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Site Inventory for Pennsylvania

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Site Selection Results -- 635 sites found

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Agency Site Number Site Name
USGS 01427650 North Branch Calkins Creek near Damascus, PA
USGS 01428750 West Branch Lackawaxen River near Aldenville, PA
USGS 01429000 West Branch Lackawaxen River at Prompton, PA
USGS 01429300 Dyberry Creek above Reservoir near Honesdale, PA
USGS 01429500 Dyberry Creek near Honesdale, PA
USGS 01430000 Lackawaxen River near Honesdale, PA
USGS 01430500 Lackawaxen River at West Hawley, PA
USGS 01431000 Middle Creek near Hawley, PA
USGS 01431500 Lackawaxen River at Hawley, PA
USGS 01431680 Mill Brook near Paupack, PA
USGS 01432110 Lackawaxen River at Rowland, PA
USGS 01432500 Shohola Creek near Shohola, PA
USGS 01438300 Vandermark Creek at Milford, PA
USGS 01438500 Delaware River at Montague NJ
USGS 01439500 Bush Kill at Shoemakers, PA
USGS 01439590 Little Bush Kill at Edgemere, PA
USGS 01440200 Delaware River near Delaware Water Gap Pa
USGS 01440300 Mill Creek at Mountainhome, PA
USGS 01440400 Brodhead Creek near Analomink, PA
USGS 01440485 Swiftwater Creek at Swiftwater, PA
USGS 01440900 McMichael Creek near Stoudsburg, PA
USGS 01441000 McMichael Creek near Stroudsburg, PA
USGS 01441495 Pocono Creek ab Wigwam Run near Stroudsburg, PA
USGS 01442500 Brodhead Creek at Minisink Hills, PA
USGS 01446500 Delaware River at Belvidere NJ
USGS 01446600 Martins Creek near East Bangor, PA
USGS 01446640 Martins Cr ab L Martins Cr at Martins Creek, PA
USGS 01446700 Delaware River at Easton, PA
USGS 01446775 Bushkill Creek ab Rt 33 bridge at Tatamy, PA
USGS 01446776 Bushkill Creek bl SR2017 bridge at Tatamy, PA
USGS 01446995 Delaware River at US Route 22 at Phillipsburg NJ
USGS 01447000 Delaware River at Northampton Street at Easton PA
USGS 01447500 Lehigh River at Stoddartsville, PA
USGS 01447550 Beaver Creek near Pocono Pines, PA
USGS 01447680 Tunkhannock Creek near Long Pond, PA
USGS 01447720 Tobyhanna Creek near Blakeslee, PA
USGS 01447800 Lehigh R bl Francis E Walter Res nr White Haven PA
USGS 01448000 Lehigh River at Tannery, PA
USGS 01448500 Dilldown Creek near Long Pond, PA
USGS 01449000 Lehigh River at Lehighton, PA
USGS 01449360 Pohopoco Creek at Kresgeville, PA
USGS 01449500 Wild Creek at Hatchery, PA
USGS 01449800 Pohopoco Cr bl Beltzville Dam nr Parryville, PA
USGS 01450000 Pohopoco Creek near Parryville, PA
USGS 01450020 Pohopoco Creek at Mouth at Parryville, PA
USGS 01450455 Buckwha Creek at Little Gap, PA
USGS 01450500 Aquashicola Creek at Palmerton, PA
USGS 01451000 Lehigh River at Walnutport, PA
USGS 01451145 Coplay Creek near Coplay, PA
USGS 01451192 Lehigh R at Hamilton Street Bridge, Allentown, PA
USGS 01451420 Little Lehigh Creek near East Texas, PA
USGS 01451500 Little Lehigh Creek near Allentown, PA
USGS 01451650 Little Lehigh Creek at Tenth St. Br. at Allentown
USGS 01451800 Jordan Creek near Schnecksville, PA
USGS 01452000 Jordan Creek at Allentown, PA
USGS 01452300 East Branch Monocacy Creek near Bath, PA
USGS 01452500 Monocacy Creek at Bethlehem, PA
USGS 01453000 Lehigh River at Bethlehem, PA
USGS 01454600 Polk Valley Run at Hellertown, PA
USGS 01454700 Lehigh River at Glendon, PA
USGS 01457500 Delaware River at Riegelsville NJ
USGS 01458900 Tinicum Creek near Ottsville, PA
USGS 01459000 Delaware River at Point Pleasant PA
USGS 01459500 Tohickon Creek near Pipersville, PA
USGS 01460000 Tohickon Creek at Point Pleasant, PA
USGS 01460820 Delaware River at Lumberville PA
USGS 01462000 Delaware River at Lambertville NJ
USGS 01463000 Delaware River at Yardley PA
USGS 01463500 Delaware River at Trenton NJ
USGS 01464645 NB Neshaminy Cr bl Lake Galena nr New Britain, PA
USGS 01464720 NB Neshaminy Creek at Chalfont, PA
USGS 01464741 Cooks Run at New Britain, PA
USGS 01464750 Neshaminy Creek near Rushland, PA
USGS 01464907 Little Neshaminy C at Valley Road nr Neshaminy PA
USGS 01465000 Neshaminy Creek at Rushland, PA.
