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The North Carolina offices of the USGS South Atlantic Water Science Center transitioned to a new data management software package the week of May 1, 2017. While you may not notice this transition, some sites may have problems or delays in being updated. We are actively monitoring these conditions and will resolve them as quickly as possible. See the December 8th news entry for more information at: https://help.waterdata.usgs.gov/news



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Corps of Engineers Logo This station is operated in cooperation with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Forecasts for gage height (stage) are available for this station through the National Weather Service's River Forecast Center.

Boating safety tips
This station managed by the South Atlantic WSC Raleigh Field Office.

Available Parameters Available Period
All 1 Available Parameters for this site
00065 Gage height 2007-10-01  2017-06-23

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Summary of all available data for this site
Instantaneous-data availability statement
Gage height, feet
TIMEJun 16Jun 17Jun 18Jun 19Jun 20Jun 21Jun 22Jun 23
00:00 EDT5.76P  5.35P  12.56P  9.83P  7.47P  7.92P  10.22P  12.49P  
00:15 EDT5.76P  5.34P  12.53P  9.79P  7.45P  7.95P  10.24P  12.51P  
00:30 EDT5.76P  5.33P  12.52P  9.76P  7.45P  7.97P  10.26P  12.53P  
00:45 EDT5.76P  5.33P  12.49P  9.72P  7.43P  7.99P  10.27P  12.54P  
01:00 EDT5.76P  5.33P  12.46P  9.69P  7.42P  8.01P  10.28P  12.55P  
01:15 EDT5.76P  5.32P  12.43P  9.65P  7.42P  8.02P  10.29P  12.56P  
01:30 EDT5.76P  5.32P  12.40P  9.62P  7.40P  8.04P  10.30P  12.57P  
01:45 EDT5.76P  5.31P  12.37P  9.59P  7.39P  8.06P  10.32P  12.58P  
02:00 EDT5.76P  5.31P  12.35P  9.55P  7.37P  8.07P  10.34P  12.60P  
02:15 EDT5.75P  5.30P  12.32P  9.52P  7.36P  8.08P  10.35P  12.61P  
02:30 EDT5.75P  5.30P  12.29P  9.49P  7.34P  8.09P  10.37P  12.62P  
02:45 EDT5.75P  5.30P  12.26P  9.46P  7.32P  8.10P  10.38P  12.62P  
03:00 EDT5.75P  5.30P  12.24P  9.43P  7.30P  8.11P  10.40P  12.63P  
03:15 EDT5.74P  5.29P  12.21P  9.39P  7.29P  8.12P  10.42P  12.65P  
03:30 EDT5.74P  5.29P  12.19P  9.36P  7.27P  8.13P  10.44P  12.66P  
03:45 EDT5.74P  5.29P  12.16P  9.33P  7.25P  8.14P  10.46P  12.67P  
04:00 EDT5.73P  5.29P  12.13P  9.30P  7.22P  8.15P  10.48P  12.68P  
04:15 EDT5.73P  5.29P  12.10P  9.27P  7.21P  8.15P  10.50P  12.69P  
04:30 EDT5.72P  5.29P  12.08P  9.24P  7.20P  8.15P  10.51P  12.71P  
