USGS 08162500 Colorado Rv nr Bay City, TX


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Rainfall Disclaimer

retransmission, forecasts and summary of this location by the National Weather Service
Retransmission, forecasts and summary by the National Weather Service

Beginning Oct. 1, 2013, real-time streamflow data will only be shown for discharges greater than 2,300 cubic feet per second. This is because changes in the river channel have adversely effected the ability to provide reliable data during lower flow conditions (less than 2,300 cfs). Alternative methods of calculating low river flows are being investigated.
This station managed by the Houston Field Unit.

Available Parameters Available Period
2024-01-30  2024-05-29
1990-10-01  2024-05-21
2007-10-01  2024-05-29


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Precipitation, total, inches

Most recent instantaneous value: 0.00 05-29-2024   22:15 CDT
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