USGS 01465050 Mill Creek near Wycombe, PA
USGS 01465200 Neshaminy Creek near Penns Park, PA
USGS 01465500 Neshaminy Creek near Langhorne, PA
USGS 01465770 Poquessing Creek at Trevose Road, Phila., PA
USGS 01465780 Poquessing Cr above Byberry Creek at Phila., PA
USGS 01465785 Walton Run at Philadelphia, PA
USGS 01465790 Byberry Creek at Chalfont Road, Phila., PA
USGS 01465795 Byberry Creek at Grant Ave., at Philadelphia, PA
USGS 01465798 Poquessing Creek at Grant Ave. at Philadelphia, PA
USGS 01467031 Pennypack Creek at Horsham, PA
USGS 01467036 Pennypack Creek trib at Hatboro, PA
USGS 01467039 Pennypack Creek near Willow Grove, PA
USGS 014670413 Pennypack Creek at Bethayres, PA
USGS 01467042 Pennypack Creek at Pine Road, at Philadelphia, PA
USGS 01467043 Stream 'A' at Philadelphia, PA
USGS 01467045 Pennypack Creek below Veree Road at Phila., PA
USGS 01467048 Pennypack Cr at Lower Rhawn St Bdg, Phila., PA
USGS 01467049 Wooden Bridge Run at Grant Ave, Philadelphia, PA
USGS 01467050 Wooden Bridge Run at Philadelphia, PA
USGS 01467060 Delaware River at Palmyra NJ
USGS 01467083 Tacony Creek near Jenkintown, PA
USGS 01467084 Rock Creek ab Curtis Arboretum near Philadelphia
USGS 01467085 Jenkintown Creek at Elkins Park, PA
USGS 01467086 Tacony Creek ab Adams Avenue, Philadelphia, PA
USGS 01467087 Frankford Creek at Castor Ave, Philadelphia, PA
USGS 01467089 Frankford Creek at Torresdale Ave., Phila., PA
USGS 01467471 Schuylkill River ab Mill Creek at Port Carbon, PA
USGS 01467492 Mill Cr ab Schuylkill River at Port Carbon, PA
USGS 01467500 Schuylkill River at Pottsville, PA
USGS 01467688 WB Schuylkill River ab Pine Knot Disch at Duncott
USGS 01467689 Pine Knot Disch 500 m bl Tunnel at Duncott, PA
USGS 01467691 Oak Hill Disch 200 m bl Borehole at Duncott
USGS 01467752 WB Schuylkill River ab West Cr near Pottsville, PA
USGS 01467861 West Cr West Branch Schuylkill near Pottsville, PA
USGS 01467948 West Branch Schuylkill River near Cressona, PA
USGS 01468500 Schuylkill River at Landingville, PA
USGS 01469500 Little Schuylkill River at Tamaqua, PA
USGS 01469700 Little Schuylkill River at South Tamaqua, PA
USGS 01470190 Little Schuylkill River at Port Clinton, PA
USGS 01470500 Schuylkill River at Berne, PA
USGS 01470720 Maiden Creek Tributary at Lenhartsville, PA
USGS 01470729 Sacony Creek above Bowers, PA
USGS 01470748 Sacony Creek near Virginville, PA
USGS 01470755 Maiden Creek near Virginville, PA
USGS 01470756 Maiden Creek at Virginville, PA
USGS 01470766 Schuylkill River at Temple, PA
USGS 01470779 Tulpehocken Creek near Bernville, PA
USGS 01470810 Northkill Creek at Bernville, PA
USGS 01470818 Little Northkill Creek near Bernville, PA
USGS 01470853 Furnace Creek at Robesonia, PA
USGS 01470960 Tulpehocken Cr at Blue Marsh Damsite near Reading
USGS 01471000 Tulpehocken Creek near Reading, PA
USGS 01471500 Schuylkill R at Penn Street Bridge at Reading, PA
USGS 01471510 Schuylkill River at Reading, PA
USGS 01471660 Schuylkill River at Birdsboro, PA
USGS 01471800 Pine Creek near Manatawny, PA
USGS 01471875 Manatawny Creek near Spangsville, PA
USGS 01471980 Manatawny Creek near Pottstown, PA
USGS 01472000 Schuylkill River at Pottstown, PA
USGS 01472157 French Creek near Phoenixville, PA
USGS 01472162 Schuylkill River at Phoenixville, PA
USGS 01472174 Pickering Creek near Chester Springs, PA
USGS 01472186 Pigeon Run at Rapps Corner, PA
USGS 01472190 Pickering Creek near Phoenixville, PA
USGS 01472198 Perkiomen Creek at East Greenville, PA
USGS 01472199 West Branch Perkiomen Creek at Hillegass, PA
USGS 01472500 Perkiomen Creek near Frederick, PA
USGS 01472620 East Branch Perkiomen Creek near Dublin, PA
USGS 01472810 East Branch Perkiomen Creek near Schwenksville, PA
USGS 01473000 Perkiomen Creek at Graterford, PA
USGS 01473100 Zacharias Creek near Skippack, PA
USGS 01473120 Skippack Creek near Collegeville, PA
USGS 01473169 Valley Creek at PA Turnpike Br near Valley Forge
USGS 01473193 Schuylkill River at Port Kennedy, PA
