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Site Inventory for New Jersey

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Site Selection Results -- 588 sites found

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Agency Site Number Site Name
USGS 01367690 Franklin Pond Creek at Beaver Lake NJ
USGS 01367800 Papakating Creek at Pellettown NJ
USGS 01367805 Papakating Creek at Roys NJ
USGS 01367900 Clove Brook at Sussex NJ
USGS 01368000 Wallkill River near Unionville Ny
USGS 01376950 Lake Tappan at Old Tappan NJ
USGS 01377000 Hackensack River at Rivervale NJ
USGS 01377360 Pascack Brook at Montvale NJ
USGS 01377370 Pascack Brook at Park Ridge NJ
USGS 01377440 Bear Brook at Park Ridge NJ
USGS 01377450 Woodcliff Lake at Hillsdale NJ
USGS 01377451 Pascack Bk at Woodcliff Lk outlet at Hillsdale NJ
USGS 01377460 Pascack Brook at Hillsdale NJ
USGS 01377475 Musquapsink Brook near Westwood NJ
USGS 01377490 Musquapsink Brook at Westwood NJ
USGS 01377500 Pascack Brook at Westwood NJ
USGS 01378350 Tenakill Bk at Cresskill NJ
USGS 01378385 Tenakill Brook at Closter NJ
USGS 01378480 Oradell Reservoir at Oradell NJ
USGS 01378500 Hackensack River at New Milford NJ
USGS 01378501 Hackensack River below dam at New Milford NJ
USGS 01378550 Van Saun Mill Brook at Oradell NJ
USGS 01378570 Hackensack River at Hackensack NJ
USGS 01378590 Metzler Brook at Englewood NJ
USGS 01378615 Wolf Creek at Ridgefield NJ
USGS 01378626 Hackensack River at NJ Rt 3 near Lyndhurst NJ
USGS 01378690 Passaic River near Bernardsville NJ
USGS 01378708 Penns Brook tributary at Basking Ridge NJ
USGS 01379000 Passaic River near Millington NJ
USGS 01379490 Passaic River tributary at Summit NJ
USGS 01379500 Passaic River near Chatham NJ
USGS 01379520 Cub Brook at Northfield NJ
USGS 01379555 Spring Garden Brook at Madison NJ
USGS 01379580 Passaic River near Hanover Neck NJ
USGS 01379590 North Branch Foulertons Brook at Roseland NJ
USGS 01379630 Russia Brook trib at Milton NJ
USGS 01379699 Rockaway River at NJ Rt 15 at Berkshire Valley NJ
USGS 01379700 Rockaway River at Berkshire Valley NJ
USGS 01379773 Green Pond Brook at Picatinny Arsenal NJ
USGS 01379780 Green Pond Bk blw Picatinny Lk at Picatinny Ars NJ
USGS 01379790 Green Pond Brook at Wharton NJ
USGS 01379845 Rockaway River at Warren Street at Dover NJ
USGS 01379868 Mill Brook at Route 10 at Victory Gardens NJ
USGS 01380000 Beaver Brook at outlet of Splitrock Reservoir NJ
USGS 01380450 Rockaway River at Main Street at Boonton NJ
USGS 01380500 Rockaway River above Reservoir at Boonton NJ
USGS 01380900 Boonton Reservoir at Boonton NJ
USGS 01381000 Rockaway River below Reservoir at Boonton NJ
USGS 01381400 Whippany River near Morristown NJ
USGS 01381496 Whippany River at Lake Pocahontas at Morristown NJ
USGS 01381500 Whippany River at Morristown NJ
USGS 01381510 Whippany R tr 5 at Boulevard Rd at Cedar Knolls NJ
USGS 01381555 Whippany R at Whippany NJ
USGS 01381800 Whippany River near Pine Brook NJ
USGS 01381900 Passaic River at Pine Brook NJ
USGS 01381940 Passaic R at Horse Neck Bridge near Pine Bk NJ
USGS 01381950 Passaic R at Towaco NJ
USGS 01382000 Passaic River at Two Bridges NJ
USGS 01382170 Pequannock River at NJ Route 23 near Oak Ridge NJ
USGS 01382210 Pequannock River at Oak Ridge NJ
USGS 01382270 Pequannock River at NJ Route 23 at Newfoundland NJ
USGS 01382385 Pequannock River at Green Pond Junction NJ
USGS 01382500 Pequannock River at Macopin Intake Dam NJ
USGS 01382800 Pequannock River at Riverdale NJ
USGS 01383000 Greenwood Lake at Awosting NJ
USGS 01383500 Wanaque River at Awosting NJ
USGS 01384000 Wanaque River at Monks NJ
USGS 01384500 Ringwood Creek near Wanaque NJ
