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Operated in cooperation with the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District with USGS matching funds.

For paddling the creek, the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District suggests a streamflow (also known as discharge) rate between 75-150 cubic feet per second, depending on experience. More information is available from the MCWD web page here or at the link above.

USGS WaterWatch's "Site Dashboard" provides seasonal and other context-oriented information about current and historical streamflow.

Precipitation data are temporary and will only be displayed for 120 days. Retrievals of older data will not be available. Although rainfall instrumentation is calibrated least annually, the temporary classification means that documented routine inspections and other quality assurance measures may not be performed that would make the data suitable for archival, retrieval, or future use in general scientific or interpretive studies.

Click on the static or time-lapse images below to download or view larger versions from the Storm Summary Time Lapse web page.

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This station managed by the Mounds View Field Office.

Available Parameters Available Period
2010-10-01  2023-11-30
2023-08-02  2023-11-30
2006-10-01  2023-11-30
2007-10-01  2023-11-30
2010-10-01  2023-11-30
2020-11-30  2023-11-30


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Summary of all available data for this site
Instantaneous-data availability statement
Discharge, cubic feet per second
TIMENov 23Nov 24Nov 25Nov 26Nov 27Nov 28Nov 29Nov 30
00:00 CST7.99P  7.44P  8.27P  7.71P  7.18P  6.92P  7.18P  7.44P  
00:15 CST7.99P  7.44P  8.27P  7.71P  7.18P  6.92P  7.18P  7.18P  
00:30 CST7.99P  7.44P  8.27P  7.71P  7.18P  6.92P  7.18P  7.18P  
00:45 CST7.99P  7.44P  8.27P  7.71P  7.18P  6.92P  7.18P  7.18P  
01:00 CST7.99P  7.18P  8.27P  7.71P  7.18P  6.68P  7.18P  7.18P  
01:15 CST7.99P  7.18P  8.27P  7.71P  7.18P  6.68P  7.18P  7.18P  
01:30 CST7.71P  7.18P  8.27P  7.71P  7.18P  6.68P  6.92P  7.18P  
01:45 CST7.99P  7.18P  8.27P  7.71P  7.18P  6.68P  6.92P  7.18P  
02:00 CST7.71P  7.18P  8.27P  7.71P  7.18P  6.68P  6.92P  6.92P  
02:15 CST7.99P  7.18P  8.27P  7.71P  6.92P  6.68P  6.92P  6.92P  
02:30 CST7.99P  7.18P  8.27P  7.71P  6.92P  6.68P  6.92P  6.92P  
02:45 CST7.99P  7.18P  8.27P  7.71P  6.92P  6.68P  6.92P  6.92P  
03:00 CST7.99P  7.18P  8.27P  7.71P  6.92P  6.68P  6.92P  6.92P  
03:15 CST7.99P  7.18P  8.27P  7.71P  6.92P  6.68P  6.92P  6.92P  
03:30 CST7.99P  7.18P  8.27P  7.71P  6.92P  6.68P  6.92P  6.92P  
