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  • June 23, 2019 -- The USGS is currently unable to acquire regularly transmitted data from a subset of gages nationwide. We are actively working to restore the interruption in service, which is impacting approximately 200 sites across the country. A follow up message will be posted when the problem has been resolved.

USGS Current Water Data for Arkansas

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Daily Streamflow Conditions

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Stream gage levels in Arkansas, relative to 30 year average. 07363000: Flow=3950cfs,Stage=8.84ft,Floodstage=18ft,2019-06-24 06:30,High, Saline River at Benton, AR07356000: Flow=15300cfs,Stage=14.51ft,2019-06-24 06:45,High, Ouachita River near Mount Ida, AR07341200: Flow=1370cfs,Stage=10.61ft,Floodstage=17ft,2019-06-24 06:00,High,Saline River near Lockesburg, AR07340300: Flow=4170cfs,Stage=8.06ft,2019-06-24 06:45,High,Cossatot River near Vandervoort, AR07261500: Flow=15400cfs,Stage=17.42ft,Floodstage=24ft,2019-06-24 06:45,High,Fourche LaFave River Near Gravelly, AR07260500: Flow=10400cfs,Stage=23.91ft,Floodstage=20ft,2019-06-24 06:45,High,Petit Jean River at Danville, AR07260000: Flow=3860cfs,Stage=11.08ft,2019-06-24 06:45,High,Dutch Creek at Waltreak, AR07258500: Flow=13700cfs,Stage=21.42ft,2019-06-24 06:45,High,Petit Jean River near Booneville, AR07257500: Flow=6790cfs,Stage=12.88ft,2019-06-24 06:30,High, Illinois Bayou near Scottsville, AR07252000: Flow=17000cfs,Stage=11.89ft,Floodstage=18ft,2019-06-24 06:30,High, Mulberry River near Mulberry. AR07249985: Flow=8070cfs,Stage=8.72ft,2019-06-24 06:30,High,Lee Creek near Short, OK07249400: Flow=9520cfs,Stage=23.82ft,2019-06-24 06:30,High,James Fork near Hackett, AR07247000: Flow=12000cfs,Stage=18.53ft,2019-06-24 06:30,High,Poteau River at Cauthron, AR07195855: Flow=429cfs,Stage=6.78ft,2019-06-24 06:30,High,Flint Creek near West Siloam Springs, OK07195500: Flow=26700cfs,Stage=19.68ft,Floodstage=13ft,2019-06-24 06:30,High,Illinois River near Watts, OK07075000: Flow=5050cfs,Stage=12.67ft,2019-06-24 06:00,High, Middle Fork of Little Red River at Shirley, AR07069500: Flow=4610cfs,Stage=9.27ft,Floodstage=18ft,2019-06-24 06:45,High,Spring River at Imboden, AR07060710: Flow=546cfs,Stage=4.03ft,2019-06-24 06:00,High,North Sylamore Creek near Fifty Six, AR07056000: Flow=22000cfs,Stage=19.08ft,Floodstage=27ft,2019-06-24 06:45,High,Buffalo River near St. Joe, AR07050500: Flow=11000cfs,Stage=12.80ft,Floodstage=31ft,2019-06-24 06:15,High,Kings River near Berryville, AR07049000: Flow=10000cfs,Stage=13.49ft,2019-06-24 06:00,High,War Eagle Creek near Hindsville, AR07048600: Flow=11200cfs,Stage=14.54ft,2019-06-24 06:00,High,White River near Fayetteville, AR07366200: Flow=196cfs,Stage=5.52ft,2019-06-24 06:00,>90,Little Corney Bayou near Lillie, LA07362100: Flow=979cfs,Stage=10.74ft,2019-06-24 06:30,>90,Smackover Creek near Smackover, AR07361500: Flow=333cfs,Stage=5.09ft,2019-06-24 06:30,>90,Antoine River at Antoine, AR07359002: