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USGS Current Water Data for Kansas

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*** The Kansas Water Science Center has transitioned to a new data management software package. While you may not have noticed this transition, some sites may have problems or delays in being updated. We are actively monitoring these conditions and are resolving them as quickly as possible. See the Dec 8 news entry for more information at: https://help.waterdata.usgs.gov/news
Historic (pre-2007) gage-height data may contain erroneous values, such as pressure sensors encased in ice, even if they are flagged as approved. These data are made available to the public, but data users are cautioned to carefully screen the data and contact the USGS Kansas Water Science Center if they have questions or concerns about specific values.

** During winter months the realtime streamflow displayed may not reflect the true discharge for periods when ice forms in the stream. When ice forms, the river cross-section is constricted and produces a higher river stage for any given amount of discharge that exists during ice-free periods. This condition is known as backwater. Although accurate themselves, the river stages can no longer be used to accurately and directly compute discharge from the rating curve (which relates stage to discharge) because the amount of backwater varies with time, temperature, and other factors. More complex procedures that require the use of meteorological and hydrological data from other stations in the area must be used to determine discharge at the affected stations. Unfortunately, these more complex procedures cannot yet be applied in real time. Additional, ice forming in the channel can result in erroneous readings as the instrumentation in the stream is adversely affected by the ice generally resulting in an erroneously higher stage reading. While every attempt is made to screen erroneous data from the realtime display, this data is considered provisional and should be used with caution.

Daily Streamflow Conditions

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Stream gage levels in Kansas, relative to 30 year average. 07144910: Flow=4.21cfs,Stage=2.60ft,Floodstage=9ft,2018-01-20 11:00,Low,SF NINNESCAH R NR PRATT, KS07169800: Flow=1.47cfs,Stage=2.25ft,2018-01-20 11:00,<10,ELK R AT ELK FALLS, KS06821500: Flow=0.00cfs,Stage=4.48ft,Floodstage=12ft,2018-01-20 09:30,<10,Arikaree River at Haigler, Nebr.07156900: Flow=20.5cfs,Stage=2.31ft,Floodstage=5ft,2018-01-20 10:00,<10,Cimarron River near Forgan, OK06865500: Flow=6.34cfs,Stage=2.71ft,2018-01-20 10:30,<10,SMOKY HILL R NR LANGLEY, KS07137500: Flow=163cfs,Stage=3.28ft,Floodstage=8ft,2018-01-20 10:15,76-90,ARKANSAS R NR COOLIDGE, KS06876000: Flow=117cfs,Stage=3.46ft,Floodstage=20ft,2018-01-20 10:45,76-90,SOLOMON R AT BELOIT, KS06868200: Flow=21.1cfs,Stage=2.95ft,2018-01-20 10:45,76-90,SALINE R AT WILSON DAM, KS07188000: Flow=271cfs,Stage=5.96ft,Floodstage=20ft,2018-01-20 10:00,10-24,Spring River near Quapaw, OK07186000: Flow=90.6cfs,Stage=1.30ft,Floodstage=19ft,2018-01-20 10:30,10-24,Spring River near Waco, MO07185000: Flow=108cfs,Stage=2.32ft,Floodstage=15ft,2018-01-20 10:30,10-24,Neosho River near Commerce, OK07183500: Flow=95.1cfs,Stage=7.11ft,Floodstage=21ft,2018-01-20 10:00,10-24,NEOSHO R NR PARSONS, KS07182510: Flow=48.5cfs,Stage=5.80ft,Floodstage=27ft,2018-01-20 10:15,10-24,NEOSHO R AT BURLINGTON, KS07182250: Flow=56.1cfs,Stage=2.01ft,Floodstage=32ft,2018-01-20 11:00,10-24,COTTONWOOD R NR PLYMOUTH, KS07180500: Flow=4.77cfs,Stage=4.32ft,2018-01-20 10:15,10-24,CEDAR C NR CEDAR POINT, KS07180400: Flow=26.8cfs,Stage=3.22ft,Floodstage=22ft,2018-01-20 