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Site Inventory for USA
Grouped by County

Site Selection Results -- 165 sites found

Hydrologic region = 10290203

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  group icon Dent County, Missouri
Agency Site Number Site Name
USGS 373601091465801 T34N R08W 35CDD
USGS 373911091454101 T34N R08W 13ABC
USGS 373914091454301 T34N R08W 13ABC2
USGS 373917091462201 T34N R08W 14AAA
USGS 374041091450101 T34N R07W 06CBA
USGS 374257091431201 T35N R07W 32ABD
USGS 374515091460501 T35N R08W 13CBB
  group icon Gasconade County, Missouri
Agency Site Number Site Name
USGS 06934300 Second Creek near Bay, MO
USGS 381810091375001 T41N R06W 07DDD1
USGS 381820091380001 T42N R06W 07CDA1
USGS 382030091305701 T42N R05W 32BCD2
USGS 382050091302001 T42N R05W 29DDC1
USGS 382104091325101 T42N R06W 25CDA1
USGS 382745091275701 Drake
USGS 383337091040001 T44N R06W 14CAC1
USGS 384010091335001 T45N R06W 11BBB1
USGS 384015091335001 T45N R06W 11ABC1
  group icon Maries County, Missouri
Agency Site Number Site Name
USGS 06933600 Nagagomi Spring near Rolla, MO
USGS 06933800 Gasconade River near Vienna, MO
USGS 06933820 Paydown Springs near Belle, MO
USGS 380339091532701 T39N R09W 35BCC1
USGS 380928091560901 T40N R09W 33CCD
USGS 380952091551901 T40N R09W 33DAA
USGS 380952091563601 T40N R09W 32DAB
USGS 380954091554701 T40N R09W 33ACC
USGS 380958091564701 T40N R09W 32ACA
USGS 381000091561101 T40N R09W 33BCA
USGS 381004091563901 T40N R09W 32AAD
USGS 381007091564201 T40N R09W 32ABD
USGS 381020091512001 T40N R08W 30DCC1
USGS 381045091564801 Vienna
USGS 381102091553301 T40N R09W 28AAC
USGS 381104091563401 VIN-VIENNA SPRING
USGS 381112091553401 T40N R09W 21DCA
USGS 381113091551301 T40N R09W 22CCC
USGS 381114091552101 T40N R09W 21DDD
USGS 381116091554201 T40N R09W 21DCA2
USGS 381119091552901 VIN-PB-2
USGS 381119091562501 VIN-JW-SEEP
USGS 381119091563801 VIN-JW-01-CISTERN
USGS 381120091543601 T40N R09W 22DCA
USGS 381120091561901 Indian Creek Trib TB-2
USGS 381120091562001 VIN-MW-09S
USGS 381120091562002 VIN-MW-09D
USGS 381120091563801 VIN-MW01A
USGS 381120091563802 VIN-MW01
USGS 381121091562401 WP-020
USGS 381121091563901 VIN-MW07
USGS 381122091563801 VIN-MW06
USGS 381122091563802 VIN-MW06A
USGS 381122091563901 VIN-MW03S
USGS 381122091563902 VIN-MW03D
USGS 381123091562601 VIN-MW05S
USGS 381123091562602 VIN-MW05D
USGS 381123091563401 VIN-MW02S
USGS 381123091563402 VIN-MW02D
USGS 381124091563801 VIN-MW04S
USGS 381124091563802 VIN-MW04D
USGS 381125091561201 VIN-PB-1
USGS 381126091563101 VIN-MW-08
USGS 381126091563102 VIN-MW-08A
USGS 381126091563901 VIN COV-03
USGS 381128091563201 Indian Creek Trib TB2-1
USGS 381154091560001 T40N R09W 21BAD
USGS 381222091562201 T40N R09W 17DAA
USGS 381230091562401 T40N R09W 17ADD2
USGS 381231091563501 T40N R09W 17ADC
USGS 381232091560801 T40N R09W 16BDC
USGS 381233091560801 Crumb Spring
USGS 381248091563301 T40N R09W 17AAB
USGS 381347091473301 T40N R08W 02CC
  group icon Osage County, Missouri
Agency Site Number Site Name
USGS 06934000 Gasconade River near Rich Fountain, MO
USGS 06934100 Mistaken Creek at Cooper Hill, MO
USGS 06934120 Third Creek at Cooper Hill, MO
USGS 381855091552001 T41N R09W 09AAD1
USGS 381902091550501 T41N R09W 10BBA1
USGS 382642091442001 T43N R07W 30DDA1
USGS 382805091384501 T43N R07W 24AAD1
  group icon Phelps County, Missouri
Agency Site Number Site Name
USGS 06930800 Gasconade River above Jerome, MO