USGS 014731945 Unn Tr to Trout Cr nr Cold Str Rd nr Valley Forge
USGS 014731963 Unn Tr to Trout Cr at Devon Park Rd nr Valley Frg
USGS 014731965 Unn Trib to Trout Cr nr Walker Rd. nr Valley Forge
USGS 01473197 Trout Creek at PA Turnpike Brdg nr Valley Forge
USGS 01473198 Trout Creek at Richards Road near Valley Forge, PA
USGS 01473470 Stony Creek at Sterigere Street at Norristown, PA
USGS 01473500 Schuylkill River at Norristown, PA
USGS 01473870 Pine Run Tributary near Ambler, PA
USGS 01473880 Pine Run Tributary at Fort Washington, PA
USGS 01473900 Wissahickon Creek at Fort Washington, PA
USGS 01473950 Wissahickon Cr at Bells Mill Rd, Phila., PA
USGS 01473980 Wissahickon Cr at Livezey Lane, Phila., PA
USGS 01474000 Wissahickon Creek at Mouth, Philadelphia, PA
USGS 01474500 Schuylkill River at Philadelphia, PA
USGS 01475300 Darby Creek at Waterloo Mills near Devon, PA
USGS 01475510 Darby Creek near Darby, PA
USGS 01475530 Cobbs Cr at U.S. Hghwy No. 1 at Philadelphia, PA
USGS 01475540 Cobbs Creek bl Indian Creek near Upper Darby, PA
USGS 01475545 Naylor Creek at West Chester Pike nr Phila., PA
USGS 01475548 Cobbs Creek at Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Philadelphia
USGS 01475550 Cobbs Creek at Darby, PA
USGS 01475555 Hermesprota Creek at Darby, PA
USGS 01475560 Muckinipattis Creek at Glenolden, PA
USGS 01475660 Stony Creek at Prospect Park, PA
USGS 01475850 Crum Creek near Newtown Square, PA
USGS 01476000 Crum Creek at Woodlyn, PA
USGS 01476030 Little Crum Creek at Mich. Ave, Swarthmore, PA
USGS 01476435 Ridley Creek at Dutton Mill near West Chester, PA
USGS 01476480 Ridley Creek at Media, PA
USGS 01476500 Ridley Creek at Moylan, PA
USGS 01476836 East Branch Chester Creek near West Chester, PA
USGS 01476853 East Branch Chester Creek near Cheyney, PA
USGS 01476960 WB Chester Cr near Chester Heights, PA
USGS 01477000 Chester Creek near Chester, PA
USGS 01477050 Delaware River at Chester, PA
USGS 01478120 East Branch White Clay Creek at Avondale, PA
USGS 01478137 Trout Run at Avondale, PA
USGS 01478200 Middle Branch White Clay Creek near Landenberg, PA
USGS 01478245 White Clay Creek near Strickersville, PA
USGS 01479676 Runoff to Un Tr to WB Red Clay Cr @ Kennett Square
USGS 01479820 Red Clay Creek near Kennett Square, PA
USGS 01480300 West Branch Brandywine Creek near Honey Brook, PA
USGS 01480400 Birch Run near Wagontown, PA
USGS 01480500 West Branch Brandywine Creek at Coatesville, PA
USGS 01480610 Sucker Run near Coatesville, PA
USGS 01480617 West Branch Brandywine Creek at Modena, PA
USGS 014806318 Doe Run above Tributary at Springdell, PA
USGS 01480637 Little Broad Run near Marshallton, PA
USGS 01480638 Broad Run at Northbrook, PA
USGS 01480650 East Branch Brandywine Creek at Cupola, PA
USGS 01480665 East Branch Brandywine Creek near Dorlan, PA
USGS 01480675 Marsh Creek near Glenmoore, PA
USGS 01480680 Marsh Creek near Lyndell, PA
USGS 01480685 Marsh Creek near Downingtown, PA
USGS 01480700 East Branch Brandywine Creek near Downingtown, PA
USGS 01480761 Valley Run at Seltzer Road at Thorndale, PA
USGS 01480762 Valley Run at Barley Sheaf Road at Thorndale, PA
USGS 01480763 Valley Run near Golf Club at Thorndale, PA
USGS 01480766 Valley Run near school at Thorndale, PA
USGS 01480800 East Branch Brandywine Creek at Downingtown, PA
USGS 01480870 East Branch Brandywine Creek below Downingtown, PA
USGS 01480878 Unn Trib to Valley Cr at Hwy 30 at Exton, PA
USGS 01480887 Valley Creek at Ravine Road near Downingtown, PA
USGS 01481000 Brandywine Creek at Chadds Ford, PA
USGS 01494850 East Branch Big Elk Creek at Forestville, PA
USGS 01513550 Choconut Creek near Choconut, PA
USGS 01514850 Wappasening Creek near Windham Center, PA
USGS 01516350 Tioga River near Mansfield, PA
USGS 01516500 Corey Creek near Mainesburg, PA
USGS 01516800 Manns Creek near Mansfield, PA
USGS 01517000 Elk Run near Mainesburg, PA
USGS 01518000 Tioga River at Tioga, PA
USGS 01518400 Crooked Creek at Middlebury Center, PA
