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ICE EFFECTS ON STREAMFLOW - During winter, ice formation may cause stage and discharge values to appear higher than expected. Ice effects may be minor (occurring only at night and early morning) with baseline flows obvious, or the effects may be major (stage constantly increases over several days or weeks) resulting in greatly erroneous discharge. Streamgages experiencing minor ice conditions will continue to display stage and discharge values to enable users to estimate the approximate base-line stage and discharge. Streamgages experiencing major ice conditions will have the discharge record temporarily disabled to prevent use of erroneous discharge values. The discharge record will resume when it is determined that ice conditions are no longer present. Daily mean discharges during periods of ice effect will be estimated after detailed data analysis.



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Station operated in cooperation with the Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection and the Army Corps of Engineers.
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This station managed by the East Hartford CT Field Office.

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00065 Gage height 2007-10-01  2018-12-12

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TIMEDec 5Dec 6Dec 7Dec 8Dec 9Dec 10Dec 11Dec 12
00:00 EST10.08P  10.33P  9.12P  8.03P  7.29P  6.34P  5.80P  5.66P  
00:15 EST10.10P  10.32P  9.10P  8.02P  7.27P  6.32P  5.78P  5.64P  
00:30 EST10.10P  10.31P  9.09P  8.02P  7.26P  6.31P  5.77P  5.62P  
00:45 EST10.11P  10.30P  9.08P  8.02P  7.25P  6.29P  5.76P  5.60P  
01:00 EST10.12P  10.30P  9.08P  8.01P  7.23P  6.27P  5.74P  5.57P  
01:15 EST10.13P  10.29P  9.07P  8.01P  7.22P  6.26P  5.73P  5.56P  
01:30 EST10.14P  10.28P  9.06P  8.01P  7.21P  6.25P  5.72P  5.53P  
01:45 EST10.15P  10.28P  9.06P  8.00P  7.21P  6.24P  5.71P  5.52P  
02:00 EST10.16P  10.26P  9.04P  8.01P  7.21P  6.23P  5.71P  5.50P  
02:15 EST10.18P  10.26P  9.04P  8.01P  7.21P  6.23P  5.70P  5.49P  
02:30 EST10.19P  10.26P  9.04P  8.01P  7.20P  6.23P  5.70P  5.47P  
02:45 EST10.20P  10.25P  9.02P  8.01P  7.20P  6.23P  5.70P  5.47P  
03:00 EST10.21P  10.24P  9.02P  8.02P  7.20P  6.23P  5.70P  5.46P  
03:15 EST10.23P  10.23P  9.01P  8.01P  7.20P  6.23P  5.71P  5.46P  
03:30 EST10.24P  10.22P  9.00P  8.01P  7.20P  6.24P  5.72P  5.46P  
03:45 EST10.25P  10.21P  9.00P  8.01P  7.20P  6.24P  5.73P  5.47P  