10:15,10-24,COTTONWOOD R NR FLORENCE, KS07179730: Flow=17.0cfs,Stage=2.66ft,Floodstage=26ft,2018-01-20 10:15,10-24,NEOSHO R NR AMERICUS, KS07172000: Flow=3.18cfs,Stage=1.50ft,2018-01-20 11:00,10-24,CANEY R NR ELGIN, KS07170500: Flow=35.1cfs,Stage=1.51ft,Floodstage=30ft,2018-01-20 11:00,10-24,VERDIGRIS R AT INDEPENDENCE, KS07169500: Flow=7.99cfs,Stage=2.77ft,Floodstage=17ft,2018-01-20 11:00,10-24,FALL R AT FREDONIA, KS07166500: Flow=12.2cfs,Stage=3.25ft,Floodstage=19ft,2018-01-20 10:45,10-24,VERDIGRIS R NR ALTOONA, KS07143665: Flow=5.41cfs,Stage=0.02ft,Floodstage=22ft,2018-01-20 10:15,10-24,L ARKANSAS R AT ALTA MILLS, KS06912500: Flow=12.5cfs,Stage=2.65ft,2018-01-20 10:45,10-24,HUNDRED AND TEN MILE C NR QUENEMO, KS06911900: Flow=0.87cfs,Stage=7.89ft,Floodstage=19ft,2018-01-20 10:00,10-24,DRAGOON C NR BURLINGAME, KS06893300: Flow=8.38cfs,Stage=5.59ft,Floodstage=14ft,2018-01-20 10:15,10-24,INDIAN C AT OVERLAND PARK, KS06861000: Flow=0.16cfs,Stage=0.31ft,Floodstage=7ft,2018-01-20 10:30,10-24,SMOKY HILL R NR ARNOLD, KS07184000: Flow=5.58cfs,Stage=1.08ft,Floodstage=12ft,2018-01-20 10:45,25-75,LIGHTNING C NR MCCUNE, KS07183000: Flow=102cfs,Stage=6.87ft,Floodstage=15ft,2018-01-20 10:30,25-75,NEOSHO R NR IOLA, KS07179500: Flow=5.76cfs,Stage=7.98ft,2018-01-20 11:00,25-75,NEOSHO R AT COUNCIL GROVE, KS07167500: Flow=1.40cfs,Stage=1.29ft,2018-01-20 10:15,25-75,OTTER C AT CLIMAX, KS07147800: Flow=109cfs,Stage=1.19ft,Floodstage=18ft,2018-01-20 11:00,25-75,WALNUT R AT WINFIELD, KS07147070: Flow=23.5cfs,Stage=1.70ft,2018-01-20 10:30,25-75,WHITEWATER R AT TOWANDA, KS07145700: Flow=9.82cfs,Stage=4.14ft,Floodstage=19ft,2018-01-20 11:00,25-75,SLATE C AT WELLINGTON, KS07144550: Flow=388cfs,Stage=1.67ft,Floodstage=12ft,2018-01-20 11:00,25-75,ARKANSAS R AT DERBY, KS07144300: Flow=270cfs,Stage=3.40ft,2018-01-20 10:45,25-75,ARKANSAS R AT WICHITA, KS07143330: Flow=132cfs,Stage=2.24ft,Floodstage=10ft,2018-01-20 10:30,25-75,ARKANSAS R NR HUTCHINSON, KS07143300: Flow=12.7cfs,Stage=4.69ft,Floodstage=18ft,2018-01-20 10:30,25-75,COW C NR LYONS, KS07141300: Flow=13.0cfs,Stage=1.25ft,Floodstage=12ft,2018-01-20 10:30,25-75,ARKANSAS R AT GREAT BEND, KS07138000: Flow=153cfs,Stage=4.67ft,Floodstage=10ft,2018-01-20 10:15,25-75,ARKANSAS R AT SYRACUSE, KS06917500: Flow=12.8cfs,Stage=7.17ft,Floodstage=38ft,2018-01-20 10:30,25-75,MARMATON R NR FORT SCOTT, KS06917000: Flow=6.09cfs,Stage=3.13ft,Floodstage=22ft,2018-01-20 10:15,25-75,L OSAGE R AT FULTON, KS06916600: Flow=274cfs,Stage=4.59ft,Floodstage=27ft,2018-01-20 10:45,25-75,MARAIS DES CYGNES R NR KS-MO ST LINE, KS06911000: Flow=21.8cfs,Stage=2.24ft,2018-01-20 10:45,25-75,MARAIS DES CYGNES R AT MELVERN, KS06893500: Flow=27.8cfs,Stage=4.07ft,Floodstage=34ft,2018-01-20 10:45,25-75,Blue River at Kansas City, MO06893000: Flow=34100cfs,Stage=7.70ft,Floodstage=32ft,2018-01-20 10:30,25-75,Missouri River at Kansas City, MO06892000: Flow=24.6cfs,Stage=2.34ft,Floodstage=23ft,2018-01-20 10:30,25-75,STRANGER C NR TONGANOXIE, KS06890900: Flow=82.8cfs,Stage=27.74ft,2018-01-20 10:30,25-75,DELAWARE R AT PERRY, KS06887000: Flow=451cfs,Stage=1.34ft,Floodstage=19ft,2018-01-20 10:00,25-75,BIG BLUE R NR MANHATTAN, KS06879100: Flow=853cfs,Stage=6.29ft,Floodstage=21ft,2018-01-20 10:30,25-75,KANSAS R AT FORT RILEY, KS06878000: Flow=23.6cfs,Stage=4.56ft,Floodstage=19ft,2018-01-20 10:45,25-75,CHAPMAN C NR CHAPMAN, KS06875900: Flow=119cfs,Stage=8.40ft,Floodstage=21ft,2018-01-20 10:30,25-75,SOLOMON R NR GLEN ELDER, KS06873460: Flow=8.02cfs,Stage=4.29ft,Floodstage=12ft,2018-01-20 10:30,25-75,SF SOLOMON R AT WOODSTON, KS06872500: Flow=46.7cfs,Stage=4.25ft,Floodstage=15ft,2018-01-20 10:30,25-75,NF SOLOMON R AT PORTIS, KS06857100: Flow=350cfs,Stage=5.68ft,2018-01-20 10:30,25-75,REPUBLICAN