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Next Generation Monitoring Location Pages Update

Our Next Generation Monitoring Location Pages continue to receive updates based on our priorities and your feedback. Key features in this update include improved controls of the hydrograph and increasing the amount of at-a-glance information.

A New Take on the Water Cycle

On October 13th 2022, we released a new water cycle diagram! This update re-envisions the water cycle, placing human activities at the forefront. We designed it to emphasize scientific accuracy, information design, and usability in educational settings. We hope that students of all ages better understand how humans affect where water is on Earth and how it moves, so that we can work towards using water more sustainably.

Transition to NextGen WaterAlert NOW

From now until September 30th, 2022, current users of WaterAlert will be able to take 3 simple steps to transfer their alerts to the Next Generation system. Users will receive an email with a unique link to the transition page for their specific alerts. We anticipate this process taking 5 minutes or less for most users.

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