STATION.--415411111201601 Bear Lake 1.6 miles east of Gus Rich Point.

LOCATION.----About 1.6 miles east of Gus Rich Point on Bear Lake, Utah. Latitude 41 deg. 54 min. 11.1 secs., 
longitude 111 deg. 20 min. 16.1 sec. (NAD83), in Rich County, UT.  Hydrologic Unit 160102010200. 

PERIOD OF RECORD.--Record begins April 9, 2018. The station will be pulled during winter to avoid ice damage. 

INSTRUMENTATION.-- Floating platform equipped with weather sensors including air temperature, wind speed, wind 
direction, relative humidity, barometric pressure, and net shortwave and longwave radiation. Platform also equipped 
with water quality profiling system equipped with a multiparameter sonde that measures water temperature, depth, 
specific conductance, pH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, and total algae (chlorophyll and phycocyanin) every 2 meters 
in the water column, beginning at 1 meter and ending near lake bottom. Water quality profiles are logged every 
4 hours. Water quality data also are logged between profiles when the sonde is parked at 1 meter depth.