R AT JUNCTION CITY, KS06818000: Flow=32300cfs,Stage=5.66ft,Floodstage=17ft,2018-01-20 10:30,25-75,Missouri River at St. Joseph, MO06813500: Flow=30000cfs,Stage=6.59ft,Floodstage=17ft,2018-01-20 10:30,25-75,Missouri River at Rulo, NE375350097262800: Stage=4.69ft,2018-01-20 10:00,Not ranked,L ARKANSAS R UPSTREAM OF ASR FAC NR SEDGWICK, KS07187600: Flow=310cfs,Stage=3.01ft,Floodstage=14ft,2018-01-20 10:30,Not ranked,SPRING R NR BAXTER SPRINGS, KS07186055: Flow=14.7cfs,Stage=5.53ft,Floodstage=13ft,2018-01-20 10:45,Not ranked,COW C NR SCAMMON, KS07185090: Flow=4.62cfs,Stage=8.48ft,2018-01-20 10:15,Not ranked,Tar Creek near Commerce, OK07184500: Flow=4.57cfs,Stage=5.76ft,2018-01-20 10:00,Not ranked,LABETTE C NR OSWEGO, KS07183300: 2018-01-20 10:15,Not ranked,NEOSHO R NR ERIE, KS07182390: Flow=62.6cfs,Stage=0.65ft,Floodstage=22ft,2018-01-20 10:30,Not ranked,NEOSHO R AT NEOSHO RAPIDS, KS07182260: Flow=61.2cfs,Stage=1.72ft,Floodstage=20ft,2018-01-20 10:30,Not ranked,COTTONWOOD R AT EMPORIA, KS07182200: Flow=2.28cfs,Stage=6.48ft,2018-01-20 10:30,Not ranked,SF COTTONWOOD R NR BAZAAR, KS07180200: Stage=4.92ft,2018-01-20 10:30,Not ranked,COTTONWOOD R AT MARION, KS07179795: Not ranked,Temporarily unavailable,N COTTONWOOD R BL MARION LK, KS07179785: Flow=1.52cfs,Stage=9.55ft,2018-01-20 10:30,Not ranked,NF COTTONWOOD R NR DURHAM, KS07179750: Flow=7.87cfs,Stage=3.40ft,2018-01-20 10:30,Not ranked,NEOSHO R AT BURLINGAME RD NR EMPORIA, KS07179710: Stage=10.96ft,2018-01-20 10:00,Not ranked,NEOSHO R NR DUNLAP, KS07179700: Not ranked,Back Water,ROCK C NR DUNLAP, KS07179300: Flow=1.07cfs,Stage=7.86ft,2018-01-20 10:45,Not ranked,NEOSHO R NR PARKERVILLE, KS07170990: Flow=42.0cfs,Stage=2.57ft,2018-01-20 10:45,Not ranked,VERDIGRIS R AT COFFEYVILLE, KS07170700: Flow=0.00cfs,2010-09-30 23:00,Not ranked,BIG HILL C NR CHERRYVALE, KS07165750: Not ranked,Temporarily unavailable,VERDIGRIS R NR VIRGIL, KS07157940: Stage=5.46ft,2018-01-20 11:00:00,Not ranked,Ice affected,BLUFF C NR BUTTERMILK, KS07157740: Flow=8.07cfs,Stage=7.30ft,2018-01-20 10:15,Not ranked,CIMARRON R NR BUTTERMILK, KS07157500: Stage=2.96ft,2018-01-20 10:30:00,Floodstage=6.5ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,CROOKED C NR ENGLEWOOD, KS07151500: Stage=2.49ft,2018-01-20 11:00:00,Floodstage=10ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,CHIKASKIA R NR CORBIN, KS07149000: Stage=0.80ft,2018-01-20 10:30:00,Floodstage=10ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,MEDICINE LODGE R NR KIOWA, KS07148111: Flow=13.6cfs,Stage=4.13ft,2018-01-20 10:30,Not ranked,GROUSE C NR SILVERDALE, KS07147900: Stage=3.28ft,Floodstage=18ft,2018-01-20 10:15,Not ranked,WALNUT R AT ARKANSAS CITY, KS07147190: Stage=3.79ft,Floodstage=21ft,2018-01-20 10:15,Not ranked,WHITEWATER R AT AUGUSTA, KS07146800: Flow=3.23cfs,Stage=5.64ft,Floodstage=21ft,2018-01-20 10:00,Not ranked,WB WALNUT R NR EL DORADO, KS07146500: Stage=3.91ft,2018-01-20 11:00:00,Floodstage=11ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,ARKANSAS R AT ARKANSAS CITY, KS07145600: Stage=8.08ft,2018-01-20 10:45:00,Floodstage=17ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,ARKANSAS R ON HWY 160 AT OXFORD, KS07145500: Stage=3.62ft,2018-01-20 11:00:00,Floodstage=17ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,NINNESCAH R NR PECK, KS07145200: Stage=4.27ft,2018-01-20 11:00:00,Floodstage=8ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,SF NINNESCAH R NR MURDOCK, KS07144790: Stage=1420.54ft,2018-01-20 10:00,Not ranked,CHENEY RE NR CHENEY, KS07144780: Stage=7.01ft,2018-01-20 10:30:00,Not ranked,Ice affected,NF NINNESCAH R AB CHENEY RE, KS07144570: Flow=406cfs,Stage=6.40ft,Floodstage=16.5ft,2018-01-20 10:15,Not ranked,ARKANSAS R AT