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NOTICE (11/28/2017) -- Data collection at the following gage will be discontinued on December 31, 2017 due to funding reductions from partner agencies. Although historic data will remain accessible, no new data will be collected unless one or more new funding partners are found. Users who can contribute funding for the non-Federal share of costs to continue operation of this streamgage should contact Timothy Sargent at the USGS New England Water Science Center - Connecticut Office (860-291-6754) or email at tcsargen@usgs.gov.
  • 01209510 Saugatuck River at Route 1 at Westport
NOTICE (11/01/2017) -- Starting on February 01, 2018 vertical gage datum at the following locations will be referenced to North American Vertical Datum of 1988 (NAVD 88), this datum reference will replace the current vertical gage datum reference National Geodetic Vertical Datum of 1929 (NGVD 29). Users with questions about these streamgages should contact Timothy Sargent, at the USGS New England Water Science Center - Connecticut Office(860-291-6754) or email at tcsargen@usgs.gov.



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The 15-minute Precipitation and Air Temperature data for this station are temporary and will only be displayed for 120 days. Time series of 15-minute daily values will NOT be available for retrieval following the 120-day display period. The temporary classification means that documented routine inspections and other quality assurance measures are not performed to the level required to make the data acceptable for archival, retrieval, or future use in general scientific or interpretive studies.
This station managed by the East Hartford CT Field Office.

Available Parameters Available Period
All 10 Available Parameters for this site
00010 Temperature, water 2013-10-01  2017-12-16
00020 Temperature, air 2017-08-18  2017-12-16
00045 Precipitation 2017-08-18  2017-12-16
00060 Discharge 1990-10-01  2017-12-16
00065 Gage height 2007-10-01  2017-12-16
00095 Specific cond at 25C 2013-10-01  2017-12-16
00300 Dissolved oxygen 2015-06-11  2017-12-16
00301 Diss oxygen,%saturtn 2017-06-07  2017-10-03
00400 pH 2016-06-15  2017-12-16
63680 Turbidity, Form Neph, from FTS 2013-10-01  2017-12-16

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Discharge, cubic feet per second

Most recent instantaneous value: 97.8 12-16-2017   20:00 EST
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Daily discharge, cubic feet per second -- statistics for Dec 16 based on 86 years of record more
Most Recent
Value Dec 16
Median Mean 75th
39.0 97.8 113 186 237 310 1280

Gage height, feet

Most recent instantaneous value: 2.79 12-16-2017   20:00 EST
Graph of  Gage height, feet

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