USGS 01385000 Cupsaw Bk near Wanaque NJ
USGS 01385500 Erskine Brook near Wanaque NJ
USGS 01386000 West Brook near Wanaque NJ
USGS 01386500 Blue Mine Brook near Wanaque NJ
USGS 01386990 Wanaque Reservoir at Wanaque NJ
USGS 01387000 Wanaque River at Wanaque NJ
USGS 01387450 Mahwah River near Suffern NY
USGS 01387485 Masonicus Brook at Ramsey NJ
USGS 01387500 Ramapo River near Mahwah NJ
USGS 01387605 Ramapo R at Darlington NJ
USGS 01387880 Pond Brook at Oakland NJ
USGS 01387890 Ramapo River downstream of Pond Bk at Oakland NJ
USGS 01387905 Ramapo River at West Oakland Avenue at Oakland NJ
USGS 01387908 Ramapo River at railroad bridge at Oakland NJ
USGS 01387940 Ramapo River at Lakeside Ave at Pompton Lakes NJ
USGS 01387998 Ramapo River above dam at Pompton Lakes NJ
USGS 01388000 Ramapo River at Pompton Lakes NJ
USGS 01388100 Ramapo River at Dawes Highway at Pompton NJ
USGS 01388500 Pompton River at Pompton Plains NJ
USGS 01388700 Beaver Dam Brook at Lincoln Park NJ
USGS 01388910 Pompton River at Mountain View NJ
USGS 01389000 Pompton River at Two Bridges NJ
USGS 01389005 Passaic River below Pompton Riv at Two Bridges NJ
USGS 01389010 Passaic River at I-80 at Singac NJ
USGS 01389030 Preakness (Singac) Brook near Preakness NJ
USGS 01389130 Deepavaal Brook near Fairfield NJ
USGS 01389492 Passaic River abv Beatties Dam at Little Falls NJ
USGS 01389500 Passaic River at Little Falls NJ
USGS 01389530 Peckman River at Verona NJ
USGS 01389534 Peckman River at Ozone Ave at Verona NJ
USGS 01389535 Peckman River at Cedar Grove NJ
USGS 01389550 Peckman River at Little Falls NJ
USGS 01389710 Slippery Rock Bk at Barbour P at Woodland Park NJ
USGS 01389715 Slippery Rock Bk at High Lk out at Woodland Pk NJ
USGS 01389738 Molly Ann Brook tributary near Franklin Lakes NJ
USGS 01389740 Molly Ann Bk at Upper Haledon Re at Haledon NJ
USGS 01389742 Molly Ann Bk at Lower Haldeon Re at Haledon NJ
USGS 01389745 Molly Ann Bk at Sicomac Rd dam in N Haledon NJ
USGS 01389760 Molly Ann Bk at Squaw Lk out at N Haledon NJ
USGS 01389765 Molly Ann Brook at North Haledon NJ
USGS 01389770 Molly Ann Bk at Oldham P out in Haledon NJ
USGS 01389780 Molly Ann Bk at Redwood Av at Paterson NJ
USGS 01389800 Passaic River at Paterson NJ
USGS 01389802 Passaic R at Passaic (Great) Falls at Paterson NJ
USGS 01389817 Goffle Bk at Rambeau P out at Wortendyke NJ
USGS 01389820 Goffle Bk at Maple Lk out at Wortendyke NJ
USGS 01389823 Goffle Bk at Wortendyke P out at Midland Park NJ
USGS 01389828 Goffle Bk at Kenihers Dam at Midland Park NJ
USGS 01389830 Goffle Bk at Midland Park NJ
USGS 01389845 Goffle Bk at Arnold Dam at Hawthorne NJ
USGS 01389890 Passaic River at Dundee Dam at Clifton NJ
USGS 01389900 Fleischer Brook at Market St at Elmwood Park NJ
USGS 01390000 Passaic River at Garfield NJ
USGS 01390450 Saddle River at Upper Saddle River NJ
USGS 01390475 Saddle River at Ho-Ho-Kus NJ
USGS 01390500 Saddle River at Ridgewood NJ
USGS 01390690 Hohokus Bk near Wyckoff NJ
USGS 01390800 Valentine Bk at Allendale NJ
USGS 01390810 Hohokus Brook at Allendale NJ
USGS 01390900 Ramsey Brook at Allendale NJ
USGS 01390940 Hohokus Bk below Whites Lake at Waldwick NJ
USGS 01390950 Hohokus Bk at Waldwick NJ
USGS 01390960 Hohokus Bk at Coles P out at Hohokus NJ
USGS 01391000 Hohokus Brook at Ho-Ho-Kus NJ
USGS 01391040 Hohokus Bk at Ridgewood NJ
USGS 01391102 Saddle River below Hohokus Brook at Paramus NJ
USGS 01391110 Saddle River at Paramus NJ
USGS 01391200 Saddle River at Fair Lawn, NJ
USGS 01391485 Sprout Bk at Rochelle Park NJ
USGS 01391500 Saddle River at Lodi NJ
USGS 01391950 Weasel Brook at Garden State Parkway at Clifton NJ
