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  • UPDATE, 11/9: As of November 8, the USGS has successfully restored all of the operational gages that stopped transmitting due to an issue with the satellite telemetry system that records and transmits data. The USGS will now focus on restoring other equipment that experienced the telemetry issues, including about 85 rapid deployment gages that are used periodically for emergency response. Read more
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Real-time Data from Rapid Deployment Gages associated with Hurricane Florence can be found here.
Effective Sunday, March 11, 2018, data provided on this page will be reported in Eastern Daylight Saving Time. All timestamps, from this point forward, will be in local time, and will change between scheduled Daylight Saving and Non-Daylight Saving Time (Eastern Standard Time)



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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers--Savannah District

This station managed by the South Atlantic WSC Columbia Field Office.

Available Parameters Available Period
All 8 Available Parameters for this site
00010 Temperature, water 2010-12-09  2018-11-17
00011 Temperature, water 2018-07-20  2018-11-17
00021 Temperature, air 2007-10-01  2018-11-17
00035 Wind speed 2008-02-27  2018-11-17
00036 Wind direction 2008-02-27  2018-11-17
00045 Precipitation 2007-10-01  2018-11-17
00052 Relative humidity 2007-10-01  2018-11-17
00062 Elevation, reservoir 2007-10-01  2018-11-17

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Temperature, water, degrees Fahrenheit

Most recent instantaneous value: 61.1 11-17-2018   11:00 EST
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