USGS 08067600 Lk Conroe nr Conroe, TX


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For specific information about conservation pool elevation, current storage and percent full, access these data maintained by the Texas Water Development Board for major Texas reservoirs here.

retransmission, forecasts and summary of this location by the National Weather Service
Retransmission, forecasts and summary by the National Weather Service

Reservoir elevation data was adjusted on April 11, 2018 based on recent elevation survey. Gage datum remains NGVD 1929, however a -0.20 ft adjustment has been applied to all related benchmarks and lake elevation beginnining on April 11, 2018.

This station managed by the Houston Field Unit.

Available Parameters Available Period
2007-10-01  2023-10-04
2007-10-01  2023-10-04
2023-06-06  2023-10-04


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Reservoir storage, acre-feet

Most recent instantaneous value: 384300 10-04-2023   16:15 CDT
Graph of  Reservoir storage, acre-feet

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