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Hydrological Unit: Austin-Travis Lakes

Monitoring Locations
Site number Name Site type
08152700 Little Flatrock Ck nr Marble Falls, TX Stream
08152706 LCRA Lk Marble Falls nr Marble Falls, TX Lake, Reservoir, Impoundment
08152710 Felps Spgs nr Burnet, TX Spring
08152715 Delaware Springs nr Burnet, TX Spring
08152730 Hamilton Ck nr Marble Falls, TX Stream
08154050 Cow Ck nr Cow Ck Rd nr Lago Vista, TX Stream
08154500 LCRA Lk Travis nr Austin, TX Lake, Reservoir, Impoundment
08154500 Lk Travis nr Austin, TX Lake, Reservoir, Impoundment
08154510 Colorado Rv bl Mansfield Dam, Austin, TX Stream
08154660 Mayfield Ck at Alta Verde Dr, Austin, TX Stream
08154680 Mayfield Ck at Steck Ave, Austin, TX Stream
08154700 Bull Ck at Loop 360 nr Austin, TX Stream
08154750 W Bull Ck at Loop 360 nr Austin, TX Stream
08154760 Bull Ck at FM 2222, Austin, TX Stream
08154900 LCRA Lk Austin at Austin, TX Lake, Reservoir, Impoundment
08154900 Lk Austin at Austin, TX Lake, Reservoir, Impoundment
08154950 Bee Ck at Westlake Dr, Austin, TX Stream
08155190 Little Barton Ck nr Bee Caves, TX Stream
08155200 Barton Ck at SH 71 nr Oak Hill, TX Stream
08155220 Barton Ck at Barton Ck Blvd, Austin, TX Stream
08155240 Barton Ck at Lost Ck Blvd nr Austin, TX Stream
08155260 Barton Ck nr Camp Craft Rd nr Austin, TX Stream
08155300 Barton Ck at Loop 360, Austin, TX Stream
08155330 Skunk Hollow Ck abv Pond I at Austin, TX Stream
08155370 Skunk Hollow Ck bl Pond I at Austin, TX Stream
08155395 Upper Barton Spgs at Austin, TX Spring
08155400 Barton Ck abv Barton Spgs at Austin, TX Stream
08155450 Barton Spgs Pool abv Barton Sprgs at Austin, TX Stream
08155500 Barton Spgs at Austin, TX Spring
08155501 Eliza Spg at Austin, TX Spring
08155503 Old Mill Spg at Austin, TX Spring
08155505 Barton Ck bl Barton Spgs, Austin, TX Stream
08155541 W Bouldin Ck at Oltorf Rd, Austin, TX Stream
08155550 W Bouldin Ck at Riverside Dr, Austin, TX Stream
08155595 Shoal Ck Trib at MCC, Austin, TX Stream
08156650 Shoal Ck at Steck Ave, Austin, TX Stream
08156670 Shoal Ck Trib at Woodhollow Dr, Austin, TX Stream
08156675 Shoal Ck at Silverway Dr, Austin, TX Stream
08156700 Shoal Ck at NW Pk, Austin, TX Stream
08156750 Shoal Ck at White Rk Dr, Austin, TX Stream
08156800 Shoal Ck at W 12th St, Austin, TX Stream
08156910 Waller Ck at Koenig Lane, Austin, TX Stream
08156995 Waller Ck at 45th St, Austin, TX Stream
08157000 Waller Ck at 38th St, Austin, TX Stream
08157500 Waller Ck at 23rd St, Austin, TX Stream
08157540 Waller Ck at Red River St, Austin, TX Stream
08157550 Waller Ck at 5th St, Austin, TX Stream
08157560 Waller Ck at E 1st St, Austin, TX Stream
08157600 E Bouldin Ck at S 1st St, Austin, TX Stream
08157700 Blunn Ck nr Little Stacy Pk, Austin, TX Stream
08157900 Town (Lady Bird) Lk at Austin, TX Lake, Reservoir, Impoundment
08158000 Colorado Rv at Austin, TX Stream
08158030 Boggy Ck at Manor Rd, Austin, TX Stream
08158035 Boggy Ck at Webberville Rd, Austin, TX Stream
08158045 Ft Br Boggy Ck at Manor Rd, Austin, TX Stream
08158050 Boggy Ck at US Hwy 183, Austin, TX Stream
08158100 Walnut Ck at FM 1325 nr Austin, TX Stream
08158110 Mills Pond at Wells Branch, TX Lake, Reservoir, Impoundment
08158130 Wells Br at Parmer Lane nr Austin, TX Stream
08158200 Walnut Ck at Dessau Rd, Austin, TX Stream
08158300 Ferguson Br at Springdale Rd, Austin, TX Stream
08158380 Little Walnut Ck at Georgian Dr, Austin, TX Stream
08158400 Little Walnut Ck at IH 35, Austin, TX Stream
08158500 Little Walnut Ck at Manor Rd, Austin, TX Stream