Flow=8400cfs,Stage=9.13ft,2019-06-24 06:15,>90,Ouachita River at Remmel Dam above Jones Mill, AR07340000: Flow=10300cfs,Stage=16.44ft,Floodstage=27ft,2019-06-24 06:00,>90, Little River near Horatio, AR07337000: Flow=58000cfs,Stage=12.16ft,Floodstage=25ft,2019-06-24 06:00,>90,Red River at Index, AR07261000: Flow=708cfs,Stage=4.48ft,2019-06-24 06:00,>90,Cadron Creek near Guy, AR07196900: Flow=403cfs,Stage=3.14ft,2019-06-24 06:30,>90,Baron Fork at Dutch Mills, AR07195800: Flow=90.7cfs,Stage=4.24ft,2019-06-24 06:00,>90,Flint Creek at Springtown, AR07195000: Flow=1170cfs,Stage=5.58ft,2019-06-24 06:00,>90,Osage Creek near Elm Springs, AR07191220: Flow=669cfs,Stage=6.47ft,2019-06-24 06:30,>90,Spavinaw Creek near Sycamore, OK07075300: Flow=470cfs,Stage=5.87ft,2019-06-24 06:00,>90,South Fork of Little Red River at Clinton, AR07072000: Flow=2700cfs,Stage=6.15ft,Floodstage=15ft,2019-06-24 06:45,>90,Eleven Point River near Ravenden Springs, AR07061000: Flow=28300cfs,Stage=11.23ft,Floodstage=15ft,2019-06-24 06:00,>90, White River at Batesville, AR07060500: Flow=25500cfs,Stage=10.37ft,Floodstage=19ft,2019-06-24 06:15,>90,White River at Calico Rock, AR07364133: Flow=237cfs,Stage=7.17ft,2019-06-24 06:15,76-90,Bayou Bartholomew at Garrett Bridge, AR07363500: Flow=996cfs,Stage=8.55ft,Floodstage=26ft,2019-06-24 06:15,76-90,Saline River near Rye, AR07362000: Flow=7570cfs,Stage=12.27ft,Floodstage=26ft,2019-06-24 06:45,76-90,Ouachita River at Camden, AR07264000: Flow=131cfs,Stage=7.83ft,2019-06-24 06:45,76-90,Bayou Meto near Lonoke, AR07077000: Flow=36500cfs,Stage=18.22ft,2019-06-24 06:00,76-90,White River at DeValls Bluff, AR07074500: Flow=26900cfs,Stage=13.23ft,Floodstage=26ft,2019-06-24 06:00,76-90,White River at Newport, AR07072500: Flow=10100cfs,Stage=10.31ft,Floodstage=14ft,2019-06-24 06:00,76-90,Black River at Black Rock, AR07069190: Flow=453cfs,Stage=4.86ft,2019-06-24 06:15,76-90,Mammoth Spring at Mammoth Spring, AR07069000: Flow=7300cfs,Stage=9.10ft,Floodstage=17ft,2019-06-24 06:00,76-90,Black River at Pocahontas, AR07047950: Flow=932cfs,Stage=20.34ft,Floodstage=25ft,2019-06-24 06:00,76-90,LAnguille River at Palestine, AR07364200: Flow=707cfs,Stage=9.25ft,2019-06-24 06:00,25-75,Bayou Bartholomew near Jones, LA07364150: Flow=297cfs,Stage=6.31ft,2019-06-24 06:00,25-75,Bayou Bartholomew near McGehee, AR07348700: Flow=155cfs,Stage=6.90ft,Floodstage=11ft,2019-06-24 06:00,25-75,Bayou Dorcheat near Springhill, LA07077555: Flow=572cfs,Stage=7.86ft,2019-06-24 06:45,25-75,Cache River near Cotton Plant, AR07077380: Flow=404cfs,Stage=8.84ft,2019-06-24 06:45,25-75,Cache River at Egypt, AR07076750: Flow=32400cfs,Stage=14.04ft,Floodstage=21ft,2019-06-24 06:00,25-75,  White River at Georgetown, AR07064000: Flow=2070cfs,Stage=7.01ft,Floodstage=15ft,2019-06-24 06:00,25-75, Black River near Corning, AR07047942: Flow=144cfs,Stage=7.74ft,2019-06-24 06:00,25-75,LAnguille River near Colt, AR330548091055100: Flow=2.68cfs,2016-06-15 14:00,Stage=-0.10ft,2017-12-06 09:45:00,Not ranked,LK WASHINGTON TRIB AT STEIN RD NR