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    LOCATION--Lat 42° 38’03", long 71° 39’30", Middlesex County, Hydrologic Unit 01070004, on left bank 0.7 mi downstream from Trout Brook and 2.7 mi northwest of West Groton.
    DRAINAGE AREA--63.7 mi2, excludes 2.16 mi2, above outlet of Ashby Reservoir.
    PERIOD OF RECORD--Discharge: October 1949 to current year.
    Water-quality records: Water year 1957.
    REVISED RECORDS--WDR MA-RI-84-1: drainage area.
    GAGE--Data Collection Platform with satellite telemeter. Datum of gage is 244.27 ft above National Geodetic Vertical Datum of 1929.
    REMARKS--Occasional regulation at low flow by mill upstream; regulation greater prior to 1961. Entire flow from 2.16 mi2 upstream from outlet of Ashby Reservoir diverted for municipal supply of Fitchburg except for occasional periods of spill.
    COOPERATION BY-- Massachusetts Department Of Conservation and Recreation, Office of Water Resources.

    ICE EFFECTS ON STREAMFLOW During winter, ice formation in streams can cause stage and corresponding discharge values to appear higher than expected during periods of no precipitation. Ice effects from partial ice cover or shore ice may be minor, where stage and discharge appear to increase at night and decrease to base-line conditions around midday for one or more days. Major ice effects from complete ice cover appear as constantly increasing stage and discharge over several days during prolonged cold periods. Stage and discharge values for streams experiencing minor ice effects will continue to be displayed on the web to enable the user to estimate the approximate base-line discharges. Note that this method of estimation should only be used when no runoff occurs. During periods of major ice effects, display of discharge data on the web will be temporarily discontinued to prevent misuse of erroneous discharge data. The discharge record will resume when it is determined that

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    00060 Discharge 2007-10-01  2014-08-29
    00065 Gage height 2007-10-01  2014-08-29

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    Discharge, cubic feet per second

    Most recent instantaneous value: 11   08-29-2014  07:00 EDT
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    Daily discharge, cubic feet per second -- statistics for Aug 29 based on 64 years of record more
    Most Recent
    Value Aug 29
    Median 75th
    Mean Max
    4.6 11 13 18 23 31 590

    Gage height, feet

    Most recent instantaneous value: 1.37   08-29-2014  07:00 EDT
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