08158600 Walnut Ck at Webberville Rd, Austin, TX Stream
08158640 Walnut Ck SP RR Bridge, Austin, TX Stream
08158650 Colorado Rv bl Austin, TX Stream
08158700 Onion Ck nr Driftwood, TX Stream
08158800 Onion Ck at Buda, TX Stream
0815880510 Bear Ck at Davis Pond nr Driftwood, TX Stream
08158806 Bear Ck at FM 1826 nr Driftwood, TX Stream
08158810 Bear Ck bl FM 1826 nr Driftwood, TX Stream
08158813 Bear Ck at Spillar Ranch Rd nr Manchaca, TX Stream
08158819 Bear Ck nr Brodie Lane nr Manchaca, TX Stream
08158820 Bear Ck at FM 1626 nr Manchaca, TX Stream
08158824 Little Bear Ck at Stoneledge Quarry nr Manchaca,TX Stream
08158825 Little Bear Ck at FM 1626 nr Manchaca, TX Stream
08158827 Onion Ck at Twin Creeks Rd nr Manchaca, TX Stream
08158840 Slaughter Ck at FM 1826 nr Austin, TX Stream
08158860 Slaughter Ck at FM 2304 nr Austin, TX Stream
08158880 Boggy Ck (S) at Circle S Rd, Austin, TX Stream
08158900 Fox Br nr Oak Hill, TX Stream
08158920 Williamson Ck at Oak Hill, TX Stream
08158922 Williamson Ck at Brush Cntry Blvd, Oak Hill, TX Stream
08158927 Kincheon Br at William Cannon Blvd, Austin, TX Stream
08158930 Williamson Ck at Manchaca Rd, Austin, TX Stream
08158970 Williamson Ck at Jimmy Clay Rd, Austin, TX Stream
08159000 Onion Ck at US Hwy 183, Austin, TX Stream
08159100 Onion Ck bl Del Valle, TX Stream
300147097552201 LR-58-57-8 (E-54 Hays) Well
300205097540101 LR-58-57-910 Well
300231097504501 LR-58-58-422 Well
300300098020301 LR-57-64-602 Spring
300312097520601 LR-58-58-408 Well
300316097591001 LR-58-57-402 Well
300345097511801 LR-58-58-406 Well
300349097563301 LR-58-57-508 Well
300350097563201 LR-58-57-510 Well
300356097563801 LR-58-57-502 Well
300359097501801 LR-58-58-410 Well
300403097514801 LR-58-58-405 Well
300409097490801 LR-58-58-504 Well
300413097500701 LR-58-58-413 Well
300414097595401 LR-58-57-4 (E-58 Hays) Well
300415097515001 LR-58-58-404 Well
300419097494201 LR-58-58-511 Well
300426097545601 LR-58-57-602 Well
300433097500701 LR-58-58-409 Well
300435097491901 LR-58-58-503 Well
300435097500701 LR-58-58-412 Well
300436097515001 Antioch Cave on Onion Ck nr Buda, TX Stream
300441097495101 LR-58-58-506 Well
300443097494901 LR-58-58-501 Well
300443097495101 LR-58-58-507 Well
300445097495101 LR-58-58-508 Well
300449097545901 LR-58-57-609 Well
300451097502901 LR-58-58-4 (E-38 Hays) Well
300453097503301 LR-58-58-403 Well
300503097502901 LR-58-58-106 Well
300506098062201 LR-57-64-103 Spring
300508097211701 LR-58-58-110 Well
300510097504001 LR-58-58-101 Well
300512097493701 LR-58-58-211 Well
300515097511401 LR-58-58-128 Well
300519097503100 City of Buda Outfall nr Buda, Tex. Wastewater-treatment plant
300525098044001 LR-57-64-202 Spring
300529097533101 E-24 Hays Well
300536097492601 LR-58-58-221 Spring
300537097533001 LR-58-57-301 Well
300546097531901 LR-58-57-3 (E-25 Hays) Well
300550097580301 LR-58-57-103 Well
300553097500601 LR-58-58-1 (E-33 Hays) Well
300558097522301 LR-58-58-109 Well
300559097525601 LR-58-57-307 Well
300600097503001 LR-58-58-103 Well
300608097485501 YD-58-58-205 Spring
300608097493301 LR-58-58-206 Well
300611097561301 LR-58-57-201 Well
300611098050401 LR-57-64-102 Spring
300614097561401 LR-58-57-2 (E-20 Hays) Well
300616097505401 LR-58-58-104 Well
300618097512401 LR-58-58-102 Well
300618097514501 LR-58-58-121 Well
300618097515601 LR-58-58-108 Well
300620097552201 LR-58-57-203 Well
300621097541401 LR-58-57-312 Well
300623097583401 LR-58-57-102 Well
300632097515801 LR-58-58-107 Well
300639097521001 LR-58-58-119 Well
300639097571001 LR-58-57-202 Well
300640097513501 LR-58-58-105 Well
300641097514601 LR-58-58-120 Well
