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Site Inventory for USA
Grouped by County

Site Selection Results -- 123 sites found

Hydrologic region = 10240012

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  group icon Adams County, Iowa
Agency Site Number Site Name
USGS 06818600 Platte River near Kent, IA
USGS 405400094325500 East Lake Dam at Lennox, IA
USGS 405407094330700 East Lake Inlet at Lennox, IA
  group icon Ringgold County, Iowa
Agency Site Number Site Name
USGS 06818650 East Platte River near Knowlton, IA
USGS 06818700 Platte River near Knowlton, IA
USGS 06818750 Platte River near Diagonal, IA
USGS 403728094201901 067N30W06DDD
USGS 404831094201101 069N30W05BBCD 1977Diagonal 4
USGS 404831094201102 069N30W05BBCD 1978Diagonal 5
USGS 404835094240201 069N31W03AABB 19438 1967Clearfield 1
USGS 404847094264101 070N31W32CDDD 1979Clearfield 2
  group icon Taylor County, Iowa
Agency Site Number Site Name
USGS 403659094285301 067N32W12CAAD 34671 1960Blockton 1
USGS 403700094284601 067N32W12DBBB 00452 1936
USGS 405241094332501 070N32W08BDDB 00117 1935Lenox 1
USGS 405310094324001 070N32W04CCB Todd Branch Creek
USGS 405329094330801 070N32W05ACC Lenox Reservoir
USGS 405342094332101 Lenox Water Supply
USGS 405345094331201 Lenox Water Supply - Plant Intake
USGS 405346094331801 070N32W05ABCC City of Lenox West Lake
USGS 405357094325401 070N32W05AAAB City of Lenox East Lake
  group icon Union County, Iowa
Agency Site Number Site Name
USGS 405413094232801 071N31W35CBB
USGS 410324094193301 072N30W08CDD 00159 1934Creston 3
  group icon Andrew County, Missouri
Agency Site Number Site Name
USGS 06819025 Agee Creek near Savannah, MO
USGS 394930094450001 T58N R34W 20CBD1
USGS 395000094420001 T58N R34W 15D
USGS 395000094430001 T58N R34W 15D 2
USGS 395012094381701 T58N R33W 18DD
USGS 395030094440001 T58N R34W 16CBD1
USGS 395100094400001 T58N R34W 12DBC1
USGS 395200094410001 T58N R34W 11BB
USGS 395200094430001 T58N R34W 04CAB1
USGS 400200094394001 T60N R34W 12B
USGS 400630094400001 T61N R33W 06DCD1
  group icon Buchanan County, Missouri
Agency Site Number Site Name
USGS 06820500 Platte River near Agency, MO
USGS 394300094403001 T57N R34W 35AAD1
USGS 394330094443001 T57N R34W 29AC
USGS 394500094470001 T57N R35W 24DDD1
USGS 394820094411001 T58N R34W 26CD
  group icon Clay County, Missouri
Agency Site Number Site Name
USGS 06821130 First Creek near Nashua, MO
USGS 06821140 Smithville Reservoir near Smithville, MO
USGS 06821150 Little Platte River at Smithville, MO
USGS 392202094290101 T53N R32W 34BA
USGS 392250094295501 T53N R32W 28AB
USGS 392300094290001 T53N R32W 22CDD1
USGS 392325094295001 T53N R32W 21ACD1
USGS 392330094275001 T53N R32W 23BDA1
USGS 392400094320001 T53N R32W 18DCA1
  group icon Clinton County, Missouri
Agency Site Number Site Name
USGS 06821000 Jenkins Branch at Gower, MO
USGS 06821065 Little Platte River near Osborn, MO
USGS 06821080 Little Platte River near Plattsburg, MO