MULVANE, KS07144490: Flow=5.18cfs,Stage=7.33ft,2018-01-20 10:15,Not ranked,COWSKIN C AT KELLOGG ST, WICHITA, KS07144486: Flow=0.00cfs,Stage=4.64ft,2018-01-20 11:00,Not ranked,CALFSKIN C AT 119TH ST, WICHITA, KS07144480: Flow=2.99cfs,Stage=7.33ft,Floodstage=18ft,2018-01-20 10:30,Not ranked,COWSKIN C AT 119TH ST AT WICHITA, KS07144470: 2018-01-20 10:15,Not ranked,COWSKIN C AT 29TH ST NORTH OF WICHITA, KS07144301: Flow=0.00cfs,Stage=6.50ft,2018-01-20 10:45,Not ranked,FLOODWAY AT ARKANSAS R AT WICHITA, KS07144201: Flow=0.00cfs,Stage=2.57ft,2018-01-20 10:00,Not ranked,FLOODWAY AT L ARKANSAS R AT VALLEY CENTER, KS07144200: Stage=0.93ft,2018-01-20 10:00:00,Not ranked,Ice affected,L ARKANSAS R AT VALLEY CENTER, KS07144100: Flow=30.3cfs,Stage=2.68ft,Floodstage=22ft,2018-01-20 10:15,Not ranked,L ARKANSAS R NR SEDGWICK, KS07144050: Stage=-0.65ft,2018-01-20 10:15:00,Floodstage=19ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,EMMA C AT SEDGWICK, KS07143672: Flow=10.3cfs,Stage=5.91ft,Floodstage=25ft,2018-01-20 10:30,Not ranked,L ARKANSAS R AT HWY 50 NR HALSTEAD, KS07143375: Stage=5.86ft,2018-01-20 10:15:00,Not ranked,Ice affected,ARKANSAS R NR MAIZE, KS07143350: Flow=198cfs,2010-09-30 23:00,Not ranked,ARKANSAS R NR BENTLEY, KS07143310: Stage=2.10ft,Floodstage=9.5ft,2018-01-20 10:15,Not ranked,COW C NR HUTCHINSON, KS07142680: Flow=83.6cfs,Stage=8.91ft,2018-01-20 10:00,Not ranked,ARKANSAS R NR NICKERSON, KS07142575: Stage=12.16ft,2018-01-20 10:30:00,Floodstage=17ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,RATTLESNAKE C NR ZENITH, KS07142300: Stage=3.16ft,2018-01-20 10:00:00,Floodstage=9ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,RATTLESNAKE C NR MACKSVILLE, KS07142019: Not ranked,Ice affected,CHEYENNE BOTTOMS DV NR GREAT BEND, KS07141900: Stage=3.09ft,2018-01-20 10:45:00,Floodstage=24ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,WALNUT C AT ALBERT, KS07141780: Stage=7.46ft,2018-01-20 10:15:00,Floodstage=29ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,WALNUT C AT NEKOMA, KS07141220: Stage=3.99ft,2018-01-20 11:00:00,Not ranked,Ice affected,ARKANSAS R NR LARNED, KS07141200: Stage=7.15ft,2018-01-20 10:30:00,Floodstage=31ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,PAWNEE R AT ROZEL, KS07141000: Stage=4.27ft,2018-01-20 10:45:00,Not ranked,Ice affected,BUCKNER C AT HANSTON, KS07140900: Flow=2.34cfs,Stage=2.70ft,2018-01-20 10:15,Not ranked,BUCKNER C NR JETMORE, KS07140890: Flow=1.70cfs,Stage=3.04ft,2018-01-20 11:00,Not ranked,BUCKNER C BL HORSETHIEF RE NR JETMORE, KS07140880: Flow=2.82cfs,Stage=4.11ft,2018-01-20 10:15,Not ranked,BUCKNER C AB HORSETHIEF RE NR JETMORE, KS07140850: Flow=0.00cfs,Stage=2.21ft,Floodstage=30ft,2018-01-20 10:00,Not ranked,PAWNEE R NR BURDETT, KS07139500: Flow=0.00cfs,2007-02-27 23:00,Stage=6.00ft,2018-01-20 10:00:00,Floodstage=11ft,Not ranked,ARKANSAS R AT DODGE CITY, KS07139000: Stage=6.32ft,2018-01-20 10:30:00,Floodstage=10ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,ARKANSAS R AT GARDEN CITY, KS07138075: Flow=5.31cfs,2017-10-18 15:45,Stage=1.44ft,2018-01-20 10:00:00,Not ranked,FARMERS DITCH NR DEERFIELD, KS07138070: Stage=8.71ft,2018-01-20 10:45:00,Floodstage=14ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,ARKANSAS R AT DEERFIELD, KS07138064: Flow=0.00cfs,Stage=1.96ft,2018-01-20 10:15,Not ranked,SOUTHSIDE DITCH RETURN NR DEERFIELD, KS07138063: Flow=3.00cfs,2017-09-24 02:45,Stage=1.28ft,2018-01-20 10:00:00,Not ranked,SOUTHSIDE DITCH NR LAKIN, KS07138050: Stage=2.58ft,2018-01-20 10:00:00,Not ranked,Equipment malfunction,AMAZON GREAT EASTERN DITCH NR LAKIN, KS07138020: Stage=6.54ft,2018-01-20 10:45:00,Not ranked,Ice affected,ARKANSAS R AT KENDALL, KS07137010: Flow=0.00cfs,Stage=1.71ft,2018-01-20 