USGS 01392000 Weasel Brook at Clifton NJ
USGS 01392170 Third River at Bloomfield NJ
USGS 01392210 Third River at Passaic NJ
USGS 01392470 Wigwam Brook at Brighton Av at E Orange NJ
USGS 01392490 Second River at Bloomfield Av at Bloomfield NJ
USGS 01392500 Second River at Belleville NJ
USGS 01392590 Passaic River at Newark NJ
USGS 01392650 Passaic River at PVSC at Newark NJ
USGS 01393000 Elizabeth R at Irvington NJ
USGS 01393100 Elizabeth River at Nye Avenue at Irvington NJ
USGS 01393110 Elizabeth R above Lyons Av at Irvington NJ
USGS 01393150 Elizabeth River at Yale Avenue at Irvington NJ
USGS 01393200 Elizabeth R Bl Chancellor Av Brg at Irvington NJ
USGS 01393450 Elizabeth River at Ursino Lake at Elizabeth NJ
USGS 01393500 Elizabeth River at Elizabeth NJ
USGS 01393510 Elizabeth River at Linden NJ
USGS 01393800 Ef EB Rahway R at West Orange NJ
USGS 01393810 East Fork East Branch Rahway River at Orange NJ
USGS 01393890 East Branch Rahway River at Maplewood NJ
USGS 01393895 East Br Rahway Riv at Millburn Ave at Millburn NJ
USGS 01393900 East Branch Rahway R at Vauxhall Rd at Millburn NJ
USGS 01394000 West Branch Rahway River at Millburn NJ
USGS 01394100 WB Rahway River at Millburn Ave at Millburn NJ
USGS 01394200 Rahway River at Morris Ave at Springfield NJ
USGS 01394400 Van Winkle Bk at Springfield NJ
USGS 01394500 Rahway River near Springfield NJ
USGS 01394620 Rahway River at Kenilworth NJ
USGS 01395000 Rahway River at Rahway NJ
USGS 01395500 Robinsons Branch at Goodmans Crossing NJ
USGS 01396000 Robinsons Branch at Rahway NJ
USGS 01396001 Robinsons Branch at Maple Ave at Rahway NJ
USGS 01396035 Rahway River at US Route 1 at Rahway NJ
USGS 01396050 Spa Spring Creek at Perth Amboy NJ
USGS 01396091 South Br Raritan River at Rt 46 at Budd Lake NJ
USGS 01396152 Flanders Brook at US Route 206 near Flanders NJ
USGS 01396190 South Branch Raritan River at Four Bridges NJ
USGS 01396500 South Branch Raritan River near High Bridge NJ
USGS 01396570 Alpaugh Brook at Hampton NJ
USGS 01396580 Spruce Run at Glen Gardner NJ
USGS 01396582 Spruce Run at Main Street at Glen Gardner NJ
USGS 01396660 Mulhockaway Creek at Van Syckel NJ
USGS 01396790 Spruce Run Reservoir at Clinton NJ
USGS 01396800 Spruce Run at Clinton NJ
USGS 01396810 SB Raritan R at Clinton NJ
USGS 01396900 Capoolong Creek at Lansdowne NJ
USGS 01397000 South Branch Raritan River at Stanton NJ
USGS 01397149 Prescott Bk at Rt 31 near Stanton NJ
USGS 01397300 South Branch Raritan River at Darts Mills NJ
USGS 01397420 SB Raritan R at Black Point Rd at Neshanic Sta NJ
USGS 01397500 Walnut Brook near Flemington NJ
USGS 01398000 Neshanic River at Reaville NJ
USGS 01398045 Back Brook tributary near Ringoes NJ
USGS 01398095 SB Raritan R near Neshanic Station, NJ
USGS 01398107 Holland Brook at Readington NJ
USGS 01398180 India Brook at Mount Freedom NJ
USGS 01398500 North Branch Raritan River near Far Hills NJ
USGS 01398900 North Branch Raritan River at Bedminster NJ
USGS 01399000 NB Raritan R near Pluckemin (Far Hills) NJ
USGS 01399100 Middle Brook at Burnt Mills NJ
USGS 01399190 Lamington (Black) River at Succasunna NJ
USGS 01399200 Lamington (Black) River near Ironia NJ
USGS 01399500 Lamington (Black) River near Pottersville NJ
USGS 01399510 Upper Cold Brook near Pottersville NJ
USGS 01399525 Axle Brook near Pottersville NJ
USGS 01399550 Lamington R near Whitehouse NJ
USGS 01399670 South B Rockaway Creek at Whitehouse Station NJ
USGS 01399690 South Branch Rockaway Creek at Whitehouse NJ
USGS 01399700 Rockaway Creek at Whitehouse NJ
USGS 01399760 Lamington R at Lamington Rd near North Branch NJ
USGS 01399780 Lamington River at Burnt Mills NJ
