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Note: Provisional nitrate plus nitrite load values might not reflect updated discharge and/or nitrate plus nitrite concentration data.

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This station managed by the Urbana Field Office.

Available Parameters Available Period
2014-12-13  2021-10-05
1985-10-11  2023-03-28
2007-10-01  2023-03-28
2014-12-13  2021-10-05
2014-12-13  2021-06-07
2014-12-13  2021-10-05
2014-12-13  2022-04-14
2020-11-16  2021-09-02
2020-11-16  2021-07-21
2020-12-09  2021-08-13
2014-12-13  2021-10-05
2015-06-03  2023-03-28
2014-12-20  2023-03-28
2014-12-19  2023-03-28


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Summary of all available data for this site
Instantaneous-data availability statement

Nitrate plus nitrite, water, in situ, milligrams per liter as nitrogen

Most recent instantaneous value: 9.1 03-28-2023   18:45 CST
Graph of  Nitrate plus nitrite, water, in situ, milligrams per liter as nitrogen

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