USGS 04189260 Blanchard River at Ottawa OH


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2009-10-01  2023-09-22
2009-10-01  2023-09-22


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Gage height, feet
TIMESep 15Sep 16Sep 17Sep 18Sep 19Sep 20Sep 21Sep 22
00:00 EDT4.59P  4.56P  4.59P  4.57P  4.55P  4.56P  4.54P  4.56P  
00:30 EDT4.59P  4.56P  4.59P  4.57P  4.54P  4.55P  4.54P  4.55P  
01:00 EDT4.59P  4.56P  4.59P  4.58P  4.54P  4.55P  4.55P  4.55P  
01:30 EDT4.59P  4.56P  4.59P  4.58P  4.55P  4.54P  4.55P  4.55P  
02:00 EDT4.59P  4.56P  4.59P  4.58P  4.54P  4.54P  4.55P  4.55P  
02:30 EDT4.59P  4.56P  4.58P  4.58P  4.54P  4.54P  4.55P  4.55P  
03:00 EDT4.59P  4.56P  4.58P  4.58P  4.54P  4.54P  4.56P  4.55P  
03:30 EDT4.59P  4.56P  4.58P  4.58P  4.54P  4.53P  4.55P  4.55P  
04:00 EDT4.59P  4.56P  4.58P  4.58P  4.54P  4.53P  4.55P  4.55P  
04:30 EDT4.59P  4.56P  4.57P  4.58P  4.54P  4.52P  4.56P  4.55P  
05:00 EDT4.59P  4.56P  4.57P  4.58P  4.54P  4.52P  4.55P  4.55P  
05:30 EDT4.59P  4.56P  4.57P  4.58P  4.54P  4.52P  4.54P  4.55P  
06:00 EDT4.59P  4.55P  4.57P  4.58P  4.54P  4.52P  4.55P  4.55P  
06:30 EDT4.60P  4.55P  4.57P  4.58P  4.54P  4.51P  4.55P  4.54P  
07:00 EDT4.60P  4.55P  4.56P  4.57P  4.54P  4.51P  4.54P  4.54P  
07:30 EDT4.60P  4.56P  4.56P  4.57P  4.55P  4.51P  4.55P  4.55P  
08:00 EDT4.60P  4.56P  4.56P  4.57P  4.54P  4.50P  4.55P  4.55P  
08:30 EDT4.60P  4.55P  4.56P  4.57P  4.55P  4.51P  4.55P  4.55P  
09:00 EDT4.60P  4.55P  4.56P  4.57P  4.55P  4.50P  4.55P  4.55P  
09:30 EDT4.60P  4.56P  4.56P  4.57P  4.55P  4.52P  4.55P  4.55P  
10:00 EDT4.60P  4.56P  4.56P  4.57P  4.56P  4.50P  4.55P  4.55P  
10:30 EDT4.60P  4.56P  4.56P  4.57P  4.56P  4.52P  4.55P  4.55P  
11:00 EDT4.60P  4.56P  4.56P  4.57P  4.56P  4.51P  4.55P  4.56P  
11:30 EDT4.61P  4.57P  4.57P  4.57P  4.57P  4.51P  4.56P  4.57P  
12:00 EDT4.61P  4.57P  4.57P  4.57P  4.57P  4.51P  4.56P  4.57P  
12:30 EDT4.61P  4.58P  4.57P  4.57P  4.58P  4.51P  4.56P  4.57P  
13:00 EDT4.61P  4.58P  4.57P  4.57P  4.59P  4.52P  4.57P  4.58P  
13:30 EDT4.61P  4.59P  4.57P  4.57P  4.59P  4.52P  4.57P  4.58P  
14:00 EDT4.61P  4.59P  4.57P  4.57P  4.59P  4.52P  4.57P  4.58P  
14:30 EDT4.61P  4.59P  4.57P  4.57P  4.60P  4.52P  4.57P  4.58P  
15:00 EDT4.60P  4.60P  4.57P  4.57P  4.59P  4.52P  4.57P  4.58P  
15:30 EDT4.60P  4.60P  4.58P  4.56P  4.59P  4.52P  4.57P  4.58P  
16:00 EDT4.60P  4.60P  4.57P  4.56P  4.59P  4.52P  4.57P  4.58P  
16:30 EDT4.60P  4.60P  4.57P  4.56P  4.59P  4.52P  4.57P  4.58P  
17:00 EDT4.59P  4.60P  4.57P  4.56P  4.59P  4.52P  4.57P  4.57P  
17:30 EDT4.59P  4.61P  4.57P  4.56P  4.58P  4.52P  4.57P  4.58P  
18:00 EDT4.59P  4.61P  4.57P  4.56P  4.57P  4.52P  4.57P  4.57P  
18:30 EDT4.59P  4.61P  4.57P  4.56P  4.59P  4.52P  4.57P  4.57P  
19:00 EDT4.59P  4.61P  4.57P  4.56P  4.58P  4.52P  4.57P  4.57P  
19:30 EDT4.59P  4.61P  4.57P  4.55P  4.57P  4.53P  4.57P  4.57P  
20:00 EDT4.58P  4.61P  4.57P  4.55P  4.57P  4.53P  4.56P  4.57P  
20:30 EDT4.58P  4.61P  4.57P  4.55P  4.57P  4.53P  4.56P  4.56P  
21:00 EDT4.58P  4.61P  4.57P  4.55P  4.57P  4.53P  4.56P  4.56P  
21:30 EDT4.57P  4.60P  4.57P  4.55P  4.57P  4.53P  4.56P  4.56P  
22:00 EDT4.57P  4.60P  4.57P  4.55P  4.57P  4.53P  4.56P   
22:30 EDT4.57P  4.60P  4.57P  4.55P  4.57P  4.54P  4.56P   
23:00 EDT4.57P  4.60P  4.57P  4.55P  4.56P  4.54P  4.56P   
23:30 EDT4.57P  4.60P  4.57P  4.55P  4.56P  4.54P  4.55P   

  P  Provisional data subject to revision.