USGS 08072500 Barker Res nr Addicks, TX


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For specific information about conservation pool elevation, current storage and percent full, access these data maintained by the Texas Water Development Board for major Texas reservoirs here.

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retransmission, forecasts and summary of this location by the National Weather Service
Retransmission, forecasts and summary by the National Weather Service

Datum of gage changed from NGVD 1929, 1973 adjustment to NAVD 1988, 2001 adjustment, on Oct. 1, 2008. New datum is 2.29 ft below previous datum.

On February 7, 2020, sensors for reservoir elevation were moved to the new outlet structure. These data show a jump as a result of the move to the new location.

The reservoir outflow structure consists of six gates. Discharge through the gates are computed using provisional gate-opening ratings provided by USACE and are based on reservoir elevation and the opening of each gate. These ratings and computations have not been calibrated based on USGS discharge measurements. Total outflow from the reservoir is captured at downstream USGS station 08072600 - Buffalo Bayou at State Hwy 6 nr Addicks, TX, where data are collected and published using standard USGS methods. However, in addition to reservoir outflow, this gage also captures flow from Clodine Ditch and Barker Ditch. The USGS operates USGS station 08072520 - Clodine Ditch at Noble Rd nr Addicks, TX, while Barker Ditch is ungaged.

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This station managed by the Houston Field Unit.

Available Parameters Available Period
2024-01-30  2024-05-29
2007-10-01  2024-05-29
2021-05-30  2024-05-29
2021-05-30  2024-05-29
2021-05-30  2024-05-29
2021-05-30  2024-05-29
2021-05-30  2024-05-29
2021-05-30  2024-05-29
2008-10-01  2024-05-29
2024-01-30  2024-05-23


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