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NOTICE: Starting on January 27, the New Hampshire and Vermont Offices of the New England Water Science Center have transitioned to a new data management software package as part of a national effort. While you may not notice this transition, some sites may have problems or delays being updated. We are actively monitoring these conditions and are resolving them as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience. Please contact Rick Kiah at rkiah@usgs.gov for more information or if concerns.

Current Conditions for New Hampshire: Precipitation -- 17 site(s) found


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Station name Precipitation in inches
during the previous
  1 hour     4 hours     12 hours     24 hours     5 days  
Group Androscoggin River Basin
444657071074401 Errol Precipitation at Errol, New Hampshire 0.15  02/21 00:15 EST 
Group Saco River Basin
01064801 BEARCAMP RIVER AT SOUTH TAMWORTH, NH 0.01  02/21 00:00 EST 
Group Piscataqua River Basin
01073587 EXETER RIVER AT HAIGH ROAD, NEAR BRENTWOOD, NH Ssn  Ssn  Ssn  Ssn  Ssn  02/21 00:15 EST 
430508071091801 Pawtuckaway Meteorologic Station nr Nottingham,NH Ssn  Ssn  Ssn  Ssn  Ssn  09/22 11:45 EDT 
Group Merrimack River Basin
01075000 PEMIGEWASSET RIVER AT WOODSTOCK, NH 2011.8  02/21 00:15 EST 
01089100 SOUCOOK RIVER, AT PEMBROKE ROAD, NEAR CONCORD, NH Ssn  Ssn  Ssn  Ssn  Ssn  02/20 23:30 EST 
01100505 SPICKET RIVER AT NORTH SALEM, NH 0.06  02/20 23:30 EST 
01100561 SPICKET RIVER NEAR METHUEN, MA 0.29  02/20 23:30 EST 
433619071271901 Winnipesaukee Meteorologic Station nr Laconia, NH Ssn  Ssn  Ssn  Ssn  Ssn  09/21 05:30 EST 
Group Connecticut River Basin
01139800 EAST ORANGE BRANCH AT EAST ORANGE, VT Ssn  Ssn  Ssn  Ssn  Ssn  02/20 23:45 EST 
01142500 AYERS BROOK AT RANDOLPH, VT Ssn  Ssn  Ssn  Ssn  Ssn  02/20 23:45 EST 
01150900 OTTAUQUECHEE RIVER NEAR WEST BRIDGEWATER, VT Ssn  Ssn  Ssn  Ssn  Ssn  02/20 23:30 EST 
Group St. Lawrence River Basin
04282525 NEW HAVEN RIVER @ BROOKSVILLE, NR MIDDLEBURY, VT Ssn  Ssn  Ssn  Ssn  Ssn  02/20 23:30 EST 
04288000 MAD RIVER NEAR MORETOWN, VT Ssn  Ssn  Ssn  Ssn  Ssn  02/21 00:00 EST 
04293000 MISSISQUOI RIVER NEAR NORTH TROY, VT Eqp  Eqp  Eqp  Eqp  Eqp  02/20 23:30 EST 
04293500 MISSISQUOI RIVER NEAR EAST BERKSHIRE, VT Ssn  Ssn  Ssn  Ssn  Ssn  02/20 23:45 EST 

Data status codes:
  --     Parameter not determined
  Eqp     Equipment malfunction
  Ssn     Parameter monitored seasonally