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USGS Current Water Data for Puerto Rico

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Daily Streamflow Conditions

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Stream gage levels in Puerto Rico, relative to 30 year average. 50028400: Flow=429cfs,Stage=6.28ft,2018-06-17 18:54,High,RIO TANAMA AT CHARCO HONDO, PR50058350: Flow=0.07cfs,Stage=9.40ft,2018-06-17 18:15,Low,RIO CANAS AT RIO CANAS, PR50029000: Flow=75.8cfs,Stage=2.07ft,2018-06-17 18:45,Low,RIO GRANDE DE ARECIBO AT CENTRAL CAMBALACHE, PR50039500: Flow=206cfs,Stage=4.99ft,Floodstage=15ft,2018-06-17 18:30,>90,RIO CIBUCO AT VEGA BAJA, PR50014800: Flow=393cfs,Stage=8.27ft,2018-06-17 18:30,>90,RIO CAMUY NR BAYANEY, PR50028000: Flow=69.0cfs,Stage=4.95ft,2018-06-17 18:30,76-90,RIO TANAMA NR UTUADO, PR50011200: Flow=13.7cfs,Stage=5.25ft,2018-06-17 18:45,76-90,RIO GUAJATACA BLW LAGO GUAJATACA, PR50067000: Flow=3.59cfs,Stage=7.65ft,2018-06-17 18:00,10-24,RIO SABANA AT SABANA, PR50065500: Flow=17.9cfs,Stage=1.45ft,2018-06-17 18:00,10-24,RIO MAMEYES NR SABANA, PR50057000: Flow=12.8cfs,Stage=4.24ft,Floodstage=18ft,2018-06-17 18:45,10-24,RIO GURABO AT GURABO, PR50055225: Flow=7.97cfs,Stage=7.75ft,2018-06-17 18:15,10-24,RIO CAGUITAS AT VILLA BLANCA AT CAGUAS, PR50055000: Flow=76.8cfs,Stage=4.83ft,Floodstage=16ft,2018-06-17 18:30,10-24,RIO GRANDE DE LOIZA AT CAGUAS, PR50047535: Flow=0.12cfs,Stage=1.29ft,2018-06-17 18:50,10-24,RIO DE BAYAMON AT ARENAS, PR50025155: Flow=9.16cfs,Stage=3.26ft,2018-06-17 18:30,10-24,RIO SALIENTE AT COABEY NR JAYUYA, PR50138000: Flow=45.6cfs,Stage=12.36ft,Floodstage=20ft,2018-06-17 18:30,25-75,RIO GUANAJIBO NR HORMIGUEROS, PR50136400: Flow=30.3cfs,Stage=1.91ft,Floodstage=10ft,2018-06-17 18:30,25-75,RIO ROSARIO NR HORMIGUEROS, PR50126150: Flow=4.13cfs,Stage=3.13ft,2018-06-17 18:30,25-75,RIO YAUCO ABV DIVERSION MONSERRATE NR YAUCO, PR50124200: Flow=8.53cfs,Stage=5.53ft,2018-06-17 18:15,25-75,RIO GUAYANILLA NEAR GUAYANILLA, PR50114000: Flow=16.7cfs,Stage=1.32ft,2018-06-17 18:15,25-75,RIO CERRILLOS BLW LAGO CERRILLOS NR PONCE, PR50111500: Flow=23.0cfs,Stage=4.95ft,2018-06-17 18:00,25-75,RIO JACAGUAS AT JUANA DIAZ, PR50110900: Flow=3.50cfs,Stage=1.96ft,2018-06-17 18:15,25-75,RIO TOA VACA ABV LAGO TOA VACA, PR50090500: Flow=17.6cfs,Stage=3.93ft,2018-06-17 18:30,25-75,RIO MAUNABO AT LIZAS, PR50075000: Flow=9.80cfs,Stage=1.19ft,2018-06-17 18:50,25-75,RIO ICACOS NR NAGUABO, PR50061800: Flow=12.0cfs,Stage=3.29ft,2018-06-17 18:15,25-75,RIO CANOVANAS NR CAMPO RICO, PR50059050: Flow=1.38cfs,Stage=2.76ft,2018-06-17 