BUCKHORN, KY03280600: Stage=5.24ft,2014-10-25 09:30,Not ranked,MIDDLE FORK KENTUCKY RIVER NEAR HYDEN, KY03277500: Stage=4.45ft,Floodstage=20ft,2014-10-25 09:30,Not ranked,NORTH FORK KENTUCKY RIVER AT HAZARD, KY03277450: Stage=7.60ft,2014-10-25 10:00,Not ranked,CARR FORK NEAR SASSAFRAS, KY03277446: Stage=22.13ft,2014-10-25 10:15,Not ranked,CARR CREEK LAKE NEAR SASSAFRAS, KY03277300: Flow=28cfs,Stage=1.32ft,2014-10-25 09:30,Not ranked,NORTH FORK KENTUCKY RIVER AT WHITESBURG, KY03277200: Stage=16.42ft,Floodstage=51ft,2014-10-25 09:45,Not ranked,OHIO RIVER AT MARKLAND DAM NEAR WARSAW, KY03277130: Flow=2.8cfs,Stage=1.12ft,2014-10-25 09:45,Not ranked,MUD LICK CR AT HWY 42 NR BEAVERLICK, KY03277075: Flow=8.8cfs,Stage=1.04ft,2014-10-25 10:00,Not ranked,GUNPOWDER CR AT CAMP ERNST RD NR UNION, KY03262001: Flow=2.5cfs,Stage=0.86ft,2014-10-25 09:45,Not ranked,WOOLPER CREEK AT WOOLPER ROAD NEAR BURLINGTON, KY03260100: Flow=0.55cfs,Stage=1.45ft,2014-10-25 10:00,Not ranked,ELIJAHS CREEK @ ELIJAHS CREEK RD NR HEBRON, KY03260050: Flow=0.95cfs,Stage=1.52ft,2014-10-25 09:30,Not ranked,DRY CREEK AT SEWAGE PLANT NEAR ERLANGER, KY03260015: Flow=2.5cfs,Stage=1.20ft,2014-10-25 10:15,Not ranked,PLEASANT RUN CREEK AT OAK STREET NEAR LUDLOW, KY03255000: Stage=27.22ft,Floodstage=52ft,2014-10-25 10:00,Not ranked,OHIO RIVER AT CINCINNATI, OH03254693: Stage=1.79ft,2014-10-25 09:30,Not ranked,THREEMILE CREEK AT THREE MILE ROAD AT COVINGTON,KY03254550: Flow=2.0cfs,Stage=2.70ft,2014-10-25 10:00,Not ranked,BANKLICK CREEK @ HIGHWAY 1829 NR ERLANGER, KY03254520: Flow=2960cfs,Stage=9.71ft,2014-10-25 09:30,Not ranked,LICKING RIVER AT HWY 536 NEAR ALEXANDRIA, KY03254480: Flow=1.6cfs,Stage=2.46ft,2014-10-25 09:45,Not ranked,CRUISES CREEK AT HWY 17 NR PINER, KY03253000: Flow=237cfs,Stage=3.67ft,2014-10-25 10:15,Not ranked,SOUTH FORK LICKING RIVER AT HAYES, KY03252500: Stage=5.15ft,Floodstage=20ft,2014-10-25 09:30,Not ranked,SOUTH FORK LICKING RIVER AT CYNTHIANA, KY03252300: Flow=23cfs,Stage=3.12ft,2014-10-25 09:45,Not ranked,HINKSTON CREEK NEAR CARLISLE, KY03251200: Flow=17cfs,Stage=1.80ft,2014-10-25 09:45,Not ranked,NORTH FORK LICKING RIVER NEAR MT OLIVET, KY03250500: Flow=774cfs,Stage=6.87ft,Floodstage=25ft,2014-10-25 10:00,Not ranked,LICKING RIVER AT BLUE LICK SPRINGS, KY03250322: Flow=0.23cfs,Stage=-0.07ft,2014-10-25 10:15,Not ranked,ROCK LICK CR AT STATE HWY 158 NR SHARKEY, KY STA D03250190: Flow=24cfs,Stage=3.09ft,2014-10-25 10:15,Not ranked,SLATE CREEK AT HIGHWAY 713 NR MT. STERLING, KY03250100: Flow=12cfs,Stage=4.75ft,2014-10-25 10:30,Not ranked,NORTH FORK TRIPLETT CREEK NEAR MOREHEAD, KY03249505: Stage=3.91ft,2014-10-25 10:15,Not ranked,LICKING RIVER AT HWY 60 AT FARMERS, KY03249500: Stage=10.34ft,2014-10-25 09:45,Not ranked,LICKING RIVER AT FARMERS, KY03249498: Stage=26.84ft,2014-10-25 10:05,Not ranked,CAVE RUN LAKE NEAR FARMERS, KY03248300: Flow=74cfs,Stage=5.56ft,2014-10-25 10:15,Not ranked,LICKING RIVER BELOW MASON FORK NR SALYERSVILLE, KY03238772: Flow=0.20cfs,Stage=1.24ft,2014-10-25 10:00,Not ranked,FOURMILE CREEK AT POPLAR RIDGE RD NR ALEXANDRIA,KY03238745: Flow=4.4cfs,Stage=1.94ft,2014-10-25 09:45,Not ranked,TWELVEMILE CREEK AT HIGHWAY 1997 NR ALEXANDRIA, KY03238140: Flow=1.1cfs,Stage=1.48ft,2014-10-25 09:30,Not ranked,TAYLOR CREEK AT DONNERMEYER DRIVE AT BELLEVUE, KY03238000: Stage=34.44ft,Floodstage=50ft,2014-10-25 10:00,Not ranked,OHIO RIVER AT MAYSVILLE, KY03217200: Stage=15.68ft,Floodstage=50ft,2014-10-25 10:00,Not ranked,OHIO RIVER AT PORTSMOUTH, OH03216600: Stage=12.96ft,Floodstage=54ft,2014-10-25 09:30,Not ranked,OHIO RIVER AT GREENUP DAM NEAR GREENUP, KY03216400: Stage=3.67ft,2014-10-25 10:00,Not ranked,LITTLE SANDY RIVER AT LEON, KY03216350: Stage=86.13ft,2014-10-25 10:30,Not ranked,LITTLE SANDY RIVER BELOW GRAYSON DAM NEAR LEON, KY03216300: Stage=45.24ft,2014-10-25 10:30,Not ranked,GRAYSON LAKE NEAR LEON, KY03216000: Stage=34.76ft,Floodstage=52ft,2014-10-25 10:00,Not ranked,OHIO RIVER AT ASHLAND, KY03215410: Flow=51cfs,Stage=2.85ft,2014-10-25 09:30,Not ranked,BLAINE CREEK NEAR BLAINE, KY03215000: Stage=6.99ft,Floodstage=49ft,2014-10-25 09:30,Not ranked,BIG SANDY R AT LOUISA, KY03211500: Stage=3.23ft,2014-10-25 10:30,Not ranked,JOHNS CREEK NEAR VAN LEAR, KY03211000: Stage=50.58ft,2014-10-25 10:30,Not ranked,DEWEY LAKE NEAR VAN LEAR, KY03209800: Stage=2.88ft,Floodstage=40ft,2014-10-25 09:30,Not ranked,LEVISA FORK AT PRESTONSBURG, KY03209300: Stage=6.68ft,Floodstage=21ft,2014-10-25 09:30,Not ranked,RUSSELL FORK AT ELKHORN CITY, KY03208000: Stage=10.73ft,2014-10-25 09:30,Not ranked,LEVISA FORK BELOW FISHTRAP DAM NEAR MILLARD, KY03207995: Stage=57.38ft,2014-10-25 09:30,Not ranked,FISHTRAP LAKE NEAR MILLIARD, KY03207965: Flow=3.7cfs,Stage=1.20ft,2014-10-25 09:30,Not ranked,GRAPEVINE CREEK NEAR PHYLLIS, KY03206000: Stage=26.13ft,Floodstage=50ft,2014-10-25 10:00,Not ranked,OHIO RIVER AT HUNTINGTON, WVGo to WaterWatch (offsite) for a larger map with additional options
[color code for] High
[color code for] > 90th percentile
[color code for] 76th - 90th percentile
[color code for] 25th - 75th percentile
[color code for] 10th - 24th percentile
[color code for] < 10th percentile
[color code for] Low
[color code for] Not ranked
The colored dots on this map depict streamflow conditions as a percentile, which is computed from the period of record for the current day of the year. Only stations with at least 30 years of record are used.
The gray circles indicate other stations that were not ranked in percentiles either because they have fewer than 30 years of record or because they report parameters other than streamflow. Some stations, for example, measure stage only.

Statewide Streamflow Table

Current data typically are recorded at 15- to 60-minute intervals, stored onsite, and then transmitted to USGS offices every 1 to 4 hours, depending on the data relay technique used. Recording and transmission times may be more frequent during critical events. Data from current sites are relayed to USGS offices via satellite, telephone, and/or radio telemetry and are available for viewing within minutes of arrival.

All real-time data are provisional and subject to revision.

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