USGS 01518420 Crooked Cr bl Catlin Hollow at Middlebury Center
USGS 01518500 Crooked Creek at Tioga, PA
USGS 01518700 Tioga River at Tioga Junction, PA
USGS 01518862 Cowanesque River at Westfield, PA
USGS 01519200 Cowanesque River at Elkland, PA
USGS 01520000 Cowanesque River near Lawrenceville, PA
USGS 01531250 NB Sugar Creek Trib near Columbia Cross Roads, PA
USGS 01531325 Sugar Creek at West Burlington, PA
USGS 01531500 Susquehanna River at Towanda, PA
USGS 01531908 Towanda Creek near Franklindale, PA
USGS 01532000 Towanda Creek near Monroeton, PA
USGS 01532200 South Branch Towanda Creek at New Albany, PA
USGS 01532850 MB Wyalusing Creek near Birchardville, PA
USGS 01533250 Tuscarora Creek near Silvara, PA
USGS 01533400 Susquehanna River at Meshoppen, PA
USGS 01533500 North Branch Mehoopany Creek near Lovelton, PA
USGS 01533800 Butler Creek at Gibson, PA
USGS 01533950 SB Tunkhannock Creek near Montdale, PA
USGS 01534000 Tunkhannock Creek near Tunkhannock, PA
USGS 01534300 Lackawanna River near Forest City, PA
USGS 01534500 Lackawanna River at Archbald, PA
USGS 01534860 Lackawanna R bl Leggetts Creek at Scranton, PA
USGS 01535500 Lackawanna River at Moosic, PA
USGS 01536000 Lackawanna River at Old Forge, PA
USGS 01536500 Susquehanna River at Wilkes-Barre, PA
USGS 01537000 Toby Creek at Luzerne, PA
USGS 01537500 Solomon Creek at Wilkes-Barre, PA
USGS 01538000 Wapwallopen Creek near Wapwallopen, PA
USGS 01538510 L Nescopeck Creek Tributary near Freeland, PA
USGS 01538700 Susquehanna River at Bloomsburg, PA
USGS 01538800 Huntington Creek near Pikes Creek, PA
USGS 01539000 Fishing Creek near Bloomsburg, PA
USGS 01539500 Little Fishing Creek at Eyers Grove, PA
USGS 01539700 Little Fishing Creek near Bloomsburg, PA
USGS 01540000 Fishing Creek at Bloomsburg, PA.
USGS 01540200 Trexler Run near Ringtown, PA
USGS 01540500 Susquehanna River at Danville, PA
USGS 01541000 West Branch Susquehanna River at Bower, PA
USGS 01541200 WB Susquehanna River near Curwensville, PA
USGS 01541303 West Branch Susquehanna River at Hyde, PA
USGS 01541308 Bradley Run near Ashville, PA
USGS 01541500 Clearfield Creek at Dimeling, PA
USGS 01542000 Moshannon Creek at Osceola Mills, PA
USGS 01542500 WB Susquehanna River at Karthaus, PA
USGS 01542720 Wilson Run at Penfield, PA
USGS 01542810 Waldy Run near Emporium, PA
USGS 01543000 Driftwood Br Sinnemahoning Cr at Sterling Run, PA
USGS 01543500 Sinnemahoning Creek at Sinnemahoning, PA
USGS 01543693 East Fork Sinnemahoning at Wharton Township, PA
USGS 01543700 First Fork Sinnemahoning Creek at Wharton, PA
USGS 01544000 First Fork Sinnemahoning Cr near Sinnemahoning, PA
USGS 01544450 Germania Branch at Germania, PA
USGS 01544500 Kettle Creek at Cross Fork, PA
USGS 01545000 Kettle Creek near Westport, PA
USGS 01545500 West Branch Susquehanna River at Renovo, PA
USGS 01545600 Young Womans Creek near Renovo, PA
USGS 01545800 WB Susquehanna River at Lock Haven, PA
USGS 01546000 North Bald Eagle Creek at Milesburg, PA
USGS 01546400 Spring Creek at Houserville, PA
USGS 01546500 Spring Creek near Axemann, PA
USGS 01547000 Spring Creek near Bellefonte, PA
USGS 01547100 Spring Creek at Milesburg, PA
USGS 01547200 Bald Eagle Creek bl Spring Creek at Milesburg, PA
USGS 01547500 Bald Eagle Creek at Blanchard, PA
USGS 01547700 Marsh Creek at Blanchard, PA
USGS 01547770 North Fork Beech Creek near Snow Shoe, PA
USGS 01547800 South Fork Beech Creek near Snow Shoe, PA
USGS 01547950 Beech Creek at Monument, PA
USGS 01548005 Bald Eagle Creek near Beech Creek Station, PA
USGS 01548020 Bull Run near Loganton, PA
USGS 01548303 Straight Run, Site 1, at Marsh Creek, PA
USGS 01548500 Pine Creek at Cedar Run, PA
USGS 01549000 Pine Creek near Waterville, PA
USGS 01549500 Blockhouse Creek near English Center, PA
USGS 01549590 Little Pine Creek bl Reservoir near Waterville, PA
USGS 01549700 Pine Creek bl L Pine Creek near Waterville, PA
USGS 01549755 Antes Creek near Jersey Shore, PA