04:00 EST10.26P  10.20P  8.99P  8.02P  7.20P  6.24P  5.74P  5.48P  
04:15 EST10.27P  10.19P  8.98P  8.02P  7.20P  6.24P  5.76P  5.49P  
04:30 EST10.28P  10.17P  8.97P  8.01P  7.20P  6.24P  5.77P  5.50P  
04:45 EST10.29P  10.16P  8.95P  8.02P  7.20P  6.24P  5.78P  5.52P  
05:00 EST10.30P  10.15P  8.94P  8.01P  7.20P  6.24P  5.79P  5.53P  
05:15 EST10.31P  10.14P  8.93P  8.01P  7.19P  6.24P  5.80P  5.54P  
05:30 EST10.32P  10.12P  8.90P  8.00P  7.19P  6.23P  5.80P  5.55P  
05:45 EST10.33P  10.11P  8.89P  8.00P  7.18P  6.22P  5.81P  5.56P  
06:00 EST10.34P  10.09P  8.88P  8.00P  7.17P  6.22P  5.81P  5.56P  
06:15 EST10.35P  10.08P  8.86P  7.99P  7.16P  6.21P  5.81P  5.57P  
06:30 EST10.36P  10.06P  8.85P  7.97P  7.16P  6.20P  5.81P  5.58P  
06:45 EST10.37P  10.04P  8.84P  7.97P  7.14P  6.19P  5.81P  5.58P  
07:00 EST10.38P  10.03P  8.82P  7.96P  7.14P  6.18P  5.81P  5.58P  
07:15 EST10.39P  10.01P  8.81P  7.95P  7.12P  6.16P  5.81P  5.58P  
07:30 EST10.40P  9.99P  8.80P  7.94P  7.12P  6.15P  5.80P  5.58P  
07:45 EST10.41P  9.97P  8.79P  7.93P  7.10P  6.13P  5.79P  5.58P  
08:00 EST10.41P  9.95P  8.77P  7.92P  7.09P  6.12P  5.79P  5.57P  
08:15 EST10.42P  9.94P  8.76P  7.92P  7.08P  6.11P  5.78P  5.57P  
08:30 EST10.42P  9.92P  8.75P  7.90P  7.07P  6.09P  5.77P  5.57P  
08:45 EST10.43P  9.90P  8.73P  7.89P  7.06P  6.08P  5.77P  5.56P  
09:00 EST10.44P  9.88P  8.72P  7.88P  7.04P  6.07P  5.76P  5.55P  
09:15 EST10.44P  9.86P  8.70P  7.86P  7.03P  6.06P  5.76P  5.54P  
09:30 EST10.45P  9.85P  8.68P  7.84P  7.02P  6.04P  5.75P  5.53P  
09:45 EST10.45P  9.83P  8.67P  7.84P  7.00P  6.03P  5.74P  5.52P  
10:00 EST10.46P  9.82P  8.65P  7.82P  6.98P  6.02P  5.73P  5.51P  
10:15 EST10.47P  9.80P  8.63P  7.81P  6.97P  6.00P  5.72P  5.50P  
10:30 EST10.48P  9.78P  8.61P  7.80P  6.95P  5.99P  5.71P  5.49P  
10:45 EST10.49P  9.77P  8.59P  7.79P  6.93P  5.97P  5.70P   
11:00 EST10.50P  9.76P  8.58P  7.78P  6.92P  5.96P  5.69P   
11:15 EST10.51P  9.76P  8.56P  7.76P  6.90P  5.95P  5.68P   
11:30 EST10.52P  9.74P  8.54P  7.75P  6.88P  5.94P  5.66P   
11:45 EST10.53P  9.74P  8.53P  7.74P  6.87P  5.93P  5.66P   
12:00 EST10.55P  9.73P  8.52P  7.73P  6.85P  5.92P  5.64P   
12:15 EST10.56P  9.72P  8.50P  7.73P  6.83P  5.90P  5.63P   
12:30 EST10.57P  9.72P  8.49P  7.72P  6.82P  5.88P  5.62P   
12:45 EST10.58P  9.71P  8.47P  7.72P  6.81P  5.87P  5.62P   
13:00 EST10.60P  9.72P  8.46P  7.72P  6.80P  5.86P  5.61P   
13:15 EST10.61P  9.71P  8.46P  7.72P  6.80P  5.86P  5.60P   
13:30 EST10.61P  9.70P  8.45P  7.72P  6.80P  5.86P  5.60P   