USGS 01399830 North Branch Raritan River at North Branch NJ
USGS 01400000 North Branch Raritan River near Raritan NJ
USGS 01400010 North Branch Raritan River at South Branch NJ
USGS 01400300 Peters Brook near Raritan NJ
USGS 01400350 Macs Brook at Somerville NJ
USGS 01400360 Peters Brook at Mercer St at Somerville NJ
USGS 01400500 Raritan River at Manville NJ
USGS 01400630 Millstone R at Southfield Rd nr Grovers Mill NJ
USGS 01400730 Millstone River at Plainsboro NJ
USGS 01400775 Bear Brook at Route 535 near Locust Corner NJ
USGS 01400795 Bear Bk at Rt 571 near Grovers Mill NJ
USGS 01400822 Little Bear Brook at Penns Neck NJ
USGS 01400850 Woodsville Bk at Woodsville NJ
USGS 01400900 Stony Brook at Glenmoore NJ
USGS 01400930 Baldwins Creek at Pennington NJ
USGS 01400932 Baldwins Creek at Baldwin Lake nr Pennington NJ
USGS 01400947 Stony Brook at Pennington NJ
USGS 01400950 Hart Brook near Pennington NJ
USGS 01400953 Honey B near Pennington NJ
USGS 01400960 Honey Branch near Mount Rose NJ
USGS 01400970 Honey B near Rosedale NJ
USGS 01401000 Stony Brook at Princeton NJ
USGS 01401160 Duck Pond Run near Princeton Junction NJ
USGS 01401200 Duck Pond Run at Clarksville NJ
USGS 01401301 Millstone River at Carnegie Lake at Princeton NJ
USGS 01401500 Millstone River near Kingston NJ
USGS 01401520 Beden Brook near Hopewell NJ
USGS 01401595 Rock Brook near Blawenburg NJ
USGS 01401600 Beden Brook near Rocky Hill NJ
USGS 01401650 Pike Run at Belle Mead NJ
USGS 01401750 Millstone River at Griggstown NJ
USGS 01401870 Six Mile Run near Middlebush NJ
USGS 01402000 Millstone River at Blackwells Mills NJ
USGS 01402500 Millstone River at Millstone NJ
USGS 01402540 Millstone River at Weston NJ
USGS 01402590 Royce Brook trib at Frankfort NJ
USGS 01402600 Royce Brook tributary near Belle Mead NJ
USGS 01402630 Royce Brook at Hamilton Road near Manville NJ
USGS 01403000 Raritan River at Bound Brook NJ
USGS 01403010 Cuckels Brook at US Rt 22 near Somerville NJ
USGS 01403060 Raritan River below Calco Dam at Bound Brook NJ
USGS 01403080 East Branch Middle Brook near Warrenville NJ
USGS 01403150 West Branch Middle Brook near Martinsville NJ
USGS 01403160 West Branch Middle Brook near Somerville NJ
USGS 01403200 Middle Brook at Bound Brook NJ
USGS 01403340 Cedar Bk at Randolph Rd at Plainfield NJ
USGS 01403395 Blue Bk at Seeleys Pd Dam near Berkeley Heights NJ
USGS 01403400 Green Brook at Seeley Mills NJ
USGS 01403470 Green Bk at North Plainfield NJ
USGS 01403500 Green Brook at Plainfield NJ
USGS 01403530 WB Stony Bk at Watchung Lk Dam at Watchung NJ
USGS 01403535 East Br Stony Brook at Best Lake at Watchung NJ
USGS 01403540 Stony Brook at Watchung NJ
USGS 01403545 Stony Bk near North Plainfield NJ
USGS 01403570 Stony Brook at North Plainfield NJ
USGS 01403600 Green Brook at Rock Avenue at Plainfield NJ
USGS 01403650 Green Bk at Madison Av at Middlesex NJ
USGS 01403700 Green Bk at Dunellen NJ
USGS 01403800 Green Bk at Green Brook NJ
USGS 01403900 Bound Brook at Middlesex NJ
USGS 01404000 Bound Bk at Bound Brook NJ
USGS 01404060 Ambrose Brook at Middlesex NJ
USGS 01404080 Bound Bk at South Bound Brook NJ
USGS 01404100 Raritan River near South Bound Brook NJ
USGS 01404171 Raritan River at NJ Rt 18 at New Brunswick NJ
USGS 01404500 Lawrence Brook at Patricks Corner NJ
USGS 01405000 Lawrence Brook at Farrington Dam NJ
USGS 01405010 Sawmill Brook at South River NJ
USGS 01405030 Lawrence Brook at Westons Mills NJ
USGS 01405300 Matchaponix Brook at Spotswood NJ
USGS 01405304 Manalapan Brook tributary at Smithburg NJ
USGS 01405400 Manalapan Brook at Spotswood NJ
USGS 01405500 South River at Old Bridge NJ
USGS 01405700 South River below Duhernal Dam at Old Bridge NJ
