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    Boating safety tips are available from the U.S. Coast Guard.

    NOTE: During cold periods, gage height and streamflow information may be adversely affected by ice.

    USGS 07065200 Jacks Fork near Mountain View, MO


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       Station operated in cooperation with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

    The precipitation data for this station are temporary and will only be displayed for 120 days. Time series of cumulative daily values will NOT be available for retrieval following the 120-day display period. Although the instrumentation is calibrated at least once/year, the temporary classification means that documented routine inspections and other quality assurance measures are not performed that would make the data acceptable for archival, retrieval, or future use in general scientific or interpretive studies.

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    This station managed by the Rolla Field Office.

    Available Parameters Available Period
    All 4 Available Parameters for this site
    00065 Gage height 2007-10-01  2014-08-23
    00060 Discharge 2007-10-01  2014-08-23
    00010 Temperature, water 2014-04-25  2014-08-23
    00045 Precipitation 2014-04-25  2014-08-23

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    Instantaneous-data availability statement

    Gage height, feet

    Most recent instantaneous value: 1.16   08-23-2014  04:45 CDT
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    Discharge, cubic feet per second

    Most recent instantaneous value: 23   08-23-2014  04:45 CDT
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    Daily discharge, cubic feet per second -- statistics for Aug 23 based on 12 years of record more
    Most Recent
    Value Aug 23
    Median Mean 75th
    14 23 23 42 44 60 86