CHATHAM, MS072632982: Flow=38.9cfs,Stage=1.73ft,2019-06-24 06:45,Not ranked,Reece Creek at Little Italy, AR072632971: Flow=4.76cfs,Stage=3.38ft,2019-06-24 06:30,Not ranked,Yount Creek near Martindale, AR072632968: Stage=14.96ft,2019-06-24 06:00,Not ranked,Lk Maumelle at Mouth of Pigeon Roost Cr nr Wye, AR072632966: Stage=16.41ft,2019-06-24 06:15:00,Not ranked,Equipment malfunction,Lake Maumelle at State Hwy 10 near Wye, AR072632962: Flow=26.8cfs,Stage=3.49ft,2019-06-24 06:45,Not ranked,Bringle Creek at Martindale, AR071948095: Flow=166cfs,Stage=4.53ft,2019-06-24 06:15,Not ranked,Mud Creek near Johnson, AR071912213: Flow=874cfs,Stage=9.33ft,2019-06-24 06:15,Not ranked,Spavinaw Creek near Colcord, OK07369680: Flow=962cfs,Stage=13.91ft,2019-06-24 06:45,Not ranked,Bayou Macon at Eudora, AR07367680: Flow=3070cfs,Stage=8.45ft,2019-06-24 06:45,Not ranked,Boeuf River nr Eudora, AR07364203: Stage=8.12ft,2019-06-24 06:00,Not ranked,Bayou Bartholomew NW of Jones, LA07364185: Flow=498cfs,Stage=16.45ft,2019-06-24 06:15,Not ranked,Bayou Bartholomew near Portland, AR07364130: Stage=16.27ft,2019-06-24 06:15,Not ranked,Deep Bayou near Star City, AR07364122: Stage=10.57ft,2019-06-24 06:15,Not ranked,Bayou Bartholomew nr Meroney, AR07364078: Flow=15700cfs,2018-12-12 16:30,Stage=72.98ft,2019-06-24 06:45:00,Not ranked,Ouachita River at Felsenthal L&D (lower)07364000: Stage=7.98ft,2019-06-24 06:00,Not ranked,Saline River near Warren, AR07363400: Flow=64.3cfs,Stage=3.76ft,2019-06-24 06:15,Not ranked,Hurricane Creek below Sheridan, AR07363200: Flow=517cfs,Stage=5.25ft,2019-06-24 06:00,Not ranked,Saline River near Sheridan, AR07363054: Flow=1870cfs,Stage=13.64ft,2019-06-24 06:00,Not ranked,Saline River near Shaw, AR07362591: Stage=40.12ft,2019-06-24 06:30,Not ranked,Alum Fork Saline River at Winona Dam at Reform, AR07362590: Flow=0.00cfs,1991-07-09 23:00,Not ranked,Lake Winona at Reform, AR07362587: Flow=219cfs,Stage=5.20ft,2019-06-24 06:00,Not ranked,Alum Fork Saline River near Reform, AR07362579: Flow=22.6cfs,Stage=2.75ft,2019-06-24 06:30,Not ranked,South Alum Creek nr Jessieville, AR07362500: Flow=94.8cfs,2018-10-26 12:00,Stage=9.13ft,2019-06-24 06:15:00,Not ranked,Moro Creek near Fordyce, AR07360200: Flow=1600cfs,Stage=6.02ft,2019-06-24 06:00,Not ranked,Little Missouri River near Langley, AR07359610: Flow=1360cfs,Stage=7.79ft,2019-06-24 06:45,Not ranked,Caddo River near Caddo Gap, AR07359000: Stage=304.20ft,2019-06-24 05:00,Not ranked,Lake Catherine at Jones Mill, AR07358570: Stage=3.87ft,2019-06-24 06:50,Not ranked,Gulpha Cr at Ridgeway St at Hot Springs, AR07358550: Flow=38.9cfs,Stage=4.53ft,2019-06-24 06:40,Not ranked,Gulpha Creek at Hot Springs, AR07358500: Stage=399.50ft,2019-06-24 06:00,Not ranked,Lake Hamilton at Carpenter Dam nr. Hot Springs, AR07358284: Flow=28.2cfs,Stage=0.84ft,2019-06-24 06:50,Not ranked,Hot Springs Cr DS of Grand Ave at Hot Springs, AR07358280: Flow=1.13cfs,Stage=1.70ft,2019-05-21 08:15,Not ranked,Hot Springs at Hot Springs, AR07358257: Flow=1.92cfs,Stage=0.22ft,2019-06-24 06:40,Not