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Next Generation Monitoring Location Pages Update

Our Next Generation Monitoring Location Pages continue to receive updates based on our priorities and your feedback. Legacy real-time pages will redirect to NextGen pages in September 2022 and legacy pages will be decommissioned in July 2023.

Date Posted May 6, 2022 Last Updated July 20, 2023
Author Nicole Felts
Randi Butler
Reading Time 2 minutes Share

Last updated August 12th, 2022

On April 11th, we hosted a public webinar during which we updated our stakeholders on the progress of replacing Legacy real-time pages with Next Generation Monitoring Location Pages.

We anticipate to begin redirecting Legacy pages to NextGen pages in September 2022. This means when you click a bookmark for a Legacy page, your web browser will automatically redirect you to the NextGen page, but you’ll still be able to access the Legacy page if you click on the link at the top of NextGen pages.

text here

Notice the Legacy real-time page link at the top of a Next Generation Monitoring Location Page.

After addressing many highly-requested features, we anticipate decommissioning the NWISWeb Legacy current-conditions real-time pages in July 2023.

Recently released features

✔ Add scale to map (complete!)
✔ Provide option to download data near data tables (complete!)
✔ data sortable by time
✔ Make Facebook shares more compelling with images
✔ Daily statistics for the latest day
✔ Multi-parameter feature (2 parameters on the same graph)

screenshot of 3 recently released features: 2 parameters on the same graph, make data sortable by time, daily statistics for the latest day.

Here are a few examples of recently released features. Having 2 parameters on the hydrograph was a highly requested feature which now gives users the option to compare data. We made the data table sortable, giving the users a choice to see their data in a specific order. Finally, we added the daily stats table to the monitoring location pages.

Only remaining feature we need to add before the redirect in September 2022

  • New zoom options to improve interactivity with graph and axis

Some features we anticipate addressing before Legacy decommission in July 2023

  • Better download capability
  • Possible expansion of WSC-specified text fields like manuscript, location-level revisions (interaction with SIMS)
  • Make wind direction parameter a set of discrete measurements (not continuous line)
  • Features to better show water quality samples: Showing some field visit data with continuous water quality measurements; Having a summary of available water quality data

A few features we know are essential

  • Cooperator access – there is an access level for cooperators for semi-public data
  • Discrete data, field visits, and stats access - we’ve heard this is important for our advanced users
  • Multi-station data access - we plan to conduct a discovery with our users to determine how to best offer this highly requested feature

Get involved! Have your voice heard

Want to test the multi-station feature in beta? Email us: with the subject: Multi-Station Feature.

Have more questions about the modernization of Monitoring Location Pages?

Check out this older blog post of ours for more context, but please always refer to the most recent communications for the most accurate product timeline.


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  • New Feature - SensorThings API

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  • New Feature - All Graphs

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