300646097533201 LR-58-57-303 Well
300646097533202 LR-58-57-311 Well
300647097530201 LR-58-57-321 Well
300650097515701 LR-58-58-118 Well
300654097514601 LR-58-58-114 Well
300655097593201 LR-58-57-105 Spring
300656097534201 LR-58-57-314 Well
300658097491101 YD-58-58-208 Well
300700097582801 LR-58-57-101 Well
300702097543101 LR-58-57-317 Well
300710097485801 YD-58-58-209 Well
300712097491401 YD-58-58-207 Well
300718097544401 LR-58-57-316 Well
300722097485501 YD-58-58-216 Well
300723097522001 LR-58-58-111 Well
300723097522002 LR-58-58-115 Well
300726097493501 YD-58-58-215 Well
300728097484901 YD-58-58-202 Well
300728097491401 YD-58-58-203 Well
300730098093801 LR-57-55-902 Spring
300733097485601 YD-58-50-850 Well
300733097513701 YD-58-50-721 Well
300738097560701 LR-58-49-806 Well
300741097502601 YD-58-50-720 Well
300741097553401 LR-58-49-802 Well
300747097475401 YD-58-50-840 Well
300748097491801 YD-58-50-846 Well
300748097491802 YD-58-50-839 Well
300748097491803 YD-58-50-848 Well
300748098003401 LR-57-56-905 Spring
300753097492001 YD-58-50-858 Well
300758097532301 LR-58-49-911 Well
300758097532302 LR-58-49-913 Well
300759097532303 LR-58-49-914 Well
300803097483801 YD-58-50-810 Well
300805097565401 LR-58-49-809 Spring
300806098060101 LR-57-56-712 Spring
300811097495001 YD-58-50-831 Well
300812097504301 YD-58-50-718 Well
300813097512101 YD-58-50-704 Well
300816097511301 YD-58-50-719 Well
300817097511801 YD-58-50-727 Well
300817097580801 LR-58-49-704 Well
300818097525601 LR-58-49-901 Well
300818097580801 LR-58-49-706 Well
300819097530501 LR-58-49-916 Well
300819097530502 LR-58-49-917 Well
300819097530503 LR-58-49-918 Well
300820097491501 YD-58-50-838 Well
300823097495001 YD-58-50-817 Well
300831097502901 YD-58-50-705 Well
300832097565901 LR-58-49-805 Well
300833097524701 LR-58-49-923 Well
300833097524801 LR-58-49-922 Well
300833097524802 LR-58-49-924 Well
300833097524901 LR-58-49-921 Well
300835097483401 YD-58-50-801 Well
300835097513401 YD-58-50-748 Well
300840097490701 YD-58-50-827 Well
300842097524601 LR-58-49-927 Well
300842097524701 LR-58-49-931 Well
300842097524702 LR-58-49-932 Well
300842097524703 LR-58-49-933 Well
300843097524601 LR-58-49-929 Well
300843097524701 LR-58-49-928 Well
300846097484901 YD-58-50-836 Well
300847097545801 LR-58-49-903 Well
300849097504301 YD-58-50-751 Well
300852097504301 YD-58-50-714 Well
300854097503801 YD-58-50-750 Well
300903097560101 LR-58-49-803 Well
300910097513101 YD-58-50-731 Well
300911097491801 YD-58-50-822 Well
300916098051001 LR-57-56-703 Well
300917098051101 LR-57-56-702 Well
300923097562601 LR-58-49-804 Well
300925097562601 LR-58-49-508 Well
300926097491201 YD-58-50-829 Well
300926097583201 LR-58-49-710 Spring
300927097461801 YD-58-50-901 Spring
300927097523901 Flint Ridge Cave nr Manchaca, TX Cave
300930098140201 LR-57-55-704 Spring
300934097552201 LR-58-49-801 Well
300938097490601 YD-58-50-830 Well
300938097570801 LR-58-49-810 Spring
300939097522901 YD-58-50-747 Well
300941097542201 LR-58-49-930 Well
300943097490901 YD-58-50-852 Well
300949098182901 LR-57-55-703 Spring
301010098105701 LR-57-55-503 Spring
301023097510101 YD-58-50-419 Well
301026097522501 YD-58-50-409 Well
301029097490301 YD-58-50-517 Well
301031097515801 YD-58-50-408 Well
301035097523601 Travis-Headquarter Flat Sink nr Manchaca, TX Sinkhole
301037097521201 YD-58-50-421 Well
301038097500401 YD-58-50-401 Well
301039097541101 YD-58-49-6A Well
301042097505101 YD-58-50-402 Well
301045098050001 LR-57-56-401 Spring
301049097560801 LR-58-49-512 Spring
301055098064801 LR-57-56-477 Spring
301100097552901 YD-58-49-504 Spring