ranked,Hot Sprngs Cr US of T.E. at Glade St at Hot Sp.,AR07358253: Flow=14.1cfs,Stage=0.88ft,2019-06-24 06:30,Not ranked,Whittington Cr at Tunnel Ent at Hot Springs, AR07358250: Flow=0.78cfs,Stage=1.07ft,2019-06-24 06:20,Not ranked,Whittington Cr at Whitt. Pk at Hot Springs, AR07355870: Flow=86.5cfs,Stage=10.40ft,2019-06-24 06:00,Not ranked,Gap Cr nr Wolf Pen Gap Rec Area nr Nunley, AR07355860: Flow=14.8cfs,Stage=7.47ft,2019-06-23 18:00,Not ranked,Board Camp Cr nr Wolf Pen Gap Rec nr Nunley, AR07346450: Stage=12.07ft,2019-06-24 06:00,Not ranked,Black Bayou at Rodessa, LA07344370: Flow=86000cfs,Stage=31.17ft,Floodstage=37ft,2019-06-24 06:30,Not ranked,Red River at Spring Bank, AR07341500: Stage=14.46ft,Floodstage=27ft,2019-06-24 06:15,Not ranked, Red River at Fulton, AR07341000: Stage=4.85ft,Floodstage=15ft,2019-06-24 06:00,Not ranked,Saline River near Dierks, AR07340500: Stage=10.74ft,Floodstage=15ft,2019-06-24 06:00,Not ranked, Cossatot River near DeQueen, AR07339500: Stage=6.82ft,Floodstage=24ft,2019-06-24 06:00,Not ranked,Rolling Fork near DeQueen, AR07265280: Stage=28.56ft,Floodstage=31ft,2019-06-24 06:15,Not ranked,Arkansas River at Pendleton, AR07263650: Stage=36.64ft,Floodstage=42ft,2019-06-24 06:00,Not ranked,Arkansas River at Pine Bluff, AR07263605: Flow=1110cfs,2019-06-24 06:00,Stage=11.72ft,2019-06-24 06:15:00,Not ranked,Fourche Creek at Lindsey St. E of Little Rock, AR07263580: Flow=75.7cfs,Stage=3.40ft,2019-06-24 06:50,Not ranked,Rock Creek at 36th Street at Little Rock, AR07263555: Flow=1460cfs,Stage=11.18ft,2019-06-24 06:45,Not ranked,Fourche Creek at Univ. Avenue at Little Rock, AR07263500: Stage=13.65ft,Floodstage=23ft,2019-06-24 06:00,Not ranked, Arkansas River at Little Rock, AR07263451: Flow=0.00cfs,2004-09-30 23:30,Not ranked,Hydroplant @ Murray Dam @ Little Rock, AR07263450: Flow=27300cfs,2010-04-27 23:00,Stage=247.31ft,2019-06-24 06:00:00,Not ranked, Arkansas River at Murray Dam near Little Rock, AR07263300: Flow=58.0cfs,Stage=90.33ft,2019-06-24 06:00,Not ranked,Maumelle River at Maumelle Dam at Natural Steps,AR07263296: Flow=627cfs,Stage=8.82ft,2019-06-24 06:45,Not ranked,Maumelle River near Wye, AR07263295: Flow=305cfs,Stage=3.94ft,2019-06-24 06:00,Not ranked,Maumelle River at Williams Junction, AR07263012: Flow=1080cfs,Stage=6.61ft,2019-06-24 06:45,Not ranked,Fourche LaFave River near Aplin, AR07263000: Stage=5.02ft,2019-06-24 06:45,Not ranked, South Fourche LaFave River near Hollis, AR07261250: Flow=-1900cfs,Stage=21.31ft,2019-06-24 06:00,Not ranked,Cadron Creek West of Conway, AR07261200: Flow=255cfs,Stage=4.26ft,2019-06-24 06:00,Not ranked,East Fork Cadron Creek near Enola, AR07261090: Flow=99.1cfs,Stage=4.20ft,2019-06-24 06:30,Not ranked,Cypress Creek nr Birdtown, AR07260990: Flow=252cfs,Stage=3.49ft,2019-06-24 06:45,Not ranked,North Fork Cadron Creek near Quitman, AR07260800: Stage=28.93ft,Floodstage=30ft,2019-06-24 06:15,Not ranked,Arkansas River near Morrilton, AR07260678: Flow=264cfs,Stage=9.80ft,2019-06-24 06:45,Not ranked,East Fork Point Remove Creek nr