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Site Inventory for USA
Grouped by County

Site Selection Results -- 86 sites found

Hydrologic region = 12110101

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  group icon Edwards County, Texas
Agency Site Number Site Name
USGS 08189979 Hackberry Ck at RR 335 nr Vance, TX
USGS 08189980 Hackberry Ck nr Rocksprings, TX
USGS 08189983 Nueces Rv bl Hackberry Ck nr Vance, TX
USGS 08189990 Nueces Rv at Barksdale, TX
USGS 0818999010 Nueces Rv nr Barksdale, TX
USGS 08189991 Pulliam Ck abv Little Hackberry Ck nr Barksdale,TX
USGS 08189992 Little Hackberry Ck at SH 55 nr Barksdale, TX
USGS 08189993 Pulliam Ck abv Cedar Ck nr Barksdale, TX
USGS 08189994 Cedar Ck nr Barksdale, TX
USGS 08189995 Pulliam Ck bl Cedar Ck nr Barksdale, TX
USGS 293910100061301 JJ-70-24-703
USGS 294129100074301 JJ-70-23-601
USGS 294356100045001 JJ-70-24-202
USGS 294438100035001 JJ-70-24-2 (Luce 1)
USGS 294438100035101 JJ-70-24-2 (Luce 2)
USGS 294731100113101 JJ-70-15-801
USGS 294831100103101 JJ-70-15-501
USGS 294854100051501 JJ-70-16-4 (Mitchell)
USGS 295005100072601 JJ-70-16-404
USGS 295018100061601 JJ-70-16-102
USGS 295023100072001 JJ-70-16-105
USGS 295131100083101 JJ-70-15-304
USGS 295219100045401 JJ-70-08-803
USGS 295239100080101 JJ-70-07-903
USGS 295410100003001 JJ-70-08-904
USGS 295414100025801 JJ-70-08-801
USGS 295527100020001 JJ-70-08-603
USGS 295620100012201 JJ-70-08-602
USGS 295824100001801 JJ-70-08-304
USGS 295906100002401 JJ-70-08-303
USGS 295930100014301 JJ-70-08-302
USGS 295949100024301 JJ-70-08-203
USGS 300052100034401 JJ-55-64-805
USGS 300127100040601 JJ-55-64-807
USGS 300233100021701 JJ-55-64-602
USGS 300259100030801 JJ-55-64-503 (Lazy H Ranch)
  group icon Real County, Texas
Agency Site Number Site Name
USGS 0818998008 Unm spg run of E Prong Nueces Rv nr Rocksprings,TX
USGS 0818998070 E Prong Nueces Rv abv Camp Eagle nr Rocksprings,TX
USGS 08189981 E Prong Nueces Rv bl E Rose Draw nr Vance, TX
USGS 08189984 Nueces Rv abv Vance, TX
USGS 08189985 Nueces Rv at Vance, TX
USGS 08189987 Bullhead Ck bl Cord Spg Draw nr Vance, TX
USGS 0818998770 Bullhead Ck at RR 2631 nr Vance, TX
USGS 08189988 Bullhead Ck abv Brushy Draw nr Vance, TX
USGS 08189989 Bullhead Ck at Vance, TX
USGS 0818998970 Dry Ck nr Barksdale, TX
USGS 0818999020 Nueces Rv at McDonald Crossing nr Camp Wood, TX
USGS 08189996 Camp Wood Ck at SH 55 nr Camp Wood, TX
USGS 0818999640 Old Faithful Spring nr Camp Wood, TX
USGS 08189997 Nueces Rv at Camp Wood, TX
USGS 294049100005301 WA-70-24-602
USGS 294131100013101 WA-70-24-603
USGS 294431099563101 WA-69-17-202
USGS 294931099553101 WA-69-09-501
USGS 295702099571801 WA-69-01-502
USGS 295721099581801 WA-69-01-401
USGS 295731099573101 WA-69-01-402
USGS 295739099571301 WA-69-01-501
USGS 295758099575301 WA-69-01-104
USGS 295912099575201 WA-69-01-103
USGS 295923099571401 WA-69-01-201
  group icon Uvalde County, Texas
Agency Site Number Site Name
USGS 08189998 Nueces Rv at CR 414 at Montell, TX
USGS 0818999850 Montell Ck nr Montell, TX
USGS 08189999 Nueces Rv at CR 410 abv Miller Ck nr Montell, TX
USGS 08190000 Nueces Rv at Laguna, TX
USGS 08190090 Nueces Rv at Soyars Ranch nr Uvalde, TX
USGS 291901099565201 YP-69-41-502
USGS 291911099565201 YP-69-41-501
USGS 292131099573101 YP-69-41-105
USGS 292145099590201 YP-69-41-1
USGS 292236099584201 YP-69-33-702
USGS 292310100011401 YP-70-40-904
USGS 292311099585101 YP-69-33-7 (H-1-15)
USGS 292314100012201 YP-70-40-9 (G-3-21)
USGS 292340100000702 YP-70-40-903
USGS 292344100002701 YP-70-40-901
USGS 292346099594701 YP-69-33-701
USGS 292548100003701 YP-70-40-601
USGS 293141100012501 YP-70-32-903
USGS 293231100014901 YP-70-32-603
USGS 293241099584301 YP-69-25-402
USGS 293331099573101 YP-69-25-403
USGS 293457100060801 YP-70-32-403
USGS 293544099271201 YP-69-29-201
USGS 293558099272501 YP-69-29-202
USGS 293610100055701 YP-70-32-101