10:45,Not ranked,FRONTIER DITCH RETURN NR COOLIDGE, KS07137000: Flow=0.00cfs,Stage=9.17ft,2018-01-20 10:45,Not ranked,FRONTIER DITCH NR COOLIDGE, KS07134990: Stage=2.70ft,2017-11-08 12:00,Not ranked,WILD HORSE CREEK ABOVE HOLLY, CO06917630: Flow=0.19cfs,Stage=1.67ft,Floodstage=8ft,2018-01-20 10:15,Not ranked,East Drywood Creek at Prairie State Park06917560: Flow=17.8cfs,Stage=2.04ft,Floodstage=25ft,2018-01-20 10:15,Not ranked,Marmaton River near Richards, MO06917240: Stage=-0.43ft,2018-01-20 11:00:00,Not ranked,Ice affected,MARMATON R NR UNIONTOWN, KS06915800: Stage=4.40ft,2018-01-20 10:15:00,Floodstage=25ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,MARAIS DES CYGNES R AT LA CYGNE, KS06915000: Not ranked,Temporarily unavailable,BIG BULL C NR HILLSDALE, KS06914995: Stage=916.33ft,2018-01-20 10:30,Not ranked,HILLSDALE LK NR HILLSDALE, KS06914990: Flow=0.14cfs,Stage=2.91ft,2018-01-20 10:30,Not ranked,L BULL C NR SPRING HILL, KS06914950: Not ranked,Ice affected,BIG BULL C NR EDGERTON, KS06914500: Not ranked,Ice affected,POTTAWATOMIE C AT LANE, KS06914100: Flow=9.79cfs,Stage=3.19ft,Floodstage=23ft,2018-01-20 10:45,Not ranked,POTTAWATOMIE C NR SCIPIO, KS06913500: Stage=3.69ft,2018-01-20 10:30:00,Floodstage=31ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,MARAIS DES CYGNES R NR OTTAWA, KS06913000: Stage=1.22ft,2018-01-20 10:30:00,Floodstage=20ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,MARAIS DES CYGNES R NR POMONA, KS06912490: Stage=972.29ft,2018-01-20 10:45,Not ranked,POMONA LK NR QUENEMO, KS06911490: Flow=0.45cfs,Stage=0.57ft,Floodstage=10ft,2018-01-20 10:30,Not ranked,SALT C AT LYNDON, KS06910997: Stage=1034.98ft,2018-01-20 10:30,Not ranked,MELVERN LK NR MELVERN, KS06910800: Stage=2.23ft,2018-01-20 10:45:00,Floodstage=19ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,MARAIS DES CYGNES R NR READING, KS06893578: Flow=27.9cfs,Stage=5.35ft,Floodstage=33ft,2018-01-20 10:30,Not ranked,Blue River at Stadium Drive in Kansas City, MO06893562: Flow=1.30cfs,2010-06-01 23:55,Stage=4.46ft,2018-01-20 10:45:00,Not ranked,Brush Creek at Rockhill Road in Kansas City, MO06893557: Flow=0.52cfs,Stage=35.64ft,Floodstage=47ft,2018-01-20 10:15,Not ranked,Brush Creek at Ward Parkway in Kansas City, MO06893400: Flow=30.0cfs,2008-09-30 23:55,Stage=83.13ft,2018-01-20 10:30:00,Not ranked,Indian Creek at 103rd St in Kansas City, MO06893390: Flow=21.1cfs,Stage=10.16ft,Floodstage=20ft,2018-01-20 10:30,Not ranked,INDIAN C AT STATE LINE RD, LEAWOOD, KS06893350: Flow=2.02cfs,Stage=1.87ft,2018-01-20 10:15,Not ranked,TOMAHAWK C NR OVERLAND PARK, KS06893150: Flow=9.39cfs,Stage=25.30ft,Floodstage=35ft,2018-01-20 11:00,Not ranked,Blue River at Blue Ridge Blvd Ext in KC, MO06893100: Flow=3.72cfs,Stage=5.04ft,2018-01-20 10:30,Not ranked,BLUE R AT KENNETH RD, OVERLAND PARK, KS06893080: Stage=4.61ft,2018-01-20 10:45:00,Floodstage=16ft,Not ranked,Temporarily unavailable,BLUE R NR STANLEY, KS06892950: Stage=8.71ft,Floodstage=33ft,2018-01-20 10:45,Not ranked,KANSAS R AT KANSAS CITY, KS06892518: Flow=1780cfs,Stage=10.00ft,2018-01-20 10:45,Not ranked,KANSAS R NR LAKE QUIVIRA, KS06892513: Stage=48.68ft,2018-01-20 10:30:00,Not ranked,Back Water,MILL C AT JOHNSON DRIVE, SHAWNEE, KS06892495: Flow=9.70cfs,Stage=57.33ft,2018-01-20 10:45,Not ranked,CEDAR C NR DESOTO, KS06892494: 2018-01-20 11:00,Not ranked,CAMP C AT 95TH ST NR DESOTO, KS06892493: 2017-12-28 13:00,Not ranked,CEDAR C AT 95TH ST NR DESOTO, KS06892360: Stage=5.31ft,2018-01-20 10:30:00,Not ranked,Back Water,KILL C AT 95TH ST NR DESOTO, KS06892350: Stage=5.46ft,2018-01-20 10:45:00,Floodstage=26ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,KANSAS R AT DESOTO, KS06891850: Stage=2.13ft,2018-01-20 