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  • The issue impacting the delivery of satellite data transmissions in the western United States has been resolved. Current data for impacted locations are now accessible from USGS web portals. The data to fill any resultant gaps in water records will be downloaded from field equipment for manual upload following the next scheduled field visit.
  • Explore the NEW USGS National Water Dashboard interactive map to access real-time water data from over 13,500 stations nationwide.
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This station is operated in cooperation with:

National Park Service City and Borough of Sitka

This station managed by the Juneau Field Office.

Available Parameters Available Period
2016-02-09  2021-07-24
1998-10-01  2021-07-24
2016-02-09  2021-07-24
2021-03-26  2021-07-24


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Summary of all available data for this site
Instantaneous-data availability statement
Gage height, feet
TIMEJul 17Jul 18Jul 19Jul 20Jul 21Jul 23Jul 24
00:00 AKDT20.72P  20.70P  20.69P  20.67P  20.65P   20.69P  
00:15 AKDT20.71P  20.70P  20.69P  20.67P  20.65P   20.69P  
00:30 AKDT20.72P  20.70P  20.69P  20.67P  20.65P   20.69P  
00:45 AKDT20.72P  20.70P  20.69P  20.67P  20.65P   20.69P  
01:00 AKDT20.72P  20.70P  20.69P  20.66P  20.65P   20.69P  
01:15 AKDT20.71P  20.70P  20.69P  20.67P  20.65P   20.69P  
01:30 AKDT20.72P  20.70P  20.69P  20.66P  20.65P   20.69P  
01:45 AKDT20.72P  20.70P  20.69P  20.66P  20.65P   20.69P  
02:00 AKDT20.71P  20.70P  20.69P  20.66P  20.65P   20.69P  
02:15 AKDT20.71P  20.70P  20.69P  20.66P  20.65P   20.69P  
02:30 AKDT20.72P  20.70P  20.68P  20.66P  20.64P   20.69P  
02:45 AKDT20.71P  20.69P  20.69P  20.66P  20.65P   20.69P  
03:00 AKDT20.71P  20.69P  20.68P  20.66P  20.64P   20.69P  
03:15 AKDT20.71P  20.70P  20.68P  20.66P  20.64P   20.70P  
03:30 AKDT20.71P  20.69P  20.68P  20.66P  20.64P   20.69P  
03:45 AKDT20.71P  20.70P  20.68P  20.66P  20.65P   20.69P  
04:00 AKDT20.71P  20.69P  20.69P  20.66P  20.64P   20.69P  
04:15 AKDT20.71P  20.69P  20.68P  20.66P  20.64P   20.69P  
04:30 AKDT20.71P  20.69P  20.68P  20.66P  20.65P   20.69P  
04:45 AKDT20.71P  20.69P  20.68P  20.66P  20.64P   20.69P  
05:00 AKDT20.71P  20.69P  20.68P  20.66P  20.64P   20.69P  
05:15 AKDT20.71P  20.70P  20.68P  20.66P  20.64P   20.69P  
05:30 AKDT20.71P  20.69P  20.68P  20.66P  20.64P   20.69P  
05:45 AKDT20.71P  20.69P  20.68P  20.66P  20.64P   20.69P  
06:00 AKDT20.71P  20.69P  20.68P  20.66P  20.64P   20.69P  
06:15 AKDT20.71P  20.69P  20.68P  20.66P  20.65P   20.69P  
06:30 AKDT20.71P  20.69P  20.68P  20.66P  20.65P   20.70P  
06:45 AKDT20.71P  20.69P  20.68P  20.66P  20.65P  20.67P  20.70P  
07:00 AKDT20.71P  20.69P  20.68P  20.66P  20.64P  20.67P  20.70P  
07:15 AKDT20.71P  20.69P  20.68P  20.66P  20.64P  20.67P  20.70P  
07:30 AKDT20.71P  20.69P  20.68P  20.66P  20.64P  20.67P  20.70P  
07:45 AKDT20.71P  20.69P  20.68P  20.66P  20.64P  20.67P  20.70P  
08:00 AKDT20.71P  20.69P  20.68P  20.66P  20.64P  20.67P  20.70P  
08:15 AKDT20.71P  20.69P  20.68P  20.66P  20.64P  20.66P  20.70P  
08:30 AKDT20.71P  20.69P  20.67P  20.66P  20.64P  20.67P  20.70P  
08:45 AKDT20.71P  20.69P  20.67P  20.66P  20.64P  20.67P  20.70P  
09:00 AKDT20.71P  20.69P  20.67P  20.66P  20.64P  20.67P  20.70P  
09:15 AKDT20.71P  20.69P  20.68P  20.66P  20.65P  20.67P  20.70P  
09:30 AKDT20.71P  20.69P  20.67P  20.66P  20.64P  20.67P  20.70P  