13:45 EST10.62P  9.70P  8.45P  7.73P  6.81P  5.86P  5.60P   
14:00 EST10.64P  9.70P  8.45P  7.73P  6.81P  5.86P  5.61P   
14:15 EST10.64P  9.69P  8.44P  7.73P  6.82P  5.88P  5.62P   
14:30 EST10.64P  9.68P  8.42P  7.74P  6.83P  5.89P  5.63P   
14:45 EST10.65P  9.68P  8.43P  7.74P  6.84P  5.91P  5.65P   
15:00 EST10.65P  9.67P  8.43P  7.75P  6.85P  5.93P  5.68P   
15:15 EST10.65P  9.67P  8.42P  7.75P  6.86P  5.95P  5.70P   
15:30 EST10.65P  9.66P  8.42P  7.75P  6.86P  5.97P  5.73P   
15:45 EST10.64P  9.65P  8.41P  7.75P  6.87P  5.99P  5.76P   
16:00 EST10.64P  9.63P  8.40P  7.74P  6.87P  6.01P  5.79P   
16:15 EST10.64P  9.62P  8.39P  7.74P  6.87P  6.03P  5.82P   
16:30 EST10.64P  9.61P  8.39P  7.74P  6.87P  6.04P  5.85P   
16:45 EST10.63P  9.59P  8.38P  7.74P  6.86P  6.06P  5.87P   
17:00 EST10.62P  9.58P  8.37P  7.73P  6.86P  6.06P  5.89P   
17:15 EST10.62P  9.56P  8.36P  7.72P  6.85P  6.07P  5.91P   
17:30 EST10.61P  9.55P  8.35P  7.72P  6.84P  6.08P  5.93P   
17:45 EST10.60P  9.53P  8.34P  7.70P  6.84P  6.09P  5.94P   
18:00 EST10.60P  9.52P  8.33P  7.70P  6.82P  6.09P  5.95P   
18:15 EST10.58P  9.51P  8.32P  7.69P  6.81P  6.09P  5.96P   
18:30 EST10.58P  9.49P  8.30P  7.67P  6.80P  6.09P  5.96P   
18:45 EST10.56P  9.47P  8.29P  7.65P  6.78P  6.09P  5.97P   
19:00 EST10.56P  9.46P  8.27P  7.64P  6.76P  6.08P  5.97P   
19:15 EST10.55P  9.44P  8.26P  7.62P  6.75P  6.08P  5.97P   
19:30 EST10.53P  9.41P  8.24P  7.61P  6.73P  6.07P  5.97P   
19:45 EST10.52P  9.40P  8.23P  7.60P  6.71P  6.06P  5.96P   
20:00 EST10.51P  9.37P  8.22P  7.58P  6.69P  6.05P  5.96P   
20:15 EST10.50P  9.36P  8.20P  7.56P  6.66P  6.04P  5.95P   
20:30 EST10.49P  9.34P  8.19P  7.54P  6.65P  6.03P  5.94P   
20:45 EST10.48P  9.32P  8.18P  7.53P  6.62P  6.02P  5.92P   
21:00 EST10.46P  9.30P  8.17P  7.50P  6.60P  6.00P  5.91P   
21:15 EST10.45P  9.29P  8.15P  7.49P  6.58P  5.98P  5.89P   
21:30 EST10.44P  9.26P  8.14P  7.47P  6.56P  5.97P  5.87P   
21:45 EST10.42P  9.24P  8.13P  7.45P  6.54P  5.96P  5.85P   
22:00 EST10.41P  9.23P  8.12P  7.43P  6.52P  5.94P  5.83P   
22:15 EST10.40P  9.21P  8.10P  7.42P  6.49P  5.92P  5.81P   
22:30 EST10.39P  9.19P  8.09P  7.39P  6.47P  5.91P  5.79P   
22:45 EST10.38P  9.18P  8.08P  7.37P  6.45P  5.89P  5.77P   
23:00 EST10.37P  9.17P  8.06P  7.36P  6.43P  5.86P  5.75P   
23:15 EST10.35P  9.15P  8.06P  7.34P  6.41P  5.85P  5.73P   
23:30 EST10.34P  9.14P  8.05P  7.32P  6.38P  5.84P  5.72P   
23:45 EST10.34P  9.13P  8.04P  7.31P  6.36P  5.82P  5.68P   

  P  Provisional data subject to revision.