301104097554401 YD-58-49-507 Well
301106097520501 YD-58-50-412 Well
301107098122501 LR-57-55-502 Spring
301111097514001 YD-58-50-420 Well
301112097510101 YD-58-50-411 Well
301113097485401 LR-58-502 Well
301114097573601 LR-58-49-410 Well
301122098051501 LR-57-56-475 Spring
301126098053701 LR-57-56-474 Spring
301136098053101 LR-57-56-473 Spring
301142097504701 YD-58-50-417 Well
301144098063201 LR-57-56-478 Spring
301148097503501 YD-58-50-406 Well
301152097480501 YD-58-50-518 Well
301155097594401 LR-58-49-411 Spring
301158097501901 Unsealed lot nr Brodie Ln & Davis Ln, Austin, TX Pavement
301159097594301 LR-58-49-412 Spring
301206097535901 YD-58-49-603 Well
301206097535902 YD-58-49-604 Well
301226097480701 YD-58-50-520 Well
301228097384701 YD-58-51-617 Spring
301229098021801 LR-57-56-602 Spring
301230097381701 Colorado Rv at FM 973 nr Austin, TX Stream
301234097473101 YD-58-50-231 Well
301237097464801 YD-58-50-301 (Lovelady) Well
301239097364601 IT 7900 on Colorado River nr Austin TX Diversion
301242097481301 YD-58-50-214 Well
301247097384701 Hornsby Bend Monitoring Well 8 nr Austin, TX Well
301248097510801 YD-58-50-117 Well
301249097492801 YD-58-50-213 Well
301253097510201 YD-58-50-110 Well
301255097534701 YD-58-49-322 Well
301256097505001 YD-58-50-128 Well
301305097385901 Hornsby Bend Biosolids Plant Pond 2, Austin, TX Water-use establishment
301310097384601 Hornsby Bend Biosolids Plant Pond 1 E, Austin, TX Water-use establishment
301310097473601 YD-58-50-201 Well
301314097521401 YD-58-50-127 Well
301316097385701 Hornsby Bend Biosolids Plant Pond 1 W, Austin, TX Water-use establishment
301316097483601 YD-58-50-220 Well
301317097513801 YD-58-50-101 Well
301318097382601 Hornsby Bend Monitoring Well 15 nr Austin, TX Well
301319097532001 YD-58-49-321 Well
301322097392401 Hornsby Bend Monitoring Well 3 nr Austin, TX Well
301324097385301 Hornsby Bend Biosolids Plant Dillo Dirt, Austin,TX Water-use establishment
301327097520701 YD-58-50-102 Well
301328097375801 Hornsby Bend Monitoring Well 16 nr Austin, TX Well
301329097382801 Hornsby Bend Soil Core 30ton-4ab, Austin, TX Soil hole
301329097385101 Hornsby Bend Biosolids Plant Belt Press, Austin,TX Water-use establishment
301330097390601 Hornsby Bend Biosolids Plant Thickener Bldg,Austin Water-use establishment
301331097383301 Hornsby Bend Soil Core 30ton-3ab, Austin, TX Soil hole
301336097380901 Hornsby Bend Soil Core SR-4ab, Austin, TX Soil hole
301336097382201 Hornsby Bend Soil Core 20ton-4ab, Austin, TX Soil hole
301336097383901 Hornsby Bend Soil Core 30ton-2ab, Austin, TX Soil hole
301336097483301 YD-58-50-230 Well
301336097484501 YD-58-50-233 Well
301336097484601 LR-58-57-319 Well
301336097502802 YD-58-50-2WB Well
301336097502803 YD-58-50-2WC Well
301336097502804 YD-58-50-2WD Well
301336097502805 YD-58-50-2WE Well
301337097384501 Hornsby Bend Soil Core 30ton-1ab, Austin, TX Soil hole
301338097382601 Hornsby Bend Soil Core 20ton-3ab, Austin, TX Soil hole
301339097380801 Hornsby Bend Soil Core SR-3ab, Austin, TX Soil hole
301339097483701 YD-58-50-215 Well
301342097380501 Hornsby Bend Soil Core SR-2ab, Austin, TX Soil hole
301342097383301 Hornsby Bend Soil Core 20ton-2ab, Austin, TX Soil hole
301343097524101 YD-58-49-316 Well
301344097383701 Hornsby Bend Soil Core 20ton-1ab, Austin, TX Soil hole
301345097380401 Hornsby Bend Soil Core SR-1ab, Austin, TX Soil hole
301346097381401 Hornsby Bend Soil Core 10ton-4ab, Austin, TX Soil hole
301348097381701 Hornsby Bend Soil Core 10ton-3ab, Austin, TX Soil hole
301351097382201 Hornsby Bend Soil Core 10ton-2ab, Austin, TX Soil hole