10:30:00,Floodstage=17ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,STRANGER C AT EASTON, KS06891500: Stage=4.24ft,2018-01-20 10:45:00,Floodstage=23ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,WAKARUSA R NR LAWRENCE, KS06891478: Stage=876.60ft,2018-01-20 10:00,Not ranked,CLINTON LK NR LAWRENCE, KS06891260: Not ranked,Back Water,WAKARUSA R NR RICHLAND, KS06891200: 2018-01-20 10:15,Not ranked,WAKARUSA R AT WAKARUSA, KS06891080: Stage=-12.01ft,2018-01-20 10:45:00,Floodstage=18ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,KANSAS R AT LAWRENCE, KS06891000: Stage=2.98ft,2018-01-20 10:30:00,Floodstage=17ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,KANSAS R AT LECOMPTON, KS06890898: Stage=893.29ft,2018-01-20 10:30,Not ranked,PERRY LK NR PERRY, KS06890100: Stage=2.66ft,2018-01-20 10:45:00,Floodstage=27ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,DELAWARE R NR MUSCOTAH, KS06889630: Not ranked,Back Water,SHUNGANUNGA C AT TOPEKA, KS06889585: 2018-01-20 10:15,Not ranked,SHUNGANUNGA C AT GAGE BLVD, TOPEKA, KS06889500: Stage=-0.06ft,2018-01-20 11:00:00,Floodstage=29ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,SOLDIER C NR TOPEKA, KS06889200: Stage=6.32ft,2018-01-20 10:30:00,Floodstage=26ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,SOLDIER C NR DELIA, KS06889000: Stage=6.58ft,2018-01-20 10:30:00,Floodstage=26ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,KANSAS R AT TOPEKA, KS06888990: Flow=1620cfs,Stage=5.46ft,2018-01-20 10:30,Not ranked,KANSAS R AT TOPEKA WATER PLANT, KS06888700: Stage=7.36ft,Floodstage=25ft,2018-01-20 10:30,Not ranked,CROSS C AT ROSSVILLE, KS06888500: Stage=2.34ft,2018-01-20 10:45:00,Floodstage=21ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,MILL C NR PAXICO, KS06888350: Stage=6.79ft,2018-01-20 10:30:00,Floodstage=20ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,KANSAS R NR BELVUE, KS06888300: Not ranked,Ice affected,ROCK C NR LOUISVILLE, KS06888000: Not ranked,Ice affected,VERMILLION C NR WAMEGO, KS06887500: Stage=5.28ft,2018-01-20 10:30:00,Floodstage=19ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,KANSAS R AT WAMEGO, KS06886900: Stage=1072.88ft,2018-01-20 10:00,Not ranked,TUTTLE C LK NR MANHATTAN, KS06886850: Stage=4.89ft,2018-01-20 10:45:00,Not ranked,Back Water,MILL C NR RILEY, KS06886500: Flow=11.0cfs,Stage=0.82ft,Floodstage=16ft,2018-01-20 10:15,Not ranked,FANCY C AT WINKLER, KS06885500: Stage=3.08ft,2018-01-20 10:30:00,Floodstage=19ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,BLACK VERMILLION R NR FRANKFORT, KS06884700: Stage=16.40ft,Floodstage=26ft,2018-01-20 06:00,Not ranked,BIG BLUE R AT BLUE RAPIDS, KS06884400: Stage=3.80ft,2018-01-20 10:30:00,Floodstage=21ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,L BLUE R NR BARNES, KS06884200: Stage=1.92ft,2018-01-20 10:45:00,Floodstage=18ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,MILL C AT WASHINGTON, KS06884025: Stage=2.54ft,2018-01-20 11:00:00,Floodstage=19ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,Little Blue River at Hollenberg, KS06882510: Stage=11.55ft,2018-01-20 10:30:00,Floodstage=35ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,BIG BLUE R AT MARYSVILLE, KS06882000: Stage=4.16ft,2018-01-20 10:00:00,Floodstage=20ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,Big Blue River at Barneston, Nebr.06879820: 2018-01-20 11:00,Not ranked,KANSAS R AT MANHATTAN, KS06879815: 2018-01-20 11:00,Not ranked,WILDCAT C AT SETH CHILDS RD, MANHATTAN, KS06879810: Flow=4.17cfs,Stage=2.54ft,Floodstage=14ft,2018-01-20 10:15,Not ranked,WILDCAT C AT SCENIC DRIVE, MANHATTAN, KS06879805: Stage=7.26ft,2018-01-20 11:00,Not ranked,WILDCAT C AT KEATS, KS06879650: Flow=0.00cfs,2018-01-08 15:45,Stage=2.13ft,2017-08-06 