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USGS Current Conditions for Oklahoma

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Site Selection Results -- 282 sites found

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Agency Site Number Site Name
USGS 07148350 Salt Fork Arkansas River nr Winchester, OK
USGS 07148400 Salt Fork Arkansas River nr Alva, OK
USGS 07149520 Salt Fork Arkansas River at SH 11 nr Cherokee, OK
USGS 07150500 Salt Fork Arkansas River nr Jet, OK
USGS 07151000 Salt Fork Arkansas River at Tonkawa, OK
USGS 07152000 Chikaskia River near Blackwell, OK
USGS 07152500 Arkansas River at Ralston, OK
USGS 07153000 Black Bear Creek at Pawnee, OK
USGS 07154500 Cimarron River near Kenton, OK
USGS 07156900 Cimarron River near Forgan, OK
USGS 07157950 Cimarron River near Buffalo, OK
USGS 07157960 Buffalo Creek near Lovedale, OK
USGS 07158000 Cimarron River near Waynoka, OK
USGS 07159100 Cimarron River near Dover, OK
USGS 07159550 Lake Hefner at Oklahoma City, OK
USGS 07159750 Cottonwood Creek near Seward, OK
USGS 07160000 Cimarron River near Guthrie, OK
USGS 07160280 Boggy Creek at Enid Ave at Enid, OK
USGS 07160290 North Boggy Creek at Garriott Rd at Enid, OK
USGS 07160300 Boggy Creek at 30th St at Enid, OK
USGS 07160350 Skeleton Creek at Enid, OK
USGS 07160500 Skeleton Creek near Lovell, OK
USGS 07160810 Wildhorse Creek near Perkins, Ok
USGS 07161450 Cimarron River near Ripley, OK
USGS 07163000 Council Creek near Stillwater, OK
USGS 07163300 Cimarron River near Yale, OK
USGS 07164500 Arkansas River at Tulsa, OK
USGS 07164600 Joe Creek at 61st St at Tulsa, OK
USGS 07165562 Haikey Creek at 101st St South at Tulsa, OK
USGS 07165565 Little Haikey Creek at 101st St South at Tulsa, OK
USGS 07165570 Arkansas River near Haskell, OK
USGS 07171000 Verdigris River near Lenapah, OK
USGS 07171400 Verdigris River near Oologah, OK
USGS 07174400 Caney River above Coon Creek at Bartlesville, OK
USGS 07174470 Caney River at Tuxedo Blvd at Bartlesville, OK
USGS 07174600 Sand Creek at Okesa, OK
USGS 07174618 Sand Creek Below Little Rock Creek near Okesa, OK
USGS 07175500 Caney River near Ramona, OK
USGS 07176000 Verdigris River near Claremore, OK
USGS 07176321 Bird Creek at SH 99 at Pawhuska, OK
USGS 07176465 Birch Creek blw Birch Lake nr Barnsdall, OK
USGS 07176500 Bird Creek at Avant, OK
USGS 07176950 Hominy Creek near Hominy, OK
USGS 07177500 Bird Creek near Sperry, OK
USGS 07177600 Bird Creek at 66th Street near Tulsa, OK
USGS 07177650 Flat Rock Creek at Cincinnati Ave at Tulsa, OK
USGS 07177700 Flat Rock Creek at Us Hwy 75 at Tulsa, OK
USGS 07177800 Coal Creek at Tulsa, OK
USGS 07178000 Bird Creek near Owasso, OK
USGS 07178035 Mingo Creek at 36th Street North at Tulsa, OK
USGS 07178040 Mingo Creek at 46th Street North at Tulsa, OK
USGS 07178200 Bird Ck at State Highway 266 near Catoosa, OK
USGS 07178452 Verdigris River near Catoosa, OK
USGS 07178520 Dog Creek South of Claremore, OK
USGS 07178645 Verdigris River near Wagoner, OK
USGS 07185000 Neosho River near Commerce, OK
USGS 07185030 Elm Creek near Commerce, OK
USGS 07185080 Neosho River at Miami, OK
USGS 07185090 Tar Creek near Commerce, OK
USGS 07185095 Tar Creek at 22nd Street Bridge at Miami, OK
USGS 07188000 Spring River near Quapaw, OK
USGS 07188005 Beaver Creek near Quapaw, OK
USGS 07189000 Elk River near Tiff City, Mo
USGS 07189540 Cave Springs Branch near South West City, MO