04:45 EDT5.73P  5.29P  12.06P  9.21P  7.22P  8.16P  10.54P  12.70P  
05:00 EDT5.72P  5.29P  12.03P  9.19P  7.23P  8.15P  10.56P  12.72P  
05:15 EDT5.72P  5.29P  12.01P  9.15P  7.25P  8.17P  10.58P  12.72P  
05:30 EDT5.71P  5.29P  12.00P  9.13P  7.26P  8.16P  10.61P  12.72P  
05:45 EDT5.71P  5.30P  11.96P  9.10P  7.25P  8.16P  10.64P  12.74P  
06:00 EDT5.71P  5.30P  11.96P  9.07P  7.24P  8.17P  10.67P  12.74P  
06:15 EDT5.71P  5.30P  11.93P  9.04P  7.23P  8.17P  10.69P  12.77P  
06:30 EDT5.70P  5.29P  11.92P  9.02P  7.22P  8.18P  10.72P  12.76P  
06:45 EDT5.70P  5.29P  11.91P  8.99P  7.22P  8.19P  10.74P  12.78P  
07:00 EDT5.70P  5.30P  11.88P  8.97P  7.21P  8.20P  10.78P  12.77P  
07:15 EDT5.70P  5.30P  11.86P  8.94P  7.21P  8.21P  10.81P  12.78P  
07:30 EDT5.69P  5.31P  11.85P  8.92P  7.19P  8.23P  10.84P  12.79P  
07:45 EDT5.69P  5.32P  11.82P  8.89P  7.18P  8.25P  10.87P  12.79P  
08:00 EDT5.69P  5.33P  11.82P  8.87P  7.18P  8.27P  10.91P  12.80P  
08:15 EDT5.69P  5.34P  11.80P  8.84P  7.17P  8.29P  10.94P  12.81P  
08:30 EDT5.69P  5.37P  11.78P  8.82P  7.17P  8.32P  10.97P  12.81P  
08:45 EDT5.69P  5.42P  11.76P  8.79P  7.16P  8.35P  11.01P  12.81P  
09:00 EDT5.69P  5.54P  11.75P  8.77P  7.16P  8.38P  11.04P  12.82P  
09:15 EDT5.69P  5.71P  11.73P  8.73P  7.16P  8.43P  11.09P  12.84P  
09:30 EDT5.70P  5.97P  11.72P  8.71P  7.15P  8.47P  11.12P  12.84P  
09:45 EDT5.69P  6.31P  11.70P  8.68P  7.15P  8.51P  11.16P  12.85P  
10:00 EDT5.69P  6.72P  11.70P  8.65P  7.15P  8.56P  11.19P  12.87P  
10:15 EDT5.69P  7.15P  11.67P  8.62P  7.15P  8.60P  11.22P  12.86P  
10:30 EDT5.68P  7.56P  11.65P  8.60P  7.15P  8.66P  11.27P  12.86P  
10:45 EDT5.67P  7.98P  11.64P  8.57P  7.14P  8.71P  11.29P  12.88P  
11:00 EDT5.66P  8.37P  11.61P  8.54P  7.14P  8.77P  11.32P  12.88P  
11:15 EDT5.66P  8.73P  11.59P  8.52P  7.14P  8.81P  11.38P  12.89P  
11:30 EDT5.65P  9.06P  11.56P  8.50P  7.14P  8.87P  11.41P  12.89P  
11:45 EDT5.64P  9.36P  11.55P  8.46P  7.15P  8.93P  11.43P  12.90P  
12:00 EDT5.63P  9.63P  11.52P  8.43P  7.15P  8.98P  11.47P  12.90P  
12:15 EDT5.63P  9.89P  11.49P  8.39P  7.14P  9.03P  11.51P  12.88P  
12:30 EDT5.62P  10.12P  11.48P  8.37P  7.14P  9.09P  11.53P   
12:45 EDT5.62P  10.32P  11.45P  8.34P  7.13P  9.13P  11.56P   
13:00 EDT5.61P  10.50P  11.43P  8.32P  7.13P  9.18P  11.59P   
13:15 EDT5.60P  10.68P  11.40P  8.28P  7.12P  9.23P  11.62P   
13:30 EDT5.60P  10.83P  11.38P  8.26P  7.12P  9.27P  11.64P   
13:45 EDT5.59P  10.98P  11.34P  8.22P  7.12P  9.32P  11.69P   
14:00 EDT5.59P  11.12P  11.32P  8.19P  7.11P  9.37P  11.72P   