USGS 01549760 WB Susquehanna River at Jersey Shore, PA
USGS 01549780 Larrys Creek at Cogan House, PA
USGS 01550000 Lycoming Creek near Trout Run, PA
USGS 01550500 Lycoming Creek near Williamsport, PA
USGS 01551000 Grafius Run at Williamsport, PA
USGS 01551500 WB Susquehanna River at Williamsport, PA
USGS 01552000 Loyalsock Creek at Loyalsockville, PA
USGS 01552100 Mill Creek near Warrensville, PA
USGS 01552500 Muncy Creek near Sonestown, PA
USGS 01553005 Muncy Creek near Muncy, PA
USGS 01553025 West Branch Susquehanna River at Allenwood, PA
USGS 01553050 White Deer Hole Creek near Elimsport, PA
USGS 01553120 White Deer Cr ab Sand Spr Run nr White Deer, PA
USGS 01553130 Sand Spring Run near White Deer, PA
USGS 01553140 White Deer Creek near White Deer, PA
USGS 01553240 W Br Susquehanna River at West Milton, PA
USGS 01553500 West Branch Susquehanna River at Lewisburg, PA
USGS 01553600 EB Chillisquaque Creek near Washingtonville, PA
USGS 01553700 Chillisquaque Creek at Washingtonville, PA
USGS 01553850 Chillisquaque Creek near Potts Grove, PA
USGS 01554000 Susquehanna River at Sunbury, PA
USGS 01554500 Shamokin Creek near Shamokin, PA
USGS 01555000 Penns Creek at Penns Creek, PA
USGS 01555400 East Mahantango Creek at Klingerstown, PA
USGS 01555500 East Mahantango Creek near Dalmatia, PA
USGS 01555539 Bear Creek at Lykens, PA
USGS 01555800 McDonald Run near East Freedom, PA
USGS 01556000 Frankstown Br Juniata River at Williamsburg, PA
USGS 01556400 Sandy Run near Bellwood, PA
USGS 01556500 Little Juniata River at Tipton, PA.
USGS 01557100 Schell Run at Tyrone, PA
USGS 01557500 Bald Eagle Creek at Tyrone, PA
USGS 01558000 Little Juniata River at Spruce Creek, PA
USGS 01558098 Spruce Creek near Spruce Creek, PA
USGS 01558500 Shaver Creek near Petersburg, PA
USGS 01559000 Juniata River at Huntingdon, PA
USGS 01559500 Standing Stone Creek near Huntingdon, PA
USGS 01559700 Sulphur Springs Creek near Manns Choice, PA
USGS 01559790 Raystown Branch Juniata River at Wolfsburg, PA
USGS 01559795 Bobs Creek near Pavia, PA
USGS 01560000 Dunning Creek at Belden, PA
USGS 01560500 Dunning Creek at Yount, PA
USGS 01561000 Brush Creek at Gapsville, PA
USGS 01562000 Raystown Branch Juniata River at Saxton, PA
USGS 01562500 Great Trough Creek near Marklesburg, PA
USGS 01563000 Raystown Branch Juniata River near Huntingdon, PA
USGS 01563200 Rays Br Juniata R bl Rays Dam nr Huntingdon, PA
USGS 01563500 Juniata River at Mapleton Depot, PA
USGS 01563800 Elders Branch near Hustontown, PA
USGS 01564000 Aughwick Creek near Orbisonia, PA
USGS 01564500 Aughwick Creek near Three Springs, PA
USGS 01564512 Aughwick Creek near Shirleysburg, PA
USGS 01564895 Juniata River at Lewistown, PA
USGS 01564997 Kishacoquillas Creek at Lumber City, PA
USGS 01565000 Kishacoquillas Creek at Reedsville, PA
USGS 01565700 Little Lost Creek at Oakland Mills, PA
USGS 01565920 Lick Run near East Waterford, PA
USGS 01566000 Tuscarora Creek near Port Royal, PA
USGS 01566500 Cocolamus Creek near Millerstown, PA
USGS 01567000 Juniata River at Newport, PA
USGS 01567500 Bixler Run near Loysville, PA
USGS 01568000 Sherman Creek at Shermans Dale, PA
USGS 01568500 Clark Creek near Carsonville, PA
USGS 01568700 Stony Cr ab Pump-Storage Res near Dauphin, PA
USGS 01568750 Stony Creek at Water Tank Trail nr Dauphin, PA
USGS 01569340 Newburg Run at Newburg, PA
USGS 01569460 Big Spring Creek at Big Spring, PA
USGS 01569800 Letort Spring Run near Carlisle, PA
USGS 01570000 Conodoguinet Creek near Hogestown, PA
USGS 01570100 Conodoguinet Creek Trib No. 1 near Enola, PA
USGS 01570300 Conodoguinet Creek Trib No. 3 near Enola, PA
USGS 01570500 Susquehanna River at Harrisburg, PA
USGS 01571000 Paxton Creek near Penbrook, PA
USGS 01571005 Paxton Creek near Glenwood, PA
USGS 01571184 Mountain Creek near Pine Grove Furnace, PA
USGS 01571490 Cedar Run at Eberlys Mill, PA
USGS 01571500 Yellow Breeches Creek near Camp Hill, PA
USGS 01571550 Swatara Creek near Newtown, PA
