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Current Conditions for Tennessee

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Tennessee Tennessee

Daily Streamflow Conditions

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Stream gage levels in Tennessee, relative to 30 year average. 07030500: Flow=538cfs,Stage=3.16ft,Floodstage=13ft,2014-07-23 01:00,>90,WOLF RIVER AT ROSSVILLE, TN07029500: Flow=2140cfs,Stage=12.16ft,Floodstage=18ft,2014-07-23 01:30,>90,HATCHIE RIVER AT BOLIVAR, TN03604400: Flow=796cfs,Stage=4.67ft,2014-07-23 01:30,>90,BUFFALO RIVER BELOW LOBELVILLE, TN03588500: Flow=439cfs,Stage=3.48ft,Floodstage=14ft,2014-07-23 00:30,>90,SHOAL CREEK AT IRON CITY, TN03578000: Flow=124cfs,Stage=3.26ft,2014-07-23 01:00,>90,ELK RIVER NEAR PELHAM, TN03565500: Flow=72cfs,Stage=2.83ft,2014-07-23 02:15,>90,OOSTANAULA CREEK NEAR SANFORD, TN03532000: Flow=1160cfs,Stage=4.41ft,Floodstage=17ft,2014-07-23 02:15,>90,POWELL RIVER NEAR ARTHUR, TN03531500: Flow=488cfs,Stage=2.51ft,Floodstage=18ft,2014-07-23 01:45,>90,POWELL RIVER NEAR JONESVILLE, VA03455000: Flow=3900cfs,Stage=3.04ft,Floodstage=10ft,2014-07-23 01:45,>90,FRENCH BROAD RIVER NEAR NEWPORT, TN03434500: Flow=480cfs,Stage=2.52ft,Floodstage=20ft,2014-07-23 01:30,>90,HARPETH RIVER NEAR KINGSTON SPRINGS, TN03433500: Flow=306cfs,Stage=2.08ft,Floodstage=20ft,2014-07-23 00:30,>90,HARPETH RIVER AT BELLEVUE, TN03432350: Flow=95cfs,Stage=3.85ft,Floodstage=30ft,2014-07-23 01:15,>90,HARPETH RIVER AT FRANKLIN, TN03428200: Flow=119cfs,Stage=2.67ft,2014-07-23 01:00,>90,WEST FORK STONES RIVER AT MURFREESBORO, TN03421000: Flow=862cfs,Stage=3.58ft,2014-07-23 01:00,>90,COLLINS RIVER NEAR MCMINNVILLE, TN03604000: Flow=480cfs,Stage=3.31ft,2014-07-23 01:00,76-90,BUFFALO RIVER NEAR FLAT WOODS, TN03603000: Flow=2210cfs,Stage=3.09ft,2014-07-23 01:00,76-90,DUCK RIVER ABOVE HURRICANE MILLS, TN03566000: Flow=4470cfs,Stage=16.91ft,2014-07-23 00:30,76-90,HIWASSEE RIVER AT CHARLESTON, TN03491000: Flow=24cfs,Stage=1.84ft,2014-07-23 01:30,76-90,BIG CREEK NEAR ROGERSVILLE, TN03465500: Flow=1190cfs,Stage=1.94ft,2014-07-23 02:30,76-90,NOLICHUCKY RIVER AT EMBREEVILLE, TN03431800: Flow=47cfs,Stage=2.48ft,2014-07-23 00:30,76-90,SYCAMORE CREEK NEAR ASHLAND CITY, TN03431000: Flow=24cfs,Stage=2.79ft,Floodstage=14ft,2014-07-23 01:00,76-90,MILL CREEK NEAR ANTIOCH, TN03427500: Flow=142cfs,Stage=3.73ft,2014-07-23 01:00,76-90,EAST FORK STONES RIVER NEAR LASCASSAS, TN03436100: Flow=180cfs,Stage=3.82ft,Floodstage=30ft,2014-07-23 01:30,10-24,RED RIVER AT PORT ROYAL, TN03431599: Flow=2.3cfs,Stage=3.90ft,2014-07-23 01:30,10-24,WHITES CREEK NEAR