301351097385001 Hornsby Bend Monitoring Well 20 nr Austin, TX Well
301353097382601 Hornsby Bend Soil Core 10ton-1ab, Austin, TX Soil hole
301356097473301 YD-58-50-216 Well
301357097391201 Colorado Rv Upstream of Hornsby Bend nr Austin, TX Stream
301400097505901 YD-58-50-105 Well
301403097382101 Hornsby Bend Monitoring Well 19 nr Austin, Tx Well
301408097484701 YD-58-50-235 Well
301413097521801 YD-58-50-106 Well
301414097483601 YD-58-50-206 Well
301415097473801 YD-58-50-209 Well
301423097495901 YD-58-50-211 Well
301431097465201 Corners II Shop Cen Pkng Lot, Austin, TX Pavement
301432097462801 Unsealed lot Bridgeway Dr & Thornton Rd, Austin,TX Pavement
301432097480001 YD-58-50-217 Well
301432097480002 YD-58-50-218 Well
301439098073001 LR-57-55-302 Spring
301474097430601 Town (Lady Bird) Lk CORE at Austin, TX Lake, Reservoir, Impoundment
301500097424801 Town (Lady Bird) Lk Site AC at Austin, TX Lake, Reservoir, Impoundment
301500097440801 Town (Lady Bird) Lk Site BR at Austin, TX Lake, Reservoir, Impoundment
301501097531901 YD-58-49-323 Spring
301503097424701 Town (Lady Bird) Lk Site AL at Austin, TX Lake, Reservoir, Impoundment
301504097440901 Town (Lady Bird) Lk Site BC at Austin, TX Lake, Reservoir, Impoundment
301504097501401 YD-58-42-711 Well
301521097540801 YD-58-41-907 Well
301522097550201 YD-58-41-806 Spring
301526097463201 YD-58-42-915 Well
301531097472601 Sealed lot nr Barton Skyway & Loop 1, Austin, TX Pavement
301531098043101 LR-57-48-810 Spring
301533097431201 City of Austin Uniform Services Bldg Lot,Austin,TX Pavement
301537097492501 YD-58-42-811 Spring
301537097530401 YD-58-41-910 Spring
301538097463001 Unsealed lot on Hollow Creek Dr, Austin, TX Pavement
301541097474301 YD-58-42-826 Well
301544097445201 Town (Lady Bird) Lk Site CR at Austin, TX Lake, Reservoir, Impoundment
301546097445101 Town (Lady Bird) Lk Site CC at Austin, TX Lake, Reservoir, Impoundment
301548097461601 YD-58-42-903 Well
301549097460202 YD-58-42-930 Spring
301550097450001 Mouth Shoal Ck at Twn (Lady Bird) Lk, Austin, TX Lake, Reservoir, Impoundment
301552097461400 Sewer Site at Barton Spgs Pool Pkng, Austin, TX Storm sewer
301553097482801 YD-58-42-809 Well
301554097484701 YD-58-42-812 Well
301556097452301 Town (Lady Bird) Lk Site DR at Austin, TX Lake, Reservoir, Impoundment
301557097454901 Barton Ck at Lady Bird Lk, Austin, TX Stream
301557097462701 Zilker Pk Pkng Lot nr Hillside Theater, Austin, TX Pavement
301558097452201 Town (Lady Bird) Lk Site DC at Austin, TX Lake, Reservoir, Impoundment
301559097424801 Town (Lady Bird) Lk Site AR at Austin, TX Lake, Reservoir, Impoundment
301600097490301 YD-58-42-817 Well
301601097454001 Town (Lady Bird) Lk Site FC at Austin, TX Lake, Reservoir, Impoundment
301604097465601 YD-58-42-913 Well
301611097460501 YD-58-42-919 Spring
301615097483301 YD-58-42-818 Well
301615097483302 YD-58-42-810 Well
301616097421301 YD-58-43-804 Spring
301617097462700 Salamander Fac at Zilker Pk Nature Ctr, Austin, TX Waste injection well
301622097415801 Oak Spgs Library Pkng Lot, Austin, TX Pavement
301624097503900 YD-58-42-7xx (Lost Creek Spring) Spring
301627097391801 Walnut Ck 2 Wastewater-treatment plant
301628097474001 YD-58-42-813 Well
301628097474002 YD-58-42-814 Well
301629097531301 YD-58-41-909 Spring
301634097465701 YD-58-42-925 Well
301634097470001 YD-58-42-926 Well
301635097503601 YD-58-42-703 Well
301647097492501 Cold Spg at Town (Lady Bird) Lk, Austin, TX Spring
301649097464901 YD-58-42-916 Spring
301650097391701 Walnut Ck 1 Wastewater-treatment plant
301650097453501 Town (Lady Bird) Lk at MoPac Bridge at Austin, TX Lake, Reservoir, Impoundment
