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Mobile Corps The USGS operation and maintenance of this real-time streamgage is funded in cooperation with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Mobile District.
This station managed by the South Atlantic WSC Atlanta Field Office.

Available Parameters Available Period
2020-09-25  2021-01-23
2020-09-25  2021-01-23
2020-09-25  2021-01-23
2020-09-25  2021-01-23
2007-10-01  2021-01-23
2020-09-25  2021-01-23
2007-10-01  2021-01-23
2007-10-01  2021-01-23


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Summary of all available data for this site
Instantaneous-data availability statement
Elevation of reservoir water surface above datum, feet
TIMEJan 16Jan 17Jan 18Jan 19Jan 20Jan 21Jan 22Jan 23
00:00 EST1070.22P  1070.20P  1070.18P  1070.15P  1070.09P  1070.05P  1070.04P  1070.02P  
00:15 EST1070.23P  1070.22P  1070.19P  1070.14P  1070.10P  1070.05P  1070.03P  1070.02P  
00:30 EST1070.22P  1070.21P  1070.18P  1070.14P  1070.10P  1070.06P  1070.03P  1070.03P  
00:45 EST1070.23P  1070.22P  1070.19P  1070.14P  1070.10P  1070.06P  1070.04P  1070.02P  
01:00 EST1070.23P  1070.21P  1070.17P  1070.15P  1070.10P  1070.05P  1070.04P  1070.03P  
01:15 EST1070.23P  1070.21P  1070.19P  1070.14P  1070.10P  1070.07P  1070.05P  1070.02P  
01:30 EST1070.24P  1070.21P  1070.19P  1070.15P  1070.09P  1070.05P  1070.04P  1070.03P  
01:45 EST1070.24P  1070.21P  1070.19P  1070.15P  1070.11P  1070.07P  1070.04P  1070.02P  
02:00 EST1070.23P  1070.21P  1070.20P  1070.14P  1070.10P  1070.06P  1070.05P  1070.02P  
02:15 EST1070.24P  1070.21P  1070.18P  1070.16P  1070.10P  1070.05P  1070.04P  1070.03P  
02:30 EST1070.24P  1070.21P  1070.19P  1070.15P  1070.10P  1070.07P  1070.06P  1070.02P  
02:45 EST1070.23P  1070.21P  1070.18P  1070.16P  1070.11P  1070.06P  1070.05P  1070.03P  
03:00 EST1070.23P  1070.21P  1070.19P  1070.16P  1070.11P  1070.05P  1070.05P  1070.03P  
03:15 EST1070.23P  1070.22P  1070.18P  1070.15P  1070.11P  1070.06P  1070.06P  1070.03P  
03:30 EST1070.23P  1070.22P  1070.19P  1070.16P  1070.10P  1070.05P  1070.06P  1070.03P  
03:45 EST1070.24P  1070.23P  1070.20P  1070.16P  1070.10P  1070.06P  1070.06P  1070.02P  
04:00 EST1070.24P  1070.22P  1070.18P  1070.16P  1070.11P  1070.06P  1070.06P  1070.03P  
04:15 EST1070.24P  1070.22P  1070.20P  1070.16P  1070.11P  1070.05P  1070.06P  1070.03P  
04:30 EST1070.24P  1070.24P  1070.20P  1070.16P  1070.11P  1070.06P  1070.05P  1070.02P  
04:45 EST1070.24P  1070.22P  1070.19P  1070.16P  1070.10P  1070.06P  1070.05P  1070.03P  
05:00 EST1070.24P  1070.22P  1070.20P  1070.16P  1070.11P  1070.06P  1070.06P  1070.03P  
05:15 EST1070.25P  1070.23P  1070.19P  1070.16P  1070.10P  1070.06P  1070.04P  1070.03P  
05:30 EST1070.25P  1070.20P  1070.20P  1070.16P  1070.10P  1070.06P  1070.05P  1070.04P  
05:45 EST1070.24P  1070.22P  1070.20P  1070.16P  1070.11P  1070.07P  1070.06P  1070.04P  
06:00 EST1070.25P  1070.21P  1070.19P  1070.14P  1070.07P  1070.06P  1070.04P  1070.04P  
06:15 EST1070.24P  1070.21P  1070.18P  1070.16P  1070.10P  1070.07P  1070.06P  1070.04P  
