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Streamflow Measurements for the Nation


Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area County, Alaska
Hydrologic Unit Code 19090108
Latitude  66°02'51", Longitude 154°15'30" NAD27
Drainage area 17,990  square miles
Gage datum 250 feet above NGVD29
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  Date       Time Time
  Who Measuring
  Control Flow
1201994-09-07 13:50AKDTYesSmith and HiUSGS51200 Good NONE
1191982-08-10 13:37:30AKDTYesVaill and HaUSGS18900 Good NONE
1181982-07-13 18:35AKDTYesMaxwell andUSGS22200 Fair NONE
1171982-06-07 17:00AKDTYesVaill and FlUSGS75000 Fair NONE
1161982-04-28 12:40AKDTYesVaill and FlUSGS503 Fair NONE
1151982-01-13 12:57:30AKSTYesSwingle andUSGS1050 Poor NONE
1141981-09-29 12:15AKDTYesVaill and SwUSGS7970 Good NONE
1131981-08-18 14:15AKDTYesTark and SwiUSGS51600 Fair NONE
1121981-06-12 14:30AKDTYesSwingle andUSGS13900 Fair NONE
1111981-04-15 14:22:30AKSTYesVaill and SwUSGS791 Fair NONE
1101980-08-21 13:38AKDTYesTark and SwiUSGS32500 Fair NONE
1091980-06-09 14:10AKDTYesSwingle andUSGS76000 Fair NONE
1081980-02-06 11:10AKSTYesVanderwaal aUSGS1210 Fair NONE
1071979-09-17 13:12:30AKDTYesBurrows andUSGS9000 Fair NONE
1061979-08-21 13:40AKDTYesTarkanen, AkUSGS14300 Fair NONE
1051979-07-30 13:20AKDTYesBurrows andUSGS18700 Good NONE
1041979-05-30 15:27:30AKDTYesSwingle andUSGS43600 Fair NONE
1031979-04-16 12:00AKSTYesSwingle andUSGS524 Poor NONE
1021978-12-06 11:00AKSTYesSwingle andUSGS1850 Poor NONE
1011978-09-19 17:25AKDTYesSwingle andUSGS8700 Fair NONE
1001978-08-22 18:02:30AKDTYesParks and SwUSGS6950 Fair NONE
991978-06-08 13:00AKDTYesMacFarlane aUSGS52300 Fair NONE
981978-04-06 08:52:30AKSTYesKostohrys anUSGS465 Poor NONE
971978-02-01 11:22:30AKSTYesJK and DCTUSGS771 Poor NONE
961977-06-28 16:07:30AKDTYesSwingle andUSGS21300 Fair NONE
951977-03-08 16:37AKSTYesSwingle andUSGS688 Fair NONE
941976-11-17 13:00AKSTYesSwingle andUSGS3570 Poor NONE
931976-07-13 18:52:30AKDTYesTark and SwiUSGS18800 Fair NONE
921976-04-18 12:30AKSTYesSwingle andUSGS400 Poor NONE
911975-07-30 11:35AKDTYesRarklainen aUSGS14100 Fair NONE
901975-06-06 12:52:30AKDTYesSwingle andUSGS57500 Fair NONE
891975-04-10 11:22:30AKDTYesSwingle andUSGS401 Poor NONE
881974-09-24 08:30AKDTYesKuhn and McKUSGS13300 Fair NONE
871974-08-19 12:57:30AKDTYesKing, NormanUSGS35600 Good NONE
861974-07-09 16:05AKDTYesKuhn and McKUSGS7580 Fair NONE
851974-05-29 15:50AKDTYesMcKechnie anUSGS42600 Good NONE
841974-03-14 11:20AKDTYesWoods and McUSGS434 Poor NONE
831973-12-18 11:00AKSTYesMcKechnieBarne1700 Fair NONE
821973-09-28 14:10AKDTYesHudson, HaleUSGS13200 Good NONE
811973-08-21 14:10AKDTYesKuhn and McKUSGS44000 Fair NONE
801973-07-11 10:57:30AKDTYesNorman, McKeUSGS14700 Good NONE
791973-06-04 12:10AKDTYesHIner, JonesUSGS79400 Good NONE
781973-03-18 16:15AKSTYesHIner and WoUSGS532 Fair NONE
771972-09-20 12:35AKDTYesNorman and HUSGS15000 Good NONE
761972-08-18 18:40AKDTYesHunter and HUSGS10600 Good NONE
741972-07-15 11:45AKDTYesHIner and McUSGS7770 Good NONE
731972-06-11 19:20AKDTYesHinerUSGS46900 Good NONE
721972-03-23 06:38AKSTYesHiner, WoodsUSGS382 Fair NONE
711971-09-21 15:10AKDTYesScully, HaleUSGS79.5 Good NONE
701971-08-12 15:05AKDTYesHiner, FarmeUSGS13700 Good NONE
691971-07-13 01:22:30AKDTYesHiner and KeUSGS9400 Good NONE
681971-06-10 17:57:30AKDTYesHiner and NoUSGS106000 Good NONE
671971-03-20 13:52:30AKSTYesHiner and KeUSGS532 Fair NONE
661970-09-20 17:55AKDTYesHiner and NoUSGS12200 Good NONE
651970-08-16 13:52:30AKDTYesNorman and KUSGS20900 Fair NONE