02:45:00,Not ranked,KINGS C NR MANHATTAN, KS06878600: Not ranked,Ice affected,LYON C NR JUNCTION CITY, KS06877600: Stage=7.53ft,2018-01-20 10:45:00,Floodstage=26ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,SMOKY HILL R AT ENTERPRISE, KS06876900: Stage=4.74ft,2018-01-20 10:30:00,Floodstage=24ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,SOLOMON R AT NILES, KS06876700: Stage=4.48ft,2018-01-20 10:45:00,Floodstage=18ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,SALT C NR ADA, KS06876440: Flow=139cfs,Stage=2.80ft,Floodstage=26ft,2018-01-20 10:15,Not ranked,SOLOMON R NR MINNEAPOLIS, KS06876070: Stage=8.08ft,2018-01-20 10:15,Not ranked,SOLOMON R NR SIMPSON, KS06874000: Stage=4.18ft,2018-01-20 10:30:00,Floodstage=14ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,SF SOLOMON R AT OSBORNE, KS06873000: Stage=2.64ft,2018-01-20 10:15:00,Floodstage=8.5ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,SF SOLOMON R AB WEBSTER RE, KS06871500: Stage=4.53ft,2018-01-20 10:45:00,Floodstage=9ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,BOW C NR STOCKTON, KS06871000: Stage=3.31ft,2018-01-20 10:30:00,Floodstage=11ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,NF SOLOMON R AT GLADE, KS06870300: Stage=20.00ft,2018-01-20 10:15:00,Not ranked,Ice affected,GYPSUM C NR GYPSUM, KS06870200: Flow=276cfs,2007-02-28 23:30,Not ranked,SMOKY HILL R AT NEW CAMBRIA, KS06869950: Stage=2.89ft,2018-01-20 10:00:00,Floodstage=24ft,Not ranked,Temporarily unavailable,MULBERRY C NR SALINA, KS06869500: Stage=6.68ft,2018-01-20 10:30:00,Floodstage=25ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,SALINE R AT TESCOTT, KS06868850: Stage=12.37ft,2018-01-20 10:45:00,Floodstage=30ft,Not ranked,Temporarily unavailable,SALINE R AT LINCOLN, KS06868100: 2018-01-20 10:30,Not ranked,WILSON LK NR WILSON, KS06867500: Flow=0.65cfs,Stage=8.55ft,2018-01-20 10:30,Not ranked,PARADISE C NR PARADISE, KS06867000: Stage=5.66ft,2018-01-20 10:30:00,Floodstage=18ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,SALINE R NR RUSSELL, KS06866900: Stage=2.65ft,2018-01-20 10:00:00,Floodstage=13ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,SALINE R NR WAKEENEY, KS06866500: Stage=4.25ft,2018-01-20 10:45:00,Floodstage=20ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,SMOKY HILL R NR MENTOR, KS06866000: Stage=6.68ft,2018-01-20 10:30:00,Floodstage=21ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,SMOKY HILL R AT LINDSBORG, KS06865000: Stage=1462.96ft,2018-01-20 10:30,Not ranked,KANOPOLIS LK NR KANOPOLIS, KS06864500: Stage=1.96ft,2018-01-20 10:30:00,Floodstage=20ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,SMOKY HILL R AT ELLSWORTH, KS06864000: Stage=3.79ft,2018-01-20 10:30:00,Floodstage=18ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,SMOKY HILL R NR RUSSELL, KS06863500: Stage=5.59ft,2018-01-20 10:30:00,Floodstage=26ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,BIG C NR HAYS, KS06863420: Flow=3.09cfs,Stage=1.66ft,2018-01-20 10:15,Not ranked,BIG C NR ELLIS, KS06863000: Flow=4.22cfs,Stage=1.42ft,2018-01-20 11:00,Not ranked,SMOKY HILL R AT PFEIFER, KS06862850: Stage=2.48ft,2018-01-20 10:00:00,Floodstage=11ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,SMOKY HILL R BL SCHOENCHEN, KS06862700: Stage=3.45ft,2018-01-20 10:30:00,Not ranked,Ice affected,SMOKY HILL R NR SCHOENCHEN, KS06861500: Stage=2117.63ft,2018-01-20 10:15,Not ranked,CEDAR BLUFF RE NR ELLIS, KS06860900: Flow=0.00cfs,Stage=7.01ft,2018-01-20 10:30,Not ranked,HACKBERRY C NR TREGO CENTER, KS06860000: Stage=4.40ft,2018-01-20 10:30:00,Floodstage=9ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,SMOKY HILL R AT ELKADER, KS06857050: Stage=1143.67ft,2018-01-20 10:30,Not