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This site is operated in cooperation with the

US Army Corp of Engineers

United States Army Corps of Engineers - Louisville District

The real-time water-quality data will cease for this site, as funding for the data collection ends in late December. If you would like to see the real-time water-quality data continue for this site, please contact Jeffery Woods at (317) 600-2762 or via email at jwoods@usgs.gov.

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This station managed by the Murray Field Office.

Available Parameters Available Period
2021-05-25  2021-09-22
2016-01-14  2018-03-28
2007-10-01  2021-09-22
2016-01-14  2018-01-30
2016-01-14  2017-12-25
2016-01-14  2017-02-03
2016-01-14  2017-12-21
2016-01-14  2017-12-13
2016-01-14  2017-12-29
2016-06-01  2017-12-27
2016-01-14  2017-12-26
2016-04-15  2017-12-27


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Temperature, water, degrees Celsius

Most recent instantaneous value: 20.5 09-22-2021   07:45 CDT
Graph of  Temperature, water, degrees Celsius

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Temperature, water, degrees Celsius, [Temperature]
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