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A month of data viz for the #30DayChartChallenge

A round up of @USGS_Datasci tweets for the

Date Posted May 18, 2021 Last Updated October 19, 2023
Author USGS Vizlab
Reading Time 5 minutes Share

For the month of April, the #30DayChartChallenge challenged twitter users to create daily data visualizations that fit within 5 major categories: comparisons, distributions, relationships, timeseries, and uncertaintites. Each day had a unique prompt to inspire participants to use a variety of chart types and get creative with their data.

The USGS Vizlab was excited to take this challenge on! With support and contributions from the USGS Water Data Science Branch and CDI Data Visualization Collaboration Area, we participated using the @USGS_DataSci twitter account.

See below for our contributions throughout the month.

The challenge:

Day 2: comparisons, pictogram

Day 3: comparisons, historical

Day 4: comparisons, magical

Day 6: comparisons, experimental

Day 7: distributions, physical

Day 8: distributions, animals

Day 9: distributions, statistics

Day 10: distributions, abstract

Day 12: distributions, strips

Day 13: relationships, correlation

Day 14: relationships, space

Day 15: relationships, multivariate

Day 18: relationships, connections

Day 19: timeseries, global change

Day 20: timeseries, upwards

Day 21: timeseries, downwards

Day 22: timeseries, animation

Day 23: timeseries, tiles

Even though we did not make it to every day, we had a lot of fun along the way exploring new datasets, revisiting old datasets, and trying out new visualization tools in R. Many thanks to the #30DayChartChallenge organizers, Cédric Scherer and Dominic Royé.

To see the full collection of contributions, check out the #30DayChartChallenge github repo.


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