18:45,25-75,RIO GRANDE DE LOIZA BLW LOIZA DAMSITE, PR50056400: Flow=15.1cfs,Stage=3.13ft,2018-06-17 18:57,25-75,RIO VALENCIANO NR JUNCOS, PR50053025: Flow=9.98cfs,Stage=4.16ft,2018-06-17 18:00,25-75,RIO TURABO ABV BORINQUEN, PR50051310: Flow=30.6cfs,Stage=6.76ft,2018-06-17 18:30,25-75,RIO CAYAGUAS AT CERRO GORDO, PR50050900: Flow=13.5cfs,Stage=5.44ft,2018-06-17 18:00,25-75,RIO GRANDE DE LOIZA AT QUEBRADA ARENAS, PR50047850: Flow=12.8cfs,Stage=2.42ft,2018-06-17 18:15,25-75,RIO DE BAYAMON NR BAYAMON, PR50046000: Flow=52.7cfs,Stage=3.61ft,Floodstage=16ft,2018-06-17 18:30,25-75,RIO DE LA PLATA AT HWY 2 NR TOA ALTA, PR50045010: Flow=35.4cfs,Stage=8.01ft,Floodstage=16ft,2018-06-17 18:15,25-75,RIO DE LA PLATA BLW LA PLATA DAMSITE, PR50043800: Flow=44.6cfs,Stage=6.11ft,Floodstage=11ft,2018-06-17 18:30,25-75,RIO DE LA PLATA AT COMERIO, PR50038100: Flow=152cfs,Stage=10.10ft,Floodstage=25ft,2018-06-17 18:24,25-75,RIO GRANDE DE MANATI AT HWY 2 NR MANATI, PR182743067004200: Flow=43.2cfs,Stage=5.17ft,2018-06-17 18:45,Not ranked,CANAL PRINCIPAL DIVERSION BLW FOREBAY, ISABELA, PR50231500: Stage=0.15ft,2018-06-17 18:00,Not ranked,LAGUNA BAHIA MOSQUITO NO.1 VIEQUES PR50148890: Flow=196cfs,Stage=6.93ft,Floodstage=15ft,2018-06-17 18:00,Not ranked,RIO CULEBRINAS AT MARGARITA DAMSITE NR AGUADA, PR50147800: Flow=283cfs,Stage=10.66ft,Floodstage=24ft,2018-06-13 08:30,Not ranked,RIO CULEBRINAS AT HWY 404 NR MOCA, PR50146073: Stage=100.01ft,2018-06-17 18:55,Not ranked,LAGO DAGUEY ABV ANASCO, PR50144000: Stage=5.94ft,2018-06-13 10:21:00,Floodstage=11ft,Not ranked,Rating being developed or revised,RIO GRANDE DE ANASCO NR SAN SEBASTIAN, PR50141500: Stage=1455.17ft,2018-06-17 18:45,Not ranked,LAGO GUAYO AT DAMSITE NR CASTANER, PR50129254: Flow=0.03cfs,2018-05-22 08:45,Stage=1.63ft,2018-06-17 18:38:00,Not ranked,RIO LOCO AT LAS LATAS NR LA JOYA NR GUANICA, PR50128948: Flow=6.76cfs,Stage=1.60ft,2018-06-17 18:45,Not ranked,CANAL DE RIEGO DE LAJAS AT BO. BETANCES, PR50128945: Flow=13.5cfs,Stage=1.79ft,2018-06-17 18:00,Not ranked,CANAL DE RIEGO DE LAJAS AT BO. PALMAREJO NR LAJAS50128940: Flow=19.0cfs,Stage=1.64ft,2018-06-17 18:45,Not ranked,CANAL DE RIEGO DE LAJAS BLW LAJAS FILT PLANT LAJAS50128933: Flow=31.2cfs,Stage=2.84ft,2018-06-17 18:00,Not ranked,CANAL RIEGO DE LAJAS ABV LAJAS FILTRATION PLANT50128925: Flow=47.3cfs,Stage=3.14ft,2018-06-17 18:30,Not ranked,CANAL DE RIEGO DE LAJAS BLW MAJINAS FILT. PLANT PR50128920: Flow=31.9cfs,Stage=2.27ft,2018-06-17 18:15,Not ranked,CANAL DE RIEGO DE LAJAS ABV MAJINAS FILT. PLANT PR50128907: Flow=0.00cfs,Stage=1.06ft,2018-06-17 18:00,Not ranked,LATERAL