USGS 0157155014 Swatara Creek, Site C3, at Newtown, PA
USGS 01571778 Lorberry Creek near Lorberry Junction, PA
USGS 01571820 Swatara Creek at Ravine, PA
USGS 01571827 Swatara Creek below Ravine, PA
USGS 01571919 Swatara Cr ab Hwy Bridge 895 at Pine Grove, PA
USGS 01572000 Lower Little Swatara Creek at Pine Grove, PA
USGS 01572025 Swatara Creek near Pine Grove, PA
USGS 01572030 Swatara Creek near Suedberg, PA
USGS 01572190 Swatara Creek near Inwood, PA
USGS 01572900 Reeds Creek near Ono, PA
USGS 01572950 Indiantown Run near Harper Tavern, PA
USGS 01573000 Swatara Creek at Harper Tavern, PA
USGS 01573086 Beck Creek near Cleona, PA
USGS 01573095 Bachman Run at Annville, PA
USGS 01573160 Quittapahilla Creek near Bellegrove, PA
USGS 01573482 Manada Creek at Manada Gap, PA
USGS 01573500 Manada Cr at Manada Gap, PA
USGS 01573560 Swatara Creek near Hershey, PA
USGS 01573695 Conewago Creek near Bellaire, PA
USGS 01573710 Conewago Creek near Falmouth, PA
USGS 01573810 Brush Run, Site 2, near McSherrystown, PA
USGS 01573825 West Conewago Creek at East Berlin, PA
USGS 01573849 Bermudian Creek at Oxford Road nr Heidlersburg, PA
USGS 01574000 West Conewago Creek near Manchester, PA
USGS 01574500 Codorus Creek at Spring Grove, PA
USGS 01574800 EB Codorus Creek Tributary near Winterstown, PA
USGS 01575000 South Branch Codorus Creek near York, PA
USGS 01575500 Codorus Creek near York, PA
USGS 01575585 Codorus Creek at Pleasureville, PA
USGS 01576000 Susquehanna River at Marietta, PA
USGS 0157608335 Little Conestoga Creek, Site 3A, near Morgantown
USGS 01576085 Little Conestoga Creek near Churchtown, PA
USGS 01576105 Conestoga River near Terre Hill, PA
USGS 01576320 Stony Run at Reamstown, PA
USGS 01576500 Conestoga River at Lancaster, PA
USGS 01576516 Big Spring Run ab Trib near Willow Street, PA
USGS 015765185 Unnamed Trib to Big Spring Run nr Willow Street PA
USGS 015765195 Big Spring Run near Mylin Corners, PA
USGS 01576520 Muddy Run at Weavertown, PA
USGS 01576521 Big Spring Run near Willow Street, PA
USGS 015765265 NF Un Trib to Big Spring Run nr Lampeter Rd, PA
USGS 01576527 NF Unnamed Trib to Big Spring Run at Lampeter, PA
USGS 01576529 Unnamed Trib to Big Spring Run near Lampeter, PA
USGS 01576540 Mill Creek at Eshelman Mill Road near Lyndon, PA
USGS 01576697 Swarr Run near Landisville, PA
USGS 01576712 Little Conestoga Creek near Millersville, PA
USGS 01576754 Conestoga River at Conestoga, PA
USGS 01576767 Pequea Creek near Ronks, PA
USGS 01576787 Pequea Creek at Martic Forge, PA
USGS 01576788 Pequea Creek Tributary near Mt. Nebo, PA
USGS 01577300 Muddy Creek at Muddy Creek Forks, PA
USGS 01577400 Bald Eagle Creek near Fawn Grove, PA
USGS 01577500 Muddy Creek at Castle Fin, PA
USGS 01578200 Conowingo Creek near Buck, PA
USGS 01578400 Bowery Run near Quarryville, PA
USGS 01578475 Octoraro Creek near Richardsmere, MD
USGS 01600700 Little Wills Creek at Bard, PA
USGS 01601000 Wills Creek below Hyndman, PA
USGS 01613050 Tonoloway Creek near Needmore, PA
USGS 01613500 Licking Creek near Sylvan, PA
USGS 01614090 Conococheague Creek near Fayetteville, PA
USGS 01614137 Dennis Creek near Chambersburg, PA
USGS 01614140 Back Creek near Chambersburg, PA
USGS 01638900 White Run near Gettysburg, PA
USGS 03007800 Allegheny River at Port Allegany, PA
USGS 03008000 Newell Creek near Port Allegany, PA
USGS 03009680 Potato Creek at Smethport, PA
USGS 03010500 Allegheny River at Eldred, PA
USGS 03010655 Oswayo Creek at Shinglehouse, PA
USGS 03011800 Kinzua Creek near Guffey, PA
USGS 03012550 Allegheny River at Kinzua Dam, PA
USGS 03012600 Allegheny River at Warren, PA
USGS 03015000 Conewango Creek at Russell, PA
USGS 03015080 Ackley Run near Russell, PA
USGS 03015280 Jackson Run near North Warren, PA
USGS 03015310 Allegheny River bl Conewango Creek at Warren, PA
USGS 03015390 Hare Creek near Corry, PA
USGS 03015500 Brokenstraw Creek at Youngsville, PA
USGS 03015795 East Hickory Creek near Queen, PA
USGS 03016000 Allegheny River at West Hickory, PA