Morrilton, AR07260673: Stage=6.57ft,2019-06-24 06:45:00,Not ranked,Back Water,West Fork Point Remove Creek near Hattieville, AR07260640: Stage=15.71ft,2019-06-24 06:30,Not ranked,Petit Jean River near Centerville, AR07258000: Stage=28.93ft,Floodstage=32ft,2019-06-24 06:00,Not ranked,Arkansas River at Dardanelle, AR07257693: Flow=22.2cfs,Stage=2.39ft,2019-06-24 06:30,Not ranked,Huckleberry Creek nr Augsburg, AR07257200: Stage=8.90ft,2019-06-24 06:30,Not ranked,Little Piney Creek near Lamar, AR07257006: Flow=14100cfs,Stage=10.42ft,2019-06-24 06:45,Not ranked,Big Piney Creek at Highway 164 near Dover, AR07256500: Stage=6.71ft,2019-06-24 06:30,Not ranked,Spadra Creek at Clarksville, AR07251500: Stage=6.26ft,2019-06-24 06:00,Not ranked,Frog Bayou at Rudy, AR07250974: Flow=96.2cfs,Stage=2.63ft,2019-06-24 06:15,Not ranked,Jack Creek near Winfrey, AR07250965: Flow=1020cfs,Stage=5.28ft,2019-06-24 06:00,Not ranked,Frog Bayou at Winfrey, AR07250935: Flow=897cfs,Stage=7.48ft,2019-06-23 07:00,Not ranked,Jones Creek at Winfrey, AR07250551: Flow=28100cfs,2008-09-30 23:00,Not ranked,ARK RIVER HYDROPLANT AT TRIMBLE L&D NR VAN BUREN,07250550: Flow=150000cfs,2019-06-20 01:00,Stage=394.05ft,2019-06-24 06:00:00,Floodstage=392.5ft,Not ranked,AR River at James W. Trimble L&D nr Van Buren, AR07250085: Flow=15500cfs,Stage=22.71ft,Floodstage=401ft,2019-06-24 06:00,Not ranked,Lee Creek at Lee Creek Reservoir near Van Buren,AR07249920: Flow=1040cfs,Stage=3.99ft,2019-06-24 06:00,Not ranked,Little Lee Creek near Nicut, OK07249800: Flow=4450cfs,Stage=8.99ft,2019-06-24 06:15,Not ranked,Lee Creek at Short, OK07249455: Flow=184000cfs,Stage=21.59ft,2019-06-24 06:15,Not ranked,Arkansas River at Ft. Smith, Ar.07249448: Flow=57.0cfs,1998-05-28 23:55,Not ranked,Mill Creek Trib at Towson Avenue in Ft. Smith07249447: Flow=1.70cfs,2003-10-05 23:55,Not ranked,Mill Creek at Fort Smith, Arkansas07247250: Flow=4260cfs,Stage=11.59ft,2019-06-24 06:00,Not ranked,Black Fork below Big Creek nr Page, OK07247015: Flow=23100cfs,Stage=29.89ft,2019-06-24 06:30,Not ranked,Poteau River at Loving, OK07195865: Flow=493cfs,Stage=7.39ft,2019-06-24 06:15,Not ranked,Sager Creek near West Siloam Springs, OK07195430: Flow=17700cfs,Stage=17.44ft,2019-06-24 06:15,Not ranked,Illinois River South of Siloam Springs, AR07195400: Flow=15000cfs,Stage=17.19ft,2019-06-24 06:00,Not ranked,Illinois River at Hwy. 16 near Siloam Springs AR07194933: Flow=175cfs,Stage=10.95ft,2019-06-24 06:45,Not ranked,Spring Creek at Hwy 112 nr Springdale, AR07194906: Flow=16.0cfs,Stage=6.60ft,2019-06-24 06:05,Not ranked,Spring Creek at Sanders Ave at Springdale, AR07194880: Flow=261cfs,Stage=2.87ft,2019-06-24 06:45,Not ranked,Osage Creek near Cave Springs, AR07194800: Flow=2140cfs,Stage=8.06ft,2019-06-24 06:00,Not ranked,Illinois River at Savoy, AR07191179: Flow=666cfs,Stage=7.67ft,2019-06-24 06:15,Not ranked,Spavinaw Creek near Cherokee City, AR07191160: Flow=543cfs,Stage=8.81ft,2019-06-24 06:30,Not ranked,Spavinaw Creek near Maysville, AR07189542: Flow=557cfs,Stage=6.61ft,2019-06-24 