USGS 440918069564001 ME-KW766 Litchfield, Maine


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Station operated in cooperation with the Maine Emergency Management Agency.
Period of Record - June 1976 to current year. Feb. 1990 to Mar. 2001, monthly measurement with chalked steel tape by USGS personnel. Daily mean data were published for Oct. 1989 to Jan. 1990. Prior to Oct. 1989, daily mean data were published every fifth day.

Well Characteristics
  • Drilled unconfined well in glacial sand and gravel (ice-contact deposits) of Pleistocene age
  • 6-inch diameter, 62 feet deep, screened from 59 to 62 feet

USGS Groundwater Watch page for this station for additional data and statistics

Statewide Ground Water Table
This station managed by the Augusta ME Field Office.

Available Parameters Available Period
2007-10-01  2024-03-02


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Depth to water level, feet below land surface

Most recent instantaneous value: 42.34 03-02-2024   13:00 EST
Graph of  Depth to water level, feet below land surface

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