BORDEAUX, TN03313700: Flow=12cfs,Stage=6.98ft,2014-07-23 01:15,10-24,WEST FORK DRAKES CREEK NEAR FRANKLIN, KY07032200: Flow=2.7cfs,Stage=6.89ft,2014-07-23 00:45,25-75,NONCONNAH CREEK NEAR GERMANTOWN, TN07031650: Flow=526cfs,Stage=4.21ft,Floodstage=20.5ft,2014-07-23 00:45,25-75,WOLF RIVER AT GERMANTOWN, TN07030240: Flow=100cfs,Stage=0.77ft,Floodstage=20ft,2014-07-23 01:00,25-75,LOOSAHATCHIE RIVER NEAR ARLINGTON, TN07026040: Flow=968cfs,Stage=19.21ft,Floodstage=34ft,2014-07-23 01:00,25-75,OBION RIVER AT HWY 51 NEAR OBION, TN07024500: Flow=208cfs,Stage=6.54ft,2014-07-23 00:45,25-75,SOUTH FORK OBION RIVER NEAR GREENFIELD, TN03606500: Flow=81cfs,Stage=3.49ft,2014-07-23 01:00,25-75,BIG SANDY RIVER AT BRUCETON, TN03602500: Flow=132cfs,Stage=3.40ft,2014-07-23 01:15,25-75,PINEY RIVER AT VERNON, TN03599500: Flow=502cfs,Stage=2.70ft,2014-07-23 01:00,25-75,DUCK RIVER AT COLUMBIA, TN03598000: Flow=202cfs,Stage=3.02ft,2014-07-23 01:30,25-75,DUCK RIVER NEAR SHELBYVILLE, TN03596000: Flow=40cfs,Stage=0.17ft,2014-07-23 01:00,25-75,DUCK RIVER BELOW MANCHESTER, TN03584600: Flow=661cfs,Stage=1.49ft,2014-07-23 01:15,25-75,ELK RIVER AT PROSPECT, TN03571000: Flow=199cfs,Stage=1.60ft,2014-07-23 01:15,25-75,SEQUATCHIE RIVER NEAR WHITWELL, TN03567500: Flow=287cfs,Stage=4.55ft,2014-07-23 02:15,25-75,SOUTH CHICKAMAUGA CREEK NEAR CHICKAMAUGA, TN03540500: Flow=147cfs,Stage=2.73ft,Floodstage=27ft,2014-07-23 02:15,25-75,EMORY RIVER AT OAKDALE, TN03539800: Flow=167cfs,Stage=1.57ft,2014-07-23 02:00,25-75,OBED RIVER NEAR LANCING, TN03535000: Flow=23cfs,Stage=2.00ft,2014-07-23 01:30,25-75,BULLRUN CREEK NEAR HALLS CROSSROADS, TN03528000: Flow=1070cfs,Stage=2.08ft,2014-07-23 02:30,25-75,CLINCH RIVER ABOVE TAZEWELL, TN03527000: Flow=680cfs,Stage=3.66ft,Floodstage=18ft,2014-07-23 02:15,25-75,CLINCH RIVER AT SPEERS FERRY, VA03518500: Flow=176cfs,Stage=1.31ft,2014-07-23 02:15,25-75,TELLICO RIVER AT TELLICO PLAINS, TN03498500: Flow=194cfs,Stage=5.79ft,2014-07-23 02:30,25-75,LITTLE RIVER NEAR MARYVILLE, TN03497300: Flow=145cfs,Stage=1.72ft,2014-07-23 02:30,25-75,LITTLE RIVER ABOVE TOWNSEND, TN03479000: Flow=65cfs,Stage=1.64ft,2014-07-23 02:30,25-75,WATAUGA RIVER NEAR SUGAR GROVE, NC03478400: Flow=16cfs,Stage=3.24ft,2014-07-23 01:45,25-75,BEAVER CREEK AT BRISTOL, VA03473000: Flow=158cfs,Stage=2.54ft,2014-07-23 01:45,25-75,S F HOLSTON RIVER NEAR DAMASCUS, VA03461500: Flow=846cfs,Stage=3.27ft,Floodstage=8ft,2014-07-23 02:00,25-75,PIGEON RIVER AT NEWPORT, TN03431700: Flow=7.9cfs,Stage=0.67ft,2014-07-23 00:45,25-75,RICHLAND CREEK AT CHARLOTTE AVE, AT NASHVILLE, TN03431300: Flow=5.3cfs,Stage=1.58ft,2014-07-23 01:00,25-75,BROWNS