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The formation of ice on rivers can cause discharge values to appear unusually high. Display of these erroneous discharge data may result in improper assessment of flow conditions and misuse of the data. For this reason, display of discharge values for streams significantly affected by ice may be disabled from view. Display of discharge data will resume when ice conditions are no longer present. Discharge values for streams minimally affected by ice will continue to be displayed. Flows for streams with these conditions appear to increase during the night and decrease to near-base-line conditions around midday. To estimate the correct discharge for these streams, use the flow rate that corresponds to the bottom of the discharge curve, rather than the peak that corresponds to the top of the curve. Note that this method of estimation is possible only when no surface runoff is occurring. Daily mean discharges for periods of both significant and minimal ice-effect will be estimated and published in the Annual Water-Data Report for the water year in which they occurred.

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LOCATION--Middlesex County, Hydrologic Unit 01090001, on right bank, 50 ft downstream of culvert at Winter Street, 300 ft downstream of gate house outlet from Cambridge Reservoir, and 1.3 mi north of Kendal Green.
DRAINAGE AREA--6.86 mi2.
PERIOD OF RECORD--July 1997 to current year.
GAGE--Data Collection Platform, water-temperature and specific conductance monitor, air temperature monitor, and a heated tipping-bucket precipitation gage equipped with a wind shield. Elevation of gage is 150 ft above sea level (from topographic map). Telephone telemeter at station. Datum of gage is referenced to the City of Cambridge datum, subtract 10.84 feet to elevations to adjust to National Geodetic Vertical Datum of 1929. Dissolved chloride and sodium concentrations estimated from specific conductance measurements using the regression technique described in Smith 2013.
REMARKS--Flow affected by regulation of dam 300 ft upstream at outflow of Cambridge Reservoir.
COOPERATION BY--Cambridge Water Department

Daily and unit values precipitation data are calibrated and quality assured prior to publication by the Massachusetts-Rhode Island Water Science Center. Data are available upon request.

Photo of Hobbs Brook Streamflow and Precipitation Gages

Available Parameters Available Period
All 15 Available Parameters for this site
00010 Temperature, water 2007-10-01  2019-09-16
00010 Temperature, water, GATE HOUSE 2015-09-10  2019-09-16
00020 Temperature, air 2007-10-01  2019-09-16
00045 Precipitation 2009-10-23  2019-09-16
00060 Discharge 1997-10-01  2019-09-16
00062 Elevation, reservoir, GATE HOUSE 2007-10-01  2019-09-16
00065 Gage height 2007-10-01  2019-09-16
00095 Specific cond at 25C 2007-10-01  2019-09-16
00095 Specific cond at 25C, GATE HOUSE 2015-09-10  2019-09-16
00300 Dissolved oxygen, GATE HOUSE 2015-09-10  2019-09-16
62361 Chlorophyll, in situ, GATE HOUSE 2015-09-10  2019-09-16
63680 Turbidity, Form Neph, GATE HOUSE 2015-09-10  2019-09-16
72022 Reservoir storage, GATE HOUSE 2010-10-01  2019-09-16
99398 Sodium, wf, estim. 2012-05-17  2019-09-16
99404 Chloride, wf, estim 2009-10-23  2019-09-16

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Elevation of reservoir water surface above datum, feet, GATE HOUSE

Most recent instantaneous value: 180.20 09-16-2019   22:45 EDT
Graph of  Elevation of reservoir water surface above datum, feet

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Reservoir storage, million gallons, GATE HOUSE

Most recent instantaneous value: 2320.2 09-16-2019   22:45 EDT
Graph of  Reservoir storage, million gallons

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