USGS 03017500 Tionesta Creek at Lynch, PA
USGS 03017800 Minister Creek at Trumans, PA
USGS 03019000 Tionesta Creek at Nebraska, PA
USGS 03020000 Tionesta Creek at Tionesta Creek Dam, PA
USGS 03020440 WB Caldwell Creek near Grand Valley, PA
USGS 03020500 Oil Creek at Rouseville, PA
USGS 03021350 French Creek near Wattsburg, PA
USGS 03021410 West Branch French Creek near Lowville, PA
USGS 03021500 French Creek at Carters Corners, PA
USGS 03021520 French Creek near Union City, PA
USGS 03021700 Little Conneauttee Creek near McKean, PA
USGS 03022500 French Creek at Saegerstown, PA
USGS 03022540 Woodcock Creek at Blooming Valley, PA
USGS 03022554 Woodcock Creek at Woodcock Creek Dam, PA
USGS 03023000 Cussewago Creek near Meadville, PA
USGS 03023100 French Creek at Meadville, PA
USGS 03023300 Van Horne Creek at Kerrtown, PA
USGS 03023500 French Creek at Carlton, PA
USGS 03024000 French Creek at Utica, PA
USGS 03025000 Sugar Creek at Sugarcreek, PA
USGS 03025200 Patchel Run near Franklin, PA
USGS 03025500 Allegheny River at Franklin, PA
USGS 03026400 Richey Run at Emlenton, PA
USGS 03026480 East Branch Clarion River near Clermont, PA
USGS 03026500 Sevenmile Run near Rasselas, PA
USGS 03027500 EB Clarion River at EB Clarion River Dam, PA
USGS 03028000 West Branch Clarion River at Wilcox, PA
USGS 03028500 Clarion River at Johnsonburg, PA
USGS 03029000 Clarion River at Ridgway, PA
USGS 03029200 Clear Creek near Sigel, PA
USGS 03029400 Toms Run at Cooksburg, PA
USGS 03029500 Clarion River at Cooksburg, PA
USGS 03030500 Clarion River near Piney, PA
USGS 03030852 Clarion River at Callensburg, PA
USGS 03031000 Clarion River at St. Petersburg, PA
USGS 03031500 Allegheny River at Parker, PA
USGS 03031780 Mill Creek near Brockway, PA
USGS 03031950 Big Run nr Sprankle Mills, PA
USGS 03032500 Redbank Creek at St. Charles, PA
USGS 03033222 Beaver Run near Troutville, PA
USGS 03033225 East Branch Mahoning Creek near Big Run, PA
USGS 03034000 Mahoning Creek at Punxsutawney, PA
USGS 03034500 Little Mahoning Creek at McCormick, PA
USGS 03035000 Mahoning Creek near Dayton, PA
USGS 03036000 Mahoning Creek at Mahoning Creek Dam, PA
USGS 03036500 Allegheny River at Kittanning, PA
USGS 03037400 South Branch Plum Creek near Home, PA
USGS 03037525 South Branch Plum Creek at Five Points, PA
USGS 03038000 Crooked Creek at Idaho, PA
USGS 03039000 Crooked Creek at Crooked Creek Dam near Ford City
USGS 03039200 Clear Run near Buckstown, PA
USGS 03039925 North Fork Bens Creek at North Fork Reservoir, PA
USGS 03039930 South Fork Bens Creek near Thomasdale, PA
USGS 03040000 Stonycreek River at Ferndale, PA
USGS 03041000 Little Conemaugh River at East Conemaugh, PA
USGS 03041029 Conemaugh River at Minersville, PA
USGS 03041500 Conemaugh River at Seward, PA
USGS 03042000 Blacklick Creek at Josephine, PA
USGS 03042170 Stoney Run at Indiana, PA
USGS 03042200 Little Yellow Creek near Strongstown, PA
USGS 03042280 Yellow Creek near Homer City, PA
USGS 03042500 Two Lick Creek at Graceton, PA
USGS 03042700 Cherry Run near Homer City, PA
USGS 03043000 Blacklick Creek at Black Lick, PA
USGS 03044000 Conemaugh River at Tunnelton, PA
USGS 03044810 Linn Run at Linn Run State Park near Rector, PA
USGS 03045000 Loyalhanna Creek at Kingston, PA
USGS 03045500 Loyalhanna Creek at New Alexandria, PA
USGS 03047000 Loyalhanna Creek at Loyalhanna Dam, PA
USGS 03047500 Kiskiminetas River at Avonmore, PA
USGS 03048500 Kiskiminetas River at Vandergrift, PA
USGS 03048900 Buffalo Creek at Iron Bridge, PA
USGS 03049000 Buffalo Creek near Freeport, PA
USGS 03049100 Little Buffalo Creek at Cabot, PA
USGS 03049500 Allegheny River at Natrona, PA
USGS 03049646 Deer Creek near Dorseyville, PA
USGS 03049658 Plum Creek at Milltown, PA
USGS 03049800 Little Pine Creek near Etna, PA
USGS 03049807 Pine Creek at Grant Avenue at Etna, PA
USGS 03049819 Girtys Run above Grant Avenue at Millvale, PA
USGS 03063000 Monongahela R L&D8 (Lower Pool) @ Point Marion, PA