USGS 392800094330001 T54N R33W 24DDB1
USGS 392931094254301 T54N R31W 18BDC1
USGS 393148094323301 T55N R32W 31CCD1
USGS 393200094280001 T54N R32W 02AAB1
USGS 393230094204501 T55N R31W 35AA
USGS 393300094200001 T55N R31W 25
USGS 393330094223301 T55N R31W 21DDD1
USGS 393341094233201 T55N R31W 21CBC1
USGS 393345094230901 T55N R31W 21CAA1
USGS 393430094250001 T55N R31W 18CCB1
USGS 393430094250002 T55N R31W 18CCB2
USGS 393430094260801 T55N R32W 13DDA1
USGS 393500094270001 T55N R32W 34DCB1
USGS 393522094245201 T55N R31W 07DDA1
USGS 393556094343701 T55N R33W 11BAC1
USGS 393600094280001 T55N R32W 10ABB1
USGS 393640094210001 T55N R31W 02
USGS 393720094220001 T56N R31W 34CAA1
USGS 393800094340001 T54N R33W 23DAA1
USGS 393833094271701 T56N R32W 26AAC1
USGS 393850094312101 T56N R32W 20CCD1
USGS 393926094241001 T56N R31W 20BDA1
USGS 393937094243001 T56N R31W 17CCC1
USGS 394102094211301 T56N R31W 11BCB1
USGS 394205094304301 T56N R32W 05AAB1
  group icon Dekalb County, Missouri
Agency Site Number Site Name
USGS 394500094300001 T57N R37W 16CCA1
USGS 394800094350001 T58N R33W 26CC
USGS 394825094255801 T58N R31W 30CCC1
USGS 394830094330001 T58N R33W 25DA
USGS 394900094293001 T58N R32W 22CCC1
USGS 394900094340001 T58N R33W 23DDA1
USGS 395030094260001 T58N R32W 13DAA1
USGS 395130094260001 T58N R31W 07CBC1
USGS 395530094321201 T59N R32W 18DC
USGS 395845094300001 T60N R32W 28DDC1
USGS 395845094351501 T60N R33W 34ABB1
USGS 400110094351001 T60N R33W 15AD
  group icon Nodaway County, Missouri
Agency Site Number Site Name
USGS 06818900 Platte River at Ravenwood, MO
USGS 400922094422001 T62N R34W 23CCD1
USGS 401530094440101 T63N R34W 16DCC1
USGS 401532094432501 T63N R34W 15CCB1
USGS 401630094420001 T63N R34W 11CDD1
USGS 401838094440401 T64N R34W 33BDA1
USGS 401854094401301 T64N R34W 25DDC1
USGS 401934094441201 T64N R34W 28BAC1
USGS 402100094403001 T64N R34W 13
USGS 402340094410001 T65N R34W 36BCC1
USGS 402402094422001 T65N R35W 34ABB1
USGS 402700094373001 T65N R33W 08DD
USGS 402916094400501 T66N R33W 29CCC1
USGS 403203094422201 T66N R34W 12CBC1
  group icon Platte County, Missouri
Agency Site Number Site Name
USGS 06821190 Platte River at Sharps Station, MO
USGS 06821192 Platte River Wetland near Platte City, MO
USGS 391331094383101 T54N R33W 06AAA1
USGS 391600094343001 T51N R34W 01ADD1
USGS 391652094493301 T52N R35W 33AAA1
USGS 391735094460501 T52N R34W 30BBC1
USGS 391800094373001 T52N R33W 20DAA1
USGS 391830094413001 T52N R34W 14CDD1
USGS 392000094433001 T52N R34W 09BB
USGS 392215094471501 T53N R35W 25CC
USGS 392228094473101 Platte City
USGS 392300094370001 T53N R33W 20CC
USGS 392305094381301 T53N R33W 20CCC1
USGS 392415094433501 T53N R34W 16CAB1
USGS 392830094363001 T54N R33W 21ADA1
USGS 392930094410001 T54N R34W 14CBC1
USGS 393130094383001 T54N R33W 06BAD1
  group icon Worth County, Missouri
Agency Site Number Site Name
USGS 403055094364701 Sheridan
USGS 403100094370001 T66N R33W 14
USGS 403101094370101 T66N R33W 14 2