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Hydrological Unit: Flint-Rock

Monitoring Locations
Site number Name Site type
12324800 Morris Creek near Drummond MT Stream
12324980 Stuart Mill Sp ab Georgetown Lk nr Anaconda MT Stream
12324990 North Fork Flint Creek nr Southern Cross Stream
12325000 Georgetown Lake near Philipsburg, MT Stream
12325500 Flint Creek near Southern Cross MT Stream
12326000 Trout Cr ab Main Canal nr Philipsburg MT Stream
12326400 Marshall CA bl Headgate nr Philipsburg MT Stream
12326420 Marshall Cr Canal at Chor Ranch nr Philipsburg Canal
12326450 Trout C bl Marshall CA Div nr Philipsburg MT Stream
12326500 Trout Creek near Southern Cross MT Stream
12327000 Trout Creek near Phillipsburg MT Stream
12327090 Flint Cr ab Fred Burr Cr nr Philipsburg MT Stream
12327100 Fred Burr Creek near Philipsburg MT Stream
12327400 Flint Creek at Philipsburg MT Stream
12327500 Marshall Creek near Phillipsburg MT Stream
12328000 Marshall Cr at Mouth nr Phillipsburg MT Stream
12328500 Flint Creek near Philipsburg MT Stream
12329000 Flint Cr ab Maxville Siding at Maxville MT Stream
12329500 Flint Creek at Maxville MT Stream
12330000 Boulder Creek at Maxville MT Stream
12330100 Flint Cr bl Boulder Cr nr Maxville MT Stream
12330200 Flint Creek at Henderson Rd nr Maxville MT Stream
12330500 Flint Creek near Maxville MT Stream
12331000 Flint Creek near Hall MT Stream
12331100 Flint Cr bl Douglas Cr nr Hall MT Stream
12331200 Flint Creek at Hall MT Stream
12331220 Flint Cr bl Diversion Dam at Hall MT Stream
12331500 Flint Creek near Drummond MT Stream
12331590 Flint Creek at mouth at Drummond MT Stream
12331600 Clark Fork at Drummond MT Stream
12331700 Edwards Gulch at Drummond MT Stream
12331800 Clark Fork near Drummond MT Stream
12331900 Clark Fork near Clinton MT Stream
12332000 Middle Fork Rock Cr nr Philipsburg MT Stream
12332500 East Fork Rock Cr Reservoir nr Philipsburg MT Lake, Reservoir, Impoundment
12333000 East Fork Rock Cr nr Philipsburg MT Stream
12333500 Rock Creek near Quigley MT Stream
12334000 Ranch Creek near Quigley MT Stream
12334500 Rock Cr bl Ranch Cr nr Quigley MT Stream
12334510 Rock Creek near Clinton MT Stream
12334550 Clark Fork at Turah Bridge nr Bonner MT Stream
461302113223201 Trout Creek near Porters Corners MT Stream
461826113182201 Phillipsburg Ws Atmosphere
462500113260001 Black Pine Atmosphere
462747113141301 08N13W09BDBA01 Well
462820113140201 08N13W04CADA01 Well
462820113142301 LONDONDERRY MINE ADIT Groundwater drain
462827113140201 08N13W04CAAA01 Well
462828113141901 Flint C bl Londonderry Mine nr Maxville MT Stream
462832113140701 08N13W04BDAC01 Well
462853113140601 08N13W04BAAB01 Well
463018113143901 09N13W28CBAA01 Well
463023113132001 09N13W27BCDD01 Well
463117113131801 09N13W22BCDA01 Well
463159112580001 09N11W15DAAC01 Well
463225112552901 09N11W13BAAC01 Well
463231113125501 09N13W10DCCC01 Well
463259113125301 Flint Creek ab Douglas Cr nr Hall MT Stream
463345113122301 09N13W02CBBC01 Well
463414113065801 09N12W04BABB01 Well
463425113144901 10N13W33CCBC01 Well
463438113122701 10N13W34DAAC01 Well
463447113085401 10N12W31ACDA01 Well
463455113082001 10N12W32BBDC01 Spring
463507113133701 10N13W34BBBB01 Well
463508113103901 10N13W36BABA01 Well
463510113110001 10N13W25CCCC01 Well
463516113114101 10N13W26DCCB01 Well
463520113145401 10N13W29DDAA01 Well
463553113151701 10N13W29ABDD01 Well
463558113092301 10N12W30BABD01 Well
463600113112801 10N13W26ABAA01 Well
463631113130001 10N13W22BDDA01 Well
463653113122301 10N13W22AAAA01 Well
463738113082301 10N12W17BBDB01 Well
463743113081101 10N12W17BABB01 Well
463744113090101 Flint Creek near Drummond Stream
463816113103001 10N13W12BDDA01 Well
463900113094501 10N12W06CBBC01 Well
463928113061001 10N12W04AAAB01 Well
464321113405601 Rock Creek near Clinton Stream