USGS 03070415 Stony Fork near Farmington, PA
USGS 03070420 Stony Fork Tributary near Gibbon Glade, PA
USGS 03070455 Stony Fork near Elliottsville, PA
USGS 03072000 Dunkard Creek at Shannopin, PA
USGS 03072500 Monongahela River at Greensboro, PA
USGS 03072590 Georges Creek at Smithfield, PA
USGS 03072655 Monongahela River near Masontown, PA
USGS 03072670 Whiteley Creek near Kirby, PA
USGS 03072818 Daniels Run near West Zollarsville, PA
USGS 03072840 Tenmile Creek near Clarksville, PA
USGS 03072880 Browns Creek near Nineveh, PA
USGS 03073000 South Fork Tenmile Creek at Jefferson, PA
USGS 03073030 Castile Run at Clarksville, PA
USGS 03074000 Dunlap Creek at Allison, PA
USGS 03074300 Lick Run at Hopwood, PA
USGS 03074500 Redstone Creek at Waltersburg, PA
USGS 03075000 Monongahela River at Charleroi, PA
USGS 03075070 Monongahela River at Elizabeth, PA
USGS 03077500 Youghiogheny River at Youghiogheny River Dam, PA
USGS 03079000 Casselman River at Markleton, PA
USGS 03079600 Laurel Hill Creek near Bakersville, PA
USGS 03080000 Laurel Hill Creek at Ursina, PA
USGS 03081000 Youghiogheny River below Confluence, PA
USGS 03081500 Youghiogheny River at Ohiopyle, PA
USGS 03081800 Bear Run at Kauffman, PA
USGS 03082020 Indian Creek near Jones Mills, PA
USGS 03082120 Champion Creek at Melcroft, PA
USGS 03082190 Poplar Run nr Normalville, PA
USGS 03082200 Poplar Run near Normalville, PA
USGS 03082237 Indian Creek at White Bridge, PA
USGS 03082500 Youghiogheny River at Connellsville, PA
USGS 03083000 Green Lick Run at Green Lick Reservoir, PA
USGS 03083500 Youghiogheny River at Sutersville, PA
USGS 03083600 Gillespie Run near Sutersville, PA
USGS 03084000 Abers Creek near Murrysville, PA
USGS 03084500 Turtle Creek at Trafford, PA.
USGS 03084698 Turtle Creek at Wilmerding, PA
USGS 03084800 Thompson Run at Turtle Creek, PA
USGS 03085000 Monongahela River at Braddock, PA
USGS 03085049 Nine Mile Run near Swissvale, PA
USGS 03085213 Sawmill Run at Duquesne Heights nr Pittsburgh, PA
USGS 03085217 Chartiers Creek at Lagonda, PA
USGS 03085219 Unn Trib 2 to Chartiers Creek at Lagonda, PA
USGS 03085500 Chartiers Creek at Carnegie, PA
USGS 03085550 Chartiers Creek at Crafton, PA
USGS 03085956 Montour Run at Scott Station near Imperial, PA
USGS 03086000 Ohio River at Sewickley, PA
USGS 03086100 Big Sewickley Creek near Ambridge, PA
USGS 03100000 Shenango River near Turnersville, PA
USGS 03101000 Sugar Run at Pymatuning Dam, PA
USGS 03101500 Shenango River at Pymatuning Dam, PA
USGS 03102000 Shenango River near Jamestown, PA
USGS 03102500 Little Shenango River at Greenville, PA
USGS 03102850 Shenango River near Transfer, PA
USGS 03103000 Pymatuning Creek near Orangeville, PA
USGS 03103500 Shenango River at Sharpsville, PA
USGS 03104000 Shenango River at Sharon, PA
USGS 03104500 Shenango River at New Castle, PA
USGS 03104580 Cool Spring Creek near Jackson Center, PA
USGS 03104760 Harthegig Run near Greenfield, PA
USGS 03105500 Beaver River at Wampum, PA
USGS 03105927 Crab Run near Connoquenessing, PA
USGS 03106000 Connoquenessing Creek near Zelienople, PA
USGS 03106140 Wolf Creek near Slippery Rock, PA
USGS 03106300 Muddy Creek near Portersville, PA
USGS 03106500 Slippery Rock Creek at Wurtemburg, PA
USGS 03107500 Beaver River at Beaver Falls, PA
USGS 03107698 Traverse Creek near Kendall, PA
USGS 03108000 Raccoon Creek at Moffatts Mill, PA
USGS 03108010 Fishpot Run near Shippingport, PA
USGS 03108500 Ohio River at Montgomery Lock & Dam, Lower Pool
USGS 03111150 Brush Run near Buffalo, PA
USGS 03111200 Dunkle Run near Claysville, PA
USGS 03111585 Enlow Fork near West Finley, PA
USGS 03111675 Job Creek at Delphene, PA
USGS 03111705 South Fork Dunkard Fork at Aleppo, PA
USGS 04213040 Raccoon Creek near West Springfield, PA
USGS 04213075 Brandy Run near Girard, PA
USGS 04213152 Walnut Creek Upstream Pool, near Erie, PA
USGS 04213200 Mill Creek at Erie, PA
USGS 403542076263201 Rowe Drainage Tunnel, Site E2-244, nr Joliett, PA