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Site Inventory for USA
Grouped by County

Site Selection Results -- 83 sites found

Hydrologic region = 12110111

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  group icon Bee County, Texas
Agency Site Number Site Name
USGS 281022097480200 AW-79-50-503
USGS 282430097542600 AW-79-33-906
USGS 282552097562500 AW-79-33-501
USGS 282710097563400 AW-79-33-502
USGS 283033097585000 AW-79-25-701
USGS 283129097570100 AW-79-25-802
USGS 283204098000200 AW-78-32-901
USGS 283520097590000 AW-79-25-103
USGS 283550097592400 AW-79-25-105
USGS 283614098000800 AW-78-32-309
USGS 283616098004900 AW-78-32-303
USGS 283620098023800 AW-78-32-201
USGS 283717097593100 AW-79-25-104
USGS 283734097581200 AW-79-17-702
USGS 283801098020500 AW-78-24-903
USGS 283900098002500 AW-78-24-901
USGS 283934098013900 AW-78-24-904
USGS 283938098002600 AW-78-24-905
USGS 284135097580900 AW-79-17-401
  group icon Jim Wells County, Texas
Agency Site Number Site Name
USGS 08210500 Lk Corpus Christi nr Mathis, TX
USGS 280238097521301 Lk Corpus Christi Site AC nr Mathis, TX
USGS 280249097520801 Lk Corpus Christi Site AL nr Mathis, TX
  group icon Live Oak County, Texas
Agency Site Number Site Name
USGS 08208000 Atascosa Rv at Whitsett, TX
USGS 08210000 Nueces Rv nr Three Rivers, TX
USGS 08210050 Sulphur Ck nr Three Rivers, TX
USGS 08210100 Nueces Rv at George West, TX
USGS 08210300 Ramirena Ck nr George West, TX
USGS 08210400 Lagarto Ck nr George West, TX
USGS 280656097542801 25 Corpus Christi Site BC nr Mathis, TX
USGS 280921097562701 Lk Corpus Christi Site CC nr Mathis, TX
USGS 281108097544701 Lk Corpus Christi Site DC nr Mathis, TX
USGS 281411097564801 Lk Corpus Christi Site EC nr Mathis, TX
USGS 281931098071901 SJ-78-48-403
USGS 282404098062101 SJ-78-39-703
USGS 282457098103101 SJ-78-39-802
USGS 282535098095701 SJ-78-39-602
USGS 282540098104701 SJ-78-39-507
USGS 282540098104702 SJ-78-39-508
USGS 282540098104703 SJ-78-39-509
USGS 282546098064501 SJ-78-40-404
USGS 282559098063201 SJ-78-40-405
USGS 282604098103001 SJ-78-39-522
USGS 282633098101101 SJ-78-39-510
USGS 282647098105601 SJ-78-39-501
USGS 282657098064001 SJ-78-40-403
USGS 282704098112601 SJ-78-39-521
USGS 282712098112301 SJ-78-39-520
USGS 282713098104301 SJ-78-39-502
USGS 282717098112201 SJ-78-39-519
USGS 282717098112601 SJ-78-39-518
USGS 282730098095801 SJ-78-39-601
USGS 282744098101101 SJ-78-39-204
USGS 282750098101601 SJ-78-39-203
  group icon Mcmullen County, Texas
Agency Site Number Site Name
USGS 280534098202400 SU-78-62-102
  group icon Nueces County, Texas
Agency Site Number Site Name
USGS 08211200 Nueces Rv at Bluntzer, TX
USGS 08211450 Nueces Rv bl Hazel Bazemore Pk nr Calallen, TX
USGS 08211500 Nueces Rv at Calallen, TX
USGS 08211502 Nueces Rv nr Odem, TX
USGS 275035097301800 2103802Nueces ES Line 038 Site 02
USGS 275035097311600 2107102Nueces ES Line 071 Site 02
USGS 275138097331900 2102202Nueces ES Line 022 Site 02
USGS 275213097440601 UB-83-11-102
USGS 275344097374100 2101302Nueces ES Line 013 Site 02
USGS 275431097453101 UB-83-02-902
  group icon San Patricio County, Texas
Agency Site Number Site Name
USGS 08211000 Nueces Rv nr Mathis, TX
USGS 08211050 Bayou Ck at FM 666 nr Mathis, TX
USGS 08211100 Nueces Rv bl Mathis, TX
USGS 08211503 Rincon Bayou Channel nr Calallen, TX
USGS 275346097373700 2160150Nueces ES Line 601 Site 50
USGS 275432097390101 WW-83-03-904
USGS 275509097383201 WW-83-03-605
USGS 275517097415801 WW-83-03-502
USGS 275600097420000 Odem Rh Site 3
USGS 275705097434400 Edroy Weather Sta
USGS 275707097430500 Odem Rh Site 2
USGS 275831097463101 WW-83-02-307
USGS 275845097424300 Odem Rh Site 1
USGS 275849097475801 WW-83-02-203
USGS 280207097461201 WW-79-58-903
USGS 280302097490401 WW-79-58-502
USGS 280620097492201 WW-79-58-201
USGS 280753097505001 WW-79-50-704
USGS 280904097462701 WW-79-50-903