09:45 AKDT20.71P  20.69P  20.67P  20.66P  20.64P  20.67P  20.70P  
10:00 AKDT20.71P  20.69P  20.67P  20.66P  20.64P  20.67P  20.70P  
10:15 AKDT20.71P  20.69P  20.67P  20.66P  20.64P  20.67P  20.70P  
10:30 AKDT20.71P  20.69P  20.67P  20.66P  20.64P  20.67P  20.70P  
10:45 AKDT20.71P  20.69P  20.69P  20.65P  20.64P  20.67P  20.70P  
11:00 AKDT20.71P  20.69P  20.68P  20.66P  20.64P  20.66P  20.70P  
11:15 AKDT20.71P  20.69P  20.68P  20.66P  20.64P  20.67P  20.71P  
11:30 AKDT20.71P  20.69P  20.68P  20.66P  20.64P  20.67P  20.71P  
11:45 AKDT20.71P  20.69P  20.67P  20.66P  20.64P  20.67P  20.71P  
12:00 AKDT20.70P  20.69P  20.67P  20.65P  20.64P  20.67P  20.71P  
12:15 AKDT20.70P  20.69P  20.67P  20.66P  20.64P  20.67P   
12:30 AKDT20.71P  20.69P  20.67P  20.66P  20.64P  20.67P   
12:45 AKDT20.71P  20.69P  20.67P  20.65P  20.64P  20.67P   
13:00 AKDT20.71P  20.69P  20.67P  20.66P  20.64P  20.67P   
13:15 AKDT20.70P  20.69P  20.67P  20.65P  20.64P  20.68P   
13:30 AKDT20.71P  20.69P  20.68P  20.65P  20.64P  20.67P   
13:45 AKDT20.71P  20.69P  20.67P  20.65P  20.64P  20.68P   
14:00 AKDT20.70P  20.69P  20.67P  20.65P  20.64P  20.68P   
14:15 AKDT20.71P  20.68P  20.67P  20.65P  20.64P  20.67P   
14:30 AKDT20.70P  20.69P  20.67P  20.65P  20.64P  20.68P   
14:45 AKDT20.71P  20.69P  20.67P  20.65P  20.64P  20.68P   
15:00 AKDT20.70P  20.69P  20.67P  20.65P  20.64P  20.68P   
15:15 AKDT20.70P  20.69P  20.67P  20.65P  20.64P  20.68P   
15:30 AKDT20.70P  20.69P  20.67P  20.65P  20.63P  20.67P   
15:45 AKDT20.70P  20.69P  20.67P  20.65P  20.64P  20.68P   
16:00 AKDT20.70P  20.69P  20.67P  20.65P  20.64P  20.68P   
16:15 AKDT20.70P  20.68P  20.67P  20.65P  20.63P  20.68P   
16:30 AKDT20.70P  20.68P  20.67P  20.65P  20.64P  20.68P   
16:45 AKDT20.70P  20.69P  20.67P  20.65P  20.64P  20.68P   
17:00 AKDT20.70P  20.68P  20.67P  20.64P  20.64P  20.68P   
17:15 AKDT20.70P  20.68P  20.67P  20.65P  20.63P  20.68P   
17:30 AKDT20.70P  20.69P  20.67P  20.65P  20.64P  20.68P   
17:45 AKDT20.70P  20.68P  20.67P  20.65P  20.63P  20.68P   
18:00 AKDT20.70P  20.68P  20.67P  20.65P  20.64P  20.68P   
18:15 AKDT20.70P  20.69P  20.67P  20.65P  20.63P  20.68P   
18:30 AKDT20.70P  20.69P  20.67P  20.65P  20.63P  20.68P   
18:45 AKDT20.70P  20.69P  20.67P  20.65P  20.63P  20.68P   
19:00 AKDT20.70P  20.69P  20.67P  20.65P  20.63P  20.68P   
19:15 AKDT20.70P  20.69P  20.67P  20.65P  20.63P  20.69P   
19:30 AKDT20.70P  20.69P  20.67P  20.65P  20.63P  20.69P   
19:45 AKDT20.70P  20.69P  20.67P  20.65P  20.63P  20.69P   
20:00 AKDT20.70P  20.69P  20.67P  20.65P  20.64P  20.69P   
20:15 AKDT20.70P  20.69P  20.67P  20.65P  20.63P  20.69P   
20:30 AKDT20.70P  20.70P  20.66P  20.65P  20.63P  20.69P   
20:45 AKDT20.70P  20.70P  20.66P  20.65P  20.63P  20.69P   
21:00 AKDT20.70P  20.70P  20.67P  20.65P  20.63P  20.69P   
21:15 AKDT20.70P  20.70P  20.67P  20.65P  20.63P  20.69P   
21:30 AKDT20.70P  20.70P  20.67P  20.65P  20.63P  20.69P   
21:45 AKDT20.70P  20.70P  20.67P  20.65P   20.69P   
22:00 AKDT20.70P  20.70P  20.66P  20.65P   20.69P   
22:15 AKDT20.70P  20.70P  20.67P  20.65P   20.69P   
22:30 AKDT20.70P  20.70P  20.67P  20.65P   20.69P   
22:45 AKDT20.70P  20.70P  20.67P  20.65P   20.69P   
23:00 AKDT20.70P  20.70P  20.66P  20.65P   20.69P   
23:15 AKDT20.70P  20.69P  20.67P  20.64P   20.69P   
23:30 AKDT20.70P  20.69P  20.67P  20.65P   20.69P   
23:45 AKDT20.70P  20.69P  20.67P  20.65P   20.69P   

  P  Provisional data subject to revision.