06:30,Not ranked,Honey Creek near South West City, MO07189540: Flow=28.4cfs,Stage=5.12ft,2019-06-24 06:00,Not ranked,Cave Springs Branch near South West City, MO07077730: Stage=13.47ft,2019-06-24 06:00,Not ranked,Bayou Deview near Brinkley, AR07077652: Flow=5.45cfs,Stage=2.20ft,2019-06-24 06:00,Not ranked,Lost Creek at Floyd St. at Jonesboro, AR07077500: Stage=6.30ft,2019-06-24 06:00,Not ranked,Cache River at Patterson, AR07076634: Stage=16.52ft,Floodstage=30ft,2019-06-24 06:00,Not ranked,Little Red River at Judsonia, AR07076530: Flow=24.9cfs,Stage=3.36ft,2019-06-24 06:30,Not ranked,Big Creek near Letona, AR07076517: Flow=5540cfs,Stage=10.55ft,2019-06-24 06:45,Not ranked,Little Red River near Dewey, AR07075270: Flow=480cfs,Stage=3.61ft,2019-06-24 06:15,Not ranked,South Fork of Little Red River near Scotland, AR07075250: Flow=301cfs,Stage=6.24ft,2019-06-24 06:00,Not ranked,S Fk Lit Red Riv us of Gulf Mt WMA nr Scotland, AR07074888: Stage=191.08ft,2019-06-24 06:15,Not ranked,Glaise Creek near Rio Vista, AR07074886: Stage=11.27ft,2019-06-24 06:15,Not ranked,Cutoff Creek near Rio Vista, AR07074850: Flow=25500cfs,Stage=24.86ft,Floodstage=26ft,2019-06-24 06:00,Not ranked,White River near Augusta, AR07074670: Flow=4.58cfs,Stage=4.46ft,2019-06-24 06:15,Not ranked,Tuckerman Ditch at Tuckerman, AR07074420: Flow=11500cfs,Stage=14.47ft,2019-06-24 06:45,Not ranked,Black River at Elgin Ferry, AR07074000: Stage=4.70ft,2019-06-24 06:00,Not ranked, Strawberry River near Poughkeepsie, AR07069305: Flow=6580cfs,Stage=6.89ft,Floodstage=10ft,2019-06-24 06:45,Not ranked,Spring River at Spring Street Bridge at Hardy, AR07069295: Flow=3630cfs,Stage=8.12ft,2019-06-24 06:30,Not ranked,South Fork Spring River at Saddle, AR07069220: Stage=6.03ft,2019-06-24 06:30,Not ranked,Spring River near Mammoth Springs, AR07064060: 2018-10-10 14:30,Not ranked,Murray Creek near Reyno, AR07064040: Stage=268.27ft,2019-06-24 06:45,Not ranked,Little River near Peach Orchard, AR07064026: Stage=268.38ft,2019-06-24 06:00,Not ranked,Black River near Peach Orchard, AR07060728: Stage=298.19ft,2019-06-24 06:45,Not ranked,White River at Allison, AR07059450: Stage=9.26ft,2019-06-24 06:45,Not ranked,Big Creek near Elizabeth, AR07058980: Stage=4.27ft,2019-06-24 06:45,Not ranked,Bennetts River at Vidette, AR07057370: Flow=23700cfs,Stage=11.36ft,2019-06-24 06:30,Not ranked,White River near Norfork, AR07056700: Flow=23600cfs,Stage=17.66ft,2019-06-24 06:45,Not ranked,Buffalo River near Harriet, AR07056515: Flow=1370cfs,Stage=4.77ft,2019-06-24 06:15,Not ranked,Bear Creek near Silver Hill, AR07055875: Flow=1290cfs,Stage=4.97ft,2019-06-24 06:30,Not ranked,Richland Creek near Witts Spring, AR07055814: Not ranked,Site discontinued,Big Creek at Carver, AR07055792: Stage=6.14ft,2019-06-24 06:00,Not ranked,Left Fork Big Creek nr Vendor, AR07055790: Flow=1160cfs,Stage=5.49ft,2019-06-24 06:00,Not ranked,Big Creek near Mt. Judea, AR07055780: Stage=17.07ft,2019-06-24 06:15,Not ranked,Buffalo River at Carver Access nr Hasty, AR07055680: Flow=5970cfs,Stage=12.60ft,2019-06-24 