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LOCATION.--Lat 40°57'46.3", long 73°08'35.4" referenced to North American Datum of 1983, Suffolk County, NY, Hydrologic Unit 02030201, on foot bridge in Flax Pond State Tidal Wetlands, in Old Field.
PERIOD OF RECORD.--December 2007 to current year.
GAGE.--Water-stage recorder. Datum of gage is NGVD of 1929.
REMARKS.--ELEVATION WY 2013: Records good, except those for Jan. 29 to Mar. 19, Mar 29 to Apr. 26, May 29 to June 4, July 21 to Sept. 2, which are fair; and those estimated with MISTE for Oct. 6 to Nov. 28, which are poor, and Oct. 1-5 which were deleted. Periods of missing record were estimated with MISTE using a linear regression with 01302845 and 01302600.
EXTREMES FOR PERIOD OF RECORD.--Maximum elevation, 10.35 ft, Oct. 29 2012; minimum elevation, -0.15 ft, Mar. 2, 2015.
EXTREMES OUTSIDE PERIOD OF RECORD.--Storm tide of Dec. 11, 1992, reached an elevation of 9.9 ft, from high-water mark at site 1.1 mi southeast.
PERIOD OF RECORD1.--December 2007 to current year. Sampling depth records for December 2007 to current year are unpublished and available in files of the Geological Survey.
PERIOD OF DAILY RECORD1.--WATER TEMPERATURE: December 2007 to current year.
SALINITY: December 2007 to current year.
DISSOLVED OXYGEN: April 2008 to April 2011, and October 2013 to current year.
pH: April 2008 to current year.
TURBIDITY: April 2008 to April 2011, and October 2013 to current year.
INSTRUMENTATION1.--Water-quality monitor provides 6-minute-interval readings collected from 1.6 ft above bottom. December 2007 to April 2008, water-quality monitor readings collected from 0.5 ft above bottom. Salinity record computed from specific-conductance readings.
REMARKS1.--Satellite telemeter for water temperature, specific conductance, dissolved oxygen, pH, turbidity, and sampling depth parameters at station discontinued Apr. 18, 2011. Dissolved oxygen and turbidity measurements were also discontinued Apr. 18, 2011. Other interruptions of record were due to malfunction of water-quality monitor or sensors.
WATER TEMPERATURE WY 2016: Records excellent.
SALINITY WY 2016: Records excellent, except those for Nov. 3 - 5, Dec. 30 to Feb. 12, Mar. 30 to Apr. 13, June 27 to Aug. 8 and Sept. 1 - 16 which are good.
pH WY 2016: Records excellent, except those for May 11 to June 9, which are good.
TURBIDITY WY 2016: Records excellent, except those for Jan. 23, 29, Feb. 8, 11-17, 19 22, which are good. Feb 18, 28, 29, which are fair. Feb. 23-27, Mar. 1-5, 16, 25, 26, which are poor, and Mar. 6-15, 17-24 Mar. 27 to Apr. 13, which were deleted.
DISSOLVED OXYGEN WY 2016: Records excellent, except those for June 21 to July 25 which are good, and July 26 to Aug. 8 which are fair.
EXTREMES FOR PERIOD OF RECORD1.--WATER TEMPERATURE: Maximum, 33.6 °C, July 7, 2010; minimum, -1.8 °C, Feb. 10, 11, 2008, Dec. 28, Jan. 23, Feb. 9, 2011, Jan. 23, Feb. 18, 2013.
SALINITY: Maximum, 38 psu, Feb. 14, 2016; minimum, 16 psu, Aug. 13, 2014.
DISSOLVED OXYGEN: Maximum, 19.3 mg/L, Jan. 9, 2014; minimum, 0.8 mg/L, Aug. 13, 15, 2016.
pH: Maximum, 8.5 standard units, June 10, 2008, Feb. 13, 2012; minimum, 6.7 std units, Aug. 12-13, 2012.
TURBIDITY: Maximum, 780 FNU, Jan. 23, 2016; minimum, <0.1 FNU several days each year 2008-16.

1 Water-Quality Records

Peak Flow and Stage Information

Elevation observations and tidal predictions for this station are reported to NGVD 1929. To convert data to NAVD 1988 subtract 1.08 ft. To convert data to MHHW datum subtract 4.56 ft. These corrections vary from site to site.

NGVD 1929 is the National Geodetic Vertical Datum of 1929, formerly called "mean sea level" or "Sea Level Datum of 1929." NGVD 1929 was a general adjustment of the first-order level nets fit to mean sea level at 26 tide gages in the US and Canada.
NAVD 1988 is the North American Vertical Datum of 1988, which is a geodetic datum derived from a general adjustment of the first-order level nets fit to 1 tide gage in eastern Canada.
MHHW is mean higher high water, which is a site-specific datum determined by averaging the highest of the 2 high tides that occur each day over a 19-year tidal epoch. For tide gages with less than 19 years of record, this datum is estimated by correlation with long-term tide gages.

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Water elevation, astronomical-tide elevation, and residual water level

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This station managed by the NY Water Science Center Coram.

Available Parameters Available Period
All 10 Available Parameters for this site
00010 Temperature, water, monitor 2008-04-08  2018-04-23
00095 Specific cond at 25C, monitor 2008-05-13  2018-04-23
00300 Dissolved oxygen, monitor 2008-04-08  2018-04-23
00400 pH, monitor 2008-04-08  2018-04-23
62619 Elevation, ocean/est 2007-12-20  2018-04-23
62619 Elevation, ocean/est, tidal prediction 2018-08-13  2019-09-30
62620 Elevation, ocean/est, NAVD88 2007-12-20  2018-04-23
62620 Elevation, ocean/est, tidal prediction, NAVD88 2018-08-13  2019-09-30
63680 Turbidity, Form Neph, monitor 2008-04-08  2018-04-23
90860 Salinity, at 25C, monitor 2008-05-13  2018-04-23

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Estuary or ocean water surface elevation above NGVD 1929, feet
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Estuary or ocean water surface elevation above NGVD 1929, feet, tidal prediction

Most recent instantaneous value: 2.14 12-11-2018   11:30 EST
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