06:30 EST1070.24P  1070.21P  1070.16P  1070.14P  1070.07P  1070.06P  1070.06P  1070.04P  
06:45 EST1070.24P  1070.21P  1070.18P  1070.13P  1070.09P  1070.05P  1070.06P  1070.04P  
07:00 EST1070.24P  1070.20P  1070.16P  1070.13P  1070.09P  1070.06P  1070.06P  1070.04P  
07:15 EST1070.26P  1070.19P  1070.16P  1070.13P  1070.06P  1070.05P  1070.04P  1070.04P  
07:30 EST 1070.21P  1070.18P  1070.14P  1070.10P  1070.03P  1070.04P  1070.04P  
07:45 EST1070.25P  1070.19P  1070.16P  1070.14P  1070.07P  1070.05P  1070.06P  1070.04P  
08:00 EST1070.23P  1070.17P  1070.15P  1070.12P  1070.06P  1070.03P  1070.03P  1070.02P  
08:15 EST1070.21P  1070.19P  1070.16P  1070.13P  1070.08P  1070.04P  1070.03P  1070.03P  
08:30 EST1070.22P  1070.18P  1070.15P  1070.11P  1070.05P  1070.04P  1070.03P  1070.01P  
08:45 EST1070.22P  1070.17P  1070.14P  1070.10P  1070.06P  1070.01P  1070.03P  1070.02P  
09:00 EST1070.20P  1070.18P  1070.15P  1070.11P  1070.06P  1070.04P  1070.02P  1070.00P  
09:15 EST1070.20P  1070.16P  1070.12P  1070.09P  1070.04P  1070.02P  1070.04P  1070.01P  
09:30 EST1070.20P  1070.17P  1070.12P  1070.09P  1070.05P  1070.01P  1070.01P  1070.02P  
09:45 EST1070.19P  1070.16P  1070.12P  1070.08P  1070.02P  1070.02P  1069.99P  1070.02P  
10:00 EST1070.19P  1070.17P  1070.10P  1070.07P  1070.03P  1070.01P  1070.03P  1070.01P  
10:15 EST1070.18P  1070.15P  1070.12P  1070.08P  1070.05P  1070.02P  1070.02P  1070.04P  
10:30 EST1070.17P  1070.17P  1070.13P  1070.08P  1070.00P  1070.02P  1069.99P  1070.01P  
10:45 EST1070.18P  1070.15P  1070.11P  1070.06P  1070.03P  1069.99P  1070.02P  1070.04P  
11:00 EST1070.18P  1070.15P  1070.13P  1070.09P  1070.02P  1070.01P  1070.01P  1070.06P  
11:15 EST1070.19P  1070.17P  1070.12P  1070.08P  1070.01P  1070.00P  1070.00P  1069.99P  
11:30 EST1070.17P  1070.15P  1070.11P  1070.07P  1070.05P  1069.99P  1070.01P  1070.02P  
11:45 EST1070.16P  1070.15P  1070.10P  1070.08P  1070.04P  1070.01P  1069.99P  1070.01P  
12:00 EST 1070.16P  1070.12P  1070.08P  1070.03P  1070.00P  1070.00P  1069.99P  
12:15 EST1070.16P  1070.14P  1070.10P  1070.06P  1070.03P  1069.98P  1070.00P  1070.03P  
12:30 EST1070.16P  1070.16P  1070.11P  1070.09P  1070.02P  1070.00P  1069.97P  1070.00P  
12:45 EST1070.17P  1070.16P  1070.13P  1070.09P  1070.02P  1070.00P  1069.99P  1069.99P  
13:00 EST1070.17P  1070.15P  1070.09P  1070.06P  1070.03P  1070.00P  1070.00P  1070.01P  
13:15 EST1070.17P  1070.16P  1070.11P  1070.09P  1070.03P  1070.01P  1069.99P  1070.00P  
13:30 EST1070.18P  1070.16P  1070.12P  1070.08P  1070.04P  1070.01P  1070.00P  1070.02P  
13:45 EST1070.17P  1070.17P  1070.10P  1070.08P  1070.04P  1070.01P  1070.01P  1070.03P  
14:00 EST1070.17P  1070.16P  1070.12P  1070.10P  1070.02P  1070.01P  1070.01P  1070.02P  
14:15 EST1070.18P  1070.17P  1070.11P  1070.08P  1070.03P  1070.00P  1070.01P  1070.01P  
14:30 EST1070.18P  1070.16P  1070.11P  1070.08P  1070.05P  1070.01P  1070.01P  1070.03P  
14:45 EST1070.19P  1070.16P  1070.11P  1070.09P  1070.02P  1070.02P  1070.00P  1070.02P  