USGS 01406000 Deep Run near Browntown NJ
USGS 01406050 Deep Run at Old Bridge NJ
USGS 01406500 Tennent Bk near Browntown NJ
USGS 01406680 Raritan R at Old Raritan Arsenal at Metuchen NJ
USGS 01406700 Raritan River at Perth Amboy NJ
USGS 01406710 Raritan River at South Amboy, NJ
USGS 01407000 Matawan C at Matawan NJ
USGS 01407030 Luppatatong Creek at Keyport NJ
USGS 01407051 East Creek at NJ Route 35 at Centerville NJ
USGS 01407080 Waackaack Creek at Keansburg NJ
USGS 01407081 Raritan Bay at Keansburg NJ
USGS 01407130 Many Mind Creek at Atlantic Highlands NJ
USGS 01407290 Big Brook near Marlboro NJ
USGS 01407498 Swimming River Reservoir near Red Bank NJ
USGS 01407500 Swimming River near Red Bank NJ
USGS 01407535 Navesink River at Red Bank NJ
USGS 01407590 Branchport Creek at Oceanport NJ
USGS 01407600 Shrewsbury River at Sea Bright NJ
USGS 01407705 Shark River near Neptune City NJ
USGS 01407760 Jumping Brook near Neptune City NJ
USGS 01407770 Shark River at Belmar NJ
USGS 01407830 Manasquan River near Georgia NJ
USGS 01407851 Burkes Creek at Jerseyville NJ
USGS 01408000 Manasquan River at Squankum NJ
USGS 01408015 Mingamahone Brook at Farmingdale NJ
USGS 01408029 Manasquan River near Allenwood NJ
USGS 01408030 Manasquan River at Allenwood NJ
USGS 01408048 Watson Creek at Manasquan NJ
USGS 01408050 Manasquan River at Point Pleasant NJ
USGS 01408052 North Branch Metedeconk River at Smithburg NJ
USGS 01408080 Titmouse Creek at Southard NJ
USGS 01408120 North Branch Metedeconk River near Lakewood NJ
USGS 01408140 South Branch Metedeconk River at Lakewood NJ
USGS 01408150 South Branch Metedeconk River near Lakewood NJ
USGS 01408151 SB Metedeconk R at New Hampshire Av nr Lakewood NJ
USGS 01408155 Metedeconk River at Laurelton NJ
USGS 01408160 Metedeconk R near Laurelton NJ
USGS 01408168 Barnegat Bay at Mantoloking NJ
USGS 01408200 Barnegat Bay at Bay Shore NJ
USGS 01408205 Barnegat Bay at Route 37 bridge near Bay Shore NJ
USGS 01408500 Toms River near Toms River NJ
USGS 01408582 Michaels Branch tributary at Keswick Grove NJ
USGS 01408590 Wrangle Brook at Bimini Drive near Toms River NJ
USGS 01408592 Wrangle Brook at Mule Rd near Toms River NJ
USGS 01408700 Toms River at Toms River NJ
USGS 01408750 Barnegat Bay at Seaside Heights NJ
USGS 01408900 Cedar Creek at Western Blvd near Lanoka Harbor NJ
USGS 01409000 Cedar Creek at Lanoka Harbor NJ
USGS 01409088 Brookville Creek at Brookville NJ
USGS 01409095 Oyster Creek near Brookville NJ
USGS 01409110 Barnegat Bay at Waretown NJ
USGS 01409125 Barnegat Bay at Barnegat Light NJ
USGS 01409135 Barnegat Bay at Loveladies NJ
USGS 01409145 Manahawkin Bay near Manahawkin NJ
USGS 01409146 East Thorofare at Ship Bottom NJ
USGS 01409147 Barnegat Inlet at Barnegat Light NJ
USGS 01409210 Mill Ck at Manahawkin NJ
USGS 01409280 Westecunk Creek at Stafford Forge NJ
USGS 01409285 Little Egg Harbor at Beach Haven NJ
USGS 01409290 Tuckerton Cove near Tuckerton NJ
USGS 01409335 Little Egg Inlet near Tuckerton NJ
USGS 01409370 Great Bay at Great Bay Marina near Tuckerton NJ
USGS 01409375 Mullica River near Atco NJ
USGS 01409400 Mullica River near Batsto NJ
USGS 0140940200 Hays Mill Creek near Chesilhurst NJ
USGS 01409403 Wildcat Branch at Chesilhurst NJ
USGS 0140940607 Pump Branch at Cedar Brook NJ
USGS 01409407 Pump B near Blue Anchor NJ
USGS 0140940810 Pump Branch near Elm NJ
USGS 01409409 Blue Anchor Brook near Blue Anchor NJ
USGS 0140940972 Albertson Brook below railroad bridge near Elm NJ
USGS 01409410 Albertson Brook near Hammonton NJ
USGS 0140941020 Albertson Bk above Great Swamp Br nr Hammonton NJ
USGS 01409425 Batsto River near Tabernacle NJ