641970-07-11 17:32:30AKDTYesHiner and KlUSGS27300 Fair NONE
631970-06-07 18:27:30AKDTYesNorman and HUSGS22200 Poor NONE
621970-03-09 05:15:30AKSTYesCese, Hiner,USGS270 Fair NONE
611969-09-24 19:35AKDTYesDearborn andUSGS5990 Good NONE
601969-09-24 16:37:30AKDTYesHIner and DeUSGS5990 Good NONE
591969-08-10 10:30AKDTYesNorman and NUSGS3700 Fair NONE
581969-07-04 10:45AKDTYesHIner and NoUSGS6710 Good NONE
571969-05-31 08:32:30AKDTYesHiner and NoUSGS9630 Fair NONE
561969-03-09 08:07:30AKSTYesNorman and HUSGS117 Poor NONE
551968-09-20 09:45AKSTYesHiner and KlUSGS4210 Good NONE
541968-08-18 17:00AKSTYesKlepper andUSGS9500 Good NONE
531968-07-08 16:30AKSTYesKatzer and KUSGS21900 Good NONE
521968-06-03 15:25AKSTYesHale and KatUSGS110000 Good NONE
511968-03-16 15:15AKSTYesKetzer and MUSGS740 Fair NONE
501967-09-24 14:30AKSTYesKlepper andUSGS16300 Good NONE
491967-08-18 08:50AKSTYesKatzer, McKeUSGS3400 Good NONE
481967-07-10 09:00AKSTYesKatzer, HulsUSGS16100 Good NONE
471967-05-26 15:00AKSTYesHale, KatzenUSGS87700 Good NONE
461967-03-16 16:30AKSTYesKazer and WoUSGS260 Poor NONE
451966-12-14 10:07:30AKSTYesMinnehaw andUSGS1420 Fair NONE
441966-09-22 12:32:30AKSTYesHale, ChildeUSGS11300 Good NONE
431966-08-27 07:55AKSTYesMinnehan, HaUSGS34700 Good NONE
421966-07-22 15:40AKSTYesStweert, MinUSGS19100 Good NONE
411966-06-10 20:49:30AKSTYesMinnehan, McUSGS97400 Good NONE
401966-03-03 07:40AKSTYesHale, HulsinUSGS585 Fair NONE
391965-11-24 07:30AKSTYesHaleUSGS2280 Good NONE
381965-09-28 17:45AKSTYesHale and GeoUSGS87600 Fair NONE
371965-08-20 11:10AKSTYesHaleUSGS63300 Good NONE
361965-07-22 11:15AKSTYesMinneHaw andUSGS40800 Good NONE
351965-06-06 12:55AKSTYesMinnehan, McUSGS78300 Unspecified NONE
341965-01-17 14:55AKSTYesMinnehan andUSGS588 Fair NONE
331964-09-21 16:15AKSTYesHale and HudUSGS16600 Good NONE
321964-08-20 11:32:30AKSTYesHale, MennakUSGS16000 Good NONE
311964-07-25 10:05AKSTYesSmith and HiUSGS11300 Good NONE
301964-06-12 13:20AKSTYesHale, King,USGS102000 Fair NONE
291964-03-27 08:07:30AKSTYesHale, Woods,USGS465 Good NONE
281964-02-02 14:27:30AKSTYesHale and WooUSGS709 Fair NONE
271963-12-10 17:29:30AKSTYesHale and WooUSGS1020 Fair NONE
261963-09-25 16:30AKSTYesNak, Hudson,USGS10700 Fair NONE
251963-08-13 14:17:30AKSTYesHale and MorUSGS71700 Fair NONE
241963-07-11 15:00AKSTYesHale and MorUSGS28600 Fair NONE
231963-06-06 08:35AKSTYesBooth and HaUSGS60000 Good NONE
221963-03-22 13:05AKSTYesKing and MorUSGS440 Poor NONE
211963-01-23 10:02:30AKSTYesBooth and WoUSGS505 Fair NONE
201962-09-19 13:55AKSTYesMeckel, MorrUSGS23000 Fair NONE
751962-08-18 15:23:30AKSTYesHunter and HUSGS10200 Fair NONE
191962-07-31 14:22:30AKSTYesKing and IshUSGS17100 Fair NONE
181962-06-14 18:17:30AKSTYesSwingle andUSGS121000 Fair NONE
171962-06-14 14:45AKSTYesCarey and SwUSGS119000 Fair NONE
161962-03-25 09:45AKSTYesCarny and WoUSGS722 Fair NONE
151961-12-08 09:50AKSTYesMeckel and WUSGS1980 Fair NONE
141961-09-18 06:02:30AKSTYesLIkes, SchupUSGS27100 Poor NONE
131961-08-09 13:30AKSTYesMeckel and KUSGS53900 Poor NONE
121961-06-06 07:30AKSTYesKing and OstUSGS37800 Poor NONE
111961-04-16 10:27:30AKSTYesWoods. SheldUSGS268 Fair NONE
101961-02-27 09:00AKSTYesLikes and ShUSGS402 Fair NONE
91961-01-21 13:32:30AKSTYesKing and SheUSGS723 Fair NONE
81960-12-06 13:32:30AKSTYesKing and SheUSGS922 Fair NONE
71960-09-29 12:00AKSTYesSwingle andUSGS13300 Poor NONE
61960-09-01 15:12:30AKSTYesLikes and WiUSGS26300 Fair NONE
51960-07-31 15:00AKSTYesOster and SwUSGS7900 Fair NONE
41960-06-06 08:40AKSTYesLikes and SwUSGS12600 Poor NONE