USGS 07189542 Honey Creek near South West City, MO
USGS 07189700 Horse Creek at Afton, OK
USGS 07189710 Horse Creek at 540 Rd near Afton, OK
USGS 07190000 Lake O' the Cherokees at Langley, OK
USGS 07190100 Neosho River (service road) near Langley, OK
USGS 07190500 Neosho River near Langley, OK
USGS 07191000 Big Cabin Creek near Big Cabin, OK
USGS 07191160 Spavinaw Creek near Maysville, AR
USGS 07191179 Spavinaw Creek near Cherokee City, AR
USGS 07191220 Spavinaw Creek near Sycamore, OK
USGS 071912213 Spavinaw Creek near Colcord, OK
USGS 07191222 Beaty Creek near Jay, OK
USGS 07191265 Brush Ck at Brush Ck Rd. nr Jay, OK
USGS 07191285 Lake Eucha near Eucha, OK
USGS 07191288 Spavinaw Creek near Eucha, OK
USGS 07191297 Black Hollow near Spavinaw,Ok
USGS 07191300 Spavinaw Lake at Spavinaw, OK
USGS 07191400 Lake Hudson near Locust Grove, OK
USGS 07191500 Neosho River near Chouteau, OK
USGS 07192100 Spring Creek near Locust Grove, OK
USGS 07194500 Arkansas River near Muskogee, OK
USGS 07194555 Arkansas River at Gore, OK
USGS 07195430 Illinois River South of Siloam Springs, AR
USGS 07195495 Lake Frances at Pump Station near Watts, OK
USGS 07195500 Illinois River near Watts, OK
USGS 07195800 Flint Creek at Springtown, AR
USGS 07195855 Flint Creek near West Siloam Springs, OK
USGS 07195865 Sager Creek near West Siloam Springs, OK
USGS 07196000 Flint Creek near Kansas, OK
USGS 07196090 Illinois River at Chewey, OK
USGS 07196320 Illinois River near Moodys, OK
USGS 07196500 Illinois River near Tahlequah, OK
USGS 07196900 Baron Fork at Dutch Mills, AR
USGS 07196973 Peacheater Creek at Christie, OK
USGS 07197000 Baron Fork at Eldon, OK
USGS 07197360 Caney Creek near Barber, OK
USGS 07198000 Illinois River near Gore, OK
USGS 07228000 Canadian Rv nr Canadian, TX
USGS 07228500 Canadian River at Bridgeport, OK
USGS 07228650 Canadian River near Cogar, Ok
USGS 07228940 Canadian River near Mustang, OK
USGS 07229050 Canadian River at Norman, OK
USGS 07229200 Canadian River at Purcell, OK
USGS 07229300 Walnut Creek at Purcell, OK
USGS 07229445 Stanley Draper Lake near Oklahoma City, OK
USGS 07229900 Lake Thunderbird near Norman, OK
USGS 07230000 Little River blw Lk Thunderbird nr Norman, OK
USGS 07230500 Little River near Tecumseh, OK
USGS 07231000 Little River near Sasakwa, OK
USGS 07231500 Canadian River at Calvin, OK
USGS 07232250 Beaver River near Felt, OK
USGS 07232470 Beaver River near Goodwell, OK
USGS 07232500 Beaver River near Guymon, OK
USGS 07232900 Coldwater Creek near Guymon, OK
USGS 07233650 Palo Duro Creek at Range, OK
USGS 07234000 Beaver River at Beaver, OK
USGS 07234100 Clear Creek near Elmwood, OK
USGS 07235000 Wolf Ck at Lipscomb, TX
USGS 07235600 Wolf Creek nr Gage, OK
USGS 07237000 Wolf Creek near Fort Supply, OK
USGS 07237500 North Canadian River at Woodward, OK
USGS 07238000 North Canadian River near Seiling, OK
USGS 07238500 Canton Lake near Canton, OK
USGS 07239000 North Canadian River at Canton, OK
USGS 07239300 North Canadian River blw Weavers Ck nr Watonga, OK
USGS 07239450 North Canadian River near Calumet, OK
USGS 07239500 North Canadian River near El Reno, OK
USGS 07239700 North Canadian River near Yukon, OK
USGS 07240000 Lake Hefner Canal near Oklahoma City, OK
USGS 07240200 North Canadian R at Hwy 66 at Oklahoma City, OK
USGS 07240500 Lake Overholser near Oklahoma City, OK
