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Site Inventory for USA
Grouped by County

Site Selection Results -- 49 sites found

Hydrologic region = 13070008

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  group icon Crockett County, Texas
Agency Site Number Site Name
USGS 08447300 Pecos Rv at Brotherton Rh nr Pandale, TX
USGS 302634101431300 Pecos Rv at confl of Independence Ck, TX
USGS 302749101435000 Pecos Rv abv confl of Independence Ck, TX
USGS 302943101405901 HJ-54-35-203
USGS 304531101413101 HJ-54-11-814
USGS 304718101500600 Pecos Rv at Crockett County Rd 306 nr Iraan, TX
USGS 305849101582900 Pecos Rv at SH 349 nr Iraan, TX
USGS 310204102131500 Pecos Rv at Ranch Rd 1901 nr McCamey, TX
  group icon Pecos County, Texas
Agency Site Number Site Name
USGS 08447000 Pecos Rv nr Sheffield, TX
USGS 304130101492501 US-54-18-504
USGS 304131101492401 US-54-18-503
USGS 304141101494501 US-54-18-506
USGS 304202101483201 US-54-18-509
USGS 304953102103601 US-53-15-502
USGS 305705102021201 US-53-08-603
USGS 305706102095501 US-53-07-601
USGS 305714102020601 US-53-08-602
USGS 305722102023201 US-53-08-501
USGS 305723102015801 US-53-08-601
USGS 305835102134601 US-53-07-104
USGS 305836102131701 US-53-07-105
USGS 305848102080701 US-53-07-302
USGS 310307102225201 US-45-61-607
  group icon Terrell County, Texas
Agency Site Number Site Name
USGS 08447018 Caroline Springs at Oasis Ranch, TX
USGS 301731101463101 XX-54-42-901
USGS 301831101463101 XX-54-42-602
USGS 302259101424001 XX-54-35-701
USGS 302300101420001 XX-54-35-804
USGS 303031101413101 XX-54-27-803
USGS 303245101391500 Pecos Rv at Chandler Rh nr Reagan Cyn, TX
  group icon Upton County, Texas
Agency Site Number Site Name
USGS 08446700 Fivemile Ck nr Rankin, TX
USGS 311355101495701 YL-44-50-203
USGS 311403102140300 Artesian Well NW of FM 1053 nr Imperial, TX
USGS 311411101505201 YL-44-50-108
USGS 311510101534501 YL-44-41-909
USGS 311519101534001 YL-44-41-907
USGS 311529101534001 YL-44-41-906
  group icon Val Verde County, Texas
Agency Site Number Site Name
USGS 08447350 Pecos Rv nr Pandale, TX
USGS 08447400 Pecos Rv nr Shumla, TX
USGS 08447410 Pecos Rv nr Langtry, TX
USGS 294731101213101 YR-71-14-703
USGS 294736101232500 Pecos Rv nr Hwy 90 nr Shumla, TX
USGS 294808101263100 Pecos Rv nr Painted Cyn, TX
USGS 295945101301500 Pecos Rv nr Goat Cyn, TX
USGS 300031101303101 YR-54-60-901
USGS 300231101323101 YR-54-60-804
USGS 300724101320201 YR-54-60-301
USGS 300725101320001 YR-54-60-302
USGS 300826101325801 YR-54-52-801