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Current Conditions for Texas: Precipitation -- 31 site(s) found


Rainfall monitoring sites operated by the USGS in Texas are primarily for operational purposes. Documented routine inspections and other quality assurance measures are not performed that would make the data acceptable for archival, retrieval, or use in general scientific or interpretive studies; therefore, precipitation data will NOT be available for longer than a 120-day display period.

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Station name Date/Time Precipitation in inches
during the previous
  1 hour     4 hours     24 hours     7 days  
Group Red River Basin
07295450 Tierra Blanca Ck nr FM 1259 at Hereford, TX  03/21 10:15 CDT 0.51 
07295500 Tierra Blanca Ck abv Buffalo Lk nr Umbarger, TX  03/21 11:00 CDT 0.55 
07298150 Rock Ck Trib nr Silverton, TX  03/21 11:00 CDT -- -- 
07299540 Pr Dog Twn Fk Red Rv nr Childress, TX  03/21 10:45 CDT 0.02 
07299575 N Groesbeck Ck Trib nr Kirkland, TX  03/21 10:15 CDT 0.01 
07299670 Groesbeck Ck at SH 6 nr Quanah, TX  03/21 11:00 CDT 0.01 
07299825 Salt Fk Red Rv Trib at FM 294 nr Goodnight, TX  03/21 11:00 CDT 0.36 
07299840 Greenbelt Lk nr Clarendon, TX  03/21 10:30 CDT Dis  Dis  Dis  Dis 
07300000 Salt Fk Red Rv nr Wellington, TX  03/21 11:00 CDT 0.07 
07301300 N Fk Red Rv nr Shamrock, TX  03/21 10:45 CDT 0.01 0.26 
07301410 Sweetwater Ck nr Kelton, TX  03/21 10:45 CDT 0.27 
07308200 Pease Rv nr Vernon, TX  03/21 11:00 CDT Dis  Dis  Dis  Dis 
07308500 Red Rv nr Burkburnett, TX 
      1ST PREC  03/21 10:30 CDT 
07311700 N Wichita Rv nr Truscott, TX  03/21 10:00 CDT 
07311800 S Wichita Rv nr Benjamin, TX  03/21 10:00 CDT Dis  Dis  Dis  Dis 
07311900 Wichita Rv nr Seymour, TX  03/21 10:15 CDT Dis  Dis  Dis  Dis 
07312000 Lk Kemp nr Mabelle, TX  02/15 09:15 CST Dis  Dis  Dis  Dis 
07312109 Diversion Lk nr Dundee, TX  03/21 11:00 CDT Dis  Dis  Dis  Dis 
07312200 Beaver Ck nr Electra, TX  03/21 10:00 CDT Dis  Dis  Dis  Dis 
07312330 Wichita Rv at FM 368 nr Iowa Park, TX  03/21 10:00 CDT Dis  Dis  Dis  Dis 
07312380 N Fk Buffalo Ck Res nr Iowa Pk, TX  03/21 10:00 CDT 
07312500 Wichita Rv at Wichita Falls, TX  03/21 10:00 CDT Dis  Dis  Dis  Dis 
07312610 Holliday Ck at Wichita Falls, TX  02/08 20:00 CST Dis  Dis  Dis  Dis 
07312700 Wichita Rv nr Charlie, TX  02/12 16:45 CST Dis  Dis  Dis  Dis 
07314000 Lk Kickapoo nr Archer City, TX 
      NEW PREC  03/21 10:00 CDT 
07314500 Little Wichita Rv nr Archer City, TX  03/21 10:30 CDT Dis  Dis  Dis  Dis 
07314800 Lk Arrowhead nr Henrietta, TX  03/21 10:00 CDT Dis  Dis  Dis  Dis 
07314900 Little Wichita Rv abv Henrietta, TX  03/21 10:30 CDT Dis  Dis  Dis  Dis 
07315500 Red Rv nr Terral, OK  03/21 11:00 CDT Dis  Dis  Dis  Dis 
352614100163200 Wheeler Rain Gage at Wheeler, TX  03/21 11:00 CDT 0.18 
Group Texas Undefined Basin
352631100484200 Lefors Weather Sta at Lefors, TX  03/21 11:00 CDT 0.21 

Data status codes:
  --     Parameter not determined
  Dis     Data-collection discontinued