ranked,MILFORD LAKE NR JUNCTION CITY, KS06856600: Stage=6.79ft,2018-01-20 10:30:00,Floodstage=15ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,REPUBLICAN R AT CLAY CENTER, KS06856000: Not ranked,Ice affected,REPUBLICAN R AT CONCORDIA, KS06855850: Stage=4.21ft,2018-01-20 10:15:00,Not ranked,Temporarily unavailable,BUFFALO C 4 MI E OF JAMESTOWN, KS06854500: Stage=1.29ft,2018-01-20 10:15:00,Floodstage=10ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,REPUBLICAN R AT SCANDIA, KS06854000: 2018-01-20 10:45,Not ranked,WHITE ROCK C AT LOVEWELL, KS06853800: Stage=1.69ft,2018-01-20 10:45:00,Floodstage=16ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,WHITE ROCK C NR BURR OAK, KS06853500: Stage=2.50ft,2018-01-20 10:30:00,Floodstage=11ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,REPUBLICAN R NR HARDY, NE06853020: Stage=3.73ft,2018-01-20 10:30:00,Floodstage=12.5ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,Republican River at Guide Rock, Nebr.06852500: Not ranked,Seasonal site,Courtland Canal at Nebraska-Kansas Stateline06848500: Not ranked,Ice affected,PRAIRIE DOG C NR WOODRUFF, KS06847900: Stage=3.64ft,2018-01-20 10:45:00,Floodstage=11ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,PRAIRIE DOG C AB KEITH SEBELIUS LAKE, KS06846500: Flow=0.00cfs,Stage=2.76ft,Floodstage=16ft,2018-01-20 10:00,Not ranked,BEAVER C AT CEDAR BLUFFS, KS06845110: Stage=5.36ft,2018-01-20 10:30:00,Floodstage=17ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,SAPPA C NR LYLE, KS06827500: Not ranked,Dry,South Fork Republican River near Benkelman, Nebr.06827000: Flow=7.03cfs,Stage=3.53ft,2018-01-20 10:45,Not ranked,SF REPUBLICAN R NR CO-KS ST LINE, KS06824000: Stage=1.04ft,2018-01-20 09:45:00,Not ranked,Ice affected,Rock Creek at Parks, Nebr.06823500: Stage=1.64ft,2018-01-20 09:45:00,Floodstage=11ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,Buffalo Creek near Haigler, Nebr.06820475: Stage=2.54ft,Floodstage=20ft,2018-01-20 10:00,Not ranked,MISSOURI R AT LEAVENWORTH, KS06818300: Stage=7.42ft,Floodstage=22ft,2018-01-20 11:00,Not ranked,MISSOURI R AT ATCHISON, KS06815000: Stage=4.14ft,2018-01-20 10:45:00,Floodstage=27ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,Big Nemaha River at Falls City, Nebr.06814000: Stage=1.72ft,2018-01-20 10:45:00,Floodstage=21ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,TURKEY C NR SENECA, KSGo to WaterWatch (offsite) for a larger map with additional options
[color code for] High
[color code for] > 90th percentile
[color code for] 76th - 90th percentile
[color code for] 25th - 75th percentile
[color code for] 10th - 24th percentile
[color code for] < 10th percentile
[color code for] Low
[color code for] Not ranked
The colored dots on this map depict streamflow conditions as a percentile, which is computed from the period of record for the current day of the year. Only stations with at least 30 years of record are used.
The gray circles indicate other stations that were not ranked in percentiles either because they have fewer than 30 years of record or because they report parameters other than streamflow. Some stations, for example, measure stage only.

Statewide Streamflow Table

Current data typically are recorded at 15- to 60-minute intervals, stored onsite, and then transmitted to USGS offices every 1 to 4 hours, depending on the data relay technique used. Recording and transmission times may be more frequent during critical events. Data from current sites are relayed to USGS offices via satellite, telephone, and/or radio telemetry and are available for viewing within minutes of arrival.

All real-time data are provisional and subject to revision.

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