14:15 EDT5.59P  11.25P  11.29P  8.16P  7.11P  9.41P  11.75P   
14:30 EDT5.57P  11.36P  11.26P  8.14P  7.10P  9.45P  11.78P   
14:45 EDT5.57P  11.47P  11.23P  8.10P  7.10P  9.49P  11.79P   
15:00 EDT5.57P  11.57P  11.20P  8.07P  7.10P  9.52P  11.83P   
15:15 EDT5.56P  11.66P  11.17P  8.05P  7.10P  9.57P  11.85P   
15:30 EDT5.55P  11.74P  11.13P  8.02P  7.10P  9.60P  11.87P   
15:45 EDT5.55P  11.83P  11.11P  7.99P  7.11P  9.63P  11.90P   
16:00 EDT5.54P  11.89P  11.07P  7.96P  7.11P  9.66P  11.93P   
16:15 EDT5.54P  11.96P  11.03P  7.93P  7.12P  9.68P  11.95P   
16:30 EDT5.53P  12.05P  11.00P  7.90P  7.12P  9.71P  11.98P   
16:45 EDT5.53P  12.11P  10.97P  7.87P  7.13P  9.73P  11.99P   
17:00 EDT5.52P  12.18P  10.94P  7.84P  7.14P  9.76P  12.03P   
17:15 EDT5.51P  12.24P  10.90P  7.82P  7.15P  9.79P  12.03P   
17:30 EDT5.51P  12.29P  10.85P  7.80P  7.16P  9.81P  12.06P   
17:45 EDT5.50P  12.34P  10.82P  7.78P  7.17P  9.83P  12.07P   
18:00 EDT5.49P  12.39P  10.78P  7.75P  7.19P  9.85P  12.09P   
18:15 EDT5.49P  12.43P  10.72P  7.72P  7.21P  9.87P  12.12P   
18:30 EDT5.49P  12.47P  10.69P  7.70P  7.23P  9.88P  12.15P   
18:45 EDT5.47P  12.50P  10.65P  7.68P  7.25P  9.89P  12.16P   
19:00 EDT5.45P  12.52P  10.62P  7.67P  7.28P  9.92P  12.18P   
19:15 EDT5.45P  12.56P  10.57P  7.64P  7.31P  9.94P  12.20P   
19:30 EDT5.44P  12.55P  10.54P  7.62P  7.33P  9.96P  12.22P   
19:45 EDT5.43P  12.58P  10.50P  7.61P  7.37P  9.97P  12.25P   
20:00 EDT5.42P  12.60P  10.46P  7.59P  7.40P  9.97P  12.25P   
20:15 EDT5.41P  12.61P  10.41P  7.58P  7.44P  10.00P  12.27P   
20:30 EDT5.41P  12.61P  10.37P  7.57P  7.48P  9.98P  12.28P   
20:45 EDT5.41P  12.63P  10.33P  7.57P  7.51P  10.03P  12.30P   
21:00 EDT5.40P  12.64P  10.29P  7.56P  7.55P  10.06P  12.32P   
21:15 EDT5.40P  12.64P  10.25P  7.55P  7.59P  10.06P  12.34P   
21:30 EDT5.39P  12.65P  10.21P  7.55P  7.62P  10.10P  12.36P   
21:45 EDT5.39P  12.65P  10.17P  7.54P  7.66P  10.11P  12.35P   
22:00 EDT5.39P  12.65P  10.13P  7.52P  7.70P  10.11P  12.37P   
22:15 EDT5.38P  12.65P  10.09P  7.51P  7.72P  10.14P  12.40P   
22:30 EDT5.38P  12.63P  10.05P  7.51P  7.76P  10.15P  12.41P   
22:45 EDT5.37P  12.62P  10.01P  7.50P  7.79P  10.17P  12.43P   
23:00 EDT5.37P  12.61P  9.97P  7.50P  7.82P  10.18P  12.45P   
23:15 EDT5.36P  12.60P  9.93P  7.50P  7.85P  10.19P  12.44P   
23:30 EDT5.35P  12.58P  9.91P  7.48P  7.88P  10.20P  12.47P   
23:45 EDT5.35P  12.58P  9.86P  7.47P  7.90P  10.21P  12.49P   

  P  Provisional data subject to revision.