USGS 06930900 Little Piney Creek at Yancy Mills, MO
USGS 06930920 Lane Spring near Yancy Mills, MO
USGS 06931000 Beaver Creek near Rolla, MO
USGS 06931500 Little Beaver Creek Near Rolla, MO
USGS 06931600 Paulsell Branch near Rolla, MO
USGS 06931700 Beaver Creek near Newburg, MO
USGS 06932000 Little Piney Creek at Newburg, MO
USGS 06933300 Mill Creek near Newburg, MO
USGS 06933500 Gasconade River at Jerome, MO
USGS 06933700 Penzer Hollow near Rolla, MO
USGS 373909091505101 T34N R08W 18ADB
USGS 374154091522801 T34N R09W 01AAA
USGS 374210091514501 T34N R09W 01AAA1
USGS 374620091550801 T35N R09W 09ADC
USGS 374626091510901 T35N R08W 07BAD
USGS 374642091482701 T35N R08W 04DCC1
USGS 374731091500301 T36N R08W 32CDD1
USGS 374755091494701 T36N R08W 32DBB
USGS 374841091543001 T36N R09W 27CAD
USGS 375008091561501 T36N R09W 20AAB1
USGS 375032091482401 T36N R08W 16DAA
USGS 375104092001001 T36N R10W 14BBB
USGS 375109091534801 T36N R09W 10DDA
USGS 375112091570301 T36N R09W 08CCB
USGS 375224091554401 T36N R09W 04BCD
USGS 375310091474001 T37N R08W 34CDD1
USGS 375330091584601 T37N R10W 36BAC
USGS 375350091595001 T37N R10W 25CC
USGS 375422091535301 T37N R09W 27AAA
USGS 375425091562201 T37N R09W 29ABA1
USGS 375451091540501 T37N R09W 22 1
USGS 375500091560301 T37N R09W 20AD
USGS 375509091555301 T37N R09W 21CBB1
USGS 375514091581501 T37N R10W 24AAC1
USGS 375524091471001 T37N R08W 15DDD1
USGS 375528091470501 T37N R08W 14CCB
USGS 375528091535701 T37N R09W 15DDB1
USGS 375538091584301 T37N R10W 13CAC1
USGS 375547091502001 Little Beaver Creek on County Road 7050
USGS 375548091485101 T37N R08W 16BDD
USGS 375615091472501 T37N R08W 10DCD1
USGS 375615091490401 T37N R08W 08DCD1
USGS 375620091473301 T37N R08W 10DDB1
USGS 375621091473301 T37N R08W 10DDB2
USGS 375623091525201 T37N R09W 11DAC
USGS 375624091495801 Little Beaver Creek on County Road 8160
USGS 375625091480301 TEST SITE DNR
USGS 375625091480401 Ramada Inn Rolla
USGS 375627091471801 T37N R08W 10DAC1
USGS 375627091525101 T37N R09W 11DAC1
USGS 375634091562501 T37N R09W 08DBB1
USGS 375645091540501 T37N R09W 10ACA2
USGS 375645091541001 T37N R09W 10ACA1
USGS 375702091500001 T37N R08W 08BAB1
USGS 375725091531001 T37N R09W 02CA
USGS 375733091560901 T37N R09W 05ADC
USGS 375738091470101 T37N R08W 02BCC1
USGS 375748091475001 T37N R08W 03BAB2
USGS 375749091475001 Dept of Conservation Rolla
USGS 375749091475002 T37N R08W 03BAB1
USGS 375800091463501 T38N R08W 35CDD1
USGS 375801091582101 T38N R10W 36DCD
USGS 375810091581001 T38N R10W 36DD
USGS 375832091482501 T38N R08W 33ADB
USGS 375845091433301 T38N R07W 32BBB2
USGS 375900091451501 T38N R08W 25DCA1
USGS 375901091470001 T38N R08W 26CCB1
USGS 380013091560401 T38N R09W 20ADB
USGS 380018091515901 T38N R09W 24ABC
USGS 380045091553001 T38N R09W 16CA
USGS 380046091500801 T38N R08W 17CBD
USGS 380151091485601 T38N R08W 09BDC
USGS 380200091450001 T38N R07W 07CBB1
USGS 380242091522501 T38N R09W 01BC
USGS 380245091520501 T38N R09W 01BD
  group icon Pulaski County, Missouri
Agency Site Number Site Name
USGS 06930750 Prewett Hollow near Dixon, MO
USGS 375323092020601 T37N R10W 33BD
USGS 375329092022901 T37N R10W 32DAA
USGS 375533092060401 T37N R11W 14DCC
USGS 375609092020801 T37N R10W 16BAD
USGS 375721092051201 T37N R11W 01CDC
USGS 375912092020401 T38N R10W 28CAC
  group icon Texas County, Missouri
Agency Site Number Site Name
USGS 373418091472401 T33N R08W 11CCB
USGS 373457091470201 T33N R08W 11BAD