USGS 07241000 North Canadian River blw Lk Overholser nr OKC, OK
USGS 07241504 Crutcho Creek at SE 50th st. at Boone Township, OK
USGS 07241506 Crutcho Creek at SE 29th st. at Boone Township, OK
USGS 07241513 Soldier Creek S of SE 15th st. Boone Township, OK
USGS 07241520 North Canadian River at Britton Rd at OKC, OK
USGS 07241550 North Canadian River near Harrah, OK
USGS 07241588 Wes Watkins Reservoir near McLoud, OK
USGS 07241600 Shawnee Reservoir at Shawnee, OK
USGS 07241750 Tecumseh Creek at Tecumseh, OK
USGS 07241780 Squirrel Creek at Shawnee, OK
USGS 07241800 North Canadian River at Shawnee, OK
USGS 07242000 North Canadian River near Wetumka, OK
USGS 07242247 Deep Fork at Hefner Rd at Oklahoma City, Ok
USGS 07242350 Deep Fork near Arcadia, OK
USGS 07242380 Deep Fork at Warwick, OK
USGS 07243000 Dry Creek near Kendrick, OK
USGS 07243500 Deep Fork near Beggs, OK
USGS 07244100 Coal Creek near Henryetta, OK
USGS 07245000 Canadian River near Whitefield, OK
USGS 07246500 Arkansas River near Sallisaw, OK
USGS 07247000 Poteau River at Cauthron, AR
USGS 07247015 Poteau River at Loving, OK
USGS 07247250 Black Fork below Big Creek nr Page, OK
USGS 07247500 Fourche Maline near Red Oak, OK
USGS 07249413 Poteau River near Panama, OK
USGS 07249455 Arkansas River at Ft. Smith, Ar.
USGS 07249800 Lee Creek at Short, OK
USGS 07249870 Little Lee Creek near Greasy, OK
USGS 07249920 Little Lee Creek near Nicut, OK
USGS 07249985 Lee Creek near Short, OK
USGS 07250500 AR River at Van Buren, AR
USGS 07250550 AR River at James W. Trimble L&D nr Van Buren, AR
USGS 07300000 Salt Fork Red River near Wellington, TX
USGS 07300500 Salt Fork Red River at Mangum, OK
USGS 07301110 Salt Fork Red River near Elmer, OK
USGS 07301300 N Fk Red Rv nr Shamrock, TX
USGS 07301410 Sweetwater Ck nr Kelton, TX
USGS 07301420 Sweetwater Creek near Sweetwater, OK
USGS 07301481 North Fork Red River near Sayre, OK
USGS 07301500 North Fork Red River near Carter, OK
USGS 07302500 Lake Altus at Lugert, OK
USGS 07302520 Lugert Drainage Ditch at Lugert, OK
USGS 07303000 North Fork Red River blw Altus Dam nr Lugert, OK
USGS 07303400 Elm Fork of North Fork Red River nr Carl, OK
USGS 07304500 Elk Creek near Hobart, OK
USGS 07305000 North Fork Red River near Headrick, OK
USGS 07307010 Otter Creek near Snyder, OK
USGS 07307026 Ozark Canal at Altus, OK, Altus AFB IRP Ch005
USGS 07307028 North Fork Red River near Tipton, OK
USGS 07308990 Lake Ellsworth near Elgin, OK
USGS 07309435 Jimmy Creek nr Meers, OK
USGS 07309500 Lake Lawtonka near Lawton, OK
USGS 07309990 East Cache Creek nr Lawton, OK
USGS 07311000 East Cache Creek near Walters, OK
USGS 07311200 Blue Beaver Creek near Cache, OK
USGS 07311230 West Cache Creek at Faxon, Ok
USGS 07311240 West Cache Creek near Cookietown, OK
USGS 07311415 Lake Frederick nr Frederick, OK
USGS 07311500 Deep Red Creek near Randlett, OK
USGS 07312920 Beaver Creek nr Hulen, OK
USGS 07313000 Little Beaver Creek near Duncan, OK
USGS 07313585 Cow Creek nr Addington, OK
USGS 07315500 Red River near Terral, OK
USGS 07315650 Red River nr Courtney, OK
USGS 07315700 Mud Creek near Courtney, OK
USGS 07316000 Red River near Gainesville, TX
USGS 07316500 Washita River near Cheyenne, OK
USGS 07324200 Washita River near Hammon, OK
USGS 07324300 Foss Reservoir near Foss, OK
USGS 07324400 Washita River near Foss, OK
USGS 07325000 Washita River near Clinton, OK
USGS 07325500 Washita River at Carnegie, OK