CREEK AT STATE FAIRGROUNDS AT NASHVILLE, TN03416000: Flow=28cfs,Stage=1.53ft,2014-07-23 01:00,25-75,WOLF RIVER NEAR BYRDSTOWN, TN03415000: Flow=23cfs,Stage=1.27ft,2014-07-23 01:15,25-75,WEST FORK OBEY RIVER NEAR ALPINE, TN03414500: Flow=64cfs,Stage=1.33ft,2014-07-23 01:30,25-75,EAST FORK OBEY RIVER NEAR JAMESTOWN, TN03410500: Flow=271cfs,Stage=2.38ft,2014-07-23 02:30,25-75,SOUTH FORK CUMBERLAND RIVER NEAR STEARNS, KY03409500: Flow=67cfs,Stage=1.78ft,2014-07-23 02:30,25-75,CLEAR FORK NEAR ROBBINS, TN03408500: Flow=77cfs,Stage=2.40ft,2014-07-23 02:30,25-75,NEW RIVER AT NEW RIVER, TN0357479650: Stage=3.18ft,2014-07-23 01:15,Not ranked,HESTER CREEK AT BUDDY WILLIAMSON RD NR PLEVNA, AL0351706800: Flow=139cfs,Stage=2.96ft,2014-07-23 02:00,Not ranked,CHEOAH RIVER NR BEARPEN GAP NR TAPOCO, NC070322435: Stage=7.16ft,2014-07-23 00:45,Not ranked,NONCONNAH CREEK AT FARRISVIEW RD AT MEMPHIS, TN070303505: Stage=2.42ft,2014-07-23 00:45,Not ranked,BIG CREEK AT SLEDGE ROAD NEAR MILLINGTON, TN035825882: Flow=0.23cfs,Stage=2.97ft,2008-09-30 23:45,Not ranked,CANE CREEK NEAR HOWELL, TN034991109: Stage=1.03ft,2014-07-23 02:30,Not ranked,STOCK CREEK AT MARTIN MILL RD NR KNOXVILLE034325065: Flow=0.58cfs,Stage=1.44ft,2012-10-11 10:00,Not ranked,ROBINSON BRANCH AT BOSTON THETA ROAD, TN034315005: Flow=7190cfs,2011-09-27 06:15,Stage=18.05ft,2011-09-27 07:30:00,Not ranked,CUMBERLAND RIVER AT WOODLAND ST AT NASHVILLE, TN07032252: Stage=19.57ft,2014-07-23 00:45,Not ranked,NONCONNAH CREEK AT RIVERPORT RD AT MEMPHIS, TN07031740: Stage=13.81ft,2014-07-23 01:00,Not ranked,WOLF RIVER AT HOLLYWOOD ST AT MEMPHIS, TN07031692: Flow=0.49cfs,Stage=1.76ft,2014-07-23 01:30,Not ranked,FLETCHER CREEK AT SYCAMORE VIEW ROAD AT MEMPHIS07030600: Stage=4.04ft,2014-07-23 00:45,Not ranked,WOLF RIVER NEAR COLLIERVILLE07030392: Flow=196cfs,Stage=6.73ft,2014-07-23 00:45,Not ranked,WOLF RIVER AT LAGRANGE, TN07030050: Flow=5940cfs,Stage=13.44ft,Floodstage=20ft,2014-07-23 01:00,Not ranked,HATCHIE RIVER AT RIALTO, TN07030040: Stage=15.21ft,2014-07-23 01:00,Not ranked,HATCHIE RIVER AT RAILROAD NEAR RIALTO, TN07028960: Flow=100cfs,Stage=4.58ft,2014-07-23 01:15,Not ranked,MIDDLE FORK FORKED DEER RIVER NEAR FAIRVIEW07027720: Flow=431cfs,Stage=9.89ft,2014-07-23 01:00,Not ranked,SOUTH FORK FORKED DEER RIVER NEAR OWL CITY, TN07027000: Stage=12.01ft,2014-07-23 01:00,Not ranked,REELFOOT LAKE NR TIPTONVILLE, TN07025400: Flow=220cfs,Stage=5.28ft,Floodstage=20ft,2014-07-23 01:00,Not ranked,NORTH FORK OBION RIVER NEAR MARTIN, TENN (CE)07024200: Flow=18cfs,Stage=6.29ft,2014-07-23 01:00,Not ranked,CROOKED CREEK NEAR HUNTINGDON, TN03605078: Flow=3.4cfs,Stage=3.32ft,2014-07-23 00:45,Not ranked,CYPRESS CREEK AT CAMDEN, TN03605000: Stage=58.12ft,2014-07-23 00:45,Not ranked,TENNESSEE RIVER NEAR NEW JOHNSONVILLE, TN03601990: Flow=1550cfs,Stage=4.85ft,Floodstage=22ft,2014-07-23 01:00,Not ranked,DUCK RIVER AT HWY 100 AT CENTERVILLE, TN03599450: Flow=26cfs,Stage=1.74ft,2014-07-23 01:15,Not ranked,FOUNTAIN CREEK NEAR FOUNTAIN HEIGHTS, TN03599419: Flow=365cfs,Stage=5.75ft,2014-07-23 01:00,Not ranked,DUCK RIVER AT MILE 156 NEAR POTTSVILLE, TN03599240: Flow=279cfs,Stage=11.18ft,2014-07-23 01:00,Not ranked,DUCK RIVER ABOVE MILLTOWN, TN03599100: Flow=15cfs,Stage=2.76ft,2014-07-23 01:15,Not ranked,BIG ROCK CR AT DOUBLE BRIDGES, TN03598177: Flow=0.02cfs,2009-06-21 23:45,Stage=1.03ft,2009-07-01 23:00:00,Not ranked,FALL CREEK BLW HURRICANE CREEK NR ELBETHEL, TN03597860: Flow=195cfs,Stage=10.18ft,2014-07-23 01:30,Not ranked,DUCK RIVER AT SHELBYVILLE, TN03597590: Flow=3.0cfs,Stage=2.15ft,2014-07-23 01:00,Not ranked,WARTRACE CREEK BELOW COUNTY ROAD AT WARTRACE, TN03596075: Stage=1.22ft,2014-07-23 01:00,Not ranked,SINKING POND AT AEDC, TN03594500: Stage=58.36ft,2014-07-23 01:30,Not ranked,TENNESSEE RIVER AT PERRYVILLE, TENN03594421: Flow=26cfs,Stage=12.56ft,2014-07-23 01:30,Not ranked,BEECH RIVER BELOW WOLF CREEK NEAR LEXINGTON, TN03593800: Flow=80cfs,Stage=0.97ft,2014-07-23 01:30,Not ranked,HORSE CREEK NEAR SAVANNAH, TENN (TVA)03593500: Stage=8.57ft,2014-07-23 01:15,Not ranked,TENNESSEE RIVER AT SAVANNAH, TN03585269: Flow=24cfs,Stage=10.24ft,2008-09-30 23:45,Not ranked,SUGAR CREEK AT HWY 11 NEAR MINOR HILL, TN03584045: Flow=172cfs,Stage=5.89ft,Floodstage=20ft,2014-07-23 01:00,Not ranked,RICHLAND CREEK AT HWY 64 BYPASS AT PULASKI, TN03582000: Flow=357cfs,Stage=1.62ft,2014-07-23 01:15,Not ranked,ELK RIVER ABOVE FAYETTEVILLE, TENN.03578500: Flow=12cfs,Stage=2.04ft,2014-07-23 00:30,Not ranked,BRADLEY CREEK NR PRAIRIE PLAINS, TENN.03566525: Flow=3.8cfs,Stage=3.64ft,2012-07-08 21:00,Not ranked,NORTH CHICKAMAUGA CREEK NEAR MONTLAKE, TN03543500: Stage=0.44ft,2014-07-23 02:00,Not ranked,SEWEE CREEK NEAR DECATUR, TN03539778: Flow=21cfs,Stage=4.26ft,2014-07-23 01:45,Not ranked,CLEAR CREEK AT LILLY BRIDGE NEAR LANCING, TN03539600: Flow=54cfs,Stage=1.74ft,2014-07-23 01:15,Not ranked,DADDYS CREEK NEAR HEBBERTSBURG, TN03538970: Stage=2.32ft,2014-07-23 01:00,Not ranked,BASSES CREEK AT LAKE TANSI NR CROSSVILLE,TN03538830: Flow=28cfs,Stage=4.65ft,2014-07-23 00:45,Not ranked,OBED RIVER AT ADAMS BRIDGE NEAR CROSSVILLE, TN03535400: Flow=56cfs,Stage=5.69ft,2014-07-23 02:00,Not ranked,BEAVER CREEK AT SOLWAY, TN03535200: Flow=22cfs,Stage=4.41ft,2014-07-23 