301651097434901 Univ of TX Pkng Lot S of Soccer Stadium, Austin,TX Pavement
301657097460801 YD-58-42-911 Well
301659097470101 Lady Bird Lk at Ridgewood Village, Austin, TX Lake, Reservoir, Impoundment
301701097484401 YD-58-42-805 Well
301704097430101 Unsealed lot Manor Rd & Maple Ave, Austin, TX Pavement
301705097434001 Univ of TX Pkng Lot nr LBJ Library, Austin, TX Pavement
301708097425701 Sealed lot nr Manor Rd & Stafford St, Austin, TX Pavement
301712097445601 Sealed lot San Gabriel St & W 22 1/2 St, Austin,TX Pavement
301712097470701 Town (Lady Bird) Lk Site EC at Austin, TX Lake, Reservoir, Impoundment
301716097442201 YD-58-43-705 Well
301720098031501 YD-57-48-805 Spring
301724097415101 Tarconite Site in Mueller Pkng Lot, Austin, TX Pavement
301724097415201 Asphalt Site in Mueller Pkng Lot, Austin, TX Pavement
301724097443701 Unsealed lot at Seton Ave & W25th St, Austin, TX Pavement
301725097415001 Asphalt Site 2 in Mueller Pkng Lot, Austin, TX Pavement
301725097415201 Monsey Site in Mueller Pkng Lot, Austin, TX Pavement
301726097415301 Paveshield Site in Mueller Pkng Lot, Austin, TX Pavement
301726097441801 Univ of TX Pkng Lot S of 27th St Garage, Austin,TX Pavement
301727098041801 YD-57-48-804 Spring
301729097470901 Lady Bird Lk at Red Bud Island, Austin, TX Lake, Reservoir, Impoundment
301731098043501 YD-57-48-803 Spring
301737097440601 Unsealed lot at Speedway & E30th St, Austin, TX Pavement
301737097493101 YD-58-42-515 Spring
301738097470701 YD-58-42-610 Spring
301739097470901 Lk Austin Site AL at Austin, TX Lake, Reservoir, Impoundment
301739097471201 Lk Austin Site AC at Austin, TX Lake, Reservoir, Impoundment
301739097471601 Lk Austin Site AR at Austin, TX Lake, Reservoir, Impoundment
301746098045401 YD-57-48-503 Spring
301749097473101 YD-58-42-620 Spring
301751097472501 YD-58-42-619 Spring
301800097473401 YD-58-42-512 Spring
301807098045001 YD-57-48-502 Spring
301811097470401 YD-58-42-608 Well
301811097474301 YD-58-42-513 Spring
301813097474901 YD-58-42-514 Spring
301818097432901 Sealed lot at Duval St & E43rd St, Austin, TX Pavement
301822097445101 YD-58-43-405 Spring
301822097460501 YD-58-42-617 Spring
301828097443801 Unsealed lot W39 1/2 St & Medical Pkwy, Austin, TX Pavement
301849097463001 YD-58-42-618 Spring
301853097463101 YD-58-42-611 Spring
301900097452201 Camp Mabry QW Sampling Site No. 3, Austin, TX Atmosphere
301901097452001 Camp Mabry QW Sampling Site No. 4, Austin, TX Atmosphere
301902097452001 MoPac Hwy QW Sampling Site nr Camp Mabry,Austin,TX Atmosphere
301907097452001 Camp Mabry QW Sampling Site No. 2, Austin, TX Atmosphere
301907097452201 Camp Mabry QW Sampling Site No. 1, Austin, TX Atmosphere
301926097502201 Lk Austin Site CC at Austin, TX Lake, Reservoir, Impoundment
302003097450301 NW Recreation Cntr Pkng Lot in Austin, TX Pavement
302010097492601 YD-58-42-209 Well
302012097442101 NW Cntr nr Lamar Jr HS, Austin, TX Pavement
302018097415901 Academy Sports & Outdoors Pkng Lot in Austin, TX Pavement
302021097540001 Lk Austin Site DC at Austin, TX Lake, Reservoir, Impoundment
302036097405101 YD-58-43-205 Well
302036097532001 YD-58-41-306 Spring
302042097491901 YD-58-42-202 Well
302043097472401 Lk Austin Site BC at Austin, TX Lake, Reservoir, Impoundment
302044097472301 Lk Austin Site BL at Austin, TX Lake, Reservoir, Impoundment
302047097440601 Unsealed lot on Cullen Ave, Austin, TX Pavement
302054097443301 YD-58-43-105 Spring
302107097542901 YD-58-41-305 Spring
302109097453201 Sealed lot nr Hart Ln & North Hills Dr, Austin, TX Pavement
302113097402600 Dessau Rd and Brighton Ln, Austin, TX Pavement
