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NOTE: During winter months, stage and discharge may be significantly affected by backwater from ice, resulting in incorrect discharge data. Consequently, discharge data may not be displayed during periods of ice effect. Click here for more information.

Current Conditions for Minnesota: Groundwater -- 12 site(s) found


Water levels below land surface (BLS) are accurate to ±0.01 feet; differences are also accurate to ±0.01 feet. Water levels above the North American Vertical Datum of 1988 (sea level) are calculated by subtracting water levels, BLS from the land surface elevation (accuracy is site-dependent).

Groundwater temperature is accurate to between ±0.1–1.0°C depend on site; differences are accurate to ±0.1°C. Temperature is depth-dependent. Therefore, temperatures at different depths are stored in separate data sets, which specify the measurement depth.

Precipitation is accurate to ±0.01 inches except during freezing periods (about December through early April). Rain gages are unheated and uncovered. Precipitation recorded during freezing periods can be caused by snow (previously accumulated in the rain gage) melting in the gage funnel during warm periods and does NOT represent actual precipitation at the time of recording. Precipitation recorded during freezing periods likely underestimates actual precipitation because the gage funnel may be full of snow (preventing further accumulation) or because snow in the funnel may sublimate or blow out instead of melting through the gage.

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Station name Date/Time Depth
Group Beltrami County
473425095052302 419C Bemidji Toxics Research Site  07/24 15:30 CDT 28.29 1,391.47 
473425095052602 604B Bemidji Toxics Research Site 0000273836  05/30 21:00 CDT Eqp Eqp 
473426095052401 9015 Bemidji Toxics Research Site  07/24 16:30 CDT 21.08 1,391.82 
473423095053301 WLN04 Bemidji Toxics Research 310D 0000273825  10/01 22:00 CDT 29.70 1,392.92 
Group Cottonwood County
435239095074801 WLN07 105N36W23DCCCBC01 Windom D28 0000620728  09/26 15:00 CDT 15.73 1,344.05 
Group Douglas County
455927095123101 WLN03 129N36W15BBBB 02 Belle River 0000708358  10/01 20:00 CDT 7.99 1,339.57 
Group Itasca County
474921093144001 WLN01 062N23W26CDCDAB01 Togo 0000612778  10/01 22:00 CDT 23.19 1,373.96 
Group Olmsted County
435723092171801 WLN10 106N12W29ACCC 01 Marion CRN 0000817784  10/01 22:15 CDT 14.55 1,239.95 
Group Polk County
474126096165301 WLN06 149N44W27CDBB 01 G12-R 0000620672  10/01 22:00 CDT 7.28 1,119.14 
Group Redwood County
443053094591001 LS-502 112N34W07CCCCBD01 LS-O01, recorder, LSIC  10/01 19:00 CDT 47.81 924.66 
Group St. Louis County
474428091594601 WLN08 61N13W28ADBB01 Babbitt CRN 0000786137  10/01 22:00 CDT 3.17 1,474.90 
Group Sherburne County
452012093412701 WLN05 033N27W22BCD 01 ALUS-33 0000685849  10/01 22:00 CDT 16.84 918.46 

Data status codes:
  --     Parameter not determined
  Eqp     Equipment malfunction