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USGS 04189260 Blanchard River at Ottawa OH


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Want to learn more about areas near this gage that are inundated during flooding? See the USGS flood-inundation mapper.
Available Parameters Available Period
2009-10-01  2022-06-30
2009-10-01  2022-06-30


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Summary of all available data for this site
Instantaneous-data availability statement
Gage height, feet
TIMEJun 23Jun 24Jun 25Jun 26Jun 27Jun 28Jun 29Jun 30
00:00 EDT5.72P  5.48P  5.05P  4.94P  4.93P  4.98P  4.89P  4.84P  
00:30 EDT5.70P  5.47P  5.05P  4.94P  4.92P  4.99P  4.89P  4.84P  
01:00 EDT5.70P  5.46P  5.04P  4.95P  4.93P  4.98P  4.88P  4.85P  
01:30 EDT5.68P  5.45P  5.04P  4.95P  4.92P  4.98P  4.88P  4.85P  
02:00 EDT5.68P  5.44P  5.03P  4.94P  4.93P  4.97P  4.88P  4.84P  
02:30 EDT5.68P  5.42P  5.02P  4.94P  4.93P  4.96P  4.88P  4.85P  
03:00 EDT5.67P  5.41P  5.02P  4.94P  4.93P  4.97P  4.88P  4.84P  
03:30 EDT5.67P  5.40P  5.02P  4.94P  4.92P  4.96P  4.88P  4.85P  
04:00 EDT5.67P  5.40P  5.01P  4.93P  4.94P  4.95P  4.87P  4.85P  
04:30 EDT5.65P  5.37P  5.00P  4.94P  4.93P  4.96P  4.87P  4.85P  
05:00 EDT5.65P  5.36P  5.00P  4.94P  4.93P  4.94P  4.87P  4.85P  
05:30 EDT5.64P  5.35P  5.00P  4.94P  4.93P  4.94P  4.86P  4.85P  
06:00 EDT5.65P  5.34P  4.99P  4.94P  4.93P  4.95P  4.86P  4.85P  
06:30 EDT5.64P  5.33P  4.99P  4.94P  4.93P  4.93P  4.86P  4.84P  
07:00 EDT5.64P  5.33P  5.00P  4.94P  4.94P  4.94P  4.86P  4.85P  
07:30 EDT5.65P  5.31P  5.00P  4.95P  4.94P  4.94P  4.86P  4.85P  
08:00 EDT5.64P  5.31P  4.99P  4.96P  4.96P  4.94P  4.85P  4.85P  
08:30 EDT5.64P  5.30P  5.00P  4.96P  4.96P  4.94P  4.85P  4.85P  
09:00 EDT5.64P  5.29P  5.00P  4.95P  4.96P  4.93P  4.85P  4.85P  
09:30 EDT5.64P  5.28P  5.00P  4.96P  4.97P  4.93P  4.85P  4.85P  
10:00 EDT5.63P  5.27P  5.00P  4.96P  4.97P  4.93P  4.84P  4.85P  
10:30 EDT5.63P  5.26P  5.00P  4.96P  4.97P  4.93P  4.84P  4.85P  
11:00 EDT5.63P  5.25P  5.01P  4.96P  4.98P  4.93P  4.84P  4.85P  
11:30 EDT5.63P  5.25P  5.01P  4.96P  4.99P  4.94P  4.84P  4.85P  
12:00 EDT5.63P  5.23P  5.01P  4.96P  5.00P  4.94P  4.84P  4.85P  
12:30 EDT5.62P  5.22P  5.00P  4.94P  5.02P  4.93P  4.84P  4.85P  
13:00 EDT5.62P  5.22P  5.01P  4.94P  5.03P  4.94P  4.85P   
13:30 EDT5.61P  5.21P  5.00P  4.94P  5.04P  4.93P  4.84P   
14:00 EDT5.62P  5.20P  5.00P  4.93P  5.05P  4.93P  4.84P   
14:30 EDT5.61P  5.19P  5.00P  4.94P  5.05P  4.93P  4.85P   
15:00 EDT5.61P  5.18P  5.00P  4.94P  5.05P  4.93P  4.85P   
15:30 EDT5.60P  5.17P  5.00P  4.94P  5.06P  4.94P  4.85P   
16:00 EDT5.60P  5.17P  4.99P  4.94P  5.06P  4.93P  4.85P   
16:30 EDT5.60P  5.17P  4.99P  4.94P  5.06P  4.94P  4.85P   
17:00 EDT5.60P  5.16P  5.00P  4.93P  5.06P  4.93P  4.85P   
17:30 EDT5.59P  5.15P  4.99P  4.93P  5.05P  4.93P  4.85P   
18:00 EDT5.57P  5.13P  4.98P  4.93P  5.05P  4.93P  4.85P   
18:30 EDT5.56P  5.12P  4.97P  4.93P  5.04P  4.92P  4.85P   
19:00 EDT5.55P  5.12P  4.97P  4.93P  5.04P  4.92P  4.85P   
19:30 EDT5.55P  5.12P  4.97P  4.93P  5.04P  4.92P  4.85P   
20:00 EDT5.55P  5.10P  4.97P  4.93P  5.03P  4.91P  4.85P   
20:30 EDT5.54P  5.10P  4.96P  4.93P  5.03P  4.91P  4.85P   
21:00 EDT5.53P  5.09P  4.96P  4.92P  5.02P  4.91P  4.85P   
21:30 EDT5.52P  5.08P  4.96P  4.93P  5.02P  4.90P  4.85P   
22:00 EDT5.52P  5.08P  4.96P  4.92P  5.02P  4.90P  4.84P   
22:30 EDT5.51P  5.07P  4.95P  4.92P  5.00P  4.90P  4.84P   
23:00 EDT5.50P  5.07P  4.95P  4.92P  4.99P  4.89P  4.84P   
23:30 EDT5.49P  5.06P  4.95P  4.92P  5.00P  4.89P  4.84P   

  P  Provisional data subject to revision.