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USGS Current Conditions for New Hampshire: Build Current Table

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To view real-time groundwater levels in New Hampshire. click here

Select sites which meet all of the following criteria:
Define one or more values for each of the following site-selection criteria: --- or select new criteria
 Available parameters -- select sites that have data for the following parameters:
Enter numbers to choose parameters and order columns in the output --or-- Select all.
  Station name
  Date and time
Water Level/Flow Parameters
  Depth to water level, ft below land surface   (3 sites)
  Elevation above NGVD 1929, ft   (3 sites)
  Gage height, ft   (135 sites)
  Long-term mean daily streamflow, ft³/s
  Long-term median daily streamflow, ft³/s
  Stream velocity, ft/s   (1 sites)
  Streamflow, ft³/s   (126 sites)
  Water level, depth below measuring point, ft   (1 sites)
Water Quality Parameters
  Specific conductance, water, unfiltered, µS/cm at 25 °C   (1 sites)
  Temperature, water, °C   (2 sites)
  Temperature, water, °F   (12 sites)
Meteorological Parameters
  Precipitation, total, in   (19 sites)
  Temperature, air, °C   (3 sites)
  Temperature, air, °F   (15 sites)
Miscellaneous Parameters
  Count of samples collected by autosampler, number   (10 sites)
DCP/Gage Performance Parameters
  Acoustic Doppler Velocity Meter signal to noise ratio   (1 sites)
  DCP battery voltage, V   (1 sites)
Choose Output Format
Display Summary of Selected Sites
Choose one of the following options for displaying descriptions of the sites meeting the criteria above:
Show sites on a mapNew
Table of sites
Scroll list of sites -- allows selection of data for multiple sites
Brief descriptions -- allows selection of data for multiple sites
        (Select fields to include in site-description output)
Save file of selected sites to local disk for future upload

Retrieve Current data for Selected Sites
Choose one of the following options for displaying data for the sites meeting the criteria above
Table of data
Tab-separated data *

 * Save compressed files with a .gz file extension.


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Title: USGS Current Conditions for New Hampshire

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