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Station funded as part of the National Streamflow Information Program and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New England District.
The precipitation data for this station are temporary and will only be displayed for 120 days. Time series of 15-minute or cumulative daily values will NOT be available for retrieval follwoing the 120-day display period. Although the instrumentation is calibrated at least once/year, the temporary classification means that documented routine inspections and other quality assurance measures are not performed that would make the data accceptable for archival, retrieval, or future use in general scientific or interpretive studies.
Boating safety tips
This station managed by the Pembroke, NH Field Office.

Available Parameters Available Period
2020-12-12  2021-04-11
2001-10-01  2021-04-11
2007-10-01  2021-04-11


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Summary of all available data for this site
Instantaneous-data availability statement
Discharge, cubic feet per second
TIMEApr 8Apr 9Apr 10Apr 11
00:00 EDT754P   1,340P  1,710P  
00:15 EDT761P   1,350P  1,720P  
00:30 EDT775P   1,370P  1,730P  
00:45 EDT782P  1,050P  1,370P  1,740P  
01:00 EDT789P  1,070P  1,380P  1,750P  
01:15 EDT796P  1,080P  1,390P  1,750P  
01:30 EDT803P  1,090P  1,400P  1,750P  
01:45 EDT810P  1,090P   1,750P  
02:00 EDT817P  1,100P   1,750P  
02:15 EDT817P  1,100P  1,410P  1,750P  
02:30 EDT824P  1,110P  1,410P  1,750P  
02:45 EDT824P     
03:00 EDT831P   1,410P   
03:15 EDT831P   1,420P   
03:30 EDT831P   1,410P   
03:45 EDT831P   1,410P   
04:00 EDT831P   1,410P   
04:15 EDT838P     
04:30 EDT838P     
04:45 EDT831P  1,120P  1,400P   
05:00 EDT838P  1,110P  1,400P   
05:15 EDT831P  1,110P  1,400P   
05:30 EDT831P  1,110P  1,400P   
05:45 EDT831P  1,110P  1,390P  1,660P  
06:00 EDT831P  1,110P  1,380P  1,650P  
06:15 EDT831P  1,100P  1,370P  1,640P  
06:30 EDT831P  1,100P  1,370P  1,630P  
06:45 EDT824P  1,090P  1,370P  1,620P  
07:00 EDT824P  1,090P  1,360P  1,620P  
07:15 EDT824P  1,090P  1,350P  1,610P  
07:30 EDT824P  1,090P  1,350P  1,600P  
07:45 EDT817P  1,080P  1,340P  1,590P  
08:00 EDT817P  1,080P  1,330P  1,580P  
08:15 EDT817P  1,070P  1,320P  1,570P  
08:30 EDT810P  1,060P  1,320P  1,560P  
08:45 EDT810P  1,060P  1,310P  1,560P  
09:00 EDT810P  1,060P  1,300P  1,550P  
09:15 EDT803P  1,050P  1,290P  1,550P  
09:30 EDT803P  1,040P  1,290P  1,540P  
09:45 EDT796P  1,040P  1,280P  1,530P  
10:00 EDT796P  1,040P  1,280P  1,520P  
10:15 EDT796P  1,040P  1,280P  1,520P  
10:30 EDT796P  1,030P  1,270P  1,510P  
10:45 EDT789P  1,030P  1,270P  1,500P  
11:00 EDT789P  1,020P  1,260P  1,490P  
11:15 EDT789P  1,010P  1,250P  1,490P  
11:30 EDT782P  1,010P  1,240P  1,480P  
11:45 EDT782P  1,000P  1,240P  1,470P  
12:00 EDT775P  1,000P  1,230P  1,460P  
12:15 EDT775P  996P  1,220P  1,450P  
12:30 EDT775P  996P  1,220P  1,440P  
12:45 EDT775P  989P  1,220P   
13:00 EDT768P  989P  1,200P   
13:15 EDT768P  981P  1,200P   
13:30 EDT768P  973P  1,200P   
13:45 EDT761P  973P  1,200P   
14:00 EDT761P  973P  1,200P   
14:15 EDT761P  965P  1,190P   
14:30 EDT754P  965P  1,180P   
14:45 EDT754P  957P  1,180P   
15:00 EDT754P  957P  1,170P   
15:15 EDT754P  957P  1,170P   
15:30 EDT748P  950P  1,170P   
15:45 EDT748P  950P  1,170P   
16:00 EDT748P  942P  1,170P   
16:15 EDT748P  942P  1,170P   
16:30 EDT748P  942P  1,170P   
16:45 EDT748P  942P  1,170P   
17:00 EDT748P  942P  1,180P   
17:15 EDT748P  942P  1,180P   
17:30 EDT754P  950P  1,180P   
17:45 EDT754P  957P  1,190P   
18:00 EDT754P  965P  1,200P   
18:15 EDT761P  965P  1,210P   
18:30 EDT768P  973P  1,220P   
18:45 EDT768P  981P  1,240P   
19:00 EDT775P  989P  1,260P   
19:15 EDT782P  1,000P  1,280P   
19:30 EDT789P  1,020P  1,290P   
19:45 EDT803P  1,040P  1,310P   
20:00 EDT810P  1,040P  1,340P   
20:15 EDT824P  1,060P  1,360P   
20:30 EDT831P  1,080P  1,390P   
20:45 EDT838P  1,100P  1,410P   
21:00 EDT853P  1,120P  1,440P   
21:15 EDT867P  1,140P  1,470P   
21:30 EDT882P  1,150P  1,500P   
21:45 EDT897P  1,180P  1,520P   
22:00 EDT904P  1,200P  1,550P   
22:15 EDT919P  1,210P  1,570P   
22:30 EDT934P  1,230P  1,590P   
22:45 EDT950P  1,260P  1,620P   
23:00 EDT965P  1,270P  1,640P   
23:15 EDT973P  1,280P  1,660P   
23:30 EDT996P  1,300P  1,670P   
23:45 EDT1,000P  1,320P  1,690P   

  P  Provisional data subject to revision.