USGS 01409431 Batsto River near High Crossing NJ
USGS 01409439 Skit Branch at Hampton Furnace NJ
USGS 01409440 Batsto River near Hampton Furnace NJ
USGS 01409444 Muskingum Brook at Oriental NJ
USGS 01409455 Springers Brook near Hampton Furnace NJ
USGS 01409460 Springers Brook near Atsion NJ
USGS 01409480 Penn Swamp Branch near Batsto NJ
USGS 01409500 Batsto River at Batsto NJ
USGS 01409510 Batsto River at Pleasant Mills NJ
USGS 01409710 Biddle Branch near Woodmansie NJ
USGS 01409810 West Branch Wading River near Jenkins NJ
USGS 01410000 Oswego River at Harrisville NJ
USGS 01410100 Mullica River near Port Republic NJ
USGS 01410150 East Branch Bass River near New Gretna NJ
USGS 01410225 Morses Mill Stream at Port Republic NJ
USGS 01410500 Absecon Creek at Absecon NJ
USGS 01410510 Absecon Creek at Absecon, NJ
USGS 01410560 Inside Thorofare at Atlantic City NJ
USGS 01410570 Beach Thorofare at Atlantic City NJ
USGS 01410600 Absecon Channel at Atlantic City, NJ
USGS 01410775 Great Egg Harbor River at Berlin NJ
USGS 01410784 Great Egg Harbor R near Sicklerville NJ
USGS 01410787 Great Egg Harbor R tr at Sicklerville NJ
USGS 01410810 Fourmile Branch at New Brooklyn NJ
USGS 01410820 Great Egg Harbor River near Blue Anchor NJ
USGS 01411000 Great Egg Harbor River at Folsom NJ
USGS 01411120 Deep Run at US Route 40 at Buena NJ
USGS 01411122 Little Deep Run at NJ Route 54 at Landisville NJ
USGS 01411175 Great Egg Harbor R at US 40 at Mays Landing NJ
USGS 01411300 Tuckahoe River at Head of River NJ
USGS 01411315 Great Egg Harbor Bay at Beesleys Point NJ
USGS 01411318 Peck Bay at Ocean City NJ
USGS 01411320 Great Egg Harbor Bay at Ocean City NJ
USGS 01411325 Lakes Bay at Pleasantville NJ
USGS 01411330 Beach Thorofare at Margate NJ
USGS 01411335 Strathmere Bay at Strathmere NJ
USGS 01411350 Ludlum Thorofare at Sea Isle City NJ
USGS 01411352 Ludlam Thorofare near Sea Isle City NJ
USGS 01411353 Townsend Channel at Townsends Inlet, NJ
USGS 01411356 Crooked Creek at Cape May Court House NJ
USGS 01411360 Great Channel at Stone Harbor NJ
USGS 01411370 Grassy Sound Chl at Nummy Is nr North Wildwood NJ
USGS 01411380 Grassy Sound at West Wildwood NJ
USGS 01411382 Grassy Sound Channel at Wildwood NJ
USGS 01411390 Cape May Harbor at Cape May NJ
USGS 01411409 Delaware Bay at Reeds Beach NJ
USGS 01411435 Sluice Creek at South Dennis NJ
USGS 01411456 Little Ease Run near Clayton NJ
USGS 01411485 Maurice River at Brotmanville NJ
USGS 01411495 Blackwater Branch at Norma NJ
USGS 01411500 Maurice River at Norma NJ
USGS 01411800 Maurice R near Millville NJ
USGS 01411878 Maurice R at Union Lake dam at Millville NJ
USGS 01411900 Maurice River at Millville NJ
USGS 01412000 Menantico Creek near Millville NJ
USGS 01412150 Maurice River at Bivalve NJ
USGS 01412398 Clark Branch at Beals Mill NJ
USGS 01412400 Cohansey R at Beals Mill NJ
USGS 01412500 West Branch Cohansey River at Seeley NJ
USGS 01412800 Cohansey River at Seeley NJ
USGS 01413000 Loper Run near Bridgeton NJ
USGS 01413013 Barrett Run at Bridgeton NJ
USGS 01413015 Cohansey River at Bridgeton NJ
USGS 01413038 Cohansey River at Greenwich NJ
USGS 01431500 Lackawaxen River at Hawley, PA
USGS 01432110 Lackawaxen River at Rowland, PA
USGS 01438500 Delaware River at Montague NJ
USGS 01438520 White Brook tributary at Montague NJ
USGS 01439500 Bush Kill at Shoemakers, PA
USGS 01439790 Big Flat Brook near Layton NJ
USGS 01439800 Big Flat Brook near Hainesville NJ
USGS 01440000 Flat Brook near Flatbrookville NJ
USGS 01440200 Delaware River near Delaware Water Gap Pa
USGS 01442500 Brodhead Creek at Minisink Hills, PA
USGS 01443280 East Branch Paulins Kill near Lafayette NJ