302133097534401 YD-58-41-304 Spring
302134097445801 Unsealed lot nr Greystone Dr & Loop 1, Austin, TX Pavement
302139097450101 YD-58-43-107 Spring
302143097453701 YD-58-42-308 Spring
302146097445101 YD-58-43-103 Spring
302148097422801 YD-58-43-206 Well
302153097442301 Lowes Home Improvement Pkng Lot in Austin, TX Pavement
302155097434701 Sealed lot on Penny Ln nr Burnet Rd, Austin, TX Pavement
302204097470701 YD-58-42-309 Spring
302214097462801 YD-58-42-313 Spring
302215097454601 Sealed lot on Spicewood Springs Rd, Austin, TX Pavement
302218097392401 YD-58-43-303 Well
302218097454901 YD-58-42-311 Spring
302233097460701 YD-58-42-306 Well
302233097594000 Lk Travis Mid-Lake at Lakeway, TX Lake, Reservoir, Impoundment
302244097403901 YD-58-35-802 Well
302257097444701 YD-58-35-702 Well
302259097422301 YD-58-35-804 Well
302306097414600 Parkfield Dr and Blossom Bell Dr, Austin, TX Pavement
302308097434401 UT Pickle Research Campus MER Building, Austin, TX Pavement
302312097445001 Sealed lot nr Jollyville Rd & Loop 360, Austin, TX Pavement
302314097443601 YD-58-35-719 Spring
302314097544901 Lk Austin Site EC at Austin, TX Lake, Reservoir, Impoundment
302316097430401 YD-58-35-701 Well
302322097432801 UT Pickle Research Campus ROC Building, Austin, TX Pavement
302327097414101 YD-58-35-808 Well
302327097414102 YD-58-35-809 Well
302329097542100 Lk Travis at Mansfield Dam nr Lakeway, TX Lake, Reservoir, Impoundment
302336097440401 YD-58-35-718 Spring
302337097402601 TCEQ Pkng Lot in Austin, TX Pavement
302341097565800 Lk Travis at Arkansas Bend nr Lakeway, TX Lake, Reservoir, Impoundment
302350097450301 YD-58-34-902 Well
302353097444201 YD-58-35-713 Well
302402097404401 YD-58-35-806 Well
302409097391201 Sealed lot at Harrisglenn Dr & Parmer Ln,Austin,TX Pavement
302411097414801 Sealed lot Metric Blvd nr Bittern Hollow,Austin,TX Pavement
302415098002301 YD-57-40-912 Well
302429097541401 Lk Travis Site PS nr Lakeway, TX Lake, Reservoir, Impoundment
302431097451901 YD-58-34-906 Spring
302432097490101 YD-58-34-806 Spring
302433097445401 Sealed lot 11100 block Jollyville Rd, Austin, TX Pavement
302435097455801 YD-58-34-904 Well
302436097495501 YD-58-34-807 Spring
302443097431601 YD-58-35-723 Well
302446097430301 YD-58-35-722 Spring
302456097445101 YD-58-35-710 Well
302456097485401 YD-58-34-804 Spring
302500097490101 YD-58-34-805 Spring
302501097443901 YD-58-35-413 Well
302505097422701 YD-58-35-515 Spring
302505097460901 YD-58-34-622 Well
302508097485201 YD-58-34-808 Spring
302510097441901 YD-58-35-419 Spring
302516097395601 YD-58-35-510 Well
302517097430800 Cassady Dr and Cabana Ln, Austin, TX Pavement
302519097430400 Adelphi Ln and Coronet St, Austin, TX Pavement
302520097403001 YD-58-35-508 Well
302523097473601 YD-58-34-503 Well
302524097412701 YD-58-35-513 Well
302524097470401 YD-58-34-609 Spring
302534097485201 YD-58-34-511 Spring
302537097435001 YD-58-35-424 Well
302539097490901 YD-58-34-510 Spring
302548097500601 YD-58-34-416 Spring
302551097455301 YD-58-34-601 Well
302551097465501 YD-58-34-617 Spring
302554097490201 YD-58-34-512 Spring
302554097494701 YD-58-34-414 Spring
302555097442701 Sealed lot Riata Trace Pkwy nr Parmer Ln,Austin,TX Pavement
302556097423501 YD-58-35-420 Well
302558097464401 YD-58-34-613 Well
302615097400501 YD-58-35-506 Well
302616097475301 Balcones Package WWTP nr Austin, TX Wastewater-treatment plant
302616097492501 YD-58-34-513 Well
302623097413601 YD-58-35-501 Well
302635097461001 Sealed lot nr Hunters Chase Dr & US183, Austin, TX Pavement
302640097481601 Spicewood Spgs Elem School Pkng Lot nr Austin, TX Pavement
