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Site Inventory for USA
Grouped by County

Site Selection Results -- 134 sites found

Hydrologic region = 12070203

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  group icon Bell County, Texas
Agency Site Number Site Name
USGS 08103940 Lampasas Rv at Ding Dong, TX
USGS 08104000 Lampasas Rv at Youngsport, TX
USGS 08104050 Stillhouse Hollow Lk nr Belton, TX
USGS 08104055 Chalk Ridge Falls Spgs nr Belton, TX
USGS 08104100 Lampasas Rv nr Belton, TX
USGS 08104240 Salado Ck nr Jarrell, TX
USGS 08104250 Salado Ck bl Ramsey Ck nr Salado, TX
USGS 08104290 Salado Ck abv Salado, TX
USGS 08104300 Salado Ck at Salado, TX
USGS 08104310 Salado Ck bl Salado Spgs at Salado, TX
USGS 08104400 Little Rv nr Belton, TX
USGS 305150097334401 AX-58-12-2(N2-04-004G)
USGS 305242097340701 AX-58-04-812
USGS 305246097372601 AX-58-04-703
USGS 305250097395401 AX-58-03-911
USGS 305254097395401 AX-58-03-906
USGS 305257097341401 AX-58-04-811
USGS 305259097341301 AX-58-04-808
USGS 305307097344001 AX-58-04-813
USGS 305310097420601 AX-58-03-8xx
USGS 305315097391701 AX-58-03-910
USGS 305317097392401 AX-58-03-909
USGS 305324097342601 AX-58-04-814
USGS 305326097373501 AX-58-03-905
USGS 305326097393701 AX-58-03-908
USGS 305331097403101 AX-58-03-807
USGS 305331097403102 AX-58-03-806
USGS 305345097380201 AX-58-03-907
USGS 305357097381801 AX-58-03-903
USGS 305400097380101 AX-58-03-901
USGS 305406097335701 AX-58-04-815
USGS 305406097461001 AX-58-02-901
USGS 305408097395601 AX-58-03-904
USGS 305457097353601 AX-58-04-702
USGS 305509097310901 AX-58-04-6(N2-02-016G)
USGS 305515097371801 AX-58-04-401
USGS 305517097343501 AX-58-04-5(E-05-010P)
USGS 305522097360101 AX-58-04-402
USGS 305523097323301 AX-58-04-509
USGS 305537097405401 AX-58-03-502
USGS 305541097361701 AX-58-04-409
USGS 305545097370701 AX-58-04-404
USGS 305546097380601 AX-58-03-601
USGS 305548097322401 AX-58-04-621
USGS 305552097322801 AX-58-04-6(N2-07-010G)
USGS 305555097351501 AX-58-04-403
USGS 305559097320401 AX-58-04-620
USGS 305602097315201 AX-58-04-628
USGS 305603097384001 AX-58-03-602
USGS 305614097382101 AX-58-03-603
USGS 305624097321101 AX-58-04-623
USGS 305628097314701 AX-58-04-602
USGS 305631097321601 AX-58-04-622
USGS 305633097323401 Domestic well nr IH-35 and Salado Ck
USGS 305636097320801 AX-58-04-630
USGS 305637097321201 AX-58-04-629
USGS 305638097321401 AX-58-04-613
USGS 305639097320601 AX-58-04-614
USGS 305639097322101 Salado Ck Dns IH 35, Salado, TX
USGS 305640097320201 AX-58-04-6xx
USGS 305640097322201 Salado Ck Ups IH 35, Salado, TX
USGS 305640097323001 AX-58-04-515
USGS 305644097323701 AX-58-04-501
USGS 305649097323501 AX-58-04-508
USGS 305650097354801 AX-58-04-408
USGS 305656097272401 AX-58-05-501
USGS 305700097322701 AX-58-04-627
USGS 305703097315901 AX-58-04-609
USGS 305716097335601 AX-58-04-5(E-10-036P)
USGS 305718097314401 AX-58-04-604
USGS 305723097334601 AX-58-04-5(E-09-006P)
USGS 305728097315801 AX-58-04-606
USGS 305729097320801 AX-58-04-605