USGS 01443300 Paulins Kill at Lafayette NJ
USGS 01443305 Paulins Kill tributary 2 at Ross Corner NJ
USGS 01443380 Dry Brook upstream of Culvers Bk at Branchville NJ
USGS 01443395 Culvers Creek near Branchville NJ
USGS 01443400 Culvers Creek at Branchville NJ
USGS 01443460 Paulins Kill at Paulins Kill NJ
USGS 01443472 Trout Brook at Middleville NJ
USGS 01443500 Paulins Kill at Blairstown NJ
USGS 01443502 Paulins Kill at NJ Route 94 at Blairstown NJ
USGS 01443900 Yards Creek near Blairstown NJ
USGS 01444500 Delaware River at Delaware NJ
USGS 01445000 Pequest River at Huntsville NJ
USGS 01445430 Pequest River at Townsbury NJ
USGS 01445490 Furnace Bk at Oxford NJ
USGS 01445500 Pequest River at Pequest NJ
USGS 01446000 Beaver Brook near Belvidere NJ
USGS 01446010 Beaver Brook at US Route 46 near Bridgeville NJ
USGS 01446500 Delaware River at Belvidere NJ
USGS 01446564 Lapahannock C at Ridge Rd at Roxburg NJ
USGS 01446565 Lapahannock Creek at Roxburg NJ
USGS 01446570 Buckhorn Creek at Hutchinson NJ
USGS 01446995 Delaware River at US Route 22 at Phillipsburg NJ
USGS 01447000 Delaware River at Northampton Street at Easton PA
USGS 01453000 Lehigh River at Bethlehem, PA
USGS 01455040 Lopatcong C at Lower Harmony NJ
USGS 01455080 Lopatcong C near Stewartsville NJ
USGS 01455090 Lopatcong Creek at Strykers Road at Port Warren NJ
USGS 01455130 Pohatcong Creek tributary near Washington NJ
USGS 01455200 Pohatcong Creek at New Village NJ
USGS 01455220 Merrill C near New Village NJ
USGS 01455221 Merrill Creek Reservoir near Coopersville NJ
USGS 01455280 Pohatcong C at Springtown NJ
USGS 01455300 Pohatcong C at Carpentersville NJ
USGS 01455355 Beaver Brook near Weldon NJ
USGS 01455400 Lake Hopatcong at Landing NJ
USGS 01455500 Musconetcong River at outlet of Lake Hopatcong NJ
USGS 01456000 Musconetcong River near Hackettstown NJ
USGS 01457000 Musconetcong River near Bloomsbury NJ
USGS 01457100 Musconetcong River at Route 173 at Bloomsbury NJ
USGS 01457500 Delaware River at Riegelsville NJ
USGS 01458000 Delaware River at Milford NJ
USGS 01458100 Hakihokake Creek at Milford NJ
USGS 01458500 Delaware River at Frenchtown NJ
USGS 01458600 Nishisakawick Creek at Frenchtown NJ
USGS 01458700 Little Nishisakawick Creek at Frenchtown NJ
USGS 01459000 Delaware River at Point Pleasant PA
USGS 01459010 Delaware River trib at Byram NJ
USGS 01460440 Delaware and Raritan Canal at Port Mercer NJ
USGS 01460820 Delaware River at Lumberville PA
USGS 01460880 Lockatong Creek at Raven Rock NJ
USGS 01461300 Wickecheoke Creek at Stockton NJ
USGS 01461500 Delaware River at Stockton NJ
USGS 01462000 Delaware River at Lambertville NJ
USGS 01462197 Moore C trib at Valley Road near Lambertville NJ
USGS 01462198 Moores Creek trib near Lambertville NJ
USGS 01462500 Delaware River at Washington Crossing NJ
USGS 01462760 Jacobs Creek near Washington Crossing NJ
USGS 01463000 Delaware River at Yardley PA
USGS 01463500 Delaware River at Trenton NJ
USGS 01463610 Assunpink Creek at Edinburg NJ
USGS 01463620 Assunpink Creek near Clarksville NJ
USGS 01463740 Shabakunk C at Sylva Lake Dam at Ewingville NJ
USGS 01463770 WB Shabakunk C at Stratford Av nr W Trenton NJ
USGS 01463812 Shabakunk C trib at Texas Av near Lawrenceville NJ
USGS 01463882 Assunpink Creek below STP near Mercerville NJ
USGS 01463960 NB Pond Run at Estates Blvd at Mercerville NJ
USGS 01464000 Assunpink Creek at Trenton NJ
USGS 01464040 Delaware River at Marine Terminal at Trenton NJ
USGS 01464375 North Run near Cookstown NJ
USGS 01464400 Crosswicks Creek at New Egypt NJ
USGS 01464405 Stony Ford Brook at New Eygpt NJ
USGS 01464408 Crosswicks Creek trib no 2 trib at New Egypt NJ
