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USGS Water Data for Florida

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Time-series data statistics on Water Data for the Nation vs. USGS publications
The statistics generated on this web site may not match values published by the USGS in various interpretive or data reports for a number of reasons. In general these relate to the fact that the statistics provided on Water Data for the Nation are generated from the daily values upon request. As such, it is not possible to exactly mirror the decisions made by the authors of USGS publications. Some of the most common reasons for differences between statistical values are as follows.

  1. The period of record is different between the statistics from Water Data for the Nation and the published statistics.
  2. The year used may be different
  3. The treatment of partial record may be different
  4. The precision may be different
  5. The statistics themselves are different
  6. The published statistics may combine continuous time-series and discrete data