15:00 EST1070.19P  1070.17P  1070.11P  1070.08P  1070.03P  1070.00P  1070.00P  1070.01P  
15:15 EST1070.18P  1070.16P  1070.12P  1070.08P  1070.03P  1070.00P  1070.01P  1070.03P  
15:30 EST1070.19P  1070.18P  1070.13P  1070.09P  1070.01P  1070.01P  1070.00P  1070.01P  
15:45 EST1070.19P  1070.17P  1070.13P  1070.08P  1070.04P  1070.01P  1070.01P  1070.01P  
16:00 EST1070.18P  1070.17P  1070.11P  1070.09P  1070.03P  1070.01P  1070.00P  1070.02P  
16:15 EST1070.19P  1070.18P  1070.13P  1070.09P  1070.02P  1070.02P  1069.99P  1070.02P  
16:30 EST1070.20P  1070.16P  1070.13P  1070.08P  1070.04P  1070.02P  1070.00P  1070.02P  
16:45 EST1070.20P  1070.18P  1070.13P  1070.10P  1070.02P  1070.01P  1070.00P  1070.01P  
17:00 EST1070.18P  1070.17P  1070.13P  1070.10P  1070.05P  1070.03P  1070.01P  1070.01P  
17:15 EST1070.19P  1070.17P  1070.13P  1070.09P  1070.04P  1070.01P  1070.01P  1070.02P  
17:30 EST1070.19P  1070.17P  1070.14P  1070.10P  1070.03P  1070.02P  1070.00P  1070.03P  
17:45 EST1070.18P  1070.17P  1070.14P  1070.10P  1070.04P  1070.02P  1070.01P  1070.02P  
18:00 EST1070.21P  1070.17P  1070.13P  1070.09P  1070.04P  1070.01P  1070.01P  1070.03P  
18:15 EST1070.19P  1070.17P  1070.14P  1070.10P  1070.05P  1070.02P  1070.01P  1070.02P  
18:30 EST1070.19P  1070.18P  1070.12P  1070.09P  1070.04P  1070.01P  1070.02P  1070.02P  
18:45 EST1070.20P  1070.18P  1070.13P  1070.10P  1070.05P  1070.01P  1070.01P  1070.03P  
19:00 EST1070.20P  1070.18P  1070.14P  1070.09P  1070.04P  1070.02P  1070.01P  1070.02P  
19:15 EST1070.21P  1070.18P  1070.14P  1070.10P  1070.04P  1070.02P  1070.01P  1070.02P  
19:30 EST1070.21P  1070.18P  1070.15P  1070.10P  1070.06P  1070.02P  1070.01P   
19:45 EST1070.19P  1070.18P  1070.14P  1070.10P  1070.05P  1070.03P  1070.01P   
20:00 EST1070.20P  1070.18P  1070.14P  1070.10P  1070.06P  1070.02P  1070.01P   
20:15 EST1070.21P  1070.18P  1070.14P  1070.09P  1070.06P  1070.03P  1070.02P   
20:30 EST1070.21P  1070.18P  1070.14P  1070.10P  1070.05P  1070.03P  1070.01P   
20:45 EST1070.20P  1070.18P  1070.14P  1070.11P  1070.05P  1070.02P  1070.01P   
21:00 EST1070.20P  1070.18P  1070.14P  1070.11P  1070.05P  1070.03P  1070.01P   
21:15 EST1070.20P  1070.17P  1070.14P  1070.11P  1070.06P  1070.03P  1070.02P   
21:30 EST1070.19P  1070.18P  1070.14P  1070.10P  1070.05P  1070.03P  1070.02P   
21:45 EST1070.21P  1070.18P  1070.14P  1070.11P  1070.05P  1070.04P  1070.02P   
22:00 EST1070.20P  1070.18P  1070.14P  1070.10P  1070.05P  1070.03P  1070.02P   
22:15 EST1070.20P  1070.18P  1070.15P  1070.10P  1070.06P  1070.03P  1070.02P   
22:30 EST1070.20P  1070.18P  1070.15P  1070.11P  1070.06P  1070.03P  1070.03P   
22:45 EST1070.20P  1070.16P  1070.15P  1070.10P  1070.05P  1070.03P  1070.02P   
23:00 EST1070.20P  1070.18P  1070.15P  1070.10P  1070.06P  1070.05P  1070.02P   
23:15 EST1070.20P  1070.18P  1070.15P  1070.09P  1070.04P  1070.04P  1070.03P   
23:30 EST1070.21P  1070.18P  1070.15P  1070.10P  1070.06P  1070.04P  1070.01P   
23:45 EST1070.20P  1070.17P  1070.15P  1070.09P  1070.06P  1070.05P  1070.03P   

  P  Provisional data subject to revision.