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05137500 - Rainy River at Wheeler's Point, MN will be discontinued Oct. 1, 2018

For more information please click on the "Questions about sites/data" link near the bottom of this page or call 763-783-3100.

See map of locations of threatened gage(s) nationally.

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Minnehaha Creek Watershed District logo

Operated in cooperation with the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District

The precipitation data for this station are temporary and will only be displayed for 120 days. Time-series data or cumulative daily values will NOT be available for retrieval following the 120-day display period. Although the rainfall instrumentation will be calibrated at least annually, the temporary classification means that documented routine inspections and other quality assurance measures may not be performed that would make the data acceptable for archival, retrieval, or future use in general scientific or interpretive studies.

For canoeing the creek, the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District suggests a streamflow rate (also referred to as discharge or flow rate) between 75-150 cubic feet per second, depending on experience. More information is available from their web page here or at the link above.

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Time-lapse video products are considered a proof of concept with no guarantee regarding product up time. Time-lapse videos can be viewed using Chrome, Firefox or Opera browser application on smartphone, tablet, desktop and laptop devices. Additional browser support for Safari and Internet Explorer may be added later.

Any use of trade, firm, or product names is for descriptive purposes only and does not imply endorsement by the U.S. Government.

This station managed by the Mounds View Field Office.

Available Parameters Available Period
All 5 Available Parameters for this site
00010 Temperature, water 2010-10-01  2019-03-19
00045 Precipitation 2018-11-19  2019-03-19
00060 Discharge 2006-10-01  2019-03-19
00065 Gage height 2018-11-19  2019-03-19
00095 Specific cond at 25C 2010-10-01  2019-03-19