03:45 CST7.99P  7.18P  8.27P  7.71P  6.92P  6.68P  6.92P  6.92P  
04:00 CST7.99P  7.18P  8.27P  7.71P  6.92P  6.68P  6.92P  6.68P  
04:15 CST7.99P  7.18P  8.27P  7.71P  6.92P  6.68P  6.92P  6.68P  
04:30 CST7.99P  7.18P  8.27P  7.71P  6.92P  6.92P  6.92P  6.68P  
04:45 CST7.71P  7.18P  8.27P  7.71P  6.92P  6.92P  6.92P  6.68P  
05:00 CST7.99P  7.18P  8.27P  7.71P  6.92P  6.92P  6.92P  6.68P  
05:15 CST7.99P  7.18P  8.27P  7.71P  6.68P  6.92P  6.92P  6.68P  
05:30 CST7.71P  7.18P  8.57P  7.71P  6.68P  6.92P  6.92P  6.68P  
05:45 CST7.71P  7.18P  8.57P  7.71P  6.68P  6.92P  6.92P  6.68P  
06:00 CST7.71P  7.18P  8.57P  7.44P  6.68P  7.18P  6.92P  6.68P  
06:15 CST7.71P  7.18P  8.57P  7.71P  6.68P  7.18P  6.92P  6.68P  
06:30 CST7.71P  7.18P  8.57P  7.71P  6.68P  7.18P  6.92P  6.68P  
06:45 CST7.71P  7.18P  8.57P  7.71P  6.44P  7.18P  6.92P  6.68P  
07:00 CST7.71P  7.18P  8.57P  7.71P  6.44P  7.18P  6.92P  6.68P  
07:15 CST7.71P  7.18P  8.57P  7.71P  6.44P  7.18P  6.92P  6.68P  
07:30 CST7.71P  7.18P  8.57P  7.71P  6.20P  7.18P  6.92P  6.68P  
07:45 CST7.71P  7.18P  8.57P  7.44P  6.20P  7.18P  6.92P  6.68P  
08:00 CST7.71P  7.18P  8.57P  7.71P  6.20P  7.18P  6.92P  6.68P  
08:15 CST7.71P  7.18P  8.57P  7.71P  6.20P  7.18P  6.92P  6.68P  
08:30 CST7.71P  7.18P  8.57P  7.71P  6.20P  7.18P  6.68P  6.68P  
08:45 CST7.71P  7.18P  8.57P  7.44P  5.98P  7.18P  6.68P  6.68P  
09:00 CST7.71P  7.18P  8.57P  7.71P  5.98P  7.18P  6.68P  6.68P  
09:15 CST7.71P  7.18P  8.57P  7.71P  5.98P  7.18P  6.68P  6.68P  
09:30 CST7.71P  7.18P  8.57P  7.44P  5.98P  7.18P  6.68P  6.68P  
09:45 CST7.71P  7.18P  8.57P  7.71P  5.98P  7.18P  6.68P  6.68P  
10:00 CST7.71P  7.18P  8.57P  7.44P  5.98P  7.18P  6.68P  6.68P  
10:15 CST7.71P  7.18P  8.57P  7.44P  5.98P  7.18P  6.68P  6.68P  
10:30 CST7.71P  7.18P  8.57P  7.71P  6.20P  7.18P  6.68P  6.68P  
10:45 CST7.71P  7.18P  8.57P  7.71P  6.20P  7.18P  6.68P  6.68P  
11:00 CST7.71P  7.18P  8.27P  7.44P  6.20P  7.18P  6.68P  6.68P  
11:15 CST7.71P  7.18P  8.27P  7.44P  6.20P  7.18P  6.92P  6.68P  
11:30 CST7.71P  7.18P  8.27P  7.44P  6.44P  7.18P  6.68P  6.68P  
11:45 CST7.44P  7.18P  8.27P  7.44P  6.44P  7.18P  6.92P  6.68P  
12:00 CST7.71P  7.18P  8.27P  7.44P  6.44P  7.18P  6.68P  6.68P  
12:15 CST7.71P  7.18P  8.27P  7.44P  6.44P  7.18P  6.92P  6.68P  
12:30 CST7.44P  7.44P  8.27P  7.71P  6.44P  7.18P  6.92P  6.68P  
12:45 CST7.71P  7.44P  8.27P  7.71P  6.44P  7.18P  6.92P  6.68P  
13:00 CST7.71P  7.44P  8.27P  7.71P  6.44P  7.18P  6.92P  6.68P  
13:15 CST7.71P  7.44P  8.27P  7.71P  6.44P  7.18P  6.92P  6.68P  
13:30 CST7.71P  7.44P  8.27P  7.71P  6.44P  7.18P  6.92P  6.68P  
13:45 CST7.71P  7.44P  8.27P  7.71P  6.44P  7.18P  6.92P  6.68P  