06:45,Not ranked,Buffalo River at Pruitt, AR07055660: Flow=3310cfs,Stage=7.68ft,2019-06-24 06:45,Not ranked,Buffalo River at Ponca, AR07055646: Flow=2090cfs,Stage=6.29ft,2019-06-24 06:30,Not ranked,Buffalo River near Boxley, AR07055607: Flow=2580cfs,Stage=14.73ft,2019-06-24 06:45,Not ranked,Crooked Creek at Kelly Crossing at Yellville, AR07055565: Flow=232cfs,Stage=6.76ft,2019-06-24 06:45,Not ranked,Crooked Creek at Harrison, AR07054410: Stage=2.71ft,2019-06-24 06:30,Not ranked,Bear Creek near Omaha, AR07053250: Flow=58.2cfs,Stage=3.73ft,2019-06-24 06:15,Not ranked,Yocum Creek near Oak Grove, AR07053207: Stage=3.84ft,2019-06-24 06:45,Not ranked,Long Creek at Denver, AR07050152: Flow=439cfs,Stage=1.98ft,Floodstage=5ft,2019-06-24 06:30,Not ranked,Roaring River at Roaring River State Park07048780: Flow=1950cfs,Stage=12.12ft,2019-06-24 06:00,Not ranked,Richland Creek near Goshen, AR07048700: Flow=54.0cfs,2010-09-30 23:45,Not ranked,White River near Goshen, AR07048550: Flow=2500cfs,Stage=10.43ft,2019-06-24 06:30,Not ranked,West Fork White River east of Fayetteville, AR07048495: Flow=223cfs,Stage=7.74ft,2019-06-24 06:15,Not ranked,Town Branch at Armstrong St. at Fayetteville, AR07047980: Flow=5630cfs,Stage=12.83ft,2019-06-24 06:00,Not ranked,White River at Elkins, AR07047855: Flow=0.39cfs,Stage=2.79ft,2019-06-24 06:00,Not ranked,Whiteman\'s Crk at Ind Dr at Jonesboro, AR07040450: Flow=453cfs,2010-09-30 23:00,Floodstage=10ft,Not ranked,St. Francis River at Lake City, AR07040100: Flow=229cfs,2010-09-30 23:00,Floodstage=22ft,Not ranked,St. Francis River at St. Francis, AR07031740: Stage=27.93ft,Floodstage=33ft,2019-06-24 06:00,Not ranked,WOLF RIVER AT HOLLYWOOD ST AT MEMPHIS, TNGo to WaterWatch (offsite) for a larger map with additional options
[color code for] High
[color code for] > 90th percentile
[color code for] 76th - 90th percentile
[color code for] 25th - 75th percentile
[color code for] 10th - 24th percentile
[color code for] < 10th percentile
[color code for] Low
[color code for] Not ranked
The colored dots on this map depict streamflow conditions as a percentile, which is computed from the period of record for the current day of the year. Only stations with at least 30 years of record are used.
The gray circles indicate other stations that were not ranked in percentiles either because they have fewer than 30 years of record or because they report parameters other than streamflow. Some stations, for example, measure stage only.

Statewide Streamflow Table

Current data typically are recorded at 15- to 60-minute intervals, stored onsite, and then transmitted to USGS offices every 1 to 4 hours, depending on the data relay technique used. Recording and transmission times may be more frequent during critical events. Data from current sites are relayed to USGS offices via satellite, telephone, and/or radio telemetry and are available for viewing within minutes of arrival.

All real-time data are provisional and subject to revision.

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