USGS 01464500 Crosswicks Creek at Extonville NJ
USGS 01464505 Crosswicks C at Groveville NJ
USGS 01464510 Doctors Creek at Clarksburg NJ
USGS 01464515 Doctors Creek at Allentown NJ
USGS 01464520 Doctors C at Groveville NJ
USGS 01464524 Crosswicks Ck trib 3 at US Rt 206 nr Bordentown NJ
USGS 01464525 Thorton Creek at Bordentown, NJ
USGS 01464530 Blacks Creek at Mansfield Square NJ
USGS 01464533 Crafts Creek at NJ Route 68 at Georgetown NJ
USGS 01464538 Crafts Creek at Columbus NJ
USGS 01464582 Assiscunk Creek near Columbus NJ
USGS 01464598 Delaware River at Burlington NJ
USGS 01464645 NB Neshaminy Cr bl Lake Galena nr New Britain, PA
USGS 01464720 NB Neshaminy Creek at Chalfont, PA
USGS 01465500 Neshaminy Creek near Langhorne, PA
USGS 01465850 South Branch Rancocas Creek at Vincentown NJ
USGS 0146587105 Kettle Rn at Centennial Lk near Medford Lks NJ
USGS 01465880 Southwest Branch Rancocas Creek at Medford NJ
USGS 01465882 Southwest Branch Rancocas C at Rt 70 at Medford NJ
USGS 01465885 Sharps Rn at Medford NJ
USGS 01465888 Southwest Branch Rancocas Creek at Kirbys Mill NJ
USGS 01466000 Middle Br Mount Misery Bk in Byrne State Forest NJ
USGS 01466500 McDonalds Branch in Byrne State Forest NJ
USGS 01466900 Greenwood Branch at New Lisbon NJ
USGS 01467000 North Branch Rancocas Creek at Pemberton NJ
USGS 01467004 North Branch Rancocas Creek at Smithville NJ
USGS 01467005 NB Rancocas C at Iron Works Park at Mount Holly NJ
USGS 01467010 Parkers C near Mount Laurel NJ
USGS 01467019 Mill Creek near Willingboro NJ
USGS 01467021 Mill Creek at Levitt Pky at Willingboro NJ
USGS 01467057 Pompeston Creek at Cinnaminson NJ
USGS 01467060 Delaware River at Palmyra NJ
USGS 01467069 NB Pennsauken Creek near Moorestown NJ
USGS 01467080 South Branch Pennsauken Creek at Maple Shade NJ
USGS 01467081 South Branch Pennsauken Creek at Cherry Hill NJ
USGS 01467130 Cooper River at Kirkwood NJ
USGS 01467140 Cooper R at Lawnside NJ
USGS 01467150 Cooper River at Haddonfield NJ
USGS 01467160 North Branch Cooper River near Marlton NJ
USGS 01467180 North Branch Cooper River at Ellisburg NJ
USGS 01467190 Cooper River at Camden NJ
USGS 01467305 Newton Creek at Collingswood NJ
USGS 01467312 Newton C at West Collingswood NJ
USGS 01467317 South Branch Newton Creek at Haddon Heights NJ
USGS 01467330 SB Big Timber Creek at Blackwood NJ
USGS 01467347 NB Big Timber C at Clementon NJ
USGS 01467350 NB Big Timber C at Laurel Springs NJ
USGS 01467351 NB Big Timber C at Laurel Rd, Laurel Springs NJ
USGS 01467357 Gravelly Run at Somerdale NJ
USGS 01474500 Schuylkill River at Philadelphia, PA
USGS 01475000 Mantua Creek at Pitman NJ
USGS 01475001 Mantua Creek at East Holly Avenue at Pitman NJ
USGS 01475017 Bees Branch at Hurffville NJ
USGS 01475019 Mantua Creek at Salina NJ
USGS 01475033 Plank Run at Glassboro NJ
USGS 01476550 Delaware River near Gibbstown NJ
USGS 01476600 Still Rn near Mickleton NJ
USGS 01477050 Delaware River at Chester, PA
USGS 01477102 Miery Run near Ewan NJ
USGS 01477110 Raccoon Creek at Mullica Hill NJ
USGS 01477120 Raccoon Creek near Swedesboro NJ
USGS 01477123 Raccoon Creek tributary 3 near Mullica Hill NJ
USGS 01477440 Oldmans Creek at Jessups Mill NJ
USGS 01477480 Oldmans Creek near Harrisonville NJ
USGS 01477500 Oldmans Creek near Woodstown NJ
USGS 01482460 Salem R at Slabtown NJ
USGS 01482480 Salem River tributary at Milltown NJ
USGS 01482500 Salem River at Woodstown NJ
USGS 01482650 Salem River at Salem NJ
USGS 01482705 Delaware River at Oakwood Beach NJ
USGS 01482920 Alloway Creek near Alloway NJ
USGS 01482970 Cedar Bk at Alloway NJ
USGS 01483000 Alloway Creek at Alloway NJ
USGS 01483050 Alloway Creek at Hancocks Bridge NJ