USGS 07325800 Cobb Creek near Eakly, OK
USGS 07325840 Lake Creek near Sickles, OK
USGS 07325850 Lake Creek near Eakly, OK
USGS 07325860 Willow Creek near Albert, OK
USGS 07325900 Fort Cobb Reservoir near Fort Cobb, OK
USGS 07326000 Cobb Creek near Fort Cobb, OK
USGS 07326500 Washita River at Anadarko, OK
USGS 07327050 Spring Creek near Gracemont, OK
USGS 073274406 Little Washita River ab SCS Pond No 26 nr Cyril,OK
USGS 073274408 Little Washita River Tributary near Cyril, OK
USGS 07327441 SCS Pond No. 26 near Cyril, OK
USGS 07327442 Little Washita River near Cyril, OK
USGS 073274458 Little Washita River Tributary near Cement, OK
USGS 07327447 Little Washita River near Cement, OK
USGS 07327483 Boggy Creek near Ninnekah, OK
USGS 07327550 Little Washita River East of Ninnekah, OK
USGS 07328100 Washita River at Alex, OK
USGS 07328180 North Criner Creek near Criner, OK
USGS 07328500 Washita River near Pauls Valley, OK
USGS 07328550 Washington Creek near Pauls Valley, OK
USGS 07329000 Rush Creek at Purdy, OK
USGS 07329605 Lake Humphreys near Duncan, OK
USGS 07329610 Lake Fuqua near Duncan, OK
USGS 07329700 Wildhorse Creek near Hoover, OK
USGS 07329780 Honey Creek below Turner Falls near Davis, OK
USGS 07329849 01S-03E-01 ABB 1 Antelope Spring at Sulphur, OK
USGS 073298507 Travertine Creek above U.S. 177 at Sulphur
USGS 07329852 Rock Creek at Sulphur, OK
USGS 07330500 Caddo Creek near Ardmore, OK
USGS 07330700 Caddo Creek Site 7cmp near Gene Autry, OK
USGS 07331000 Washita River near Dickson, OK
USGS 07331185 Mill Creek near Sulphur, OK
USGS 07331200 Mill Creek near Mill Creek, OK
USGS 07331205 Mill Cr at Mouth of 3Mile Cr near Mill Cr , OK
USGS 07331290 Washita River near Tishomingo, OK
USGS 07331293 Pennington Creek North of Mill Creek, OK
USGS 07331295 Pennington Creek East of Mill Creek, OK
USGS 07331300 Pennington Creek near Reagan, OK
USGS 07331383 Pennington Creek at Capitol Ave at Tishomingo, OK
USGS 07331455 Lake Texoma at Cumberland Cut nr Cumberland, OK
USGS 07331600 Red Rv at Denison Dam nr Denison, TX
USGS 07332305 Blue River West of Fittstown, OK
USGS 07332307 Blue River near Franks, OK
USGS 07332348 Blue River North of Connerville, OK
USGS 07332389 Unnamed Spring at Blue River nr Connerville, OK
USGS 07332390 Blue River near Connerville, OK
USGS 07332500 Blue River near Blue, OK
USGS 07333010 Atoka Reservoir near Stringtown, OK
USGS 07333900 McGee Creek Reservoir near Farris, OK
USGS 07334000 Muddy Boggy Creek near Farris, OK
USGS 07334200 02N-06E-34 CCD 1 Byrds Mill Spring nr Fittstown,OK
USGS 07334238 Sheep Creek Spring near Fittstown, OK
USGS 07334428 Delaware Cr Blw Del Cr Site 9 RSVR nr Bromide, OK
USGS 07334800 Clear Boggy Creek abv Caney Creek nr Caney, OK
USGS 07335000 Clear Boggy Creek near Caney, OK
USGS 07335300 Muddy Boggy Creek near Unger, OK
USGS 07335500 Red River at Arthur City, TX
USGS 07335700 Kiamichi River near Big Cedar, OK
USGS 07335790 Kiamichi River near Clayton, OK
USGS 07335840 Pine Creek at Eubanks, OK
USGS 07336200 Kiamichi River near Antlers, OK
USGS 07336820 Red River near De Kalb, TX
USGS 07337900 Glover River near Glover, OK
USGS 07338500 Little River blw Lukfata Creek, nr Idabel, OK
USGS 07338750 Mountain Fork at Smithville, OK
USGS 07339000 Mountain Fork near Eagletown, OK
USGS 360323098322301 18N-13W-12 BAA 1
USGS 361145098560401 20N-16W-20 BDD 1
USGS 362726099230401 20N-23W-19 BDB 1