14:00 CST7.71P  7.44P  8.27P  7.71P  6.44P  7.18P  7.18P  6.68P  
14:15 CST7.71P  7.44P  8.27P  7.71P  6.44P  7.18P  7.18P  6.68P  
14:30 CST7.71P  7.44P  8.27P  7.71P  6.44P  7.18P  7.18P  6.68P  
14:45 CST7.71P  7.44P  8.27P  7.71P  6.44P  7.18P  7.18P  6.68P  
15:00 CST7.71P  7.44P  8.27P  7.44P  6.44P  7.18P  7.18P  6.68P  
15:15 CST7.71P  7.44P  8.27P  7.71P  6.44P  7.18P  7.18P  6.68P  
15:30 CST7.71P  7.44P  8.27P  7.71P  6.68P  7.18P  7.18P  6.68P  
15:45 CST7.44P  7.71P  8.27P  7.71P  6.68P  7.18P  7.18P  6.68P  
16:00 CST7.71P  7.71P  8.27P  7.71P  6.68P  7.18P  7.18P  6.68P  
16:15 CST7.44P  7.71P  8.27P  7.71P  6.68P  7.18P  7.18P  6.68P  
16:30 CST7.71P  7.71P  8.27P  7.71P  6.68P  7.18P  7.18P  6.68P  
16:45 CST7.71P  7.71P  7.99P  7.71P  6.68P  7.18P  6.92P  6.68P  
17:00 CST7.44P  7.71P  7.99P  7.71P  6.68P  7.18P  6.92P  6.68P  
17:15 CST7.71P  7.71P  7.99P  7.71P  6.68P  7.18P  6.92P  6.68P  
17:30 CST7.44P  7.71P  7.99P  7.71P  6.68P  7.18P  6.92P  6.68P  
17:45 CST7.44P  7.71P  7.99P  7.71P  6.68P  7.18P  6.92P  6.68P  
18:00 CST7.44P  7.71P  7.99P  7.71P  6.68P  7.18P  6.92P  6.68P  
18:15 CST7.44P  7.71P  7.99P  7.71P  6.68P  7.18P  6.92P  6.92P  
18:30 CST7.44P  7.71P  7.99P  7.71P  6.68P  7.18P  6.92P  6.92P  
18:45 CST7.44P  7.71P  7.99P  7.71P  6.68P  7.18P  6.92P  6.68P  
19:00 CST7.44P  7.99P  7.99P  7.71P  6.68P  7.44P  6.92P  6.68P  
19:15 CST7.44P  7.99P  7.99P  7.71P  6.68P  7.18P  6.68P  6.92P  
19:30 CST7.44P  7.99P  7.99P  7.71P  6.68P  7.18P  6.68P  6.92P  
19:45 CST7.44P  7.99P  7.99P  7.44P  6.68P  7.18P  6.68P  6.92P  
20:00 CST7.44P  7.99P  7.99P  7.44P  6.68P  7.18P  6.68P  6.92P  
20:15 CST7.44P  7.99P  7.99P  7.44P  6.92P  7.18P  6.92P  6.92P  
20:30 CST7.44P  7.99P  7.99P  7.44P  6.92P  7.18P  7.44P  6.92P  
20:45 CST7.44P  7.99P  7.99P  7.44P  6.92P  7.18P  7.44P  6.92P  
21:00 CST7.44P  7.99P  7.99P  7.44P  6.92P  7.18P  7.44P  6.92P  
21:15 CST7.44P  8.27P  7.99P  7.44P  6.92P  7.18P  7.44P  6.92P  
21:30 CST7.44P  7.99P  7.99P  7.44P  6.92P  7.18P  7.44P  6.92P  
21:45 CST7.44P  7.99P  7.99P  7.44P  6.92P  7.18P  7.18P  6.92P  
22:00 CST7.44P  8.27P  7.99P  7.44P  6.92P  7.18P  7.18P  6.92P  
22:15 CST7.44P  8.27P  7.99P  7.44P  6.92P  7.18P  7.18P   
22:30 CST7.44P  7.99P  7.99P  7.18P  6.92P  7.18P  7.18P   
22:45 CST7.44P  8.27P  7.99P  7.18P  6.92P  7.18P  6.92P   
23:00 CST7.44P  8.27P  7.99P  7.18P  6.92P  7.18P  7.18P   
23:15 CST7.44P  8.27P  7.71P  7.18P  6.92P  7.18P  7.18P   
23:30 CST7.44P  8.27P  7.71P  7.18P  6.92P  7.18P  7.44P   
23:45 CST7.44P  8.27P  7.71P  7.18P  6.92P  7.18P  7.44P   

  P  Provisional data subject to revision.