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Site Inventory for USA
Grouped by County

Site Selection Results -- 87 sites found

Hydrologic region = 12090206

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  group icon Blanco County, Texas
Agency Site Number Site Name
USGS 08153400 N Grape Ck nr Sandy, TX
USGS 08153500 Pedernales Rv nr Johnson City, TX
USGS 08153650 Miller Ck nr Johnson City, TX
USGS 08153900 Cypress Ck at RR 962 nr Cypress Mill, TX
USGS 300832098185201 AZ-57-54-806
USGS 301039098193701 AZ-57-54-502
USGS 301046098191201 AZ-57-54-503
USGS 301047098191201 AZ-57-54-504
USGS 301137098200901 AZ-57-54-401
USGS 301220098210901 AZ-57-54-402
USGS 301233098222901 AZ-57-54-410
USGS 301238098143201 AZ-57-55-103
USGS 301257098283501 AZ-57-53-106
USGS 301400098252501 AZ-57-53-215
USGS 301426098223601 AZ-57-53-304
USGS 301436098242901 AZ-57-53-318
USGS 301438098145401 AZ-57-55-107
USGS 301439098322501 AZ-57-52-319
USGS 301442098322901 AZ-57-52-318
USGS 301500098240701 AZ-57-53-317
USGS 301633098252901 AZ-57-45-811
USGS 301643098244901 AZ-57-45-927
USGS 301806098250001 AZ-57-45-608
USGS 301906098272701 AZ-57-45-504
USGS 301921098225001 AZ-57-45-601
USGS 301923098225401 AZ-57-45-612
USGS 301955098231301 AZ-57-45-603
USGS 302010098211801 AZ-57-46-101
USGS 302012098262201 AZ-57-45-204
USGS 302111098232201 AZ-57-45-303
USGS 302154098223501 AZ-57-45-308
USGS 302212098294901 AZ-57-45-109
USGS 302252098301701 AZ-57-36-904
USGS 302327098152701 AZ-57-38-910
USGS 302349098243101 AZ-57-37-904
USGS 302430098293701 AZ-57-37-703
USGS 302610098213101 AZ-57-38-407
  group icon Comal County, Texas
Agency Site Number Site Name
USGS 294437098235201 DX-68-21-305
  group icon Gillespie County, Texas
Agency Site Number Site Name
USGS 08152800 Spring Ck nr Frederickburg, TX
USGS 08152880 Bear Ck nr Fredericksburg, TX
USGS 08152890 Live Oak Ck nr Fredericksburg, TX
USGS 08152900 Pedernales Rv nr Fredericksburg, TX
USGS 08152940 Barons Ck at Old San Ant Rd nr Fredericksburg, TX
USGS 08152980 S Grape Ck at US Hwy 290 nr Stonewall, TX
USGS 08153000 Pedernales Rv at Stonewall, TX
USGS 08153100 Cane Br at Stonewall, TX
USGS 300837099044301 KK-56-56-803
USGS 300938099010901 KK-56-56-903
USGS 301033099095901 KK-56-55-609
USGS 301057099051801 KK-56-56-403
USGS 301316098540200 Pedernales Rv at Boos Ln nr Fredericksburg, TX
USGS 301346099134601 KK-56-55-108
USGS 301357098471901 KK-57-50-325
USGS 301411098383101 KK-57-51-303
USGS 301420099145301 KK-56-55-110
USGS 301429099133901 KK-56-55-101
USGS 301430098363401 KK-57-52-107
USGS 301545098502801 KK-57-42-709
USGS 301631098563101 KK-57-41-806
USGS 301654099130701 KK-56-47-705
USGS 301659098541501 KK-57-41-915
USGS 301702099133301 KK-56-47-701
USGS 301748099053401 KK-56-48-406
USGS 301748099054001 KK-56-48-405
USGS 301751099152601 KK-56-46-610
USGS 302030098472201 KK-57-42-309
USGS 302036099044901 KK-56-48-204
USGS 302109099012701 KK-56-48-302
USGS 302152098454901 KK-57-42-310
USGS 302204098582301 KK-57-41-111
USGS 302217098505901 KK-57-42-103
  group icon Hays County, Texas
Agency Site Number Site Name
USGS 301815098101001 LR-57-47-504
  group icon Kendall County, Texas
Agency Site Number Site Name
USGS 300725098544401 RB-57-57-302
USGS 300729098512801 RB-57-58-101
  group icon Kerr County, Texas
Agency Site Number Site Name
USGS 300554098570201 RJ-57-57-204
USGS 300628098561201 RJ-57-57-203
USGS 300700098573901 RJ-57-57-101
USGS 300734099040001 RJ-56-56-802
  group icon Travis County, Texas
Agency Site Number Site Name
USGS 08153990 Lick Ck nr Pedernales Canyon Rd nr Bee Cave, TX
USGS 08154000 Pedernales Rv nr Spicewood, TX
USGS 301918098054201 YD-57-48-404
USGS 302024098081601 YD-57-47-308
USGS 302029098081501 YD-57-47-309
USGS 302029098083801 YD-57-47-304
USGS 302036098072801 YD-57-48-105
USGS 302045098082401 YD-57-47-306
USGS 302306098050701 YD-57-40-703