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USGS Geo Data Portal and THREDDS Data Server Retirement

The GDP web interface, processing service, and THREDDS data server are being retired.

Date Posted April 10, 2024 Last Updated May 7, 2024
Author David Blodgett
Reading Time 2 minutes Share

UPDATED April 2024

The USGS Geo Data Portal (GDP) and THREDDS Data Server have provided access to numerous datasets, including gridded data for climate and land use. Datasets can be subsetted or summarized before download using several algorithms, and these algorithms can also be applied to other datasets hosted elsewhere.

The system has been hosted via since its original release in 2011. See this report for more information on GDP: Blodgett, David L., Nathaniel L. Booth, Thomas C. Kunicki, Jordan I. Walker, and Roland J. Viger. Description and testing of the Geo Data Portal: Data integration framework and Web processing services for environmental science collaboration. No. 2011-1157. US Geological Survey, 2011.

As of April 2024, most of the datasets the GDP supports are no longer accessible. See the THREDDS Data Server section below for more information.

All components of the GDP were migrated to a new hosting environment in 2022. Due to a lack of resources to maintain the software, the GDP will be retired in Summer 2024. It will be replaced by analysis ready cloud optimized direct data access via methods (such as those described here) and an in development processing service based on the gdptools python package.

THREDDS Data Server

The GDP THREDDS Data Server ( ) was retired due to a lack of resources to remedy a security vulnerability in April 2024. We apologize for the abrupt retirement of the system. Research and development aiming to migrate THREDDS to a cloud-based infrastructure in 2022-2023 led to the conclusion that migration away from the THREDDS data server toward cloud optimized analysis ready data access methods was necessary. This work is nearing completion and all data that were available are or will soon be available in zarr format via a freely available object store. Information regarding how to access the object store can be found here . A Spatio Temporal Asset Catalog will be released soon to aid discovery of these datasets and OPeNDAP access (as was provided by THREDDS) to the datasets should be available again soon.

To keep up with development on STAC, see this repository .

In the coming months, new APIs and processing capabilities will become available via to replace the Geo Data Portal. Stay tuned for more user friendly APIs, more cloud-ready data access options, and a generally refined ecosystem of data, services and tools. No release date is set, but please check back here for more information or reach out to with questions.