USGS 01573710 Conewago Creek near Falmouth, PA


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Station gage imageSTATION.--01573710 CONEWAGO CREEK near FALMOUTH, PA
LOCATION.--Lat 40`08'57.5", long 76`41'15.9", Dauphin County, Hydrologic Unit 02050305, along Hillsdale Road on right bank, at bridge at the intersection Hillsdale Road and Saw Mill Road, 2.5 miles from confluence with Susquehana River at Falmouth, 5.8 miles from Middletown, PA.
DRAINAGE AREA.--47.5 square miles.
PERIOD OF RECORD.--June 2011 to current year.
GAGE.--Water-stage recorder, crest-stage gage, water quality sensor, and non-heated tipping bucket precipitation gage. Satellite telemetry at site. Datum of gage is 310 ft above National Geodetic Vertical Datum of 1929, from topographic map. On November 14, 2018, the gage was relocated 0.3 miles upstream. Gage heights will be about 2.3 ft higher than before the gage was moved.
COOPERATION.--Funding is provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection as part of a water-quality assessment of the Conewago Creek Watershed.
REMARKS.--Flow can be influenced from upstream operations. Conewago Lake in Mt Gretna can be drained to permit maintenance, inspection, and repair of the in-lake structure.
The 15-minute precipitation data for this station are temporary and will only be displayed for 120 days. Time series of 1-hour or cumulative daily values will NOT be available for retrieval following the 120-day display period. Although the instrumentation is calibrated at least once a year, the temporary classification means that documented routine inspections and other quality assurance measures are not performed that would make the data acceptable for archival, retrieval, or future use in general scientific or interpretive studies.

This station managed by the PAWSC New Cumberland Office.

Available Parameters Available Period
2011-06-11  2024-05-30
2024-01-31  2024-05-30
2011-06-11  2024-05-30
2011-06-10  2024-05-30
2011-06-11  2024-05-30
2016-04-15  2024-05-30


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