302652097430501 YD-58-35-415 Well
302654097400701 YD-58-35-509 Well
302655097415801 YD-58-35-511 Well
302656097421701 YD-58-35-5A Well
302700097443101 Lacks Furniture Store Pkng Lot nr Austin, TX Pavement
302714097481801 Sealed lot Lk Ck Pkwy & Pecan Ck Pkwy, Austin, TX Pavement
302717097431901 YD-58-35-405 Well
302722097403501 YD-58-35-514 Well
302723098031800 Lk Travis at Carpenter Bend nr Lago Vista, TX Lake, Reservoir, Impoundment
302724097475701 Westwood HS Band Pkng Lot in Austin, TX Pavement
302726097514601 YD-58-34-415 Spring
302727097402201 YD-58-35-210 Well
302727097502301 YD-58-34-412 Spring
302729097500001 YD-58-34-501 Spring
302730097501701 YD-58-34-411 Spring
302733097510701 YD-58-34-104 Spring
302734097414601 YD-58-35-201 Well
302738097510301 YD-58-34-103 Spring
302743097522901 YD-58-34-108 Spring
302748097505301 YD-58-34-102 Spring
302807097543800 Lk Travis at Lime Ck confl nr Jonestown, TX Lake, Reservoir, Impoundment
302826098034601 YD-57-40-203 Spring
302831098163101 BT-57-38-302 Spring
302839097521001 YD-58-34-106 Spring
302849097520801 YD-58-34-117 Spring
302850098120201 BT-57-39-203 Well
302859098005300 Lk Travis at Cow Ck confl nr Lago Vista, TX Lake, Reservoir, Impoundment
302907098120801 BT-57-39-204 Well
302908098120900 BT-57-39-205 Well
302933098133301 BT-57-39-102 Well
302941098135801 BT-57-39-103 Well
302957098062500 Lk Travis at Muleshoe Bend nr Spicewood, TX Lake, Reservoir, Impoundment
303006098150101 BT-57-38-303 Spring
303019098043701 YD-57-32-805 Spring
303033098012401 YD-57-32-902 Spring
303044098174401 BT-57-30-801 Spring
303046098170101 BT-57-30-908 Spring
303058097571701 YD-58-25-706 Well
303100097571501 YD-58-25-709 Well
303103098180700 BT-57-30-803 Well
303121098083601 BT-57-31-904 Well
303130097583601 YD-58-25-704 Spring
303131097575301 YD-58-25-703 Spring
303132097533401 YD-58-25-907 Well
303142098095901 BT-57-31-902 Well
303144098100101 BT-57-31-802 Well
303144098100102 BT-57-31-804 Well
303146097580301 YD-58-25-707 Well
303146097580302 YD-58-25-708 Well
303210097574301 YD-58-25-702 Spring
303215097593201 YD-58-25-701 Spring
303227098100101 BT-57-31-503 Well
303227098102201 BT-57-31-803 Well
303231098100901 BT-57-31-502 Well
303251097580201 YD-58-25-404 Spring
303252097545401 YD-58-25-603 Spring
303257098174101 BT-57-30-502 Well
303319097552501 YD-58-25-505 Spring
303322098152200 Lk Marble Falls nr Starcke Dam nr Marble Falls, TX Lake, Reservoir, Impoundment
303336097543301 YD-58-25-602 Spring
303352097544401 YD-58-25-601 Spring
303418097573001 YD-58-25-510 Well
303419097572701 YD-58-25-513 Well
303512097581001 YD-58-25-102 Spring
303523097583301 YD-58-25-103 Well
303523097583701 YD-58-25-106 Well
303529097580101 YD-58-25-107 Well
303546097591301 YD-58-25-104 Well
303611098180501 BT-57-30-202 Well
303735098065701 BT-57-24-702 Well
303744098064201 BT-57-24-701 Well
304310098134100 BT-57-23-1xx (Felps Springs) Spring
304313098133201 BT-57-23-103 Spring
304315098133201 BT-57-23-102 Spring
304316098132901 BT-57-23-111 Spring
304325098150501 BT-57-22-301 Spring
304345098131601 BT-57-23-112 Well
304403098151800 BT-57-22-306 Well
304406098130801 BT-57-23-110 Well
304520098150501 BT-57-14-917 Well
304530098153301 BT-57-14-916 Well
304535098140301 BT-57-15-709 Spring
304550098150201 BT-57-14-914 Well
304551098135101 BT-57-15-702 Well
304552098135100 BT-57-15-701 Well
304557098152801 BT-57-14-915 Well
304755098142701 BT-57-15-402 Well
88480206 USGS Central TX PO at Ferguson Ln, Austin, TX Laboratory or sample-preparation area
88480207 Test Station No. 1 at Jolleytown, TX Stream