USGS 305738097345801 AX-58-04-201
USGS 305754097471801 AX-58-02-304 (CUWCD M-19-002P)
USGS 305755097471801 AX-58-02-302
USGS 305759097305201 AX-58-04-3(E-06-088P)
USGS 305803097481601 AX-58-02-202
USGS 305805097310601 AX-58-04-307
USGS 305827097284501 AX-58-05-1(E-13-009P)
USGS 305850097294401 AX-58-05-103
USGS 305913097295801 AX-58-05-102
USGS 305917097313901 AX-58-04-302
USGS 305946097293901 AX-58-05-1xx
USGS 305956097265601 AX-58-05-204
USGS 310027097363201 Stillhouse Hollow Lk at Riversbend nr Salado, TX
USGS 310031097293101 AX-40-61-706
USGS 310033097333001 Stillhouse Hollow Lk Site BC nr Belton, TX
USGS 310037097383201 Stillhouse Hollow Lk Site EC nr Belton, TX
USGS 310053097285601 AX-40-61-7(N2-10-007P)
USGS 310056097263601 AX-40-61-8(E-10-082P)
USGS 310108097315701 Stillhouse Hollow Lk Piezo B-6-17 nr Belton, TX
USGS 310108097315702 Stillhouse Hollow Lk Piezo B-7-17 nr Belton, TX
USGS 310116097314801 Stillhouse Hollow Lk Piezo B-2-17 nr Belton, TX
USGS 310117097314901 Stillhouse Hollow Lk Piezo B-3-17 nr Belton, TX
USGS 310128097353601 Stillhouse Hollow Lk Site CC nr Belton, TX
USGS 310129097274701 AX-40-61-7(E-10-053P)
USGS 310129097315901 Stillhouse Hollow Lk Site AC nr Belton, TX
USGS 310130097371701 Stillhouse Hollow Lk Site DC nr Belton, TX
USGS 310132097314101 Stillhouse Hollow Lk Piezo B-1-17 nr Belton, TX
USGS 310136097454301 AX-40-58-903 (CUWCD E-06-063P)
USGS 310137097314201 Stillhouse Hollow Lk Piezo B-4-17 nr Belton, TX
USGS 310137097314202 Stillhouse Hollow Lk Piezo B-5-17 nr Belton, TX
  group icon Burnet County, Texas
Agency Site Number Site Name
USGS 08103900 S Fk Rocky Ck nr Briggs, TX
USGS 08103903 S Rocky Ck at US Hwy 183 nr Briggs, TX
USGS 305230098061401 BT-57-16-102
USGS 305629098034700 BT-57-08-502
USGS 305647098094800 BT-57-07-605
  group icon Lampasas County, Texas
Agency Site Number Site Name
USGS 08102850 Lampasas Rv at US-281 nr Adamsville, TX
USGS 08102900 School Br nr Lampasas, TX
USGS 08103450 Fleece Br nr Lampasas, TX
USGS 08103475 Burleson Ck abv Lampasas, TX
USGS 08103500 Hanna Spgs at Lampasas, TX
USGS 08103800 Lampasas Rv nr Kempner, TX
USGS 310238098104001 RW-41-63-520
USGS 310320098110001 RW-41-63-505
USGS 310331098113101 RW-41-63-521
USGS 310410098103001 RW-41-63-501
  group icon Williamson County, Texas
Agency Site Number Site Name
USGS 08104225 S Salado Ck nr Jarrell, TX
USGS 08104950 S Fk San Gabriel Rv Ups fr SH 418, Georgetown, TX
USGS 304725097373101 ZK-58-11-909
USGS 304822097370001 ZK-58-12-405
USGS 304931097363701 ZK-58-12-407
USGS 304933097364501 ZK-58-12-410
USGS 304940097413300 Salado Ck blw conf of N and S Salado Ck,Jarrell,TX
USGS 305052097473401 ZK-58-10-204
USGS 305203097385201 ZK-58-11-302
USGS 305216097380001 ZK-58-11-301
USGS 305221097393201 ZK-58-11-303
USGS 305234097404701 ZK-58-03-803
USGS 305240097402401 ZK-58-03-802
USGS 305303097423601 ZK-58-03-703
USGS 305307097423701 ZK-58-03-701 (Gault No 2)
USGS 305308097423701 ZK-58-03-702 (Gault No 1)