M5L, CANAL DE RIEGO DE LAJAS SABANA GRANDE50128905: Flow=43.8cfs,Stage=1.16ft,2018-06-17 18:15,Not ranked,CANAL DE RIEGO DE LAJAS BLW LAGO LOCO DAM YAUCO PR50128900: Stage=229.59ft,2018-06-17 18:45,Not ranked,LAGO LOCO AT DAMSITE NR YAUCO, PR50125780: Stage=561.46ft,2018-06-17 18:45,Not ranked,LAGO LUCCHETTI AT DAMSITE NR YAUCO, PR50115420: Stage=3.02ft,2018-06-17 18:15,Not ranked,RIO PORTUGUES AT HWY 10 AT PONCE, PR50115240: Flow=23.9cfs,Stage=3.34ft,2018-06-17 18:45,Not ranked,RIO PORTUGUES AT PARQUE CEREMONIAL TIBES NR PONCE50114900: Flow=4.89cfs,Stage=5.16ft,Floodstage=14ft,2018-06-17 18:00,Not ranked,RIO PORTUGUES NR TIBES, PR50113950: Stage=571.06ft,2018-06-17 18:45,Not ranked,LAGO CERRILLOS AT DAMSITE NR PONCE, PR50113800: Not ranked,Equipment malfunction,RIO CERRILLOS ABV LAGO CERRILLOS NR PONCE, PR50112500: Stage=1.81ft,2018-06-17 18:45:00,Not ranked,Rating being developed or revised,RIO INABON AT REAL ABAJO, PR50111340: Flow=5.28cfs,Stage=1.66ft,2018-06-17 18:00,Not ranked,CANAL DE JUANA DIAZ AT BO. PENUELAS NR SALINAS, PR50111330: Flow=13.2cfs,Stage=1.67ft,2018-06-17 18:30,Not ranked,CANAL DE JUANA DIAZ AT PASO SECO NR SANTA ISABEL50111320: Flow=22.7cfs,Stage=1.90ft,2018-06-17 18:30,Not ranked,CANAL DE JUANA DIAZ AT PIEDRA AGUZADA NR JUANA DIA50111300: Stage=338.33ft,2018-06-17 18:45,Not ranked,LAGO GUAYABAL AT DAMSITE NR JUANA DIAZ, PR50111210: Stage=514.91ft,2018-06-17 18:45,Not ranked,LAGO TOA VACA AT DAMSITE NR VILLALBA, PR50110650: Stage=4.37ft,2018-06-17 18:30:00,Not ranked,Rating being developed or revised,RIO JACAGUAS ABV LAGO GUAYABAL50106850: Stage=160.96ft,2018-06-17 18:45,Not ranked,LAGO COAMO NR LOS LLANOS, PR50106100: Stage=4.60ft,2018-06-17 18:58:00,Floodstage=10ft,Not ranked,Rating being developed or revised,RIO COAMO AT HWY 14 AT COAMO, PR50100450: Stage=2.52ft,2018-06-17 18:00:00,Not ranked,Rating being developed or revised,RIO MAJADA AT LA PLENA, PR50100200: Flow=2.10cfs,2018-04-16 09:15,Not ranked,RIO LAPA NR RABO DEL BUEY, PR50095800: Stage=130.44ft,2018-06-17 18:45,Not ranked,LAGO MELANIA NR GUAYAMA, PR50095000: Flow=6.94cfs,Stage=1.45ft,2018-06-17 18:15,Not ranked,CANAL DE GUAMANI OESTE AT HWY 15 GUAYAMA, PR50094545: 2018-03-18 19:30,Not ranked,CANAL GUAMANI AT CARITE FOREBAY50093120: Flow=0.08cfs,Stage=4.41ft,2018-06-17 18:15,Not ranked,RIO GRANDE DE PATILLAS BLW LAGO PATILLAS, PR50093115: Flow=5.83cfs,Stage=1.55ft,2018-06-17 18:00,Not ranked,CANAL DE PATILLAS AT INTAKE 123, SALINAS PR50093110: Flow=5.01cfs,Stage=1.48ft,2018-06-17 18:00,Not ranked,CANAL DE PATILLAS AT INTAKE 113 SALINAS, PR50093090: Flow=10.1cfs,Stage=1.40ft,2018-06-10 20:45,Not ranked,CANAL DE PATILLAS ABV EL LEGADO INTAKE, PR50093084: Stage=1.24ft,2018-06-17 18:00,Not ranked,AES INTAKE CANAL AT CANAL DE PATILLAS, GUAYAMA, PR50093083: Flow=10.5cfs,Stage=1.39ft,2018-06-17 18:00,Not ranked,CANAL DE PATILLAS ABV AES INTAKE AT GUAYAMA, PR50093078: Flow=11.2cfs,Stage=1.46ft,2018-06-17 18:30,Not ranked,CANAL DE PATILLAS BLW GUAYAMA FILTRATION PLANT, PR50093075: Flow=17.9cfs,Stage=2.55ft,2018-06-17 18:30,Not ranked,CANAL DE PATILLAS ABV GUAYAMA FILTRATION PLANT, PR50093053: Flow=21.1cfs,Stage=1.60ft,2018-06-17 18:15,Not ranked,CANAL DE PATILLAS AT FOREBAY, PR50093045: Stage=211.35ft,2018-06-17 18:45,Not ranked,LAGO PATILLAS AT DAMSITE NR PATILLAS, PR50093000: Flow=13.7cfs,Stage=8.10ft,2018-06-17 18:45,Not ranked,RIO MARIN NR PATILLAS, PR50092000: Flow=40.7cfs,Stage=5.14ft,2018-06-14 14:00,Not ranked,RIO GRANDE DE PATILLAS NR PATILLAS, PR50085100: Stage=14.60ft,2018-06-17 18:30:00,Not ranked,Rating being developed or revised,RIO GUAYANES AT CENTRAL ROIG, PR50083500: Flow=30.7cfs,Stage=11.12ft,2018-06-17 18:45,Not ranked,RIO GUAYANES NR YABUCOA, PR50081000: Not ranked,Equipment malfunction,RIO HUMACAO AT LAS PIEDRAS, PR50076800: Stage=94.22ft,2018-06-17 18:30,Not ranked,LAGO BLANCO NEAR NAGUABO, PR50075500: Stage=4.61ft,2018-06-17 18:45,Not ranked,RIO BLANCO AT FLORIDA, PR50071225: Stage=171.83ft,2018-06-17 18:30,Not ranked,LAGO FAJARDO NEAR VAPOR, PR50071000: Stage=2.74ft,2018-06-17 18:45:00,Not ranked,Rating being developed or revised,RIO FAJARDO NR FAJARDO, PR50070900: Flow=11.4cfs,Stage=4.83ft,2018-06-17 18:15,Not ranked,RIO FAJARDO AT PARAISO NR FAJARDO, PR50064200: Stage=5.15ft,2018-06-17 18:45:00,Not ranked,Rating being developed or revised,RIO GRANDE NR EL VERDE, PR50063800: Stage=3.61ft,2018-06-17 18:45:00,Not ranked,Rating being developed or revised,RIO ESPIRITU SANTO NR RIO GRANDE, PR50059210: Flow=4.55cfs,Stage=4.00ft,2018-06-17 18:45,Not ranked,QUEBRADA GRANDE AT BO. DOS BOCAS, PR50059000: Stage=134.10ft,Floodstage=136ft,2018-06-17 18:45,Not ranked,LAGO LOIZA AT DAMSITE NR TRUJILLO ALTO, PR50055750: Stage=7.88ft,2018-06-17 18:00:00,Floodstage=18ft,Not ranked,Rating being developed or revised,RIO GURABO BLW EL MANGO, PR50055380: Flow=5.59cfs,Stage=4.47ft,2018-06-17 18:45,Not ranked,RIO BAIROA ABV BAIROA, CAGUAS, PR50051800: Stage=7.65ft,2018-06-17 18:15:00,Floodstage=14ft,Not ranked,Rating being developed or revised,RIO GRANDE DE LOIZA AT HWY 183 SAN LORENZO, PR50049620: Flow=2.20cfs,Stage=2.96ft,2018-06-17 18:45,Not ranked,QDA. MARGARITA AT CAPARRA INTER. NR GUAYNABO, PR50049100: Stage=3.94ft,2018-06-17 18:00:00,Floodstage=15ft,Not ranked,Rating being developed or revised,RIO PIEDRAS AT HATO REY, PR50048680: Stage=315.45ft,2018-06-17 18:45,Not ranked,LAGO LAS CURIAS AT DAMSITE NR RIO PIEDRAS, PR50048565: Stage=1.13ft,2018-04-09 12:30,Not ranked,QUEBRADA SANTA CATALINA NEAR GUAYNABO, PR50047560: Flow=10.1cfs,Stage=6.63ft,2018-06-17 16:15,Not ranked,RIO DE BAYAMON BLW LAGO DE CIDRA DAM, PR50047550: Stage=1318.97ft,2018-06-17 18:45,Not ranked,LAGO DE CIDRA AT DAMSITE NR CIDRA, PR50045000: Stage=164.38ft,2018-06-17 18:45,Not ranked,LAGO LA PLATA AT DAMSITE NR TOA ALTA, PR50044810: Flow=7.77cfs,Stage=1.68ft,2018-06-17 18:30,Not ranked,RIO GUADIANA NR GUADIANA, NARANJITO PR50043980: Stage=2.96ft,2018-06-17 18:15,Not ranked,RIO ARROYATA AT BO. NARANJO, PR50043197: Stage=3.55ft,2018-06-17 18:00:00,Not ranked,Rating being developed or revised,RIO USABON AT HWY 162 NR BARRANQUITAS, PR50043000: Flow=1.30cfs,1998-09-22 19:50,Stage=10.25ft,2018-02-15 01:15:00,Floodstage=20ft,Not ranked,RIO DE LA PLATA AT PROYECTO LA PLATA, PR50039995: Flow=9.31cfs,Stage=1781.38ft,2018-06-17 18:15,Not ranked,LAGO CARITE AT SPILLWAY, PR50038320: Stage=3.75ft,2018-03-05 09:00:00,Floodstage=13ft,Not ranked,Rating being developed or revised,RIO CIBUCO BLW COROZAL, PR50035000: Stage=1.69ft,2018-06-17 18:30:00,Floodstage=10ft,Not ranked,Rating being developed or revised,RIO GRANDE DE MANATI AT CIALES, PR50034000: Stage=3.84ft,2018-06-17 18:30:00,Not ranked,Rating being developed or revised,RIO BAUTA NR OROCOVIS, PR50032590: Stage=2413.65ft,2018-06-17 18:45,Not ranked,LAGO DE MATRULLAS AT DAMSITE NR OROCOVIS, PR50032290: 2018-06-17 18:45,Not ranked,LAGO EL GUINEO AT DAMSITE NR VILLALBA, PR50031200: Stage=1.71ft,2018-01-26 13:15:00,Floodstage=10ft,Not ranked,Rating being developed or revised,RIO GRANDE DE MANATI NR MOROVIS, PR50031000: Stage=8.05ft,2018-06-17 18:15,Not ranked,RIO GRANDE DE MANATI AT HWY 155 NR MOROVIS, PR50027600: Not ranked,Equipment malfunction,RIO GRANDE DE ARECIBO NR SAN PEDRO, PR50027100: Stage=292.52ft,2018-06-17 18:45,Not ranked,LAGO DOS BOCAS AT DAMSITE NR UTUADO, PR50027000: Flow=75.6cfs,Stage=7.56ft,2018-06-17 18:30,Not ranked,RIO LIMON ABV LAGO DOS BOCAS, PR50026140: Stage=811.48ft,2018-06-14 12:45,Not ranked,LAGO CAONILLAS AT DAMSITE NR UTUADO, PR50026025: Stage=4.34ft,2018-06-17 12:05:00,Not ranked,Rating being developed or revised,RIO CAONILLAS AT PASO PALMA, PR50024950: Stage=6.99ft,2018-06-17 17:15:00,Floodstage=14ft,Not ranked,Rating being developed or revised,RIO GRANDE DE ARECIBO BLW UTUADO, PR50023110: