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Historic (pre-2007) gage-height data may contain erroneous values, such as pressure sensors encased in ice, even if they are flagged as approved. These data are made available to the public, but data users are cautioned to carefully screen the data and contact the USGS Kansas Water Science Center if they have questions or concerns about specific values.

** During winter months the realtime streamflow displayed may not reflect the true discharge for periods when ice forms in the stream. When ice forms, the river cross-section is constricted and produces a higher river stage for any given amount of discharge that exists during ice-free periods. This condition is known as backwater. Although accurate themselves, the river stages can no longer be used to accurately and directly compute discharge from the rating curve (which relates stage to discharge) because the amount of backwater varies with time, temperature, and other factors. More complex procedures that require the use of meteorological and hydrological data from other stations in the area must be used to determine discharge at the affected stations. Unfortunately, these more complex procedures cannot yet be applied in real time. Additional, ice forming in the channel can result in erroneous readings as the instrumentation in the stream is adversely affected by the ice generally resulting in an erroneously higher stage reading. While every attempt is made to screen erroneous data from the realtime display, this data is considered provisional and should be used with caution.

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This station is operated by the USGS and funded cooperatively by the Logo for city of Wichita city of Wichita and Logo for USGS USGS matching funds as part of the National Water Quality Program.

The National Weather Service flood stage for this site is 9.0 ft.

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Minimum Desirable Streamflow (MDS) in cfs
Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
40 50 50 50 40 30 10 5 5 10 40 40
This station managed by the Wichita field office.

Available Parameters Available Period
All 15 Available Parameters for this site
00010 Temperature, water 2007-10-01  2017-06-07
00010 Temperature, water [(2)] 2015-11-14  2019-02-19
00060 Discharge 1990-10-01  2019-02-19
00065 Gage height 2007-10-01  2019-02-19
00095 Specific cond at 25C 2007-10-04  2015-11-12
00095 Specific cond at 25C [(2)] 2015-11-14  2019-02-19
00300 Dissolved oxygen 2008-03-15  2015-11-12
00300 Dissolved oxygen [(2)] 2015-11-14  2019-02-19
00301 Diss oxygen,%saturtn 2011-03-23  2015-11-12
00301 Diss oxygen,%saturtn [(2)] 2015-11-13  2019-02-19
00400 pH 2007-10-01  2015-11-12
00400 pH [(2)] 2015-11-14  2019-02-19
63680 Turbidity, Form Neph 2009-10-17  2017-06-07
63680 Turbidity, Form Neph [YSI EXO] 2015-11-14  2019-02-19
99133 NO3+NO2,water,insitu 2015-11-20  2018-10-12

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Instantaneous-data availability statement

Discharge, cubic feet per second

Most recent instantaneous value: 119 02-19-2019   00:30 CST
Graph of  Discharge, cubic feet per second

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Daily discharge, cubic feet per second -- statistics for Feb 19 based on 53 years of record more
Median Mean Most Recent
Value Feb 19
38.3 76 94 108 119 135 260

Gage height, feet

Most recent instantaneous value: 6.66 02-19-2019   00:30 CST
Graph of  Gage height, feet

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