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End date

Summary of all available data for this site
Instantaneous-data availability statement
Discharge, cubic feet per second
TIMEMar 12Mar 13Mar 14Mar 15Mar 16Mar 17Mar 18Mar 19
00:00 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  IceP  200P  150P  132P  134P  
00:15 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  IceP  199P  149P  132P  133P  
00:30 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  IceP  196P  148P  131P  131P  
00:45 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  IceP  196P  147P  131P  131P  
01:00 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  IceP  193P  146P  130P  131P  
01:15 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  IceP  192P  145P  129P  130P  
01:30 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  IceP  191P  142P  129P  129P  
01:45 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  IceP  189P  142P  128P  128P  
02:00 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  IceP  188P  141P  128P  127P  
02:15 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  IceP  187P  140P  127P  127P  
02:30 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  IceP  187P  139P  126P  126P  
02:45 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  IceP  185P  137P  125P  125P  
03:00 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  IceP  184P  137P  124P  125P  
03:15 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  IceP  181P  136P  122P  124P  
03:30 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  IceP  180P  134P  122P  124P  
03:45 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  IceP  179P  133P  122P  122P  
04:00 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  IceP  178P  133P  121P  122P  
04:15 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  IceP  175P  131P  120P  121P  
04:30 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  IceP  174P  131P  119P  120P  
04:35 CDT IceP        
04:45 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  IceP  172P  129P  118P  120P  
05:00 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  IceP  171P  128P  118P  119P  
05:15 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  IceP  170P  128P  116P  119P  
05:30 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  IceP  167P  127P  116P  118P  
05:40 CDT  IceP       
05:45 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  IceP  166P  126P  115P  117P  
05:50 CDT  IceP       
05:55 CDT  IceP       
06:00 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  IceP  165P  125P  115P  116P  
06:05 CDT  IceP       
06:10 CDT  IceP       
06:15 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  245P  164P  125P  113P  116P  
06:20 CDT  IceP       
06:25 CDT  IceP       
06:30 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  244P  161P  124P  113P  115P  
06:35 CDT  IceP       
06:40 CDT  IceP       
06:45 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  241P  160P  122P  112P  115P  
06:50 CDT  IceP       
07:00 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  238P  159P  122P  111P  115P  
07:15 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  238P  159P  121P  110P  114P  
07:30 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  235P  156P  120P  110P  114P  
07:45 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  232P  154P  119P  109P  113P  
07:55 CDT  IceP       
08:00 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  229P  153P  119P  108P  112P  
08:15 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  226P  152P  118P  107P  111P  
08:30 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  224P  150P  117P  106P  111P  
08:45 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  221P  149P  117P  105P  110P  
09:00 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  220P  148P  117P  105P  110P  
09:10 CDT  IceP       
09:15 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  217P  146P  116P  103P  109P  
09:30 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  214P  146P  116P  103P  109P  
09:45 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  214P  143P  116P  102P  109P  
10:00 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  211P  143P  115P  102P  109P  
10:15 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  210P  142P  115P  101P  108P  
10:30 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  207P  141P  114P  101P  108P  
10:45 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  207P  140P  114P  100P  108P  
11:00 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  206P  139P  114P  100P  109P  
11:10 CDT  IceP       
11:15 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  209P  138P  114P  99.5P  102P  
11:25 CDT  IceP       
11:30 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  204P  138P  114P  99.5P  109P  
11:40 CDT  IceP       
11:45 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  204P  137P  114P  99.5P  110P  
11:50 CDT IceP  IceP       
12:00 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  206P  136P  114P  100P  110P  
12:10 CDTIceP         
12:15 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  204P  137P  113P  100P  119P  
12:30 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  207P  136P  111P  101P  120P  
12:40 CDTIceP         
12:45 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  209P  136P  97.5P  102P  120P  
12:50 CDTIceP         
12:55 CDTIceP         
13:00 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  211P  137P  107P  105P  121P  
13:05 CDTIceP         
13:15 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  210P  138P  116P  107P  124P  
13:25 CDTIceP  IceP        
13:30 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  213P  134P  115P  107P  126P  
13:45 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  214P  140P  117P  110P  129P  
13:50 CDT IceP        
13:55 CDTIceP         
14:00 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  216P  142P  118P  111P  131P  
14:15 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  217P  143P  117P  115P  134P  
14:30 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  220P  147P  118P  117P  138P  
14:35 CDT IceP        
14:40 CDT IceP        
14:45 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  220P  148P  119P  120P  142P  
14:50 CDT IceP  IceP       
14:55 CDT IceP        
15:00 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  223P  146P  121P  121P  146P  
15:10 CDT IceP  IceP       
15:15 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  224P  149P  124P  125P  149P  
15:25 CDT  IceP       
15:30 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  226P  152P  125P  129P  150P  
15:35 CDT  IceP       
15:45 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  226P  149P  127P  130P  146P  
15:50 CDT IceP        
15:55 CDT IceP        
16:00 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  227P  158P  124P  131P  152P  
16:05 CDT IceP        
16:15 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  227P  162P  131P  133P  150P  
16:30 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  230P  165P  134P  134P  160P  
16:40 CDTIceP         
16:45 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  230P  166P  136P  137P  170P  
16:50 CDTIceP         
16:55 CDTIceP   IceP       
17:00 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  229P  167P  137P  137P  145P  
17:05 CDTIceP   IceP       
17:10 CDTIceP         
17:15 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  230P  170P  137P  134P  167P  
17:20 CDTIceP   IceP       
17:25 CDT IceP        
17:30 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  230P  170P  138P  140P  178P  
17:40 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP       
17:45 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  229P  171P  137P  141P  178P  
17:50 CDTIceP  IceP        
17:55 CDT IceP        
18:00 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  230P  170P  138P  140P  166P  
18:05 CDTIceP   IceP       
18:10 CDT IceP        
18:15 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  229P  171P  140P  141P  174P  
18:30 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  229P  171P  139P  141P  185P  
18:35 CDT IceP        
18:45 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  229P  170P  140P  141P  183P  
18:50 CDT IceP        
18:55 CDTIceP   IceP       
19:00 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  227P  170P  140P  141P  187P  
19:10 CDTIceP         
19:15 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  227P  170P  140P  140P  185P  
19:20 CDT  IceP       
19:30 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  226P  169P  141P  141P  181P  
19:35 CDT  IceP       
19:45 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  226P  169P  141P  141P  181P  
20:00 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  224P  169P  141P  141P  183P  
20:15 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  224P  167P  140P  141P  183P  
20:20 CDT  IceP       
20:30 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  221P  166P  140P  141P  183P  
20:45 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  220P  165P  140P  140P  183P  
20:55 CDT  IceP       
21:00 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  219P  165P  140P  140P  183P  
21:15 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  220P  164P  139P  141P  184P  
21:25 CDT  IceP       
21:30 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  216P  162P  139P  140P  183P  
21:35 CDT  IceP       
21:45 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  214P  161P  139P  139P  183P  
21:55 CDT  IceP       
22:00 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  214P  161P  138P  139P  181P  
22:10 CDT  IceP       
22:15 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  211P  159P  137P  138P   
22:30 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  210P  158P  137P  138P   
22:45 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  209P  156P  136P  137P   
23:00 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  207P  156P  136P  137P   
23:15 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  206P  154P  134P  136P   
23:30 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  203P  153P  133P  136P   
23:45 CDTIceP  IceP  IceP  203P  152P  133P  134P   
23:55 CDTIceP         

  P  Provisional data subject to revision.