Stage=1065.96ft,2018-06-17 18:45,Not ranked,LAGO VIVI NR UTUADO, PR50021700: Stage=3.97ft,2018-06-17 18:45:00,Not ranked,Rating being developed or revised,RIO GRANDE DE ARECIBO ABV UTUADO, PR50020500: Flow=12.0cfs,2007-01-29 13:50,Not ranked,RIO GRANDE DE ARECIBO NR ADJUNTAS, PR50020100: Stage=2414.95ft,2018-06-17 18:45,Not ranked,LAGO GARZAS NR ADJUNTAS, PR50011400: Flow=27.0cfs,1989-09-30 23:45,Not ranked,RIO GUAJATACA ABV MOUTH NR QUEBRADILLAS, PR50011180: Stage=1.68ft,2018-06-17 18:45,Not ranked,CANAL DE AGUADILLA ABV LAGO RAMEY, AGUADILLA PR50011128: Flow=0.00cfs,Stage=-0.24ft,2018-06-17 18:30,Not ranked,CANAL MOCA ABV AGUADILLA PLANT, AGUADILLA, PR50011088: Stage=530.47ft,2018-06-17 18:45,Not ranked,LAGO REGULADOR DE ISABELA NR HWY 112 ISABELA, PR50011085: Flow=20.9cfs,Stage=1.74ft,2018-06-17 18:15,Not ranked,CANAL DE MOCA ABV LAGO REGULADOR (E13) ISABELA, PR50011000: Flow=77.0cfs,Stage=3.61ft,2018-06-17 17:45,Not ranked,CANAL DE DERIVACION AT LAGO DE GUAJATACA, PR50010800: Stage=629.32ft,2018-06-17 18:45,Not ranked,LAGO GUAJATACA AT DAMSITE NR QUEBRADILLAS, PR50010600: Flow=34.0cfs,1988-09-30 23:45,Not ranked,RIO GUAJATACA ABV LAGO DE GUAJATACA, PR50010500: Flow=22.0cfs,Stage=7.80ft,2018-06-17 18:15,Not ranked,RIO GUAJATACA AT LARES, PRGo to WaterWatch (offsite) for a larger map with additional options
[color code for] High
[color code for] > 90th percentile
[color code for] 76th - 90th percentile
[color code for] 25th - 75th percentile
[color code for] 10th - 24th percentile
[color code for] < 10th percentile
[color code for] Low
[color code for] Not ranked
The colored dots on this map depict streamflow conditions as a percentile, which is computed from the period of record for the current day of the year. Only stations with at least 30 years of record are used.
The gray circles indicate other stations that were not ranked in percentiles either because they have fewer than 30 years of record or because they report parameters other than streamflow. Some stations, for example, measure stage only.

Statewide Streamflow Table

Current data typically are recorded at 15- to 60-minute intervals, stored onsite, and then transmitted to USGS offices every 1 to 4 hours, depending on the data relay technique used. Recording and transmission times may be more frequent during critical events. Data from current sites are relayed to USGS offices via satellite, telephone, and/or radio telemetry and are available for viewing within minutes of arrival.

All real-time data are provisional and subject to revision.

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