02:30,Not ranked,BEAVER C NR POWELL TENN03535187: Stage=3.45ft,2014-07-23 02:15,Not ranked,BEAVER CREEK NEAR DANTE, TN03527220: Flow=818cfs,Stage=2.99ft,2014-07-23 02:15,Not ranked,CLINCH RIVER NEAR LOONEYS GAP, TN03498850: Flow=233cfs,Stage=2.35ft,2014-07-23 02:00,Not ranked,LITTLE RIVER NEAR ALCOA, TN03491544: Flow=1.9cfs,Stage=0.70ft,2014-07-23 02:15,Not ranked,CROCKETT CREEK BELOW ROGERSVILLE, TN03470000: Stage=1.63ft,2014-07-23 02:30,Not ranked,LITTLE PIGEON RIVER AT SEVIERVILLE, TN03467609: Flow=1520cfs,Stage=7.91ft,2014-07-23 02:30,Not ranked,NOLICHUCKY RIVER NEAR LOWLAND03466500: Stage=42.18ft,2014-07-23 02:15,Not ranked,NOLICHUCKY RIVER BELOW NOLICHUCKY DAM, TN03466208: Flow=51cfs,Stage=2.92ft,2014-07-23 02:00,Not ranked,BIG LIMESTONE CREEK NEAR LIMESTONE, TN03460795: Flow=249cfs,Stage=4.36ft,2014-07-23 02:15,Not ranked,PIGEON R BL POWER PLANT NR WATERVILLE, NC03436690: Flow=40cfs,Stage=3.28ft,2014-07-23 01:00,Not ranked,YELLOW CREEK AT ELLIS MILLS, TN03433640: Flow=0.67cfs,2012-08-06 23:45,Stage=2.43ft,2012-08-07 23:45:00,Not ranked,COPPERAS BRANCH NEAR KINGFIELD, TN03432516: Flow=0.61cfs,Stage=1.85ft,2012-10-10 23:45,Not ranked,LEIPERS FORK AT BOSTON, TN03432504: Flow=0.00cfs,Stage=1.57ft,2012-10-11 08:45,Not ranked,ROBINSON BRANCH ABOVE BOSTON, TN03432400: Flow=138cfs,Stage=3.20ft,2014-07-23 01:00,Not ranked,HARPETH RIVER BELOW FRANKLIN, TN03431790: Flow=6050cfs,Stage=18.49ft,2014-07-23 01:00,Not ranked,CUMBERLAND RIVER AT ASHLAND CITY, TN03431712: Stage=15.50ft,2014-07-23 01:00,Not ranked,CUMBERLAND RIVER AT BRILEY PKWY AT COCKRILL BEND03431655: Stage=2.48ft,2014-07-23 01:30,Not ranked,RICHLAND CREEK AT HARDING PLACE AT BELLE MEADE, TN03431530: Flow=314cfs,2014-04-29 08:45,Stage=2.89ft,2014-07-23 01:30:00,Not ranked,WHITES C AT OLD HICKORY BLVD AT WHITES CREEK, TN03431514: Stage=16.44ft,2014-07-23 00:45,Not ranked,CUMBERLAND RIVER NEAR BORDEAUX, TN03431500: Flow=11600cfs,2014-07-23 00:30,Stage=17.94ft,2014-07-23 01:30:00,Floodstage=40ft,Not ranked,CUMBERLAND RIVER AT NASHVILLE, TN03431100: Stage=3.27ft,2014-07-23 01:30,Not ranked,W F BROWNS C AT GLENDALE LANE AT NASHVILLE, TN03431091: Stage=20.29ft,2014-07-23 01:00,Not ranked,CUMBERLAND R AT OMOHUNDRO WTR PLT AT NASHVILLE, TN03431060: Flow=39cfs,Stage=2.67ft,Floodstage=14ft,2014-07-23 01:00,Not ranked,MILL CREEK AT THOMPSON LANE, NEAR WOODBINE, TN03431040: Flow=537cfs,2014-04-28 23:55,Stage=1.83ft,2014-07-23 01:00:00,Not ranked,SEVENMILE CREEK AT BLACKMAN RD,NR NASHVILLE TN03430550: Flow=941cfs,2014-07-19 10:55,Stage=3.89ft,2014-07-23 01:00:00,Not ranked,MILL CREEK NEAR NOLENSVILLE, TN03430320: Stage=22.20ft,2014-07-23 00:45,Not ranked,CUMBERLAND RIVER AT BRILEY PKWY NR INGLEWOOD, TN03430250: Stage=19.92ft,2014-07-23 00:45,Not ranked,CUMBERLAND RIVER AT STONES RIVER NEAR HERMITAGE,TN03430200: Flow=1720cfs,Stage=6.11ft,2014-07-23 01:00,Not ranked,STONES RIVER AT US HWY 70 NEAR DONELSON, TN03426490: Stage=17.47ft,2014-07-23 01:00,Not ranked,CUMBERLAND RIVER AT EDENWOLD, TN03426470: Flow=0.18cfs,Stage=4.44ft,2014-07-23 01:13,Not ranked,DRY CREEK NEAR EDENWOLD, TN03426387: Stage=1.71ft,2014-07-23 01:30,Not ranked,MANSKER CREEK AT HWY 41 NEAR MILLERSVILLE, TN03424860: Flow=3530cfs,Stage=9.91ft,2014-07-23 01:30,Not ranked,CANEY FORK AT STONEWALL03424730: Flow=89cfs,Stage=2.70ft,2014-07-23 01:00,Not ranked,SMITH FORK AT TEMPERANCE HALL, TN03419800: Flow=237cfs,Stage=4.95ft,2014-07-23 01:00,Not ranked,CALFKILLER RIVER AT HWY 111 BELOW SPARTA, TN03417500: Stage=15.16ft,Floodstage=40ft,2014-07-23 01:30,Not ranked,CUMBERLAND RIVER AT CELINA, TN03410210: Flow=239cfs,Stage=5.06ft,2014-07-23 02:30,Not ranked,SOUTH FK CUMBERLAND RIVER AT LEATHERWOOD FORD, TN03312259: Flow=6.9cfs,Stage=2.81ft,2014-07-23 00:45,Not ranked,SALT LICK CREEK BELOW RED BOILING SPRINGS, TNGo to WaterWatch (offsite) for a larger map with additional options
[color code for] High
[color code for] > 90th percentile
[color code for] 76th - 90th percentile
[color code for] 25th - 75th percentile
[color code for] 10th - 24th percentile
[color code for] < 10th percentile
[color code for] Low
[color code for] Not ranked
The colored dots on this map depict streamflow conditions as a percentile, which is computed from the period of record for the current day of the year. Only stations with at least 30 years of record are used.
The gray circles indicate other stations that were not ranked in percentiles either because they have fewer than 30 years of record or because they report parameters other than streamflow. Some stations, for example, measure stage only.

Statewide Streamflow Table

Current data typically are recorded at 15- to 60-minute intervals, stored onsite, and then transmitted to USGS offices every 1 to 4 hours, depending on the data relay technique used. Recording and transmission times may be more frequent during critical events. Data from current sites are relayed to USGS offices via satellite, telephone, and/or radio telemetry and are available for viewing within minutes of arrival.

All real-time data are provisional and subject to revision.

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Title: USGS Current Conditions for Tennessee

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