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Release Notes for July 21st, 2020

A summary of new features and tools released on or before July 21, 2020

Date Posted July 21, 2020 Last Updated March 28, 2024
Author Charlotte Snow and Jim Kreft
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What have we been up to?

  • Pubs Warehouse moved to the Cloud

  • Behind the scenes work

New features and tools

Pubs Warehouse on the Cloud

The Water Data for the Nation team is the primary development team for another high profile application, the USGS Publications Warehouse. For the past 17 years, the Publications Warehouse has been hosted on a variety USGS Water-associated systems, but on April 6th, 2020, the Water Data for the Nation team, In collaboration with USGS colleagues in Science Analytics and Synthesis moved the Publications Warehouse from on-premise hardware using a closed-source backing store to an entirely open source stack, on commercial cloud infrastructure. Rather than a “lift and shift” move, the application was completely rebuilt to support a cloud-native architecture, while moving away from a number of home-grown tools in favor of shared, standards-based approaches for functions like authorization and authentication. There are a number of benefits to this move, including:

  • Reducing the USGS licensing burden for closed-source database systems

  • Reducing the operational burden of the on-site infrastructure team by cutting traffic to that infrastructure by over 2 million visits a year.

  • Allowing the retirement of a legacy, custom authentication/authorization application

  • Reducing the operational burden on the WDFN team by providing an operational lead and team that is outside the Water Mission Area

  • Increasing the WDFN team's expertise in Postgres and in on-premise to cloud transitions

Screenshot of the USGS Publications Warehouse homepage

Screenshot of the USGS Publications Warehouse homepage.

Behind the scenes

  • Data flows! Focus on daily values data.

  • Building a new, cloud native data transformation and loading toolchain for observations data.

  • Building a new, standards-focused tool for presenting observations data.

  • Extensions of the graph API custom periods for the graph image API.

What is coming up for next sprint?

  • All monitoring locations will have a link to the networks they are part of in the new monitoring location service.


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